Gaia news Brief 24.June 2015 by Reiki Doc

In The Afterlife

This morning I was woken up just before the alarm with these words…’In the afterlife….things are….very…(long pause as my guide was searching for the right words)….pleasant!

I was asked what I would like to do in the afterlife? And to please write about it.

I want to do all the things I enjoy, and never get an opportunity to do on a regular basis. I would like to swim, hike, ride horses, surf, paddle board, dance ballet and snorkel.  I enjoy creating in the kitchen and working in the garden.  Creating healing jewelry is another one of my passions, as well as working with animals of all kinds. I would like to continue this too.

Playing basketball with Anthony, throwing the baseball with him,  and spending time with my son is something I never get enough because of my work and the custody.

And TRAVEL! I would adore going to spend enough time in various different places to experience the people and their culture!

Writing like this is a piece of Heaven for me every day already. All of the work I do is a pleasure and I enjoy it completely.

Ross? What about him? I can’t get enough of him, his gentle smile, his way of looking at things, his companionship, his love and partnership. The more I am with him, the more I am amazed at how fortunate I am–almost to the point of asking myself, ‘I GET to love you? And you are happy with it? And YOU are glad to love me?!’  I could almost say to Ross, ‘am I dreaming?’ He is the most thoughtful and caring man I have ever met. So in the afterlife, I want to spend as much time with Ross as possible. I wish to recall all of his preferences like I once used to know (I point to my head)–I used to have a catalog in here and I want to recapture it!

All of this, and the possibly many things I have forgotten (My HS says, ‘photography!’–that too!)…I would wish to do.

The Test

My car is old, and it has a navigation system on it. I have never updated it. So I bought the two DVD upgrade and waited for the perfect time to install it in the vehicle. How long could it take?

We, Anthony and I, figured out how to do it.

We left the key in the ignition so the battery would power the navigation as it did the upgrade.

Later, after I dropped Anthony off at school, my cell phone said, ‘carrier upgrade–would you like it?’

I pressed ‘yes’.

Then I went back home to a wonderful day, with a few hiccups…the people who fixed the computer chip in my other car’s door didn’t have an opening to add the trunk and the old set of keys to the new system. It takes about four hours for them to program it.

I tried to shop at Michael’s but the cold call from my anesthesia society wanted my credit card number. I wasn’t going to give it at the store. So I walked outside and discovered a lovely tree area, with sunshine and lots of Nature, just right behind the business area. I enjoyed it immensely, and sent the day’s healing from this location.

My hope had been to go swimming that night, and have a picnic–this was two days ago.

Well guess what? The battery was DEAD–so DEAD I couldn’t even call with the OnStar-like system on board. Dead in my garage. Even though a car service comes with the vehicle, I prefer Triple A. Then I went to my cell phone and it was a blank screen! I couldn’t even turn the phone on! I NEED my phone for everything, especially for work!!!

But somehow, I didn’t panic. I knew both things were fixable. So I called AAA and waited for the jump start to arrive.

Then, instead of worrying about the phone, I called the local store, and asked if this ‘upgrade’ was bogus or real?  Once he figured out my phone, he told me how to reset it, and I did and it worked. He said such upgrades are a good thing, not to worry.

Almost immediately after that, the service man came. The little box wouldn’t start the car. It was only four percent charge in the battery. So he got the BIG box, and I had to let the car run for twenty minutes, then drive it around.

I left the car running at the school, then on the way home, I kept it running while Anthony bought us some sandwiches from a new sandwich shop in the area.

And everything was fine with me never having to worry or pay a dime to anyone!

I could sense in the decision-making process that my algorithm was being closely monitored. I can tell because I’m in a pickle and things get really quiet. As a mom, I know when Anthony is up to something because he got really quiet like that when he was little–there’s usually a little background ‘noise’ and for me, with my guides, it’s sort of like that too. So I knew in my heart two things–I have to watch my thoughts of else things can get a lot worse! (I had just bought a new battery three weeks ago, it wasn’t cheap)…and that my response to the situation was in some way important to my spiritual growth and development.

Then I smiled yesterday as I saw this:


Carla loves water. As a child she used to run in the sprinklers on warm summer days with her friends back home on Poppy Street.

While Carla was floating on the raft next to Anthony–there is a small private lake near where she lives, and it is one of her favorite pastimes to visit it, either at a restaurant which overlooks it, or on a paddle board or kayak, or going for a swim—her heart was very light, perhaps the lightest it has been since she went to a ball game.

Carla adores her son. I call him mine too, because it was I who was with Mary in 2004 when Carla was asked by her if she would like to have a baby?  I was the one who was over Mary’s shoulder, who was interested in Carla’s response. I was the face Carla had never seen, and had no clue who I was, or even, that I would be the father in spirit of her child.

Carla was like, all yesterday to me, ‘YOU were that guy who was so interested in my answer to that question, weren’t you Ross?’

All day she was pleased at how I was able to make this child for her–at thirty nine when Carla got pregnant with Jared it was a miracle! And my spirit was the one who Carla saw Jared transform into, the one Carla thought, ‘glowed and looked like Owen Wilson’…It was an overlay of the two, with the Higher Dimensions.  (many who have infertility are in a vibrational ‘gap’–they are angelic in vibration, incarnate, with a partner who isn’t able to meet their very high vibration in order to create life with the soul piece or spirit part. A soul must be given that will match the body that the couple creates with their bodies. A higher vibration partner will create a hybrid in energy which might not actually exist for the spirit part to connect. With Ascension all of this will make sense, but Carla herself wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant without a huge spiritual jump start from me. I provided the energy for the spirit to match and ‘stick’ to the body that was created by both Jared and Carla for our son Anthony.)

Carla first realized the length that I would go to her for this child.

She also knew on some level, I must have seen her on the dance floor, flirting and kissing, and then running back to her room without waiting for the guy she had agreed to have sex with, because for her the whole social scene on vacation in Hawaii for her conference was one horrible, nasty joke!

On some level, before she ran, Carla knew in her heart that the energy match with this nice person who was dancing with her, just wasn’t ‘up to it’–her energy needs in partnership, which only I or someone like me is able to provide for Carla in relationship.

So if you have a long string of love affairs that leads nowhere, you might be in a similar situation.

Be sure to look UP and to increase your vibration enough through meditation, spending time in nature, and the like–to open your ears and KNOW that you are loved loved loved loved loved by all of us who care for you. And your partner may be up in the sky, watching you.

Carla passed her test with flying colors.

And she got to swim in the lake the very next day.

Carla had visualized it, including time for Anthony to play with other boys. And he did.  He commented on the way home just how much fun it was to stop by the lake and enjoy the day together…

Now it’s time for school and also for work.  Anthony has basketball practice tonight.

All is well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are in love, and we love each other very much.
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