Gaia News Brief 25 June 2015 by Reiki Doc


There was a discussion in the Doctor’s Lounge today I found amusing. Our Russian orthopedic surgeon–who had been a championship couples’ ice skater in the Olympics and defected to the United States–said we had just ‘voted in socialism’ with the recent news about Obamacare.

A Persian doctor said how she wanted to get her back MRI, but the insurance said it was fourteen hundred dollars out of pocket. So she decided to live with the pain.

The Russian surgeon said, ‘I can get you an MRI for four hundred dollars cash. Call my office.’

And I made the connection! I, too, had been taking care of my own health needs, whenever possible, paying with cash directly to the provider so as not to affect my insurance!

The Black Market in Healthcare is arriving to the United States along with the Socialism!

For lack of a better name, I call it ‘Shadowfox’ because one has to be clever and able to keep this ‘under the radar’ until it too gets figured out.

Apparently all the high income people are in an exodus out of the state of California because the cost of business is increased.  The surgical technician is concerned because all employers must provide a minimum of three days sick time.   She owns a coffee shop with her husband. She has five children. She has worked in the OR for trauma at USC and also here. She knows that people are going to call in over the least thing, and then they have to find coverage for the shifts (most likely herself and her husband on short notice)…on July 1 this new law is effective and right now she and her husband are getting concerned about their future. He says, ‘dear, it is time for us to move out of state’.

The circulating nurse used to run a pharmacy store like Rite Ade (spelled on purpose to fool computer checking systems) back when he lived in Texas for years before he went into nursing. He used to hire people who were broke and needed the job to pay the rent. This is because they would COME to work in order to survive. He didn’t hire the people who were looking for ‘a little extra money’ and had a husband supporting them because they would call in sick and not show up.  Teenagers were the worst, because they are ‘so flaky’.

I shared how two years ago, my teenage neighbor who seemed pretty responsible and wanted a little extra cash, was taking care of our animals when we were out of the country. She got sick, and just stopped taking care of them for a week. She never told her mother, or felt she had done anything wrong by not telling me. And she TOOK her money! She wanted FULL PAY!

My animals could have died!

So with the new fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage in Los Angeles, the scrub tech and the nurse said, ‘it’s only going to drive up prices’.  Then the nurse said, ‘this is only because someone used this as a platform to get themselves elected.’

Sometimes not being so absorbed by the politics is pleasant…it really is.

The Question

This morning Ross was in meditation and invited me to join him. He doesn’t wear anything special, but he does go to a quiet place in order to relax when he does.  When I asked, ‘Are we duplicates of each other when we meditate? Do we see the same thing? How does it work as we are Twin Souls?’

He said we are basically like ‘one and a half’–we each connect to Creator on our own, but we overlap and have an ‘us’ part too. He wanted me to share this with our readers.

In meditation, SaLuSa popped in. I call him ‘Papa SaLuSa’.

Today he said, ‘please, call me SaLu’. He was very friendly and relaxed.

I had to ponder it. Was it polite? He WAS asking…so I said the old name a few times in conversation until I got the hang of the new one.

Then he asked me the same question, over and over, like this:

S:  Are you going to my wedding?
C:  yes. I look forward to it.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  I think so. I was told I get an invitation.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  Am I going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically present? Of course–as far as I can sense…

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  (at this point I asked for hints and I could get none).

This went on for about five minutes, with me getting NOWHERE.  The only thing I could figure is, perhaps it’s my Higher Self, or me, depending on the Veil and my Ascension progress?

However, on the drive home after work (I had a short day)–I ‘sensed’ SaLu ‘asking’ and a vision popped into my mind–of a horizon with scattered deciduous trees, and a wedding party going on. I was like I was floating, and looking down at it, and sure enough, SaLuSa and EnnKa were there getting hitched…

So I thought, ‘Aha! This is it! There is no such thing as TIME, so this is always going on at some point in Creation, and it never ends. The consciousness passes through the experience but somehow the event is anchored in time and space according to my standards of comprehension. So I ‘popped in’ with my Consciousness, for a remote view, and I can practice this until I can one day ‘be’ at the party.

I was going to make bracelets but SaLuSa wanted to take precedence with this first. So I ate a light lunch, and wrote!


(He shrugs and acts as if he can’t explain anything–ed)  This is for YOU to figure out.

Today was a second invitation to Carla for someone to ‘pick her brains’ on the Ascension thing, this time, with the relationship which is like our own–me ‘up here’ and Carla ‘down where she is currently’…

Why DOESN’T Carla say, ‘I’d love to meet you over cyber coffee and exchange thoughts on the subject?’

Isn’t Carla FRIENDLY?

Carla is quite pressed for time.

Carla is also learning.

Carla does not teach except for the purposes of this page.

What kind of vibration is someone who has doubt going to provide in the conversation? Carla is going to get energetically ‘sucked in’ to a ‘helper’s role’ where emotionally the person isn’t quite steady on their feet with ‘all this new energy and relationship stuff’…

How is Carla going to assuage the doubter?

Where is the doubt, and where does it live? (he points with both fingers to his ears and smiles big–ed)

How does it come out? And whose job it is–who can do it?

Only the person who has the doubt.  Carla cannot carry you. (gestures with hand like a karate chop level to the ground, first lower and says, ‘from here’, ENERGETICALLY, lifts the hand to eye level ‘to here’. — ed)

Carla is doing this with everything she writes and says and offers and does, for those who are able to accept it. There are the daily healings times two, with me on most mornings. There is the blog which reads like a book, if you wonder where Carla was and where our relationship has been.  There is a YouTube Channel–if you want to look at Carla’s face and hear her voice–77Picklehead is the name of our channel…

Can someone feed you?

Yes, someone can put a spoon filled with sustenance in your mouth. But sometimes the spoonful of food will run backwards all over the face and not go ‘in’.  With the extremes of age, this kind of feeding is common. In babies and in geriatrics there is always a bib at mealtime.  But only if the beloved one who is being fed is able to swallow will the food go where it is needed.

The only way to truly feed someone is through an iv (which isn’t so good long term–ed), or a tube that is inserted into the stomach for this purpose, for ‘tube feeds’.

With this there is no need to swallow.

Do we ‘tube feed’ anyone here with spiritual advancement, up here, where I live?

Not a chance! For everyone has their own level of development, and their perception (the same gesture with the fingers to the ears and the smile–ed)…and that is OKAY!!!

But I cannot do ‘the work’ for Carla any more than Carla or any other LightWorker can do ‘the work’ for you.  (clasps right hand in fist to his heart–ed)  One must EXPERIENCE it…

Carla;  I had a visual today I sent Ross, about learning to walk, and trying and falling and just getting back up again–with how I feel about my manifestation. He told me this too was correct, and to share. He just wanted me to share it now with you.

Ross:  Have I made myself clear? You are LOVED, universally and unconditionally, by me and Carla, by your Guides, by all the Archangels who are both incarnate and not, by all those who have loved you from the Higher Realms. And you are immersed in that Love, absolutely swimming in it! And while you are in ‘that soup’ of Love, you are learning.

Would Carla enjoy your company, and the chance to pass an hour relaxing online with a cyber coffee? YES. Absolutely, unconditionally, YES!

Is Carla going to do it?

Not on your life.  Carla is not going to make anything more clearer to you if she hasn’t already (gives the gesture with the fingers pointing at the ears–ed)…

(he shows the gesture of someone swallowing–ed) First you are going to learn how to eat.  Carla will do it! Carla is going to be at that spoon for as long as we both shall live–trying to get you to eat your fill of what Spirit guides her to write and share, like today with Papa SaLu.

Carla will drop everything, even her passions, and the free time to catch up with her handiwork–in order to be here for you, whenever you ask…

Your Spirit guides are waiting in the wings (smiles and catches himself in an unintentional joke about angelic guides–ed)…why not be with them when it is time to meditate for either one of you? Now THAT is the guidance you seek! It is instant, unmistakeable, and you can’t beat the price! It’s gratis! It is available 24/7, 365…you know what I mean…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

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