Gaia News Brief 26 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

All’s Well On The Western Front!

The Local Reiki Post Office

I went to mail a couple of bracelets at the Post Office. I have a PO Box, and I showed them earlier how things addressed to Doctors With Reiki–with checks in them!–have been returned back to the senders. (I had a check that was sent twice with both envelopes to show them.) Well, between the money order for the new bracelet request (I cash them at the post office), and my frequent trips to go mail things, and my gift of a Merlin Bracelet to the Vietnamese lady (who happened to be helping me today)–the following conversation happened:

  • Clerk at next window, talking to woman about the PO Box names–‘My mother-in-law knows Reiki’
  • Me to clerk at my window, the owner of the new Merlin bracelet gift who I told her it’s worth eighty dollars–I pointed to the Money Order and said, ‘See?! THIS is how much for a new bracelet!’ And she SMILED because like most Vietnamese I know, they have a unique appreciation for designer anything LOL.  I explained it is very ‘high energy work’ I do, and that’s the value.
  • Clerk in next window, who has moved over to the other side of my window, says, ‘Actually, I am Reiki 2’  I exclaimed with delight, walked to him and said, ‘High five!’ We did a high five right then and there for Reiki!
  • I asked, ‘would you like to know how many hits I have on my blog?’  (they nodded and said yes)…’seven hundred fifty thousand! And I have over five thousand ‘likes’ on my FB and almost half that much on Twitter’.
  • Everyone realized who I am, more than a person who hangs out at the post office often, I am ‘known’ for my healing work—and the subsequent healing ‘movement’.  The clerk who is Reiki 2 said, ‘I am going to have my mother-in-law check you out on Facebook’…
Building Bracelets
The Commander Bracelets–I have in front of me a set of ‘Twin Flame’ bracelets I made for a couple. In it is the pair plus a set of Angels Beer Insulators, one sparkly for Her and one regular for him. It was an ‘extra’. Well, Spirit sent it back! All the way from out of state. Undeliverable…And I ‘sensed’ this couple had a huge breakthrough in their energy. Simply put, the old bracelets ‘didn’t fit’ their new energy any more after the upgrade. Spirit said, ‘Do it over!’ and I kept getting BLANKS while trying to read their energy. Well, I confided to the male in the couple, what was going on, and I apologized.
Instantly I knew, that the Tektites that arrived yesterday were important, right as the words of apology came out of my lips. Soon I knew the other stones. And today, they almost built themselves, there was THAT much Spirit behind the making of them. I was going along for the ride! THESE are the Commanders Bracelets.
This pair has a purpose, a message, for the owner couple. And furthermore, the ‘same old same old’ according to Spirit is NOT okay. So I will hold the bracelets for another couple Spirit says is in need of them. And the beer cooler things?  I don’t know what to do so I will wait for that message too.
Another Request
Here is a message to me from a reader:  Your previous bracelet with its high energy was such a help to me. But I don’t know if I’ve ‘outgrown’ it or what. I’m receiving energy upgrades, which are stressful.  When I asked my Heart what I needed to do, I was told to ask Carla for another bracelet.
This is ENTIRELY correct! I experience this myself, both with the Healing Bracelets for me, as well as for my crystals and my remedies I buy from Alexandra Meadors. We ‘outgrow’ them. Anthony does too with his bracelets, and simply asks for a new one. I always make it for him that same day when he asks.
Today I took a nap, and my upgrades were bizarre–whole body tingling in a pattern I’ve never experienced, like lots of painless lasers over every inch of my skin all at once. There’s a rubber band ‘snap’ feel to a laser treatment, and it was not painful but for me this afternoon it was like thousands of them going off at once at the same time.
If you are having difficulty with energy downloads and upgrades, the original Ross and Carla Reiki Scholarship Bracelet is very helpful to ‘smooth things out’. My cousin has gifted one for his wife as an anniversary present.   She is not ‘open’–yet!–and is his Twin who is very blocked by ‘organized religion’ because her father is a pastor. It’s working MIRACLES! The healing in this is very gentle and slow, and compatible for both men and women. My mom won’t take hers off.
Please look at the tab for the original–it’s up at the top of the blog on the Reiki Scholarship.
If you are VERY high energy, like the one who sent the letter, your energy requirements are going to need something with a little more ‘oomph’ in the energy department. I order beads, chips, and nuggets of the highest quality and vibration, make the bracelet with Spirit custom for you, and then I charge the whole thing with my energy.  The goal is to make something that will feel like it is going to blast your arm off with an energy adjustment, and slowly you will adapt to it, thus smoothing out all the energy upgrades…
We ARE almost home! You can make it! And if my healing services can help–please be sure to use it!  The daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healings are free, and available to everyone in the group. The bracelets are available too, but I have to pay for the materials which are not cheap.  Although I get a company discount from my supplier–good materials can be pricey. I can easily spend more than seventy dollars on one strand of fine rondelles with a little bit of a shine to them. Tanzanite, Goshenite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond are expensive, even for the chips. I am not saying everyone will get something made with these traditional gemstones. But as building blocks of energy I create and work with, I need everything from Iolite to Swarovski crystals…I work with light, energy, color and patterns to create the healing bracelets for you.
I recall the day when Isabel showed me on Skype how to string beads. I could sense that all the team s–both hers and mine ‘up there’-were watching us, on the edge of their seats. I asked Isabel, ‘What in the world could interest them in a couple of ladies trying to pass the time waiting to go home by making bracelets? What are they THINKING? What could be more boring than this, Isabel, for them to watch?’
Ross, Ashtar and our teams knew.
They must have known in advance we were healers remembering our specialty.
They also must have known how many people we would be helping with our skills and gifts too.
Isabel also taught me how to make earrings. I knew NOTHING before that day, except designing with Linda Dunn on the original bracelet…
See what Creator can do?

Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom (sung to tune of Two and One half Men)

I’d been thinking about mom, but busy, and on the way to my meeting finally gave her a call. She’d been thinking of me, too.

She paused, and said, ‘I need the number for that Tim Braun (medium)’…if you don’t think I’m crazy I’ll tell you why…here is what she said:

When Nana died and I held her, I felt her last breath, and I think I breathed it. I think Nana is in ME! I feel her with me EVERYWHERE, like it’s inside!

I told her, ‘Mom, I was with Nana when she died. Nana went to Heaven. She might pay you a visit but she is definitely NOT you. You are YOU.’

Mom felt her energy all around her, all the time, and tells Nana to go sit in the chair like she did in life.

I asked, ‘How does it feel? Is she like a blanket?’

“YES! That’s exactly it! When Nana is with me she feels like a blanket all over my body!’

I mentioned how perhaps she could thank Nana for her presence, and then ask gently if she could have a few hours to herself to pay attention to some tasks, and invite her to come back later?

Also we shared about Cousin Frances’ dream. Aunt Theresa was making lunch for Nana. But Aunt Theresa told Frances, in private, ‘Angelina isn’t very nice to me even though I am being really nice to her.’

I laughed. I told mom Theresa, who was cruel in life to Nana, has a very low vibration. Nana probably can’t even feel her!

So even though mom thought Nana was ‘getting even’ by ‘snubbing’ Theresa, I smiled and said, ‘Mom! It’s not like that at all up there. It’s just that a difference in level of energy of one rank between two people is very uncomfortable, and Nana probably doesn’t like the feel of Theresa’s energy.’

Thank You Council!

I just read this…

The Study Hall Update

Our group has made forward progress. We worked together through the ten healing steps, and this month are working through Past Lives and the Akashic Records. We also are growing.  I am filled with love and gratitude for those who are making an extra effort in their Spiritual Growth.  These students WANT to learn, and it is most gratifying to work with the ‘really making the most of the opportunity that is given’ class…

I will let people know when Spirit says it is time to open the group, and we will be accepting applications to the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall.


Two blog posts in one day? Carla! I am so pleased.  Now–go and eat some dinner!
Anthony is due home any time now!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S.  Carla:  I just clicked ‘publish’ and the key was in the lock. Anthony was home with Gigi. He ‘knew’ I wouldn’t eat dinner, and had a club sandwich for me. (It was his leftover) They had gone to a local ice cream birthday place to celebrate Gigi’s birthday today! I had no clue.

And the funniest thing is that earlier today, I had thought to go there for lunch–I just wanted their food and ice cream very much.  I offered to make a bracelet for Gigi. She saw the new one on my arm, from my Cousin, who worked with a recently deceased friend and Ross to make this bracelet for the widow. It’s called ‘Effervescence’–and Gigi liked the green and wanted one ‘just like that’!

Top to Bottom:  Gigi bracelet, Gigi’s OWN bracelet I used for ‘size’ and gave back,  Effervescence, Merlinite, and the White Topaz from my Higher Self
Gigi’s birthday bracelet includes peridot, green tiger eye, aventurine, pearl, Swarovski crystal, and Russian Serpentine. It is made with elastic, and is seven and one-half inches in circumference.
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