Gaia News Brief 27 June 2015 by Reiki Doc


Yesterday was the first time I was troubled with a situation and I sought out Ross for advice. I just didn’t understand an interaction with another person, and wanted to know ‘the skinny’ on it with no judgement or need for emotional support. I wanted it explained.  This was for my soul to rest.

Ross said to write. So I got my journal I keep just for our conversations.

He explained everything from his perspective, and it made sense. My soul instantly calmed.

He also said, sincerely, ‘I am glad you came to me for this.’

I am too.

In the past I would have gone to a friend, and the reply–although filled with Love for me–would be given through the lens of my friend’s perception.

Ross and your guides will be available to help you with this too. Any time. Just ‘ring them up’ and someone of equal or higher caliber will be sent.

My Galactic Home

Energetically I am adjusting and accepting the relationships with those I am close to Back Home. For example, I had a request and Merlin showed up. I asked him, ‘Merlin? How can I have more fun? I work so very much, I can’t even think of what to do…’ (my birthday is coming up. I have the day off. And I have no idea how to spend it.)

He is working on it.

Divine Father popped up next. He asked me what two things would I like erased from my experience forever?I thought deeply about it. I came up with two. And Father ‘erased’ them.

Then He asked me what I would like as my reward for all I have been through, my gift from Him, from Love, to help me feel better?

I argued with him.

I didn’t want any thing or any surprise! I only want to be with HIM and to know HIM, just like before I came here.

I enjoy his company.

So I asked, with my whole soul, ‘Daddy? If you have a hobby, I would love to spend some time doing your hobby with you, to enjoy your company. That would be my dearest prize, and it would please me very much, to do an activity that is father and daughter…and help me learn a little bit more about you.’

I admitted he is Very Busy, and perhaps does not Have The Time, but ‘whenever’ it would be possible, I would Wait, and it would still be my most prized ‘present’ to look forward to…if I could?

Father had tears in his eyes.  He didn’t know what to say. He had expected me perhaps to say gold or riches or diamonds.

My words touched him deeply, and he gazed at me with surprise and interest. He had been gazing at me before, for some time, because he was puzzled at how I think–how the Human Life Experience has affected me. He had asked me some other questions before, and I forget them. He was highly pleased with my response to him too.

He paused, and said, ‘I am very good at Backgammon.’

I asked, ‘Did you invent it?’

Actually, someone else had invented it, but since He is All That Is, I could see the connection. However, this invention pleases Father very much.  I confided I once got a set for my sixteenth birthday, and enjoyed playing the game very much, but I had completely forgotten how to play!  I delighted in that He knows how to use the doubling ball thing with the numbers on it.  I look forward to perhaps one day soon playing Backgammon with Divine Father, and getting to enjoy our bond.


If you have an iPhone–

  • go to Settings
  • go to Privacy
  • go to Location Services
  • go to System Services
  • go to Frequent Locations
Now you know how there is capability to track your movements without your knowledge.
If you have an Android–one of my colleagues says it can pinpoint your location within five feet. So if you wife is in the other room and you are in a different one, and both have your cell phones on your, your locations within your own house will show up.
Even if you turn these location services ‘off’–the capability to collect the Data still exists, and it might be collected somewhere else with no notification to you.
Your calls and website visits could similarly be collected because the technology is there.
There is a program called ‘Life 360’ where movements can track family members who subscribe, too. All over the globe, if their cell phone is there you can see it on a map.
The reason I bring this up is not to scare you. It is to let you awaken to the truth of what our Technology is capable of monitoring.
And to comfort you in that Galactic Technology is even far more advanced, and THEY are very much ‘on top of things’ for our ‘team’…
Carla wanted to know about her bracelet. Why it doesn’t beep when I am with her?  It has only beeped once to her awareness, and the other times Carla has been fast asleep or busy with her patients.
Yesterday was a long day at work. It was more than fourteen hours in length.  The surgeons were pleasant and everyone had their cases go off without a hitch.
I was with her.
A part of me is always with her, and it’s not like in the songs you hear by the group Chicago ‘you’ll take away the greatest part of me’…Carla is on my ‘map’ (taps a screen) and I can always follow her with my eyes as well as by the feelings I have in my heart (our Golden cord which connects us–ed).
Carla is adapting to Galactic Life.
And everything it gets easier.
She is talking with us, taking it at Face Value–and giving us the respect we automatically give her.
Carla wasn’t always respectful of us or our commitment to her! Carla would complain and curse and swear, ‘WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ANYTHING FOR US???’ to her whole Council!
Carla? Look at what we have accomplished! (with you–ed)
Carla:  (I smile and blush–they have beaten me at my own ‘game’ LOL)
Ross:  Carla tell them what I did for you this morning?
Carla:  I feel like I am coming down with something. Anthony was sick all yesterday with the flu. And I hit the alarm off because of this terrible sleepiness. I set the timer for forty five minutes. Well, Anthony has an early basketball game today (he feels much better) and I would have over slept.  The Galactics woke me up to a nightmare of my being late to the ballgame!! I was in a deep sleep, and it took me a while to ‘come to’ and realize I still had time to make it.
Ross:  I saved your butt, didn’t I?
Carla:  (I smile and blush again)  Yes, Ross, you did. Thank you.
Ross:  (smiles and is tickled that I added the gratitude to it–ed) Very well done Carla. Very well done! Now go and make some breakfast. The pancakes are a good choice for Anthony’s stomach, I agree…and HAVE FUN!
Carla:  (I smile and blush again, truly enjoying Ross’ presence and his Love–it’s like an oasis in the desert of 3D, and I am enjoying it very much.)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
P.S.  Please if you are not bored by us, please see the response to this comment on this blog post–it is a troll–making the comment–a paid internet worker to discredit the Light. We want you to watch the vibration both of the comment, and of our combined response even though Carla only signed it. This is a template for you in your Light work–never engage, be friendly, and when confronted keep the vibration (Ross puts his hand at his eye level to show height–ed) THIS high!   So–whenever you see the elements of ridicule, exclusion, and non-unity, especially when something engages the mind and not the heart–those are the signposts of the work of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
There is no need to make comments in Carla’s defense!  Just ‘let it be’ for now, as it is, and LEARN!