Gaia News Brief 28 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

Vacation Is A Schedule Change

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the island in Greece where a man cured himself of lung cancer.  The people there wake up when they feel like it, work in the garden, eat light, and stay up late enjoying time with their friends.

Yesterday I was stressed out. This is because the basketball game was early in the morning. I had to work to get us rushed out of the house, just like on a weekday.

If I went to church on Sundays (I used to prefer the 7:30 am mass to start my day) I would have had that same ‘rush’ too!

Rest is important. So is taking care of yourself, and your home.

I realized the reason why my home looks like a bomb hit it, and that the sink is always filled with dirty dishes…is because I’m always on the go!

When I’m home, I’m sleepy.

I realized my home is sending a message to me, like a mirror of my internal life, every single day.

Today I am listening to it, and not judging myself. And today, we cleaned a little bit, to tidy up.

I have a cleaning service every week. Our floors and carpets are clean. Our bathrooms too.

But the HOUSE?

I’m on a little schedule–change the rat cage and the fish water once a week. And it’s helping. Today, I killed five black widows. And caught a mom with her eggs under the rat cage.

I actually sang a little song, like when I was in kindergarten on the swingset before school, to the tune of London Bridge–‘no black widows in my house! in my house! in my house! no black widows in my house! NO BLACK WIDOWS!’

This is a sign that deep internal changes are taking place. I am going from victim to observer to champion of my own home.

I have hope that in time, things will get better…with Anthony’s help, I am sure it will, bit by bit. It’s like a fog is lifting.

Now it’s time for fun–bowling.

One Last Thing

Last night we played monopoly. We really enjoyed each other. I used to be the banker–now I let Anthony have that task. I used to play to win. I didn’t. I let Anthony slide when he was out of cash. And in return he let me.

I could see what a brainwasher into ‘the system’ that game is. All to ‘win’ which is ridiculous because how can you ‘win’ against those you love?

Deep down, I felt a connection reestablish with my boy, heart to heart. I realized what a tragedy it is for me–to coparent, to go to work, and to not enjoy him every day.

My heart had closed somewhat against the constant attack of ‘loss’ which is through the Illusion.  It’s not true. My boy is my heart no matter where either one of us go!

Society is having a multi-generational assault against women, and the Divine Feminine. It separates the children from the mom–to the point of having the kid in the back seat, which is ridiculous to parent.

I am so tired of all the ‘safe for you’ changes to our lives, which actually, harm the emotional bond between parents and their children. Everyone looks at the ‘good for you’–but they think ‘it’s worth it’.

Gradually we have gone from a nomadic existence, to an agrarian one, to a very industrialized, compartmentalized ‘mess’…if you ask me.

I hope one day these trends reverse.

Now on to burritos, and bowling!


This is my family. Carla hasn’t ‘felt me around’ because I have been limited in my ability to contact with her. It is part of her Lesson.

She even pushed the button round her neck to have me come, and for the first time, although I’ve promised to always come, I didn’t.

Carla knew and noticed  that it was in fact a test! Carla didn’t get angry, or upset. She just through it was stupid for us to go and run a test.

She knows it will pass.

Today while she was cleaning, and shredding files, I told her I am proud of her.

My princess does the dishes, just like everyone else. Even when they pile up.

Carla is human, in every way.

There is great value in this.

And so it is for all of you.

You are royalty, back home. Right now you are ‘just camping’ or ‘roughing it’.

Soon you will rediscover the truth…and awaken.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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