Gaia News Brief 29 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

Ross’s News

It is at his request I share with you this story first. Ross likes stories, and this is a good one from all three of us:

(Anthony and I are at the grocery store picking up a few supplies for dinner tonight. We pass an enormous display of toilet paper, with the brand we use, which is hard to find. It is the kind with aloe in it.)

C:  Anthony! Want to hear something funny?  Ross has me on restriction for this! He says because I have so many packages at home I am not allowed to buy any more until I am down to two packages!

A:  Then I will buy it mom! I will buy it with your money. Ross hasn’t said anything to me! This stuff is good!

C:  Okay then, buy five packages. How many are there?  (Anthony starts loading them into the cart)

A:  Look mom–there are six. But there’s only ONE left in the whole display of our kind (the regular kind was mixed in).  Let take the whole thing!

C:  Okay, okay, But I bet soon Ross will be putting restriction on you too!

(Ross told Anthony later that ‘you take after your mother in the toilet paper department’ with a smile. Ross also said that both of us have a ‘thing’ about running out–and he thinks it’s funny.)

Once we got home and stored it where the rest was, everything fit perfectly, and Anthony was surprised just how many packages I already had at home.  He said, ‘Mom! we must have over ninety nine rolls!’  and was super happy.


Ross had told me to bake the ham for dinner. I have a tiny little cut one, and Anthony enjoys it.
But at the store, Anthony spied the warm, roasted chickens. He asked, ‘Mom? Can we have this for dinner please?’

I said yes.

Our dinner was very simple. A banana (for dessert and for potassium replacement–it’s be very warm and we exercised a lot today), sliced tomatoes (for more potassium), chicken (for protein–Anthony needs LOTS of it), and fresh sourdough bread.

We bring home fresh ice from the store, and keep it in a cooler/dispenser. It’s really cold, and tastes much better than the ice maker in the freezer.

That was our meal. It was delicious. And Anthony was so full he didn’t have any room for the bread.

One thing I have learned much about — both as a parent, and as a spiritual person on my journey through life–is that it is the EXPECTATION which needs the most ‘adjustment’. The more flexible the expectation can be, the more room there is for happiness.

Here is an example of very difficult time with expectation from my son yesterday–I offered, since he’s just over the flu and getting his appetite back–to go to the local pizza parlor to have root beer, pizza, and watch the ball game.

Well, on the way to the pizza parlor we pass a local bowling alley.

Anthony wanted to bowl.

I had done all the laundry and folded it, and then done a lot of cleaning in the house. I was exhausted. We had played catch twice, and I had to run fast to keep the ball from rolling into the storm drain at the gutter when I missed it.

I stalled on the decision when asked about a hundred times, ‘Mom? Can we bowl?’

It’s expensive to bowl. We had gone out for breakfast and dinner. I was beat.

So I told him, after listening to my heart, ‘No. I don’t want to bowl today, we are not going to go. Walking is good for me. Let’s walk to the store at the end of the shopping center and look around.’

You would be AMAZED at how many angelic messages popped out to me from the merchandise at this store that were on-target for me–‘follow your heart’ and the like. ‘You are loved by the angels’ too. Actual WORDS, not numbers, like 444…

On the way back towards the pizza place, he was STILL asking for bowling.

This is not a trait from my side of the family, but apparently it must be on his dad’s, because they are very hard on Anthony, all the time–and tell me to be hard on him. I have learned the value of what my father called, ‘Vitamin No’ and have been using the therapists advice to say, ‘That sounds like fun and (validate the request, the emotions) but we are not going to do this today.’

It was a storm for me, a single-mom with a kid as big as her physically but not emotionally, wearing her down.

I held my own through the storm. And today was much better. We bowled for ninety minutes, and enjoyed our time together very much.


I worked late on Friday. And I work late again this week, twice.

Spirit found a way for Anthony to go and have fun with his father’s side of the family–cousins have flown out from the east coast, nice people, and they have rented a large house about one hour away.

I’m usually on call on different days, but Spirit had me covered, and I am thankful.

Work is easier. I just can’t explain it, but it has so much more to do with my attitude than anything else.

We actually had to ‘slow it down’ a little, as the inspectors wanted to change the way we do anesthesia.

Now everyone has to do it like I always have done. And instead of ‘dragging my feet’ as they have accused me of, for wanting to be thorough and not cut corners–I am walking two inches taller knowing I have done it ‘right’ the whole time. Now they get to work like me. : )))

Our computer anesthesia record will go live in two weeks.  I may or may not be as visible online until it’s done. It is an extra assignment for me to be the ‘point person’ for the anesthesia group…and of course we are sending Reiki ahead in time so that everything will turn out in the best possible way.


It gives me great joy to work with the bracelets. I feel confident in the stones and in the variety of crystal beads I have to work with.

It’s such a blessing to be able to express myself in the physical, by creating harmony of spirit and healing together in one action.  I learn as I work with the energies of the people who request the healing bracelets.

I do this out of love for my team.

I hope it shows.


Carla is going to bed. She had a long day. She tried going to sleep but got up and remembered there was something she had to do on a special project with her team, so she did it.

I am proud of her, and always willing to help.

What I want to call your attention to–with my ‘test model’ or ‘guinea pig’ of sorts–my wife and her almost ‘I Love Lucy’ ways with us up here–is Carla’s model of PERSISTENCE.

Earlier today–‘Ross? I want to be with you, like my Higher Self is. I want to know all the things she knows about you, and to be able to enjoy you. For whatever reason I am here, to do what I am sent to do, think of how much time I could have been with you–and I’m not. I think this is SAD.’

I didn’t budge. I and Carla’s Higher Self are just as strict with her, possibly more so, than Carla is with Anthony.

Again, at dinner, Carla was, ‘Ross? Where are YOU?  I want to have my meals with you. I want to be at your side.’

And tonight, just as Carla was falling asleep, ‘Ross, I want to BE more like my Higher Self so I can be WITH you on a more regular basis. I don’t like this falling asleep and then coming back to where I am and I don’t even know why I am here or what I am meant to do. I seem to be making an impact on a bunch of readers–yet I don’t really understand why or how this is happening, although it most definitely IS.  Ross, I want to start thinking MORE like HER, my Higher Self, so at least I will one day get closer…’

Then with THAT Carla did the move that surprised all of us on board ship!

Carla stuck her foot in the door!

And CARLA was NOT going to let that foot come out!

Those of us up here did not know such a move was possible.  For everyone here incarnate, you will know with that small move of her body, with her foot in the door, that Carla, non-verbally, was not taking ‘NO!’ for an answer.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Carla, does it?

Anthony does it with you. And with me–on the toilet paper.

He gets that all from you.

It’s not OF your Higher Self.

Not in one bit.

It is pure and simple YOU–your energy in the form as Carla–who is a fighter through and through.

You are teaching everyone this, with fearlessness of spirit, and with heart, in perfect balance and ease and delight…Anthony is learning too…and so are all of us up here (tap tap–he taps the seat next to him–ed)

One day we will all be as One.

I am sorry you are not permitted to understand more at this difficult time, where you are having changes to your expectations on account of me and my actions (the disappearing, the knowing changes are due ahead, without having any input or consent).

Try to have more lakes honey. And less ‘whine’.  (he pinches my cheek–ed)

I love you.

Your lesson will touch the hearts of many tonight, Carla.

And both of us know you will find your way on board ship, and find that way to get that door open.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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