Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 26 June 2015

SaLuSa (1)

For those of you who keep up to date with the new messages, recent times have shown that there are many activities taking place. You will no doubt also be aware that the dark Ones are being closely monitored so as to ensure that they cannot continue with their plan for world rule. In fact their activities are being restricted in ways that will ensure that they can no longer disrupt the plan for your freedom. We can for our part confirm that the changes are speeding up and great advances are being made. There is no doubt that very soon you shall become aware of major events that are going to take you into the New Age by fulfilling some of the promises that have already been made.

We would urge you to keep firmly on your path of Light and not allow outside activities to take your focus away from it. There are difficult times ahead but these will be short lived, and eventually it will become quite clear as to the direction that you are travelling in. Be assured that we have fully anticipated the problems that will arise, and are taking steps to overcome them or at the very least lessen their impact. We do not wish you to take your eye off events that are taking place, but we will tell you that all is moving along in accordance with our plan for your salvation. So many welcome changes are lined up ready to be introduced, but as we have informed you on many occasions, the time must be right so that matters can go ahead unimpeded.

Looking back to the end of 2012 we know that some of you still cannot throw off your disappointment that it did not make the impact that you expected. Yet, we hope you will agree that the foundations were laid down for changes to take place that have subsequently occurred. Without a doubt the vibrations are lifting up and more souls are awakening to their true selves, and able to see how they have been manipulated and falsely held back. The Light is pouring down upon Earth and it is raising the vibrations, and there is no returning back to the “old days”, that will be gone forever, having no place in the higher vibrations.
The future is Golden and holds many, many surprises that God has prepared for you. God is Love and humans lacking understanding blame God for their misfortunes. It is you alone that map out your destiny and determine through your actions what type of experiences you need to rise up again. Yet God is always with you and never withdraws the Love that is always present. His servants such as the Angelic Kingdom carry out the plan that will release you from the hold of the negative vibrations. They also guide you to ensure you follow your life contract which you have agreed to as one that enables your steady progress.

Dear Ones, you have many things to learn about life beyond Earth. Your Universe of many dimensions is teeming with life, and in many instances very much like your own. However, you have been kept in the dark as to your true selves and purpose for experiencing the third dimension. It is not your natural one which is why you are now moving out of it into the higher vibrations that the dark Ones cannot enter. You will no doubt realise that in so doing you will live as intended, in happiness, freedom and absolute peace. Once you have become a Galactic Being, free and able to travel at will your lives will take on a new meaning. Only you alone can change your future so follow your desires with care and know that every opportunity is open to you.

As you might say “the end of the road is in sight” yet even as you prepare for it, the new path is opening up to reveal the promises of a New Age. In this respect you will be guided and set upon a path that will fulfil all of those promises that have been made to you. We will be able to openly visit Earth and even take you on journeys within your Solar System. Exactly where will depend upon your plan for further enlightenment, and in this respect your Guides will be on hand to give their advice. You will soon forget the traumas and disappointments of some earthly experiences, knowing that they have given you a broad outlook that enables you to cope with all experiences.

We are closer to you than ever and after many years of contact with you know that you will accept and greet us as your Brothers and Sisters. Your background coming from various star systems means that you will have met us eons of time ago. Bear in mind that in the higher vibrations your life span is much greater than it is now. Also, that when you have completed your experience in one body, you can literally simply step into a new one. To say the least, “death” such as you know it does not take place, and it only involves simple changes that do not entail any form of aging such as you are used to experiencing. Birth as it is called is also different, and you do not have to go through the stages that you know as a “baby”.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and will confirm that all is in the “Now” and you will be able to move backwards and even forwards to satisfy your quest for experience. You will in fact take quite easily to the changes, because in reality they are not new to you. However, it will be exciting to become aware of familiar things, and not least of all to again meet souls who are well known to you, and may have figured in a number of your earthly lives. Even if you only consider the number of strong relationships you may have made through your many lives, you will realise that quite a number of souls eagerly await the opportunity to meet you again.

However, you still have work to do on Earth and your concentration must be kept focussed upon your tasks. Every soul you can help now to “wake up” will appreciate your help, but many are unable to release their attachment to the lower vibrations. Yet where they come in touch with information that will help lift them up, it can result in an awakening.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Gaia News Brief 25 June 2015 by Reiki Doc


There was a discussion in the Doctor’s Lounge today I found amusing. Our Russian orthopedic surgeon–who had been a championship couples’ ice skater in the Olympics and defected to the United States–said we had just ‘voted in socialism’ with the recent news about Obamacare.

A Persian doctor said how she wanted to get her back MRI, but the insurance said it was fourteen hundred dollars out of pocket. So she decided to live with the pain.

The Russian surgeon said, ‘I can get you an MRI for four hundred dollars cash. Call my office.’

And I made the connection! I, too, had been taking care of my own health needs, whenever possible, paying with cash directly to the provider so as not to affect my insurance!

The Black Market in Healthcare is arriving to the United States along with the Socialism!

For lack of a better name, I call it ‘Shadowfox’ because one has to be clever and able to keep this ‘under the radar’ until it too gets figured out.

Apparently all the high income people are in an exodus out of the state of California because the cost of business is increased.  The surgical technician is concerned because all employers must provide a minimum of three days sick time.   She owns a coffee shop with her husband. She has five children. She has worked in the OR for trauma at USC and also here. She knows that people are going to call in over the least thing, and then they have to find coverage for the shifts (most likely herself and her husband on short notice)…on July 1 this new law is effective and right now she and her husband are getting concerned about their future. He says, ‘dear, it is time for us to move out of state’.

The circulating nurse used to run a pharmacy store like Rite Ade (spelled on purpose to fool computer checking systems) back when he lived in Texas for years before he went into nursing. He used to hire people who were broke and needed the job to pay the rent. This is because they would COME to work in order to survive. He didn’t hire the people who were looking for ‘a little extra money’ and had a husband supporting them because they would call in sick and not show up.  Teenagers were the worst, because they are ‘so flaky’.

I shared how two years ago, my teenage neighbor who seemed pretty responsible and wanted a little extra cash, was taking care of our animals when we were out of the country. She got sick, and just stopped taking care of them for a week. She never told her mother, or felt she had done anything wrong by not telling me. And she TOOK her money! She wanted FULL PAY!

My animals could have died!

So with the new fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage in Los Angeles, the scrub tech and the nurse said, ‘it’s only going to drive up prices’.  Then the nurse said, ‘this is only because someone used this as a platform to get themselves elected.’

Sometimes not being so absorbed by the politics is pleasant…it really is.

The Question

This morning Ross was in meditation and invited me to join him. He doesn’t wear anything special, but he does go to a quiet place in order to relax when he does.  When I asked, ‘Are we duplicates of each other when we meditate? Do we see the same thing? How does it work as we are Twin Souls?’

He said we are basically like ‘one and a half’–we each connect to Creator on our own, but we overlap and have an ‘us’ part too. He wanted me to share this with our readers.

In meditation, SaLuSa popped in. I call him ‘Papa SaLuSa’.

Today he said, ‘please, call me SaLu’. He was very friendly and relaxed.

I had to ponder it. Was it polite? He WAS asking…so I said the old name a few times in conversation until I got the hang of the new one.

Then he asked me the same question, over and over, like this:

S:  Are you going to my wedding?
C:  yes. I look forward to it.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  I think so. I was told I get an invitation.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  Am I going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically present? Of course–as far as I can sense…

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  (at this point I asked for hints and I could get none).

This went on for about five minutes, with me getting NOWHERE.  The only thing I could figure is, perhaps it’s my Higher Self, or me, depending on the Veil and my Ascension progress?

However, on the drive home after work (I had a short day)–I ‘sensed’ SaLu ‘asking’ and a vision popped into my mind–of a horizon with scattered deciduous trees, and a wedding party going on. I was like I was floating, and looking down at it, and sure enough, SaLuSa and EnnKa were there getting hitched…

So I thought, ‘Aha! This is it! There is no such thing as TIME, so this is always going on at some point in Creation, and it never ends. The consciousness passes through the experience but somehow the event is anchored in time and space according to my standards of comprehension. So I ‘popped in’ with my Consciousness, for a remote view, and I can practice this until I can one day ‘be’ at the party.

I was going to make bracelets but SaLuSa wanted to take precedence with this first. So I ate a light lunch, and wrote!


(He shrugs and acts as if he can’t explain anything–ed)  This is for YOU to figure out.

Today was a second invitation to Carla for someone to ‘pick her brains’ on the Ascension thing, this time, with the relationship which is like our own–me ‘up here’ and Carla ‘down where she is currently’…

Why DOESN’T Carla say, ‘I’d love to meet you over cyber coffee and exchange thoughts on the subject?’

Isn’t Carla FRIENDLY?

Carla is quite pressed for time.

Carla is also learning.

Carla does not teach except for the purposes of this page.

What kind of vibration is someone who has doubt going to provide in the conversation? Carla is going to get energetically ‘sucked in’ to a ‘helper’s role’ where emotionally the person isn’t quite steady on their feet with ‘all this new energy and relationship stuff’…

How is Carla going to assuage the doubter?

Where is the doubt, and where does it live? (he points with both fingers to his ears and smiles big–ed)

How does it come out? And whose job it is–who can do it?

Only the person who has the doubt.  Carla cannot carry you. (gestures with hand like a karate chop level to the ground, first lower and says, ‘from here’, ENERGETICALLY, lifts the hand to eye level ‘to here’. — ed)

Carla is doing this with everything she writes and says and offers and does, for those who are able to accept it. There are the daily healings times two, with me on most mornings. There is the blog which reads like a book, if you wonder where Carla was and where our relationship has been.  There is a YouTube Channel–if you want to look at Carla’s face and hear her voice–77Picklehead is the name of our channel…

Can someone feed you?

Yes, someone can put a spoon filled with sustenance in your mouth. But sometimes the spoonful of food will run backwards all over the face and not go ‘in’.  With the extremes of age, this kind of feeding is common. In babies and in geriatrics there is always a bib at mealtime.  But only if the beloved one who is being fed is able to swallow will the food go where it is needed.

The only way to truly feed someone is through an iv (which isn’t so good long term–ed), or a tube that is inserted into the stomach for this purpose, for ‘tube feeds’.

With this there is no need to swallow.

Do we ‘tube feed’ anyone here with spiritual advancement, up here, where I live?

Not a chance! For everyone has their own level of development, and their perception (the same gesture with the fingers to the ears and the smile–ed)…and that is OKAY!!!

But I cannot do ‘the work’ for Carla any more than Carla or any other LightWorker can do ‘the work’ for you.  (clasps right hand in fist to his heart–ed)  One must EXPERIENCE it…

Carla;  I had a visual today I sent Ross, about learning to walk, and trying and falling and just getting back up again–with how I feel about my manifestation. He told me this too was correct, and to share. He just wanted me to share it now with you.

Ross:  Have I made myself clear? You are LOVED, universally and unconditionally, by me and Carla, by your Guides, by all the Archangels who are both incarnate and not, by all those who have loved you from the Higher Realms. And you are immersed in that Love, absolutely swimming in it! And while you are in ‘that soup’ of Love, you are learning.

Would Carla enjoy your company, and the chance to pass an hour relaxing online with a cyber coffee? YES. Absolutely, unconditionally, YES!

Is Carla going to do it?

Not on your life.  Carla is not going to make anything more clearer to you if she hasn’t already (gives the gesture with the fingers pointing at the ears–ed)…

(he shows the gesture of someone swallowing–ed) First you are going to learn how to eat.  Carla will do it! Carla is going to be at that spoon for as long as we both shall live–trying to get you to eat your fill of what Spirit guides her to write and share, like today with Papa SaLu.

Carla will drop everything, even her passions, and the free time to catch up with her handiwork–in order to be here for you, whenever you ask…

Your Spirit guides are waiting in the wings (smiles and catches himself in an unintentional joke about angelic guides–ed)…why not be with them when it is time to meditate for either one of you? Now THAT is the guidance you seek! It is instant, unmistakeable, and you can’t beat the price! It’s gratis! It is available 24/7, 365…you know what I mean…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/smile-and-nod/


Gaia news Brief 24.June 2015 by Reiki Doc

In The Afterlife

This morning I was woken up just before the alarm with these words…’In the afterlife….things are….very…(long pause as my guide was searching for the right words)….pleasant!

I was asked what I would like to do in the afterlife? And to please write about it.

I want to do all the things I enjoy, and never get an opportunity to do on a regular basis. I would like to swim, hike, ride horses, surf, paddle board, dance ballet and snorkel.  I enjoy creating in the kitchen and working in the garden.  Creating healing jewelry is another one of my passions, as well as working with animals of all kinds. I would like to continue this too.

Playing basketball with Anthony, throwing the baseball with him,  and spending time with my son is something I never get enough because of my work and the custody.

And TRAVEL! I would adore going to spend enough time in various different places to experience the people and their culture!

Writing like this is a piece of Heaven for me every day already. All of the work I do is a pleasure and I enjoy it completely.

Ross? What about him? I can’t get enough of him, his gentle smile, his way of looking at things, his companionship, his love and partnership. The more I am with him, the more I am amazed at how fortunate I am–almost to the point of asking myself, ‘I GET to love you? And you are happy with it? And YOU are glad to love me?!’  I could almost say to Ross, ‘am I dreaming?’ He is the most thoughtful and caring man I have ever met. So in the afterlife, I want to spend as much time with Ross as possible. I wish to recall all of his preferences like I once used to know (I point to my head)–I used to have a catalog in here and I want to recapture it!

All of this, and the possibly many things I have forgotten (My HS says, ‘photography!’–that too!)…I would wish to do.

The Test

My car is old, and it has a navigation system on it. I have never updated it. So I bought the two DVD upgrade and waited for the perfect time to install it in the vehicle. How long could it take?

We, Anthony and I, figured out how to do it.

We left the key in the ignition so the battery would power the navigation as it did the upgrade.

Later, after I dropped Anthony off at school, my cell phone said, ‘carrier upgrade–would you like it?’

I pressed ‘yes’.

Then I went back home to a wonderful day, with a few hiccups…the people who fixed the computer chip in my other car’s door didn’t have an opening to add the trunk and the old set of keys to the new system. It takes about four hours for them to program it.

I tried to shop at Michael’s but the cold call from my anesthesia society wanted my credit card number. I wasn’t going to give it at the store. So I walked outside and discovered a lovely tree area, with sunshine and lots of Nature, just right behind the business area. I enjoyed it immensely, and sent the day’s healing from this location.

My hope had been to go swimming that night, and have a picnic–this was two days ago.

Well guess what? The battery was DEAD–so DEAD I couldn’t even call with the OnStar-like system on board. Dead in my garage. Even though a car service comes with the vehicle, I prefer Triple A. Then I went to my cell phone and it was a blank screen! I couldn’t even turn the phone on! I NEED my phone for everything, especially for work!!!

But somehow, I didn’t panic. I knew both things were fixable. So I called AAA and waited for the jump start to arrive.

Then, instead of worrying about the phone, I called the local store, and asked if this ‘upgrade’ was bogus or real?  Once he figured out my phone, he told me how to reset it, and I did and it worked. He said such upgrades are a good thing, not to worry.

Almost immediately after that, the service man came. The little box wouldn’t start the car. It was only four percent charge in the battery. So he got the BIG box, and I had to let the car run for twenty minutes, then drive it around.

I left the car running at the school, then on the way home, I kept it running while Anthony bought us some sandwiches from a new sandwich shop in the area.

And everything was fine with me never having to worry or pay a dime to anyone!

I could sense in the decision-making process that my algorithm was being closely monitored. I can tell because I’m in a pickle and things get really quiet. As a mom, I know when Anthony is up to something because he got really quiet like that when he was little–there’s usually a little background ‘noise’ and for me, with my guides, it’s sort of like that too. So I knew in my heart two things–I have to watch my thoughts of else things can get a lot worse! (I had just bought a new battery three weeks ago, it wasn’t cheap)…and that my response to the situation was in some way important to my spiritual growth and development.

Then I smiled yesterday as I saw this:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/which-way/


Carla loves water. As a child she used to run in the sprinklers on warm summer days with her friends back home on Poppy Street.

While Carla was floating on the raft next to Anthony–there is a small private lake near where she lives, and it is one of her favorite pastimes to visit it, either at a restaurant which overlooks it, or on a paddle board or kayak, or going for a swim—her heart was very light, perhaps the lightest it has been since she went to a ball game.

Carla adores her son. I call him mine too, because it was I who was with Mary in 2004 when Carla was asked by her if she would like to have a baby?  I was the one who was over Mary’s shoulder, who was interested in Carla’s response. I was the face Carla had never seen, and had no clue who I was, or even, that I would be the father in spirit of her child.

Carla was like, all yesterday to me, ‘YOU were that guy who was so interested in my answer to that question, weren’t you Ross?’

All day she was pleased at how I was able to make this child for her–at thirty nine when Carla got pregnant with Jared it was a miracle! And my spirit was the one who Carla saw Jared transform into, the one Carla thought, ‘glowed and looked like Owen Wilson’…It was an overlay of the two, with the Higher Dimensions.  (many who have infertility are in a vibrational ‘gap’–they are angelic in vibration, incarnate, with a partner who isn’t able to meet their very high vibration in order to create life with the soul piece or spirit part. A soul must be given that will match the body that the couple creates with their bodies. A higher vibration partner will create a hybrid in energy which might not actually exist for the spirit part to connect. With Ascension all of this will make sense, but Carla herself wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant without a huge spiritual jump start from me. I provided the energy for the spirit to match and ‘stick’ to the body that was created by both Jared and Carla for our son Anthony.)

Carla first realized the length that I would go to her for this child.

She also knew on some level, I must have seen her on the dance floor, flirting and kissing, and then running back to her room without waiting for the guy she had agreed to have sex with, because for her the whole social scene on vacation in Hawaii for her conference was one horrible, nasty joke!

On some level, before she ran, Carla knew in her heart that the energy match with this nice person who was dancing with her, just wasn’t ‘up to it’–her energy needs in partnership, which only I or someone like me is able to provide for Carla in relationship.

So if you have a long string of love affairs that leads nowhere, you might be in a similar situation.

Be sure to look UP and to increase your vibration enough through meditation, spending time in nature, and the like–to open your ears and KNOW that you are loved loved loved loved loved by all of us who care for you. And your partner may be up in the sky, watching you.

Carla passed her test with flying colors.

And she got to swim in the lake the very next day.

Carla had visualized it, including time for Anthony to play with other boys. And he did.  He commented on the way home just how much fun it was to stop by the lake and enjoy the day together…

Now it’s time for school and also for work.  Anthony has basketball practice tonight.

All is well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are in love, and we love each other very much.


Sheldan Nidle Update 6-23-15~A new time is set…

A new time is set! This time is not about a paradise lost and found. It is about a great reunion and a time to move outward to carry out a most grand set of heavenly directives for this sector of physicality.

from Planetary Activation Organization


5 Ix, 12 Kayab, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We are here to report on the status of the initial transferences of funds to North America. At present, we are preparing to complete the process, which is to permit your blessings to become available to you all. We have been forced to make some additional corrections to what we thought was to be the final directives needed to finish this particular task. Our partners in this project report that a number of final tweaks are still required. Thus, we are now in the process of jointly doing what is necessary to assure our success. This entire process is at most extremely stressful to our earthly allies. The dark cabal continues to use its remaining positions of power as a way constantly to thwart them from achieving even a modicum of victory. It is reaching a point where we need to do what is essential for our allies to get the triumph they richly deserve. Meanwhile, the dark cabal is continuing to face defeat on every other issue. It is becoming quite clear that our intervention is now required. Heaven is decreeing in our favor and we expect every issue to be resolved shortly.

The dark cabal is, after all, those who gladly carried out the dark wishes of the Anunnaki for nearly 13 millennia. These rogues have a deep inner feeling that even without their former lords they are still invincible. Somehow they believe that a means can be found to delay the inevitable. We have over the years tolerated their miscreant behavior since neither Heaven nor our allies wished to adversely reject them from power. We are greatly disgusted by their adverse behavior. It is essential that these dark rascals be swiftly isolated and given a fate, which keeps them from your door. This need to get them “out of the way” is something that now needs to be done in a very drastic way. We are planning a surprise, which can easily achieve this prime purpose. Until then, expect no success and ready yourselves for some immediate disappointments. However, this process is not to be a long one. We intend to be able to hoist these vile rapscallions by their own petard! So do not fear! The end to this long wait is really quite near!

11150812 701822703278024 5845969545508020524 n

As you prepare to finally be given your blessings, be able to see how these many funds can be used by you to carry out your humanitarian visions. These monies are to be used to bring peace, harmony and abundance to your societies. There is as well the need to use these funds to heal, inform and prepare your fellows for a new time in this realm. You are being asked to teach your societies about the great many changes that are to occur once the manipulative propaganda of the dark cabal is out of the way. You need to explain the numerous changes that are to be the mainstay of your new governance and why it was implemented. There is a great need to provide answers to the way all of this is to be introduced to you. At present, you lack a basic understanding of why you are in limited consciousness and how this transition to full consciousness is to work. Much is to be provided by your mentors. Nevertheless, you need specially trained others to explain this knowledge further and ready you for how this reality operates.

As you can see, the delays have kept you from numerous truths and realities. We are counting on many of you to provide a vehicle, which permits anyone to look really deeply into any subject matter and can easily clarify what any one mentor is doing to prepare you for the transition to this new reality of magnificent beauty. You need to have much, easily explained to you. You require devices, which can easily exhibit the power to heal any one and everyone. It is vital as well that you see in some fashion how you can “youth” and overcome present health difficulties. These changes are only examples of how to overcome those problems put forth long ago by the Atlantean scientists. What is truly vital is to look deeply into why you were so afflicted and how these new devices can alter you and provide a gateway to even more amazing results. Think in terms of what this means and do not be enamored by what they do. You are to be given a quick evolvement to your full potential. This is a gift, which you are expected to take on new responsibilities.

11128139 694312190695742 2270692412978950209 n

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! What is blessedly happening in this reality is a final struggle between the Light and the dark. This conflict has been going on for a very long time. We are using our focus and vision to resolve the current phase of this unholy battle. The dark has long held an advantage. At present, this is coming apart and the scraps from this conflict are only temporarily delaying what is to happen. This next period of time promises to be when the dark’s strengths can be ruptured. The result of these actions is to produce a means to successfully distribute the blessings that we have long promised. Our vision is for this moment to start a series of operations to begin a great alteration in your reality. Then, the Light can start in earnest to implement a vast series of programs, which are finally to change your realm forever. These are to set the stage for our lessons and the formal arrival of your spiritual and space families.

Hossana! We look forward in glee to what can then be possible. The past 26,000 years (roughly a great galactic year) set the stage for what has happened to Gaia and her people. Migrations to and from Gaia framed the very nature of what occurred. This time has passed. A new time is set! This time is not about a paradise lost and found. It is about a great reunion and a time to move outward to carry out a most grand set of heavenly directives for this sector of physicality. As you move back into the divine state of galactic humanness, be ever mindful of the magnificent responsibilities that you are to gladly embrace. Creation is a sacred set of divine thoughts. You unfold these. You have innumerable companions to assist in this most incredible mission. Each of them is dedicated to completing what their part is! What you are required to do is to approach them and work out a mutually acceptable solution.

11117915 688468061280155 481403463728987872 n

As you can see, a most remarkable time lies ahead of you. Our supreme task is to guide you successfully through all the difficulties resulting from your actions. The next times are therefore to introduce you to those who are your ancestors and those who have agreed to help. This process is one, which is most complex. Long ago, in Atlantis, you began a quest that has taken you nearly 13 millennia to complete. In the beginning we were important, yet still somewhat few in number and seemingly quite marginal to this vast project. Yet as time moved forward, we became more in numbers and quite essential to the outcome. We are therefore fairly understanding of what needs to be done next. In this mode, we began about eight centuries ago to forge a way to allow us to guide you to the path most favored by Heaven. You are now at the very edge of what Heaven has fashioned. The rest is to be your joyous destiny!

Today, as usual, we have given you an overview of what is about to occur. Take this data and know deep in your heart that a most marvelous and joyous event is ready to happen. With this, we leave you now. Be happy and Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Gaia News Brief 23 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Free For All

This morning I checked the mailbox before I took my son to his summer program. There was a letter from my medical school, asking for scholarship donations. I had been awarded a three-thousand dollar scholarship (gift) for being someone who had a lot of challenges to overcome but been vastly humanitarian as a medical student.  My medical school classmates nominated and selected me for this scholarship.

I always paid a little back, over the years since I graduated in 1996. To this fund.

Today’s letter said, and it was addressed to me and my ex-husband, who have been divorced since 2003–‘your last donation was in 2012. Please catch up with your donations.’

I threw it away.

Although I last was a member of the AMA as a medical student, twice a year I get letters to join it again.  They are very aggressive in their campaigns. Since I have my own societies to join, for my specialty, I never sign up.

I think when I retire they will STILL keep sending me these letters! LOL. I just threw out a ‘membership for half price’ envelope from them today.  (According to another physician, only thirty percent of all physicians ever join the AMA, because it doesn’t represent their interests; the ‘party line’ is not ‘resonant’ with them. He’s never joined it!)

Today I got a phone call from an 877 number. It was the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

My membership lapsed in 2013, according to their records. And if I didn’t pay–TODAY–because I can’t do it on the computer any more. They want to make ‘more room’ for the newer members on their data base.  But actually my last chance to re-apply is in October…

Was it Phishing? I don’t know. I’d like to think it wasn’t.

I asked Ross. He said to sign up. Just this once, and no more after that.

It was six-hundred-fifty dollars! And it wasn’t pro-rated like the AMA, where you only pay for half a year membership.

For some reason I need to be affiliated with both the California Society and the American Society.

What do I get out of it? The lady said, ‘Advocacy’.  I thought that’s what my donations to a PAC (Political Activist Committee, a subset of the Society) did?

Now I will get a journal for six months, and a discounted rate on their continuing medical education courses online. Instead of eight hundred dollars, I can spend three hundred dollars to get online education towards my MOCA recertification. (will explain this in a little bit).  If I choose to attend the annual meeting in San Diego, it is free.

MOCA is a ‘maintenance of certification’ program for my specialty. Certificates of ‘Board Certification’ expire. They must be renewed every ten years for all graduates from after the year 2000.  It cost me fifteen hundred dollars to apply for the first MOCA cycle. I took a test at a test center that cost about six hundred dollars in the middle of it. I had my bosses fill out evaluations for me twice. And I had to take over four hundred or something hours of continuing education. The only thing this did for me, to benefit, was I had a central website to log all my hours of education. This way when I was up for reappointment at my places of work (every two years you fill out all the paperwork) I could print the page… Look at what these Indigos are doing!  On FB there is a group, “The American Board of Anesthesiology should change and simplify MOCA”   You might wish to check them out!

Apparently Internal Medicine wanted to create a similar thing called MOC–plus take away the grandfathered in-never-able-to-expire certificates.

To this, the physicians rebelled.  It didn’t PROVE care was any better. It was expensive. And it was complicated. The Board of Internal Medicine later apologized to its members, and said it was wrong on both accounts!

What do I make of all this?

I suspect a lot of money is ‘disappearing’ from big funds like this.  Anytime there is a big pot of money, you can be certain that not far away, are certain factions of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I also know our Anesthesia ‘headquarters’ moved into a fancy new facility on the eastern seaboard instead of the old one in Illinois.  I suspect someone needs to help pay for it. As well as for the ‘advocacy’ which I suppose is important to our careers–but I haven’t seen a lot of gains.  Nurse Anesthetists want to be able to practice without MD supervision, clear and simple, and they say they are just as safe (without going to medical school!) and cheaper.  I don’t see how any insurance company will take the time to evaluate anything that isn’t ‘cheaper’ in the long run, if you ask me. I could be wrong…it doesn’t matter. I’m in my society now and I support it either case.

Can I prove it–that ‘something is rotten in Denmark’–so to speak?

Not on your life.

But can it be disproven?

That would be very difficult to do.

Are they starving for money?  I think so, yes.  All of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly…LOL.

Your money belongs to you. And to your business, if you should own one. Just because there are certain ‘costs of doing business’ doesn’t mean you have to go along with the request all of the time.

The six hundred fifty dollars is a business expense for me. And also, worth every penny in my ability to write up this kind of situation that is rampant in all fields of expertise, I am certain, for you.

What are we going to do about it? I don’t know. I stopped giving to one huge nest of something that was a cover for the Dark Ones in July 2012.

I haven’t regretted it since.

Time to Play

Fun is important! I enjoy the water. Yesterday I went swimming. Now it is time to go!  Let’s give Ross some time to speak, and I’ll be off!


Hello! (clears his throat)

Carla was called into her Council today.  All of us asked her, ‘Carla? Are you ready?’

To this, Carla replied, with a smile–I may add!–‘YES!’.

The Council asked again, ‘Are you sure you’re sure?’

Carla, grinning from ear to ear, said a great big, ‘YES!!!’

It was a very jovial session.

That is all I have to say.

Carla, talk about the bracelet.

Carla:  Yesterday Ross gave me a bracelet like a gold wristwatch. The ‘face’ was small and round. It lights up to alert me when Ross is flying directly overhead in his craft.  He said he is directly over me at least once a day. So even though we communicate together, just like now, as we are Twins and Reiki and not limited by distance or time, this is to let me know when he is approaching on his way.  Today it beeped once while I was driving to work, and I got VERY excited and filled with joy!  It lights and beeps, and I wear it with my Light Body, not my physical arm. My third eye can detect it–and my ‘third ears’–clairaudience–and clairsentience–too.  Can you imagine how it’s going to go off when he lands? I can’t wait!

Ross:  That is enough Carla, thank you. Now go and enjoy a nice swim with Anthony. Thank you for all that you do for our people.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins