Finding Heaven –Gaia News Brief 29 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

I Found It

I found it at work towards the end of a long day.

Here’s what I do…in case you were wondering.

I obtain central venous access for cases where large fluid shifts are anticipated. This is a right internal jugular central line–the last I placed was about one week ago.
I protect the airway, and this isn’t me. I ALWAYS wear gloves when I insert an endotracheal tube or an LMA. I do this in the OR for surgery with my anesthetic, and also for emergencies throughout the hospital.
I do a lot of helping people breathe who are having problems. I do this for a short time, until either they breathe on their own, and recover from their anesthetic, or need to have a breathing tube reinserted. Like intubation, this is something I do EVERY DAY while I am at work.
This is a ‘numbing shot’ being placed in the spine, not an epidural (same hand position but different needle).  I place numbing shots for shoulder surgery too.  I did these last week, but only every day when I am doing Obstetric anesthesia.
The above procedures only take a few minutes at most, while as you know, surgery takes many hours.  Consequently, I spend MOST of my time doing this, looking at monitors, and doing small tasks needed for the patient. In the foreground is a fluid warmer, I think this brand is called a Ranger.  That way the patient doesn’t get too cold while in surgery…
Because of the long stretches of time spent in surgery, with very few tasks that are needed when the patient is stable, I have been spending the last five years incorporating Reiki into my anesthesia practice…

I also have helped to connect other healers and Reiki Practitioners from diverse walks of life, through this blog, Twitter (@usui2102), Facebook (Doctors With Reiki), and YouTube (77Picklehead).

To be honest, yesterday was a long day. I worked all day and all night, and through the early morning, too.  The cases kept coming. I tried calling in my backup, and the OR staff was willing to stay, but my backup refused, and said, ‘I have a headache’…I did not leave the OR until five thirty in the morning.

In the third to last case, I was feeling the fatigue. Spirit told me to ask my neurosurgeon who has the better microscope–our hospital or the local competitor he also works at?

He came ALIVE!  Ours is. It is a Zeiss, and he explained all about the technology, and the lenses. The other place has a Leica.  Both are ridiculously expensive. But when it comes right down to it, it’s all about the quality of the lens, and Zeiss has the very best!

The case, to be honest, went on forever.

I ran out of things to say.

I knew I was being tested. Ross and my teams are very quiet and observing whenever I am in a test.

And I felt the pain of all the work from the day, with people who are very complex in their anesthesia needs and conditions…

I decided to feel the LOVE and Heaven, even though my day would never end, and I had been up over eighteen hours, and I was struggling to endure…

And this WARM glowing feeling surrounded me.  I knew I could have it anytime, anywhere, when I needed it.

Heaven is something that flows through us.

We have to invite it.

It can come anywhere we are, if we ask, sincerely, with open hearts and simplicity…just like a child would ask its parent for a cup of water…

And now this:

Ross has been with me all day, encouraging me to take care of myself, and to pamper me a little bit…this is one of the most important steps as a Lightworker–to fill your own cup.

Mine was empty.

I had banana-butterscotch pancakes, a warm bath, and about four hours solid sleep.  I also invited my sitter to take Anthony to his commitments and dinner tonight, so I may rest.

We had the plumber come and fix the leaky gasket under the tank in the bathroom.  You know, he struggled to get the bolts loose. They were stuck. I watched. But he took real joy in overcoming the challenges so we could have a working toilet again…

I realized what I do is helping so people could have a working body again…and we struggle…just like the plumber because the work is challenging, and physical, technically different, but helping people nonetheless.

My surgeons gave people life-saving gifts to endure their diseases yesterday, that couldn’t wait.

It’s an honor to be able to do this.

I am a healer through and through.


I am going to take Carla on an errand in a few minutes. Anthony wanted a new toilet seat, the kind with the little light in the back.  Carla asked the plumber to install it, but the bolts were missing. She has to go return it for an exchange.

Carla’s drawer runners worked well.

Although her rebuilt drawer is strong, the man at the store cut the wood too tall, and now the rail attachment won’t fit into the hole for the drawer.

Sometimes it takes someone who knows how to do the job to get it done right the first time.

Sometimes it takes a little patience.

It is what it is, and it’s never anyones’ fault, even when it is…technically…

Not with patients who smoke and get disease, or who overeat and get disease, or plumbing mishaps, or drawers that break…it’s what we call Life!

So go out in it, play in it, and LEARN.

I’ll be with you when I get back from the Hardward store with Carla.

For some reason I LIKE those places…<3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins