Gaia News Brief 27 July 2015 by Reiki Doc

What Is This?

What is this image at the top of the post?  It is a stack of paper, perhaps, in an artistic way. It might be an ariel view of a model used for architecture. It could be plastic, for all we can see. Or perhaps one of those optical illusions that fool the eye…

It is hard to tell where is the source of Light in this photograph. The top of the pile–up and to the right, reflects from an overhead and to the right light source. But then why the shadow? And how come at the nine-to-midnight position it lights up too?

It just doesn’t make any sense in 3D.

That’s why it’s art.

And THAT’S why is makes you feel, and think, and experience being ‘outside your comfort zone’ and ponder a different ‘reality’…


I adore, I absolutely love geometry.  The image and the art are my ‘theorem’.

Here are two ‘proof’ points:

I detect a theme!
(Shhhhh…may I add one more…the river lesson from this post….where you heard it first! ; ) lines 14 and 15)
Downloads and Upgrades
I was really sick there a few days ago. I’m much better–thank you for the Reiki.
Our director of the breast cancer center–who asked me to help build a program for our hospital with her–just called in sick and cancelled all the surgeries for tomorrow…
Sometimes for you to get a ‘DNA Upgrade’ you have to hold still.
And if you are like me, the kind who is always ‘on the go’, then WHAM you get sick.  That allows you to hold still long enough…to experience a Galactic version of a Reiki ‘cleanse’…
For those of you new to Reiki, a ‘Cleanse’ is what happens to the dormant energy systems in the human body in preparation for and immediately after a Reiki attunement.  (Reiki is like energetic sourdough bread–your Reiki Master gives you the ‘starter’–and teaches you how to work with energy with a small non-religious spiritual ceremony called an attunement)  You clear out all the ‘energy gunk’ from the ‘pipes’–and can have physical symptoms like a cold, emotional symptoms, mental symptoms, even spiritual ones…
It’s kind of like cleaning out your bowels for a ‘cleanse’ except it’s a different, energy ‘system’…
Here are my recommendations when you are experiencing this:
  • It won’t last forever.
  • Think good thoughts–at least it’s a sign the attunement ‘took’, right? LOL
  • Be VERY good and nurturing to yourself–make yourself a high priority.
  • Avoid junk of any kind in your food and beverage intake
  • Drink lots of water–pure and from a spring if possible
  • Eat things that grow in the ground
  • Do gentle exercise like yoga or walking
  • Get some fresh air
  • Take at least ten minutes of sunlight on your skin–no sunscreen–to absorb energy from the sun that is very good for your energy body.
I can’t believe it. I am content. I woke up today telling Ross I would like to fast forward to tomorrow.
I did a cardiac case, at least, that level of complexity–and I was nervous.
I prayed and asked for prayers and invited Raphael to help me out…
The invasive lines went in well. So did the fancy difficult breathing tube that was essential to the case.
The surgeon for the FIRST time, asked me, ‘Do you KNOW where your tube is?’
I said, ‘Yes!’–for placement is tricky and challenging.
I have been doing anesthesia since 1998–and I’ve done many ‘double lumen endotracheal tubes’–this was the FIRST time I never got yelled at for the lung ‘coming up and into the field’–I can’t believe it! 
Even when I do it perfect thoracic surgeons always pick on me!
But not today. There was a medical student observing, a female. Our doc had to keep it ‘family friendly’…and ‘upbeat’…
I sense in my own life, good things are happening. I am calm. And baby ‘manifesting successes’ are starting to go into my days.
I also thought of something the surgeon was going to say before he said it, twice! That’s a cool gift, telepathy…it’s really nice.
What is this image in this photograph?  TWO can play at this game, now, Carla! (he laughs…ed)
It says, if you look at it and squint and struggle very hard, something to the effect of GOOD FORTUNE AHEAD!!!!
From where I sit, the evidence is clear, and Q.E.D. what Carla has been mentioning…again and again and again…(yawns–ed–to tease me)…ad infinitum…
We are on our way.
The boat has left the dock.
And you are Blessed.
Carla, thank you, for writing when you were almost asleep.
I love you very tenderly.
Now rest.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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