Pressing On — Gaia News Brief 6 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

Thank You Sir–May I Have Another?

Today I was in shock. And I dealt with it. Let me explain.

Yesterday I was told at the last minute, that the long-awaited Day Off I was scheduled to get–after two WEEKS of daily trips to the hospital and taking care of patients, mind you–was taken away.

I had to explain to my sister, and my family, that NO I can’t go to the birthday lunch for her I promised earlier in the week, because I DON’T KNOW when I will come home from work.

On the One and ONLY day my sitter for the week can’t be there, and I am supposed to watch him, I had to bail…and find contingency child care.

But when I thought about it, it’s like, he’s with his dad, who is dropping him off to camp…hmmm.

I had to make the call not to try the heroics–driving great distances in a rush–and asked my friend to pick him up from the camp because I had NO CLUE when I would get out from work.

I actually enjoyed my patients, who were very nice, and my surgeons, to be honest, I can’t remember who they were…or even if it was the same person…for all three cases…AH!Yes, I do remember…


This is a ‘your healthcare and you alert! INSIDER SCOOP!’

  • did you know there are some surgeons who run two rooms like a factory when they operate? Yes! It’s true! Whether they operate ‘efficiently’ or ‘slow’ they make the same money per case!  I saw a trigger finger release today that took FOUR MINUTES.  Yup. My anesthesia time was an hour. But the surgeon has a physician assistant to all the prep and all the closing for him. So he does the little cut for the ‘meat and potatoes’ and then like a dragonfly flits over to the other room where the patient is waiting.
  • If you have an orthopedic surgeon who sees eighty to ninety patients a day in the office, chances are, although your problem will ‘get fixed’ I am wary just how thorough the work will be done if you have a complex case.
  • disclaimer–I am NOT an orthopedic surgeon. However, I work with many. Some are excellent. Some are mediocre. And a few are scary if you ask me. They all have very nice offices and receptionists if you know what I mean…so check it out. YELP and look for happy patients…
BACK to the main story…
The whole time I am doing my best to ignore my broken heart (I can’t DO anything I WANT to do!!!) and telling myself over and over, ‘All Is Well’ and ‘This Is As It Should Be (for my highest good)’…
In doing this I noticed no one is hurting me.
The work is easy, and the colleagues are nice. So are the patients.
Even the music on the radio was pleasant…
I realized even further first thing when I woke up–there is JOY in being able to breathe, being able to sense where I am, being able to have a day to be alive…
Well I hate to be the one to drag out a story, but the SHOCK came when at the moment my last patient was about to roll into the room, a colleague asked me to do her case for her at the main OR, ‘It is booked for two hours but I’ve worked with him it only takes half hour’…
I didn’t know what to say!
I explained how my day was ruined, with my family.
She offered to relieve me so I could go.  It was too late. If I went by myself yes but not to go home and pick up Anthony.
And if she wanted to TAKE my case, I would have come to work and lost my day off for hardly any money–
This is your SECOND Healthcare Insider Scoop!
  • My boss is the ‘contract holder’.  He gets to make the assignments for the day. Today he gave himself the room with eighteen eye cases in it. This is called ‘berry picking’–taking the best paying opportunities for yourself when you make the schedule.
  • I PAY him a cut for all of my work. It’s like a tax.
  • Yes some surgeons will do eighteen cataracts in one day.  Again, they get paid per eye, and ‘efficiency’ is how they make up for the drop in medicare compensation.
  • Can you think of another business scheme where one person has the ability to keep others at their beck and call, tell them where to do their ‘thing’ with a ‘customer’, and take some of the money their ‘workers’ earn?  (B-O-R-D-E-L-L-O)….it is SO very much like it.  I will ‘sleep’ anybody, any time, anywhere in the hospital, and THAT is my ‘trick’…
BACK to the main story…
When she was asking me if I want to work or if I don’t my head started to spin. 
Emotionally I had been hope and then crushed and then hope and then crushed…
I finished my case (how could I change at time to go to sleep? Hello? This is your NEW anesthesiologist!)…and got Anthony.
I was TEN minutes late to pick him up and inconvenienced my friend THIRTY minutes…
I have to be honest. I wasn’t doing very well at this point…
Ross told me to follow my heart.
I wasn’t even sure what that meant.
Ross asked me, ‘What is the ONE thing you would do, that is in your heart of hearts, right NOW?’
I said, ‘I want to cry!’
And I did.
Our relationship is developing to the point, where I don’t hide my moods from him. He is strong enough, and loving enough, to let me know it is OKAY for me to be weak. And he understands…
I also shared with a friend I felt sad.
I don’t know you, but for me, to say those words, has taken a thousand lifetimes to have the courage to do. I have been stronger than strong in each and every one of them…
Gaia Speaks!
Julia Roberts, Academy Award-winning actress, ‘speaks’ for Mother Nature.
Part of this is true.  It is how Gaia feels (She does not like to be called Mother Nature, as She has a consciousness, just like you, and has feelings)…it is how Gaia feels on a bad day.
She was almost taken in by the video, with its beautiful scenery, and raw power Julia alludes to with her trained voice.
Gaia is not stupid.
Gaia recognizes high-quality disinformation when she sees it.
Gaia honors and treasures the connection She has with each and every one of her creatures to Her Heart.
Your energy –your Heart–connects to Hers.
And Her energy–her Heart–connects to Yours.
She made a promise to Ascend with every single life form upon her as unscathed as possible.
This is something which has never before happened in all of the cosmos!
All the eyes of the universe are on Her, and You.
She’s not going to ‘take you out’…like Julia insinuates…
Julia, as an Award-Winning Actress who is Highly Successful, has a very high probability of being a puppet for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
We are talking Monarch.
The REAL film Lady Gaia would like to see, is the one that shows the back room deals leading to Agenda 21, the ‘making’ of Monarch victims, and the MK Ultra victims, and the deliberate pinning down of Her ley lines –Her natural flow of energy–with airports and shopping malls and cities and even amusement parks that are VERY strategically placed.
Gaia asks for the Truth to ‘break the Internet’…none of this Hollywood high-tech disinformation.
The only person authorized to speak for Gaia at this time, is Herself.
She asks for The Killing To Stop!  Because all of the creatures are Her children.
Cecil has made major progress on this for Her, and She thanks him, and everyone touched by his loss…for opening their hearts…
I Love You
Today during my few daylight hours away from work, I lay on the couch in a stupor, drifting off to sleep and enjoying every second of the free time I had with Anthony to watch the Angels baseball game.
It wasn’t going well. It was 3 to 1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, two runners on base, Cron up to bat, with three balls and two strikes.
I told Anthony, this is it! This next pitch is the game.
Anthony was like, ‘what? How?’
He either walks or gets out…
‘Or HITS mom!’
Ross appeared to me, and kissed me on the lips, and said, ‘I love you’…
So I watched.
Cron got a double and tied the game.
Then the next at bat was De Jesus.
The pitcher Allen threw the ball in the dirt, and it got away from the catcher Perez.
Featherston STOLE HOME with a belly slide and WON the game!!!
Anthony was jumping up and down saying, ‘Did you SEE that?! Did you SEE that mom!!!’
Then he went and looked to all the stations for the highlight of the day to see it…
Thank you Ross, for this small miracle. Thank you.
No Matter What Happens I Am Proud Of You
As we turned into the place where the basketball game was to be played tonight, Ross told Anthony he was proud of him (He told me to tell him).
Anthony was like, ‘proud of WHAT?’
That he plays sports.
Ross said, ‘No matter what happens tonight I want you to know I love you no matter what and I am proud of you’…
Only four kids showed up to play. The rest were on vacation. It was a forfeit.
The four played until the halftime, when the last kid showed up. 
They lost 42-12.
I saw Anthony make a three-pointer.
I also saw Anthony set up a screen, and a player from the opposite team ran into him at full speed–Anthony was like a wall and the kid bounced off him and fell. The kid clotheslined himself, as Anthony was not moving at the time of impact…
They called a ‘flagrant foul’ because the refs weren’t really paying attention. They saw the fall and not the running into him.
I took him to our favorite ocean view place for dinner.
In Summary
Joy has nothing to do with your emotions.  Or your life situation.
Your emotions and your life situation are ILLUSION.
Your being able to experience being alive, is a miracle, and this in itself is JOY.
Being able to tell Ross, with my whole heart, I want to cry!–it too is a JOY!
It is a JOY because I can tell it to him, and he can be trusted with my heart.
It is a JOY because no one is telling me how to feel–I have the liberty to feel it, and share it.
Being with Anthony is a JOY, because he is growing up so fast these days are priceless.
Taking extra call this weekend, for my colleague who gave me ‘the offer you can’t refuse’ (he is close to our boss, and is ‘just getting back to work slowly’ from shingles on the face)–is a JOY too, because I choose to help.
The extra work is a trade. And I asked for a day to have him take my call, when there is no one to watch Anthony.  I will pray for my body to be strong. It took me about two hours to coordinate childcare on short notice…but I choose JOY.
I choose JOY in that my colleague felt safe to ask me.
And I choose JOY to look at the good, instead of the ‘trick’…because that will come back to haunt me.
My Saturday won’t be fun, because I will be sleepy.
No matter what, I will choose JOY.
And the more JOY I choose, the more JOY I will feel.
It’s only one life. It isn’t forever.  And the less attachments I make, the smoother the experience flowing through it.
I have an über Christian cousin, who is discovering Reiki.
His wife is by-the-book Christian.
He wants Ross to talk to her.
I say no.  No way.
No one gets to Ross except through me.
No one with stinking low vibration energy–I don’t care how much you love the Bible and live a good Christian life–is going to get near Ross and expose him to that density of vibration as long as I am alive.
They have done enough to him in the past.
I won’t stand for it.
If they don’t accept me, fine.
Read the fine print in the Pistis Sophia.
I know the score.
Do you?
People who are incarnate get seventy times seven times to turn back from their ‘bad choices’…so to speak…as long as they are ALIVE.
Once they pass, the forgiveness doesn’t apply, and the life choices affect their next ‘assignment’.
Twin souls can and do separate at the end of a Creation Cycle–although technically the souls are joined forever–one can go through the next Creation Cycle in 3D and the other in 5D for example.
THIS is why there is so much stalling on the ‘intervention’ part from our star family…they know how serious this is, and they want for all Twins to be together if at all possible.  (please note all families with children will stay intact–it’s a loophole for the benefit of the child).
Once Ross shows up, it’s kind of like the same thing–‘everyone tally their points’–for everything and everyone on the surface of Gaia.
It’s a ‘reset’ but more of a spiritual one, not a financial one.
From my best guess, the LOVE Divine Father is talking about, is a heck of a lot stronger than my JOY…
I want it both barrels wide open for everything and everybody and everyplace….NOW.
And this is our ‘now’, not the Galactic one, where time does not exist….
Not A Blip
A certain person was invited to no longer channel Mary Magdalen.
Most people are aware Lady Nada is sometimes considered to be a pseudonym for Mary Magdalen.
I don’t know the truth.
Sananda is said to be the HS of the Christos, again, I don’t know, but I do know that every Sananda channeled message I’ve seen is really, well, not something I read or have resonate with me as truth.
It doesn’t resonate. I couldn’t read it. So for the record, if you go to read something, and you just can’t focus on it, your Higher Self is protecting you from something that isn’t right for you.
Always be on the lookout for disinformation, even from people you trust.
I want to spend all time with you.
I love you.
That is all I have to say.
And you have done well on this lesson. You Aced it!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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