Movement And Healing–Gaia News Brief 7 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

I’m Still Standing

Today I had my first energy attack.

It happened around noon. Both my computer record froze and would not work, and the LMA didn’t work right at the same time.

I managed it.

Shortly afterwards, a patient complained of a problem from a regional block.  I resolved it.

I am highly protected.  I don’t ‘get’ attacks like this very often. This was from ‘within’ and from someone who knows of me…

It won’t last.

The energies are building up to a point soon where none of this will matter.

There is only one Truth…and it will come out.  About everything!


Dear Cousin, I love you.

There is no harm.

For those of us experienced in duality, there is mental training in ‘opposites’…this is not true in the Higher Realms, where All Is Love.

On Earth, souls establish a curriculum for Life Lessons, an expedited path to soul growth and development.

There are new souls and old souls, some very learned, and others, new to eternal life…

Everyone must spend time in each ‘course’ that is a requirement.

The ‘darker’ roles are part of the training, as well as the ‘lighter’ roles.

Does this make sense?

Consequently we have a very wide range of ‘students’ if you will, from pre-K to Graduate School and Independent Research, yes?

Sometimes a soul, for whatever path they have chosen, ‘gets stuck’ in their personal Growth and Development.

There is a block.  A lesson is challenging and difficult for this soul.

For whatever reason, more time is needed for this soul to learn and to open.

Ascension is a process of letting go of things that hold one back.

The more mature the soul, the more ready it is to evolve and to move beyond that which is comfortable and familiar to them in the Illusion.

It is examination time, in the near future, and are we able to share the answers we have written on our tests?

Yes and no.

For the one who is not Awake, the handwriting will be ‘scribbled’ and ‘hard to make out the words’–even if plainly shown.

This is how the Energy Signature carries the result of all lessons, all examinations, and all Life Scripts…

As Twins, I have no doubt in my mind yours is going to awaken. In this incarnation. And you are the one best suited for your Twin’s soul growth.

Your Bandwidth can reach Ross with ease, and my own.

Others, who claim to Love Ross more than ‘anything’, actually don’t know him. Or how much he loves his family in Heaven, which He has.

This is a stumbling block for most.

This is how He has come to set brother apart from brother, and parent apart from child.

It is the ability of one to accept that which is not comfortable to them as Truth.

No heart will open until it is time.

I protect my noble Twin.

I cherish him, and I defend him. I have done this through many lifetimes together, and many more apart.

My soul won’t rest until he is able to enjoy freedom, and everything his Energy Signature means that he can do.

He loves all, everyone, and can go where He is needed to go.

He is my Heart.

I won’t ask him to go where I am uncomfortable.

That is my kindness and respect to him, as his Twin.

Does this make sense?

I love you and your wife and your beautiful son so very much.

I am very proud of you for all you do for the Light. And for us.


(Anthony just came to the door)

The Compression Breakthrough

I am one of the most sensitive to vibrations on the planet.  In a way, I am very much like the canary in a coal mine.  When conditions are ‘changing’, look to me and that’s where you’ll see it first.

The last week has been one of the most challenging I have experienced in all of my life.

The energies were dense, and I felt ‘pressure’ coming at me from all sides.

I had to slow down, and nurture myself.

At the peak, on Wednesday, not only did I take my boy and me out for pie–I also had a baked potato with dinner—with Ross’s suggestion.  I NEEDED the dense, carbohydrates, to help soothe me on a very subconscious, child-like way…

The compression breakthrough is what happens when the Veil falls apart, actually, just right before it.  There is supposed to be a big PUSH from Agartha below, and from the Light Forces above–this is the energy ‘compression’.  Then the Veil ‘gives’ or ‘tears open’, then this is the ‘breakthrough’.

Although anyone who knows a commander is going to Ascend–it’s a free ‘ride’ if you will–right now the Commanders are experiencing great stress, one around the same time as me, perhaps a little before, and another a few days after.

On THIS side, things are a little clearer, and the ‘ride’ has been definitely worth it.

The experience for me has been like a stripping away of everything I thought about happiness and what makes me happy…

I like to travel. I like to call  my own shots. I like to look forward to free time. I don’t like to feel ‘trapped’ by anything schedule-wise…

All of that was under assault, and it was as if every button I ever had was getting pushed, and there was no rhyme or reason.

Long story short–I think we are close to huge breakthroughs in the Liberation of the Planet.

And Long story even shorter–I think Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are at their last parry, their last ‘push’–and it’s in the process of failing right now.

Ross doesn’t tell me anything or give me hints with this either. It’s been like my guides have gone away, I didn’t have inspiration to make bracelets for three weeks, my ‘inner guidance’ has been very quiet.  It has been a lesson, a final exam, and I have had to find my way through, as do we all.

A big storm is coming, you can weather it out–so just emotionally, get the windows boarded up, make some hot cocoa, and wait for the storm to pass.  Although it’s Commanders first, I have a hunch it is going to affect everyone, more or less, and the Commanders will be on their feet first in order to assist.

My Medicine

Chrysophase. One very small chunk of it in my palm made ‘everything better’.  I had to go to the store with Ross yesterday, and ‘find something new’.

Cacoxenite–Ross had told me to buy a necklace, not earrings, and it wouldn’t be expensive. I got a small pendant of this for forty dollars.  I found four ‘maybe’s’, and used my pendulum direct from my HS to help me pick.  The results have been amazing.

Tea with honey–herbal tea–I’ve had a lingering sinus infection all summer. I’ve taken antibiotics, used Reiki and the Divine Healing Codes–it’s just coming along…I asked Ross for HELP!…and he says lots of hot tea. I will bring in some lemon balm and pineapple mint from home.  (I had transsphenoidal sinus surgery at twenty-five, and have had problems post-op ever since)

Impractical Jokers and on TruTV–I laugh so very hard, and truly enjoy how these pranksters ‘mess’ with the ‘status quo’ for hilarious results.

Being with Anthony.  There is no substitute for being with those you love. Pick up the phone and call today…


The compression breakthrough is correct, what Carla alludes to.  No one is going to experience it in the same way, although some of the disorientation and pressures will be apparent.

I want all of you to know it is short-lived.

I had Carla–who is being attacked at the moment as a way to put off what is inevitable–it is like trying to get the hot popcorn kernel not to pop!–has found her way to where I am, although it is in ‘baby steps’ and not EXACTLY where I am just yet, it is at the beginning of the road to reunion in my loving arms!

Carla has found the way for all of you to follow.

Carla has given birth to that which is new…although she has her sinuses and her toe barely moves there is no stopping her and her toe barely hurts no matter how much she walks on it.

Watch for the signs in you.

Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself. It is very hard on the physical body, to do what Carla just did.


Take long baths, if you like them. It is helpful to immerse yourself in warm water with sea salt–just a little in it. It’s good for the energy.

Find a stone, a special one that calls to you in Nature, or if you’re outside of nature, buy a crystal at a store or on the internet.

Your guides will help you.

Because it has never before been done–Ascending with both a planet and Her Populace of all Life Forms upon it–all of us are watching eagerly and with interest what will come next.

The first part is done.  The planet is firmly ‘ready’ and are most of the Lightworkers who are experiencing the ‘new’ at this time, just like Carla.

Then it is time for the stragglers! (He pinches my cheek–ed)

All of the animals and trees and plants and minerals (rocks)–have been Ascended a long time ago. They are the first, and handled it very well.  We were wondering how the humans with their different life contracts would experience it.

To be honest, it isn’t what we thought. Our ‘glorious awakening’ is kind of like a new calf taking its first steps–a little wobbly–but here were are with Carla…who is more sure on her feet for some hours now, and is eagerly ready to run!

Once the first Veil is broken, the rest will be easier.

Think of it as Carla made the first crack inside the egg, and the rest of you are chipping away at it to get all the shell open so everyone may come out. The Veil is like an eggshell of energy.  After the first few cracks it is easy for the new little one ‘baby bird’ to emerge. All of you are going to be tired, from a metaphysical point, and that is when I and my teams shall support you most.

Sugalite is also a very high vibration stone that is effective for this time, and Lepidolite and Leucite too (the mineral, not the plastic).

Molddavite is going to be very strong for you. I would advise you, if you own it, to avoid wearing it until after the breakthrough is complete. You will know when it is okay to resume wearing it. Things will be calm and serene energetically…

(he claps his hands twice–he does this on the ship all the time–to tell us it’s time for this to end and us and him to go to our duties–ed)

He smiles warmly and says, ‘how does it feel to be like one of my crew?’

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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