One Big Party — Gaia News Brief 9 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

One Big Party

The County Fair means very much to Anthony.  In the afternoon, I took him. I find in our mother-child relationship, now that he is ten, repetition of things we like to do is important to him.  We ‘always’ go to the fair. He typically goes with his dad separately, and then with me.

This year he hadn’t gone, and there’s only one week left.

We found parking, we walked up to the gate, and I was ASTONISHED!

I was literally ASTONISHED at the logo for the theme!

Here’s why:

  • I also was guided to open a vortex in addition to the energy work I had planned to do with the Platinum Ray and Reiki to the crowd (I am an expert in ‘mass Reiki’).
  • It was a tricky one. I couldn’t get a white one, or even with help from Kamehameha, a golden one or a blue and gold double spiral. Something was there, and locked tight! My guides said to use my heart to open the energy flow. I was STUCK. I finally said, ‘I WISH there was a way for me to do this!’ in frustration–and poof! A bright PINK one of Unconditional Love opened up. I was asked to add the new colors of 5D, aquamarine, mint green, peach, and lavender, all tinged with gold. Now the energy streaming into the OC Fair is new, powerful, 5D energy for the masses.    (Blogpost July 14, 2013)  (many people who are exposed to the lavender perceive it as yellow–ed)
People had been exposed to the Higher D energies at the fair for two years!!!
And Spirit was letting me know.
Another Healing
We had fun, so much fun all day. I wanted to make this memory special for Anthony. We went on the rides, we played the games.
He wanted to win with this game where you shoot a wiffle ball at three plastic cups and knock them off the table. He said, ‘mom, shoot low’ after he went first. I hit the edge of the table right in the middle of where you need to shoot to win the prize.  The ball went flying out of the booth, and I exclaimed, ‘Did I BREAK it?!’ with concern.
The lady set the cups up a little different, with about a centimeter of space between the lower two cups. I KNEW she knew I had the skills to win, I KNEW she wanted me to win, because I’m in 5D. I used the sights on the little pistol, and BOOM–I WON!
I was very happy.
Anthony wanted the big one. He didn’t say anything. He wanted the big wolf. But there was a gigantic UNICORN. And once I saw that over my head, and realized I could take it, I jumped up and down with glee and didn’t think of anything else.
Anthony was disappointed, because he wins things for me, and wanted me to win things for him, but didn’t say.
I told him I had no idea, and that I had so much fun I forgot. I have very little time for fun, and work hard. The last time I had fun was watching the Angels win (like I blogged about).  I know disappointment is a hard lesson, and I’m sorry I didn’t know he thought he was thinking I was going to win for him.
Later, we won MANY more things, with Anthony winning for himself–by breaking plates by throwing baseballs, and popping balloons by throwing hacky saks (little bean bags) at them.  He got a giant Teddy Bear, a panda, and a panther…
Later he apologized for how he reacted to my unicorn, and said, ‘really, it’s cool mom’.
He asked, ‘What are you going to name it?’
Without skipping a beat, I said, ‘Ross’.
It has pink on it, and Anthony started teasing me because it’s a girl unicorn and I didn’t know…
My Cousin’s Family
We were tasting the deep fried things for the first time–we had a coupon–buy three and get a free ice cream.
We had deep fried cookie dough, a deep fried twinkie, and a deep fried Klondike Bar (ice cream).  We didn’t get the regular ice cream because the coupon didn’t apply to the side of the fair we were on.
A lady’s face caught my eye. I recognized her, but I wasn’t sure how. Was she a patient? A coworker from the hospital like a nurse?
Then I saw him, my cousin Ken.
I screamed both their names in delight!
We greeted each other, then Ken told me my mom sent him a card and it was really nice.
I said, ‘She does things like that’.
He asked, ‘Didn’t you know what happened to me?’
He had almost bled to death in his home from an esophageal ulcer, and had to call 911.
His fiancee Karen arrived right when the ambulance did, and he was found barely conscious in a pool of his own blood on the floor, all around his head and his body, for he had a GI bleed  from both ends.
She cried out his name, and he opened his eyes. He recognized her, and said, ‘Karen, I think I am dying. I love you.’
The ambulance driver said, ‘I think you better listen to her.’
He refused transfusion, and only accepted fluids and platelets.
The doctor said he should have died, because his hemoglobin was so low–the heart usually infarcts (has a heart attack) when it’s that low.
Karen believes it’s from their daily walking.
I know it’s a miracle. Ken has heart disease and had a stent placed several years ago.
I threw my arms around Kenny’s neck, and started sobbing with sorrow for his suffering, and with love and gratitude and joy that I was not at his funeral! He WALKS!  He is still HIM!
Ken said, ‘I didn’t want to make you sad, Carla, I just wanted this to be a happy day.’
I said, holding tighter, ‘No, Kenny, no! JESUS gave me my cousin back! I am crying tears of JOY!  I can still hug you.’
Karen smiled and said, ‘You are STUCK WITH ME too, Carla!’   I hugged her, cried some more.
Then there was a blessing–Ken’s son Brad, who had gotten married but I wasn’t invited because it’s distant family to his wife, was there with his baby girl who’s going on two, and his wife Laura, who is now five weeks pregnant…We met up with them, so I could meet everyone.
Seeing Karen and Ken hold their granddaughter…and Ken with her on his shoulders and her rubbing corn on his ears…was a miracle of complete and pure delight.
Laura and I exchanged contact information. I have ‘new’ family again!
The Diamond
Walking around with the unicorn and trying not to smack into people, and giving thanks to God for Ken, made Lightwork the last thing on my mind.
As you will know, my most important Lightwork is always done on the spur of the moment with no warning.
My teams get me into position and have me ‘go’.
I had arrived around two, and applied my ring to all timelines at the Fair, for the One hundred twenty fifth anniversary celebration.
It was a LOT of ‘cleaning out’ to do for that ring. I knew it could do it.
Every individual from every timeline that was possibly ever connected to the fairgrounds–the even and the land (where they have the swap meet every weekend otherwise)–was exposed to the healing from the ring…
That was something I just ‘do’, everywhere I go. Angel stadium, Disney Resort…anywhere. That’s why I travel so much. When I go, I ‘heal’ timelines.  I also heal every timeline connected to everyone in the room with every surgery I give anesthesia for, not just the patient. BIG healing, every time, and I don’t say a word about it to nobody. Who would care? Who would understand without a big lengthy explanation? About a handful of people, who already know, and my teams Up There.
I was asked to cleanse every timeline of everyone present with the Diamond Flame. 
(I am allowed to borrow this like asking to drive the car, when there is need–it’s not mine, but I have sufficient energy to use it, and Divine Mother has given me permission when I asked Isabel after the first time, is it okay?)
I did.
I saw sparkling diamonds coursing through the timelines–which look like a network–reaching very far into space and time. I am a very quick healer, most of my work takes place in seconds.  This one took a good five minutes of energy coursing through me to get this ‘done’.
Then I was asked to give a protective shield of Diamond to everyone I had just healed, so ‘nothing can get back in’ that was cleared out.
Again, I wasn’t sure how to do this, so I asked my teams to ‘fix any goofs’, and did my best to do what I was asked to do.
Like little sparkling hamster balls the extra layer around the aura surrounded each one present at the fair, that I could see, and I assume, everyone touched by the healing of the timelines.
This was in the early evening, right before we added some more money to the Fun Card, and Anthony went on to win some more prizes.
It happened somewhere where the rides and games were.  I don’t recall exactly where.
Saying Hello
On our third ride of the day, Anthony wanted to do a roller coaster. It was very tall, but also, very rickety because it is a fair ride and not a permanent one.
As I was up at the tippy top,  in the cloudless sky, I noticed a single, very small cloud, to my right not far in the distance.
I was being watched.
Ross was checking on me with a scout.
I kissed and waved to them right before we went down the steep hill.
Then the cloud went away–at the end of the ride, I couldn’t see it.
If you see the movie, Ghost Protocol, at the end with his bad knee, Tom Cruise and his wife exchange glances. She nods with surprise, and gently waves to him, so he would know she was delighted and appreciates his reaching out to her as best he could under the circumstances.
There is an energy to that ‘exchange’ in the movie.
That’s how it felt, while that little cloud ship was watching me.
That’s how I know it was Ross’s team–possibly Ross himself!–and I sent my love and gratitude to Him for this Special Day he planned, even before the rest of the day at the fair had begun.
I am guilty as charged!
All of it!  (he holds up his hands palms up, spread out, as if to shrug but he doesn’t–ed)
I am just as busted as Carla was when Karen and Ken caught them eating the deep fried treats!
Carla has to go.
There is another activity today, she can’t be late. She needs to leave in twenty minutes.
I hope you enjoy our day for her, and her delight at all that I sent.
It was more than a coke, this time…
For those of you wanting to heal ‘big things’ like her, give it time. There is a time and a place for everything. You will know when I tap your shoulder when it is time for you to work/do your thing.  It will be like Carla, very sudden, and with no warning.
For ours to work, there is an additional component of the stars and the alignment of the planets, of which Carla is very ‘connected’ both to me and to everyone incarnate on Gaia…it is the timing.  I time it for the optimum energy to transmit.  The window isn’t open much for second-guessing.
So if you get the ‘nudge’ from Spirit, don’t question it, and just ‘flow along with what your guides invite you to do’ to help save Gaia and her people–so we can have One BIGGER Party all of us together, with great tears of joyful recognition, like Carla with Ken and Karen, and also Brad and Laura, and their babies too.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
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