Seeing A Soul’s True Form — Gaia News Brief 21 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

Seeing Ross

Yesterday on the way to work, I asked him to let me see himself in his true form, and in the form I will take when I am Ascended, the one that is the most natural to assume.

Ross transformed himself into a cream colored sphere of light, slightly larger than a basketball, and floated in my minds eye.

It felt like him.

But it looked entirely different.

And he changed back to how I see him, a tall thin human, with a gorgeous smile and beard and long brown hair, looking very Galactic!

I laughed with delight.

Conspiratorially, I asked him if assuming that form is more comfortable, kind of like unbuttoning the top button on your pants and feeling that ‘ahhhhh’ sigh of relief?

He said, no, both forms are equally comfortable for him, and as the need suits him, he can transfer back and forth to either shape at will.

What Do You Want For Dinner Tonight?

Again, I had much delay at work, and ended up coming home later than anticipated. I was frazzled, but in a good way.  I won’t go into details, but I have a lot to do tonight, and I’m still not done.

Anyhow, Ross was being charming…and he offered not to cook with his hands, but to create something for me with his technology, anything I would like.

I asked him to make for me my favorite thing to eat when I was incarnate with him the last time.

He did. It was a curry, with rice, and it was warm. He said we didn’t always eat warm food back in our home.  I tasted it, and the drink that went with it. He said we had milk, water gotten fresh from the well, and fruit juice to drink. He showed me how we squeezed it.

I asked about our garden, and did I tend to it?

I did.

I was responsible for growing all of our family’s food and preparing it.

I relaxed, and in my mind’s eye, could see our old home.

Then I tensed up.

He knew why, we are emotionally close.  I explained gently how happy that was, and his going away and helping people I hadn’t expected.

He asked me if I blamed him?

I said no, but with our being so close growing up I had never thought I would be lonely once we were married, but in fact, most of the time, I was…for he was so busy…and all I had was the garden and the chores and the kids so I went through my life mechanically while he did his teaching overseas…

He apologized simply, and we changed the subject. He said he was going to give me a bath.

I balked! I can bathe myself, thank you! I am not an invalid! I am quite capable and independent!

He laughed. He showed me a very small wooden tub, like the bottom of a barrel, and back then, someone had to bathe you and pour the water over you as there was no running water at the time.  I would bathe him, he would bathe me…back when we were incarnate together that is the way it was for everybody.

So I relaxed and felt the warmth and enjoyed him scrubbing my back and feeling close to him.

Then I got to my exit, and drove home.  It’s been a mad dash ever since, but I’m almost through with everything I have to do.


A patient was very thankful for his care, and said from his first surgery (the second part of it was today), he ‘woke up in a bed that was surrounded by beautiful women’ (our PACU nurses) and ‘it felt like Heaven’.

He meant it.  He also offered to take the surgeon traveling sometime, so he could rest…

I also had a high profile patient. It’s funny how the days I am brought in unexpected are the days I am needed the most.

Our computer anesthesia record experience grows, and I am troubleshooting things with the experts. I have transparency, and share all this information with the group.

Today was a very nice day because although I came home at one a.m., I slept in until nine, and also made a bracelet.

I don’t advertise myself on this, although I could and have great connections. I find it works best if Spirit directs the people to me, then there is an energy match and connection. I think of it as a service for my readers, and today’s reader is a Karuna Reiki Master.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with her energy and spirit to find the stones that are just right for her.

If you are a reader–you don’t have to be, I do gifts for family members too–I would love to make you a bracelet.  But only when it is right for you. You can private message me on Facebook, or email me at if you are interested.  I also make the lovely bracelets for Isabel Henn’s retirement fund–you order one through her and I will make it for you. I will show pictures of them another time. I think if you look at the photos on Divine Mother Blessings page on FB it will be there.


I love my Carla.

Carla is having  a hard day. There is not enough time for her to finish her tasks, so she writes.

It’s in her heart to write, and it always has been.

In our time, Carla was educated, and able to write, and wrote down a great many things I had to say. My legacy was left to her when I transitioned, and Carla–by a different name as we both had different names in our past lives–Carla really honored my memory, and all I had worked to build.

Carla took excellent care of my legacy, just as she takes care of her patients.  All of her patients are ‘high profile’ to her–(he laughs with love-ed)…

If Carla had not done so well, I would have been forgotten, and it may have been easier for me to ‘reintroduce myself’ in this capacity if she hadn’t preserved my energy, and my memory, so well, for all posterity.

So here I am.  (he is flipping a bunch of cards in his hand, riffling through a stack, like a tarot deck–he confirms they are tarot, and he also reads them–ed)

Do I stay?  Do I go? Do I do my destiny? Do I do it now? Or how about tomorrow?

What can I say?

I think about it over and over again for I want to get it right.

Not only for me, but for Carla, and everything she has worked for, in my absence.

I’m coming home, not to the past, but to our new life together, as post-Ascended Twin Hearts!

These are the things I ponder when I have free time.

I am letting you get to know me…every day brings us closer and closer to ‘the end’ of the Illusion…

Or is it just the beginning, of the rest of your lives?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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