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councilThe Council

It is now a bit of time since the super moon and the equinox that was said to be many things. Congratulations. You’ve made it. Somehow it seems as if the world did not come to an end. And somehow, even though you do not seem to be able to put your finger on it, you feel that something is different. Well, you are correct, it is. And if you allow us, we will put our finger on it for you.

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Bring In The Light

The Creator Writings

Each of you carries a bit of darkness inside.  Whether it is from past negative experiences or things you feel you may have done wrong in the past.  Today, you are invited to take a closer look at that darkness and how much space it takes up within your being.  If you chose to release that darkness, can you see what an incredible amount of space would be available for Light?!

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Sheldan Nidle Update 9-29-15~sacred magic is to occur

Rejoice and come together in a great vision, which adds your power to that of the Light. Be grateful for the ways of the Almighty! You are being given a path of Light to your dreams.

from Planetary Activation Organization


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

12 Eb, 5 Tzotz, 12 Manik

Dratzo! This world continues to progress ever forward. Our earthly allies are moving the elements of a new banking system into position. The dark cabal can no longer stop the inevitable. Those ancient families in both Europe, the Americas, and of course, China is establishing the final repositories from which a great sea of monies is to flow. Those who have been assigned as both paymasters and security handlers know the right divine time to complete their special tasks. At present, the cabal is facing a number of crises, which are simply signs that this flow is very close to happening. The time for the end of these vile oligarchs has seemingly taken much too long to pass. We are approaching the Gregorian month of October. Traditionally, in the West, this is a time of scariness, hobgoblins and ghosts. In fact, it represents the time when mighty Atlantis, your ancient home, sank beneath the seas. This event occurred at the start of Zac (the white month). This time is called Halloween (hallowed eve), when the Lights (Atlantean Beings) left for their new home in Centaurus. It is only a wondrous coincidence that this period became a moment for you to obtain your blessings!

On your world, what is happening is a massive shift in how this reality operates. In previous times, the oligarchy was able to determine what was to occur and make sure that it was carried out as planned. This power has now been denied them. A revolution in the order of the migration of people, power and monies has started a transition that is to culminate shortly in a whole new way to do things. This is likewise affecting how the vast sets of monies are to be redistributed around your globe. This redistribution is ultimately to cause the cabal’s power base to crumble and their governments to fail. The outcome of this swift global transition is a spreading prosperity, paired with the rise of a vast global reset of your present global currencies. The final steps include the gold backing of these currencies and a new way by which your banks function. These vast changes are to bring you governance dedicated to a return to true democracy and the rise of a much broader concept of “people power.” This is a return to true constitutional governance


Right now, you are being bombarded by a plethora of energies. These energies are further aiding Heaven in subtle adjustments to your physical, mental and emotional aspects. The purpose of these particular adjustments is to make it easier for you to absorb the new energies that are slowly raising your body’s base frequencies. These energies need to rise as various new components are to be added by our medical teams. This is to make it possible for you to better stabilize once you are hit by the occasional large quantum of energies that are coming from the galactic core. These coming changes are to further shift you into a series of newer core perceptions. Our mentors require that you be open to a number of realities with regard to your initial “fall” from full consciousness. Heaven desires that you learn why these vast shifts in consciousness occurred. At that time, the Atlanteans were desperate to gain the aid of their dark allies. They saw that a number of other “daughter” colonies were greatly opposed to what had been done to Mu (Lemuria) and a rebellion loomed.


The changes happening to you are raising your base frequencies and making you more aware of how your many life-long perceptions are gradually changing. You are becoming more allowable as regards to the benevolent nature of this first contact fleet. It is as well looking at the role of America in a very different light. After the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945, most of the world adopted a pro-America attitude. This has greatly shifted and most now have a more negative outlook. Despite many of the tragedies that America has faced, this has persisted. What is about to occur is to greatly alter this ever-growing belief. America’s true nature is about to be rescued from the oligarchy. The main cause of this change is to be NESARA and its spread across this globe. Another is that the UFO cover-up is officially to end. The empire of the American oligarchs is over. Mindless war is done! All that is to be left is Love and Union with all humanity. A time of peace and great prosperity lies ahead. Use these moments to aid Gaia and to ready yourself for full consciousness!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! The positive energies of the Light continue to flow at greater and greater levels! The energies from Heaven are being pumped toward us by this galaxy’s central core. These energies are strengthening each of you. Use these wondrous and blessed powers to create a collective vision for freedom and prosperity. Be positive and joyous as these powerful energies are capable of bringing a glorious transformation to this reality. Hallelujah! Every day these energies are raising your consciousness. The dark cabal can feel how their previously powerful energies to prevent the Light’s victory are slipping away. Rejoice and come together in a great vision, which adds your power to that of the Light. Be grateful for the ways of the Almighty! You are being given a path of Light to your dreams. Our associates continue to give us only positive messages. You are on a journey to miracles that you have not seen before.

Each part of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is being affected by this great influx of spiritual energy. This is why we ask you to remain positive. Join the collective of humanity and pray and/or meditate daily. Envision the realm that you desire. These spiritual exercises are to permit this new realm to accelerate it’s manifesting in this realm. Prosperity and freedom are beginning to come forward. Sense this wondrous yet subtle vision and use your abilities to aid Gaia and us in creating this new realm. Over the coming weeks, events are to slowly appear. These are to permit a new reality to hold its transformation and thrust you into this new divine place. As you approach this magical time, you are to see events happen which the dark long delayed. This is to be a time of excitement and wonder! Be patient and let go of any frustrations. A new world approaches!


Blessings. Be one with what is now happening across this grand blue-green orb. A silent revolution of epic proportions is occurring. Its divine roots began in the small financial banking businesses that dot Africa, Europe and the Americas. These blessed actions occurred over the last few decades and created a self-organizing social and media network. We have watched this urge to be free grow and await a donor to greatly develop these small networks into a means to swiftly change the face of this much maligned aspect of humanity. We bless you and work our joint visions to see you prosper. We rejoice in what is happening to see this divine vision succeed. It is to be joined with a special prosperity and sacred magic is to occur. Out of these small but highly motivated institutions, a mighty oak is to grow. Believe in miracles, be strong and prosper in the Almighty’s name! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we gave you more news of what is silently taking place around this globe. Gaia awaits you and knows that you are to do what is right with these sacred resources. It is time to reorder and redo this set of global societies. Be patient and know that a great wave of prosperity is to be yours! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

The Space Of Healing — Gaia News Brief 30 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

At Work

Yesterday I noticed I worked very hard. I didn’t fight it. I healed and gave anesthesia to all of my patients–without making a big ‘to do’ about it.

When I needed to kneel and connect the oxygen tubing to the tank on the gurney, I did.

When I was asked to do a colorectal case instead of the two more lucrative GI cases, and had to wait one hour to to that one case…I reached out and offered to ‘check all the rooms’ (to pass inspection by the surveyors) for the person who made the assignment.

I enjoyed a very thin slice of cake to celebrate a PACU retirement for RN Elizabeth. It was Vietnamese cake, with mango, and not very sweet.

My lunch was late, and not exactly healthy–at two p.m. I had cottage cheese, sun chips, and a soy milk.

It is what it is.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I was at the OR until like ten, and today, early again I have more cases.

Someone I know got fired I think…or they say they ‘quit’…it’s someone who worked at my hospital for the Quality, but when he was at another hospital, he was part of the group who gave me my scholarship from my old neighborhood. When they had the scholarship luncheons, as a medical student, I knew him and he helped give the awards and checks.

It was sad, that in the grand scheme of things, he lost his job, and all of us kept ours.

Earlier it looked the other way around.

Everything Is Sacred

The concept of a ‘Sacred Space’ is non-sensical!

Everything is God.

People who treat you nice are holy.

People who are a pain in the ass are holy too.

The ones who were not holy, in their heart, the ‘lost ones’–have been invited to leave Gaia.  They have left many weeks ago, or even earlier.  What is left are holograms in their place, and carefully trained ‘walk ins’.

Just watch and in your heart you will know.

Everyone treated with Love, true Unconditional Love from the heart, responds back in kind.

The Lion will lie with the Lamb, and all will be Peaceful on Gaia, forevermore.

You will see this with your own two eyes, in this lifetime!

The Healing Temple of Zadkiel

This morning I went.  I did breast stroke through the waters to get there.

I was greeted by St. Germain, with his Violet Flame.  I asked him, ‘are you the janitor around here?’ (because he was cleaning me, my soul, much much more than wiping my feet! LOL)

He smiled and joked back ‘yes I am’.

Raphael met me in a room.

We spoke how it felt to have been married to Ross when he was a cheater.

I learned it took not one but three husbands to teach me I am lovable again.

Raphael’s part was ‘I love you and I WANT to love you’…his consistency was important for the healing of my soul from the wounds.

He also showed me the ‘timelines’, just enough to see the outside influence…those who planned the cheating, those who supplied him with the women, those who gave the women incentives and commands to ‘attract’ Ross.

It wasn’t random.

I also saw the interactions, with Ross and them, in private, and I saw two things–neither one was very happy, him or his partner–PLUS–here’s the big one–they weren’t too discreet, and everyone knew.

Raphael said the sympathies were with me, from the people.

I asked what happened to those who planned all this?

They are gone–rehabilitated or merged with Source. All of them. Every single one.

Then I asked Raphael, ‘if, in the Higher Realms there is no jealousy, how can I know anything like this will not happen again?’

Raphael was honest. He said the only way to know for sure would be to have Ross merge back into my soul. This is the only direction it may happen, since mine was the complete soul when it first split.

This made me sad, because I love him and I enjoy him. Raphael confirmed that I would never have that kind of bond with anyone ever again, should I choose this option.

I realized the only thing I can do is TRUST. Trust in Ross, and his promise to me, even though back then, he made similar promise.

Then Raphael showed me the movies. Ross’ interactions in situations where people of the Higher Realms invited him to be ‘intimate’ with them.

He turned them down, again and again and again. I saw hundreds of clips!  He was very loving, and kind–in an unconditional way–but when it got to be sexual, the boundaries were firm, and tight.  He was unwavering.

This pleased me very much.

My next room was with Ross.  It was one of those spa tables where they do wraps. He put honey all over me, and it was incredibly warm, and reached deep into my soul. Then when the wrap was done, he used the shower nozzle to clean me.

He was tending to my personal needs with love and simplicity, asking for nothing in return.

He dried me off, and dressed me, and escorted me to the door.  I stopped by to say hi to Metatron, and thank him.

Mutation gave me a basketball (it’s a reminder and a gift to go take Anthony to a Clippers Game).   I was thankful on many levels for that.

I didn’t get my gift yet from Zadkiel.  I didn’t see Zadkiel.  But Ross is here.  I think his gift was for me to feel his warmth and his Love all day. And he said whenever I need him, any time, just to call.  I think that is my gift.  I feel very warm and loved in my heart.

Someone–a reader– asked me for something to open their heart center–I will share with you what I shared with them-because it fits.


Is this water into wine?  Carla and I are shattering the stereotypes about us…and healing in the process.

Carla forgot to share with you one movie, which I think is important for you to know, and for Carla to recall from time to time:  how many meetings I have had with my mentors, and guides, and associates, coming up with a plan to bring Carla back to my heart.  Carla saw us on folding chairs, talking in earnest, hands steepled and leaning forward on my part, many, many places and times…

Carla understands now how both Michael and Raphael are her brothers who chose to help heal her, and earn her trust by marrying her at different ‘times’ (although there is no time in the higher realms) in order to bring Carla, by her own Free Will, back to my heart.

Even Metatron as Carla’s father incarnate in this life, helped, by the role he played, to open her heart to one who has a ‘not so good’ side but is capable of love and being loved back.

All of this was carefully orchestrated over millennia –including Merlin, the Ascended Master and healer and alchemist–to help Carla and I overcome the unfortunate non-scripted fate that befell us and tore us apart for ‘all Eternity’ to us, for as Twins, a day spent apart is forever, and all of these incarnations…is eternal.

This explains too my response of falling to my knees and crying out in pain, the first time I was allowed to see Carla in her Dark Life she had immediately prior to this incarnation.

It made the healing STICK, and the feeling was reversed.  That life was to drive the lesson home for both of us.

And it worked.

I am coming around (to your dimension) in my own time, in my own way.

You can tell by the selection of the pictures for this blog, that this day is important, a revelation of sorts…

You can expect more and more, by leaps and bounds, in the future that is not too far off.  Remember time for me does not exist, but in your lifetimes you shall witness it, my coming back…and teaching…until then, I save all my teaching here for you….with Carla’s hands on the keyboard.

I love her and I thank her for her Patience with me, and her willingness to try again with our love.

I didn’t want to merge with her either…our life is very pleasant…just the way it is, and I am most grateful.

Go to the Spa–the Healing Temple of Zadkiel, and heal and grow!  All of you! (he gestures like to say ‘scoot! scoot!’–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple of Twins


More — Gaia News Brief 29 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

A Message to us from Metatron

I uploaded and shared this meditation yesterday:  http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2015/09/a-message-to-lightworkers-from.html.

I also did the meditation.

I experienced very much healing.   The only question I had, which I will share, is that you can do this as often as you feel you need it, you can’t do it too much, but you still must focus on your personal growth with your own Life Experiences. This is for helping you get ‘unstuck’.

I cried many tears of healing as I spoke with Metatron. I was a little tired for the rest of the day, because the healing was so intense, but I was able to function. I slept very well last night.

A Phone Meeting with Anthony’s Teacher

Yup. It’s been only two weeks, and it’s time to ‘talk’ about his behavior.

She was concerned he was depressed.  She was so concerned that she actually called his counselor when she couldn’t get a hold of me.

When I am on call, which this weekend I was, and I get a LOT of voicemails, so I hadn’t heard hers…

It was a good talk.

I understand now why he has so much homework…he doesn’t finish it in class. And he spent the first two weeks socializing instead of doing his classwork.

She also added that when someone has had an injury to the liver, they tend to feel very depressed and ‘negative’ and don’t have much interest in things.  She lives with it, her husband has it.

But she is ‘open’. I shared about the Ayurveda, and how I am working to help that.

And she has a referral for both an acupuncture doc, as well as an energy healer (this one was the only one who was able to ‘sort out’ what was wrong with her last year–despite many many trips to the doctor).

Then I explained about his yellow chakra imbalance that is affecting his green one now too…and how he needs to feel he is competent….

She completely understood.  She feels in her gut he is ‘going to be okay’…and I appreciate it.


After dropping Anthony off, I bumped into Amy, a mother who has had her son in the same school as Anthony since preschool.

I asked about her father?  He has pancreatic cancer. Amy, who is psychic, and a respiratory technician, had warned her father at the beginning to seek treatment elsewhere, and right away.

But the family is from India. He knew of a ‘good Indian doctor’ at the local academic center.

He had a Whipple procedure (a pandreaticoduodenectomy, and splenectomy and cholecystectomy) last month. Did you know the survival rate after a Whipple is only thirty-eight percent?!

As he is healing, his body is failing him. He is tired, and she is his caregiver. The cancer has spread since the surgery. He just wants his wife, his daughter, and his grandson to be with him in the house for his last days. Amy thinks he has at most maybe a month left. The pain is unbearable.

She brought it up on her own, because she thinks once she gets full legal rights to her boy, her father will relax and transition to the next life.

It’s ugly, her legal battle.

The father got arrested on drug charges recently.  He also got arrested for beating up the girlfriend.  Her son hates to go to that house, his Father’s house, on the weekends.

Her son comes back so traumatized that she has a routine now on Sunday afternoons. They watch a movie, she makes him his favorite dish, and they eat popcorn with the movie too.

She does this to help him to recover from the emotional pain he endures while at his father’s house.

She tells her son, ‘Daddy doesn’t know how to be a dad, he wasn’t taught. He loves you. He just doesn’t understand children.’  and when she shares how she will make it so he doesn’t have to go there, he asks her, quietly, with interest, ‘Oh mom! WHEN?  How soon?!’

Amy and Anthony and her son are close. Amy wanted me to share with Anthony that he is free to talk with both her and her boy about his own experiences any time.  I told him this on the way home, and he appreciated it.


I need to go get ready for work.

They talked to me about my being late.  I guess with all the other problems the department has, they don’t want to add unhappy surgeons to the mix.

I so tire of this.

I must get Anthony up fifteen minutes earlier now to make it.

Now I will make lunches, cook breakfast, and clean up as best as I can.

Sometimes we are in such a rush the breakfast dishes are on the table, and the sink looks like a bomb went off. This is what greets me when I come home from a long day–a mess!

The surveyors are coming any time now, the real ones. Any time in the next two weeks.  The stress levels are very high. And the letters from my boss about deficiencies keep coming up. It’s like my colleagues are in a haze, a dream, and they aren’t willing to go forward and expend the extra effort.

Last week we had three charts that were incomplete (one would be enough to close the hospital).

And on Saturday, when I was on first call, I had to remind four people. Then I changed one ‘responsible’ person for the correct one. And the STILL wouldn’t close their chart!  I called three times, they kept saying, ‘I will do it, I will do it’…and didn’t.

So I did it for them.

I’m not sure what will happen, but I must be my best, on time, with a smile…for as long as I am able to work there.

It’s funny how when I planned my career, I didn’t realize how ‘old’ it would get, this waking up early and going to work thing. In my residency I was up at three a.m. to be at the hospital by four and round on my patients. I had this inexhaustible supply of energy!

I thought I could keep it up till retirement at sixty five.

I’m slowing down.

I’m craving a more regular schedule.

I’m dreaming about a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner more often than not–not what I usually get.

Never in a million years did I think this would happen!

I guess you learn something every day.


This is my bride.

Carla is my bride forever in my heart.

I want to speak.

I want to set the record straight.

I planned for our meeting at the Healing Temple of Zadkiel yesterday, while Carla had her day off.

I exposed Carla, in her Sirian relaxed state (she was playing as a mermaid), to my ardor, my love for her, my passion….

Carla had wanted to go straight to healing with Metatron, but she was told, no, go to the other side, ‘there is a line and you are next’ (there ISN’t a line with Metatron in his office, there never is! shhh!)

Carla let go and was herself with me, and enjoyed our energies which are unique among all the world when we engage as a couple.

When she went to Metatron, all of the feelings of the one who was cheated upon came out. The dirty feeling. The shame. The embarrassment of ‘everybody knowing’ and there was no place to hide or go.

Metatron wisely told her that it said so much more about me than it did about her, back in the time.

And that it was not in our life script–if I had ever known how much it would hurt her, I never would have chosen it.  I never would have agreed for the experience–and I never did. It just happened because we were in duality, the third dimension, and outside forces brought us to the outcome we had.

Carla, who knows me better than anyone, as she is my Twin, saw the truth and agreed.

She cried some more, and those were healing tears.

Her gift was a golden telephone, an old-school one, to Archangel Zadkiel so she could talk any time. They have a connection of the heart, and always have.

Later, much later, I explained to Carla my reason why I was with all those women:  I was trying to get back what was lost between us, that magic, from when I hurt her, wounded her, in her heart by giving our boy away to be raised ‘somewhere safe’…and also, because of the emotional distance that was introduced to us by outside ‘people who were concerned’ about us who were close to me.

I told Carla, after she said she loves me, randomly through the day, how much that means to me to hear her say it.

And that those feelings for me, from her while she is incarnate, are more precious than any riches or jewels or other life experiences.

There is something about being incarnate that shows the truth of one’s heart to us in Heaven. We know how there is Illusion; the fog is THICK.  And that Carla could adapt, relax, and heal and still open her heart to me after all I did to her…is the sweetest gift, the rarest delicacy, that a healing soul is able to give.

I treasure her, every single day.  I still do, and I look forward to meeting her face to face when the time is right, with both of us in the same dimension and not popping back and forth ‘long distance’ when it is time for us to reconnect.

For all her struggles with her Higher Self, with Anthony and Jared and his family, with her work, and also with her patients, Carla endures.

And Carla loves.

Not only me, but you too.

That is how big her heart is, and she is happy to know there is a purpose in all of this.  One day it will all be open, explained. Until then, Carla makes sure to ask that ‘this can never happen again, right?’ and I assure her of this truth.

I assure you too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple


The Beat Goes On — Gaia News Brief 28 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

A Story of Hope

He was a miracle, to me. And a nightmare to his father.  An unplanned pregnancy, in a woman told she couldn’t have children.  A ‘trick’ according to the father.

This much wanted and loved child, on my part, was the subject of a custody battle between the father and me. Or, the father’s side of the family and me.

‘Co-parenting’ has been painful at best, and maddening at worst…but considering the alternative, it has been a gift compared to the hell of being married to the father.

I ‘dodged that bullet’, and in convincing him NOT to marry me, his parents gave me the nicest gift I ever could have had.

This child is the reincarnation of my maternal grandfather, Filippo. He has the same mannerisms, the same charisma, and the same constellation of health problems and spiritual growth too.

As Filippo, he was abandoned by his father, and his mother died of tuberculosis when he was two.  He was raised by his grandparents, who didn’t feed him or his brother hardly ever.  He used to go to the forest and cry, and an old man would show up out of nowhere and bring him food.

But the old man would disappear into thin air as he walked away.

Nannu Filippos always said he knew it was an angel.

This happened many a time, always the same.

Once older, he got diabetes and terrible gum disease; also severe lung problems with a predisposition to pneumonia.

After being a widower, his father moved to the United States and started a new family–and eventually–sponsored Nannu and his brother to immigrate here.  It was a very strained relationship, between the two.

And so it is today, between them, as his father is reincarnated now too, as his biological dad.

In the one home, Anthony is loved, appreciated, and given emotional, financial, and physical support.  There is a time crunch, and a lot of time spent outside the home, unfortunately. But I’m not dead like his mom in the first life. We make do given the situation.

In the other, Anthony has a list of over fifty chores he is expected to do.  He cooks breakfast for the family and has to clean up. He cleans the bathroom–every time he comes to the home. They don’t clean it ever, except for him. They wait, that’s what he says. He takes out the trash and has to always be the one to pick up the dog poop. Most times he is there, his father and his girlfriend are drinking and looking at their cell phones in the same living room, and not talking or interacting with Anthony at all. After nine years, he finally got his own room. He used to sleep on the couch or on an air mattress. Technically, it’s the guest room, but it’s decorated a little for him.

Anthony has a vicious cycle of chakra imbalance issues–the father disempowers him, and he self-consoles with video games, and food. The father doesn’t want to play catch with him any more, and only takes him on walks with the dogs. The child craves attention; the dad is too emotionally involved in his own life circumstances.

It manifests in the physical as obesity (both suffered from childhood obesity, this biological father and his son). However, the son has elevated liver enzymes and a pre-diabetic hemoglobin A1C.

This is compounded by very poor self-esteem, and emotional pain and struggle on the part of the child.  Two years ago, the bullying at the school was severe. He wanted to end his own life. We have both been in counseling ever since…

Earlier this month,  I had a major breakthrough, in getting our son to accept and participate in our family weight loss plan.  Last year I was the ‘food police’, and he was doing everything possible to ‘get away with stuff’.

I didn’t have the energy or the stamina to battle this strong-willed child, who didn’t understand the implications on his health.

It was first things first.

Well now, the father, who totally defied my request to put Anthony on an insulin-resistance diet one year ago, and gave him soda–finally thinks ‘this is getting serious’ and is ‘doing something’…

Anthony was a wreck when I picked him up from the sitter (the drop off exchange was at her house, instead of mine, due to work)…he looked hollow, defeated, and exhausted.

He had been unable to do any homework all weekend, and he has a big project due.

I was all dressed for us to go to the gym. We had to skip it.

Then at home, he held it all in.

This is a very tense moment for us both, the transition from his father’s house to ours…as a mom, an intuitive and a psychic, I KNOW something isn’t right. But he has to be able to express it.

After a while, it came out. He was starving (again). And his father and his father’s girlfriend ‘got a good deal’ on soda. They bought over thirty cans, and put it in the fridge.  (Anthony is addicted to soda).  His father told him, ‘your liver isn’t good enough to have soda’ and both adults drank many cans in front of him, including ones with Jack Daniel’s added to it.

His father told me, in words that sound exactly like his parents and not him, ‘you have to withhold from Anthony, and not give in, no matter how much he screams or cries, because it’s for his health.’

I have it in a text.

So Anthony came home in tears, tears that wouldn’t come out, because he wasn’t allowed seconds, had to eat ‘gross rice’ and the ‘milk tasted funny’ (it was one percent milk fat that was possible old–we drink two percent here).

How is someone being so strict going to help an ailing yellow chakra?

I got Anthony his protein drink–one banana, one cup milk, one cup ice, two tablespoons cocoa powder, two tablespoons coconut sugar…..and showed him the back yard,  How I cleaned it and all the new flowers and baby pumpkins.  I pointed out the strawberry leaf, and the hope it will turn into a big plant.  I got him connected again to Nature.  I also let him spend time with his rabbit, after he talked himself through his experiences…

I looked him in the eye while he was explaining this woes, and rephrased his concerns, ‘At your father’s house it is YOUR diet, and at this house, it is OUR diet, yes?’ I shared the high risk of diabetes on my side of the family, and why I am concerned for my own health too.

It helped him to click.

I made him a dinner of soup with butternut squash from our back yard. It was cream of butternut soup, made with half and half instead of the heavy cream as I used to make it. He got one slice of French bread. He had both pomegranate pips and red pepper slices to go with his meal. He even tried the arugula I had been adding on top to mine, in very fine slices. This too is from the garden. And I promised him a ‘dessert’…he was delighted.  I had him light the candles (we ate on the balcony), set the table, and pick music for us.

He said, ‘Mom, if DIDN’T take five hours like usual to get me back to ME, it took THREE!’ with a smile.

I asked him, ‘Anthony? How much fiber is in this soup that I made with our vegetables from our yard?’

He didn’t know.

I said, ‘A shitload!’

He laughed and gave me a high five over the joke–he said, ‘I couldn’t have even thought of it!’ (all humor in his age has to do with poop, basically…)

What was his dessert?

A glass of milk and one fudgesicle (only forty calories).  We ate it on the balcony, and talked.

How can a child who is under so much stress study?  Things need to be calm, on the inside, to focus and get the work done.

My mother told me her guides said that Anthony is going to be okay, and that this experience is ‘preparing him for the future’.

I see the wisdom in this.

Our home, is very 5D.  It is filled with love and caring. And spirit.

His father’s home is about as authentic 3D as it gets.

Anthony knows both, from a very early age.

He will be able to guide everyone, no matter who they are…when the time is right.

He is not living in some fantasy, some bubble, all the time–I do, I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with 3D, I’m done with it. I only do the basics…just enough 3D to get by.

Anthony’s contribution to Ascension and to Gaia’s inhabitants is going to be more than I ever could…he will speak the truth for both sides, and understand it in his soul.

Perhaps one day so will you, if you suffer between two environments, two dimensions, too.

I am just as strict with Anthony, if not more…but I make it pleasant, and always a ‘request’, not an ‘order’…in doing so, I am modeling how to work with others, how to guide them, for him as well.


Carla is exploring Kapha, Vata, and Pitta in her Ayurvedic diet book. Carla is a Vata, and is learning that her lifestyle does just about everything to destroy it. On getting the book, she has switched to include more warm, easy to digest, flavorful items such as soup, and it is helping her stamina and her mood very much.

Anthony is Kapha.

He takes after his father, and THIS is why Jared keeps insisting on ‘no dairy, no wheat’–because for their body type, it is not good. This also explains why Anthony’s ‘heaven’ with his father is when they share a piece of cheesecake together at a restaurant after a big steak meal…

Carla has enlisted the services of a close friend and colleague to care for Anthony’s health.

Wisely, she told Anthony, we must take the advice of the specialist, and understand what is happening with your health.

It tears him up.

It really does.

It is an awful lot for a ten-year old to think about.

Carla shared with her mother the truth, because her mother gives Anthony when she watches him all the wrong things.

Carla asked Nicki to keep everything quiet from Anthony, to give her three months to adjust his diet without his realizing it, and to see the results.

Anthony is strong willed.

The first time he wanted soda about one hour after Carla told her the news, Nicki, who is weak willed and wants everyone to be happy,  gave the reason ‘your liver is sick’ as she told him he couldn’t have his soda.

That’s how he found out.

Then he started talking.

So Carla had to tell the father, who thought she was ‘crying wolf’ over the lab results one year ago. He didn’t listen. He thought she was overreacting.

One year later, the lab results are not improved. NOW he thinks ‘it is serious’.

Is it not any more serious than it was the first time?

Carla is testing herself, and so is Anthony, in spirit–through their relationship with Jared.

And his family.

Carla is stronger and more able to adapt. And also more forgiving and accepting in life. She has learned to love his family like her own, and calls him mom her mom too. For she is kind and true, and very loving to both Carla and Anthony.

And Anthony, despite his displeasure, is learning how to ‘sort things out’.

He said, yesterday, ‘I don’t want to do baseball this spring. It is only for fun. So is flag football, ultimate frisbee…’ He was holding his white belt certificate from Martial Art in his hands.

I explained to him the reason he quits is that his father tells him how to do the sport, and belittles him. Anthony has quit swimming, martial art, baseball, and gymnastics because of this. Almost basketball too. It is a double bind because his father has a consistent schedule, and can take our son to his sports practices on a regular basis.

Anthony appreciates now,  how a parent who is supportive, encourages the child in whatever sport the child enjoys.

He also knows a parent who encourages him to play THEIR sport, us a DIFFERENT kind of ‘supportive’.

I (points to himself) am supportive to all in their thought process, in their soul, in their mind, in their heart, in their existence.



Carla and I had this discussion yesterday. She was astonished that despite where I am in the grand scheme of life, I have my lessons too!

I showed her ‘film footage’ telepathically, of how SHE is in fact my best teacher…vignettes from our life together, growing up.

I push myself to grow further all the time.

Getting Carla to give me the time of day was my hardest lesson.

I made choices that weren’t the best, and drove her off into anguish.

Black is white.

When I was alive I used my telepathic gifts to know just the right words to say to cheat–to get a woman to sleep with me who wasn’t Carla even though I was married to Carla.

This truth came up into Carla’s consciousness this morning, and when I confirmed it was true, metaphysically, in her Light Body, Carla threw up.

(raises a finger–ed) But this time, between us, it was different…Carla turned to me, and my heart.  She knew on a deeper level, I knew I was wrong to exploit my gift.  She knew how deeply disturbed I was in that incarnation, in my heart, with who I am, and what I was sent to do.

And she knows that the rap of her being the harlot–isn’t true. For in that life, Carla never slept with anyone but me.  She knows the cruel twist of fate that made me immaculate, and her the whore, is a lie, Illusion at its best…

And if I, of all people, can have the past ‘come up and bite me in the butt’, just like it did this morning with Carla…and I am very good, and highly spiritual, in all things…

Try to discover MORE of ‘what is hidden’–right where you never would imagine to find it…and that is how the Awakening is going to begin.

Black is white.

White is black.

This is what has been taught by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

It is the ‘spin’.

Try to look for it.

Just in case you are worried, everything is okay between us, me and Carla. She told me she thought it was a rotten thing for me to do, when I was incarnate, and I admitted it and agree. As Twins, we can’t just divorce one another if one does something the other doesn’t like. Twins are forever!  So we communicate, and lovingly support one another to heal. This morning, it was my turn.

So you see, we are not all that different from each of you, in our hearts…

I wish you a good day.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins


Back Seat Driver — Gaia News Brief 27 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Yesterday after our case, I invited my surgeon friend, the lady urologist who just recently had her daughter go to school at Berkeley,  to get ice cream at the fancy new place.  She drove, and we were standing in line and talking, when my phone rang. I was called back in to do another case.

We got the ice cream, and mine was ‘cookie monster’ flavor.  It was blue, the same color as cookie monster, with little chocolate chips in it.

As we drove back, she shared with me something personal–how she gets messages from Spirit on the radio.

A mutual friend and colleague’s father who was her patient had died. She couldn’t remember his last name, as our friend has her married name. Her staff couldn’t either. She wanted to make sure that her office didn’t send him an appointment reminder postcard for his next scheduled visit and make the wife sad. But after that, the next day, on the radio, she hear the announcer say the word, ‘Drew’ and she made the connection.

When she was in college, she could guess numbers, even the page of someone’s book they were on, even if it was over one thousand pages in the book.

She knew prices too, both in pesos and in dollars, on the tab before she would look.

I shared with her I’m a psychic, and medium, and this is very normal.

She tried talking about it with her staff, but they got ‘weirded out’.

She’s still not ‘comfortable with it’.

I told her she can always talk with me.


My mom does readings for people!

(I never was sophisticated enough metaphysically to realize when she talks to her guides and writes what they say in answer to her question about someone’s situation is a READING…LOL. Now I know.)

She was concerned about Anthony and his elevated liver enzymes. And my anguish, both over the father and how he treats him, and the trying to get an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist. I looked on Yelp, and frankly, they were all jerks, based on the reviews for specialists in my area.

She told me that Jesus Christ intervened personally so I would not marry Jared; that my life would have been one of torment had I stayed with him. I am a ‘very special soul’ her guides say, and Anthony is going to be okay.  The visits with his father are ‘preparing him for the future’ and ‘his liver is going to be fine’. 

I was like, ‘that about sums it up!’

My mother doesn’t know.

My one sister does, but it’s not made any difference in our relationship, except, now, sometimes to make conversation, she asks me about Ross and our relationship.

Apparently mom has done this for some friends, and even picked up that a woman’s mother was her aunt, due to a teen unwed pregnancy, her married sister raised her as her own. The brother in law–her ‘father’ –was her biological father and had the child with his sister-in-law, but the wife raised her.

It helped her to know that this pattern was from a past life, and that the one who was the biological mother reincarnated into this one just to be nearer to her daughter’s soul this time too.

Back Seat Driver

This morning Ross guided me to lie in the sunshine on my porch swing.

My Higher Self came with him, again, like the last time.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to speak this time. She talked to me, and said my name, but I was quiet and still until Ross told me it was okay to talk.

She asked me what I want today–from Her?  This was the last part but it makes the most sense so I mention it first.  I told her I want flowers, a bouquet.

Originally I had said I want my lessons to stop; I don’t want any more pain.  I asked both Ross and my HS if it is possible to avoid such ‘painful learning technique’ once I am outside of the Illusion?

Ross and she said we are always growing, and there are always lessons to learn…and that it does not go away the lessons, but they change format somewhat.

I wasn’t happy.

She was surprised.

I showed her how being human makes you feel like you are an animal in the circus from the turn of the century, where the trainers use fear and pain to make the animal perform.

She showed me life’s blessings, the freedom of riding a bike, the joy of raising Anthony, and the adventure of travel.

I agreed that the bike is magnificent.

Then I showed her how you fall off the bike when you are learning, and how it can happen any time after you know how to ride too.

I showed her the pain of having to share Anthony back and forth back and forth with every other weekend.

I showed her how in travel, there are airports and delayed flights and all that other annoyance while you are going to places that are new. And how expensive!

I showed her for every blessing there is a slap on the hand, and after a while, you get tired of the pain.

She was in complete and total surprise, for to Her, the lessons are ‘definitely worth it’.

She asked me why I have problems with her?

I said, ‘I am here, I feel the pain, and you can’t or you don’t or you won’t.’ I asked for HER to feel it, just this once, to see my point.

She wouldn’t.

I also told her I feel like it’s hard for me to live my life when there are aspects of us running around all over the place.  I said, ‘who is going to listen to me when there are so many of us out there?’  I said, ‘I don’t understand why as Galactics we have to be in so many different places at once.’

Ross made the connection that to me, my Higher Self feels like a Back Seat Driver, and he understood that’s not good for those of us who are incarnate, especially ion the western world, where our independence and freedom is a most important thing.

Twice in the conversation, he took her aside and explained to the others present my side of things–the Back Seat Driver in particular, and he told me to name this blog post exactly that.

I find I am wanting to know more and more of how I got here in the first place. Why I am incarnate here at this time. I asked Ross the other day, ‘Is this a prison? Did I do something bad?’ and also, ‘Is there a chance something like this can happen to me again?’

He was concerned and told me he would talk to John Smallman about it, and have a message come out.  He too was surprised I would feel this incarnation is punishment, like I am less of a soul because I am incarnate, and subject to the tyranny of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Thoughtful Ross

Ross told me yesterday morning he was going to hold me in his arms all day.

I showed him a thought picture–of us hanging upside down by our feet, being tortured, with me in his arms, and how none of the torture matters because in his arm is the ONLY place I want to be, and even in that situation, to be with him I would be filled with delight!

My work on first call was easy.

I had a nine-o’clock start.

The gastroenterologist agreed to see Anthony. And when I asked him about my insurance, and does he take it, he spoke from his heart, and said, ‘money is not the object; I will take care of your son and I never would charge’.  I wanted to cry right then and there.

(a specialist in Colorado wrote off fifteen THOUSAND dollars the same way, when he was sick and needed treatment.)

I came home and Ross told me to go to a certain store. He had something special there waiting for me.  He told me to go to the back of the store.

It was the wine of Vouvray, the place next to the home of my family, on sale. I bought six bottles.

I felt so loved, because Ross knows how much I miss France. I think of my family every single day…

Then he had me get some Panda Express at the store.  He had me get brown rice and noodles.  I ate the orange chicken and the eggplant tofu first and was full.

He had wanted me to have the brown rice to go with my curry dish he helped me to cook on Friday night!

I had the noodles this morning for breakfast too, the chow mien.

I am overwhelmed with how thoughtful he is…so very appreciative, both in his loving kindness, and also, as our relationship deepens to a bond that is truly a delight to my soul.


Carla is adjusting to life in the Higher Dimensions.

She is opening adequately not just to me, but to her Higher Self.

Carla does not hold anything back; she is highly respected for this both in our relationship, and as her Higher Self.

The Incarnate Carla is a little bit more forthright, and a little ‘rough around the edges’, but Carla has her say.

And Carla is teaching us things that are useful to where we are, with most of those who are incarnate taking the steps to accept their spiritual gifts, like her friend and her mother, and to open up to who they are in their hearts.

I have an announcement to make. I make it on behalf of Carla who right now totally forgot it.

As she was waking up, this morning, Carla heard a message coming out from her heart, it was in her own voice, but she wasn’t consciously speaking it. It just ‘happened’:

Divine Father was there with her, very excited, and smiling.
Next she heard, there was this tone, very loud, and steady, in the note of: the F below middle C
Carla saw people wincing and covering their ears to the sound, and then, as if something invisible ‘popped’, they were okay, alert, and their true angelic selves again.  It was as if they had woken up from a trance, from being hypnotized.
One by one, one after another, with the same things.
Divine Father smiled and gave Carla a high five right then and there.  He embraced her. Then she went to Divine Mother, who smiled and gave her a hug too.
What is this?
What is this that happened with Carla?
(puts his fingers to his lips, to say, ‘Shhhhh’–ed)  I am not saying.
It’s not a secret.
It’s a SURPRISE that all of you are going to like very much!
(he has a huge, warm, loving smile on his face- and waves goodbye-ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins