New Perspectives — Gaia News Brief 31 August 2015 by Reiki Doc

Finding Words

I feel different.

I am back from a trip, a vacation, with my boy, and my perspective is, well, for lack of a better word…different.

Some things that used to affect me emotionally now, do not, and I am detached in a higher dimensional way.

This funny kind of detachment I had once observed in my friend who lives in Hawaii, Hope Johnson. I used to wonder how things didn’t seem to upset her or ‘get to her’…Hope actively works her own spiritual life.

As a matter of fact, her detachment used to annoy me, and I wanted her to ‘be more like me’–when I first encountered it. There was a lot of self-talk on my part, like, ‘how COULD she?!’ (be like that).

So here we are back at home, and here are some of the items that have me, as an outside observer of myself–which I do ALWAYS and always have–and sort of scratching my head:

  • The loss of Dr. Wayne Dyer didn’t leave a blip on me, emotionally. There is NO reaction. I don’t know if he is connected to me or not, I enjoyed his books and they helped me. But I am not sad in any way. It just IS. I am thankful for his work. When Elvis died–even though I wasn’t particularly fond of him as a child–everyone FELT IT in their gut. I couldn’t miss it, I felt it too. So with Dr. Wayne, my reaction is more like, ‘wow, way to go!’ and joyfulness for his being done with his assignment and having done such a good job.
  • Sea Shepard posted a ‘horrors continue’ image and call to action with Taiji and Faroe carnage on it.  I felt love for the dolphins and pilot whales, but also a sense NOT to share both the images and the ‘us versus them’ mentality of Paul Watson. I did this because his type of thinking only perpetuates the condition.  LOVE, sent to the area, and to the cetaceans, and mostly to the people will have an effect. I admire and support the work of Paul Watson, but for this time, today, I just had to say ‘no’.
  • Anthony read me the riot act last night. He says his whole life is affected because I am on the computer all the time, and he has to entertain himself and not act bored.  I didn’t take it personal. I reframed it for him three ways–it’s my ‘thing’ just like your ‘thing’ with your shamanic activity in Victoria was ‘yours’ and I didn’t question it.   I said, ‘this is what I would like to do just in case medicine has a sudden change like it did for me five years ago in my career. With this I get sleep and better hours, your know?’  And also I said, simply, ‘You have many toys and can develop your own interests.’  I could see he wanted to enjoy his own ‘pity party’ and didn’t get sucked in; I saw things from a different perspective, and I let go of the outcome of our conversation with love.
  • I find myself giving more ‘weight’ to my own intuition and guidance, and ‘less weight’ to things I find online. Even this morning, after several ‘missed episodes’ of a source I used to enjoy, Magenta Pixie, I started to listen to one–and had to stop in the middle. The notion of babies being born, females, on this years Lion’s Gate, with merkabas intact just sounded ‘off’. I can’t put my finger on it, but I saw LOTS of these babies being born when I worked OB, both boys and girls.  I think another, deeper reason to turn it off is that it means waiting another generation to Go Home–as these children grow up.  I’m just too tired of this journey to hunker down and have to wait this long in 3D for that.
  • I am becoming a boundary setter with no apologies or lengthy explanations.  Through this detachment, I have been able to direct others with their requests of my personal time very much like my teacher Anne does. This is something new for me, being able to work with people enough to realize how some requests are not going to help me be able to be there for the majority of the readers who count on me. So I explained I am not a counselor, nor do I do personal counseling over the internet.  I am not an online psychic.  I send you love, and wish you well, please let me know how you do…and I mean it.  This is a very good sign of healing and Ascension progress in a ‘codependent trained’ adult child of an alcoholic/addictive personality parent–a condition I have struggled with my whole life, and am making headway in being able to enjoy my own life.
What is new is a commitment to making our mornings count, with more time for the family. I will sign off earlier, to make breakfast, and pack lunches, and not be in a rush. Soon I must go.
Another new thing is my own health, with my physical body, and seeking more movement daily.  I feel better and sleep better with it.
The last thing is to just relax about the stuff I must do while I am in 3D–the cleaning, the bills, the laundry, the chores and the appointments.  I find the less energy I expend in my emotional response to it, the less it will impact my daily life. I will do what needs to get done, and not give it any more of my energy.
This is from Carla’s last dinner with Anthony in old Victoria. It is a view of the harbor. It is from the SAME exact place where Carla met with the cruelty of the lobsters, and was aghast at how low in vibration our son is.
Carla went back.
Carla found a love in her heart for the waiter, who explained with great interest about the lobster promotion, and how they ‘cook it fresh’ right there.  Carla SAW and SENSED he ‘meant well’ and had no IDEA of the cruelty he was promoting in his work.
Carla let it go.
Carla let it go as the ‘delicacy’ he wanted to share with her.
And when Carla placed her order, she politely demurred, ‘I am sort of allergic to lobster’…
In saying THIS Carla won the contest of ‘interaction’ by bringing the lower consciousness person on HER side in a non-confrontational way, with ‘no skin off her back’, so to speak.
Our boy, our son, the one who I gave to her through spirit as she was ‘quite advanced maternal age’ at the time of his conception–ALSO got a healthy dose of ‘non-resistance’ from Carla’s part on the meat.
Carla ordered the smallest steak they had in the ‘special’ where you get one side dish and a salad to go with it.
Carla shared her salad with Anthony, who ‘didn’t like it’.  Carla ate her mushrooms and vegetables with delight!
Carla picked at her meat, while appearing to enjoy it.
When Anthony cut his meat (he’s not the best at it), and pieces went flying under the table, Carla offered him big slices of her own.
The bulk of the steak was eaten by the seagulls when Carla fed them the next day.
But ANTHONY was happy that his mom didn’t oppose him in his ways, in his desire for meat–for beef.
Instead, Carla recalled a time when she was in junior high, and enjoyed the roast so much that she kept going back for seconds and ended up eating everything that was left behind from her family–after they had their fill.  Carla remembered the hunger in her growth spurt, and was glad it was behind her.
It is the NON VERBAL and NON CONFRONTATION interaction with detachment that is the key for all Lightworkers to advance in their assignments.
This is how I get a ‘win-win’.
It is getting late and Carla must go. I wanted to ‘benchmark’ this aspect of progress for you.
And I don’t like the new Magenta Pixie much either. There is so much ‘nuance’ to the whole Ascension thing. Always know it is a ‘snapshot’ from ANY person who makes or posts anything ‘from the Light’. Once you get ‘good’ at it, you can see by the whole package what is working for them, where they are coming from, or ‘how they are working their program’ in an Ascension sort of way.
Dr. Wayne Dyer is right here with me. I will allow him a few words, for his followers, who miss him:
Hello everyone! I am FINE! I am HAPPY to be on my new adventure.  (he holds Ross’ right hand up with his left, as a sign of mutual combined victory–ed)  I have my HAIR! (he laughs–ed) If I really want it. But no matter what I will always look the same for you, when you try to reach me, to connect.
I have no boundaries now! I am fully accessible and I am FREE–there is no money to pay or book to buy to work with me now.
I like it better this way.
So, come to me, as you would an old friend.  One who is on the other side, but a friend just the same. Just ask for Wayne, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and everyone will route you my way.  I can handle it.
My love for you is even more than I ever thought could be possible in my incarnate state.
I really ENJOY it, being where I am now.
Your life down where you are is NOT vacation! It is no picnic. But it will be worth it when you arise and awaken, whether it is through Transition like me, or incarnate like you are in the process.
EVEN WHAT SUCKS!  (Ross laughs at this openness and honesty, with appreciation for Wayne’s personality and Light–ed)
I have to go and I want everyone to know–be more like me–be more loving–hold less grudges–and honor yourselves every single day with some movement and exercise and also loving meditation with yourself.
It is a long haul, while you are down there, so pace yourselves!
All my love, Dr. Wayne Dyer.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
with a little help from our friend who has just transitioned, Dr. Wayne himself
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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