Gaia News Brief 4 September 2015 by Reiki Doc


Last night as I was falling asleep, I asked Ross a question from my heart–What is Love like, when you are Ascended?  Are there many different ways to show your Love to your significant other?  Does it feel the same as it does here, a warmth and happiness when you are with your Beloved that you feel in your chest?  Is what we feel here like what you feel up there when you are fully Conscious?  How much more have I to learn, and will it take a lot of time and effort for me to learn it?

He said that is the topic of being Incarnate–Learning To Love, Learning ABOUT Love, and all its Many Ways.

I was shocked!

In medicine I have seen everything…it takes a LOT to surprise me.

Yet it did…

I was like, ‘You mean I am HERE for the very thing I am asking about? That’s the whole POINT???”

He smiled and said, ‘Yes!’ and ‘Didn’t you know?’

Well of COURSE I didn’t know! Why would I be asking the questions? LOL LOL LOL

So the secret is out!

All of our Life Lessons are meant to teach us and help us discover something more and very valuable as a soul…about LOVE.

Love and Gratitude

My patients are extremely high vibration lately.  I know because the one I met in the ER, compared to the ones out in the hall who were cursing and attacking verbally some woman who bumped into them while walking by like the high drama Maury Povich or Gerry Springer shows…were like a ‘what???’ to me…and MY patient was like, ‘I am trying to ignore them…’, totally classy, and super nice.

All of them LOVE me.

I mean, really, really know and appreciate my skills and what I do for them. The SURGEON even tells them, when I am outside of earshot but can hear, ‘You are really lucky to get her, she is very good.’

One patient who owns an ice cream store near the hospital, had been on my mind. He came back for a re-do, with a ‘radical excision’ on the schedule. I was super worried, and asked for his room, but didn’t get the case.

I bumped into him twice in pre-op (not literally) and he was very happy to see me. He had hoped I’d do his anesthesia for him again.

He asked if I got the ice cream last time?


The next day he had brought ice cream for everyone in the O.R.

That’s my kind of patient!

The Traveler

Yesterday was not a good day for me in the O.R.  I had trouble with an LMA that didn’t fit–there was a huge leak after I inserted it.

So I took it out and put a cheaper brand in, one that is more flexible.

Same thing.

I had called for emergency video intubating equipment to the room as the first one didn’t fit, the second looked like it was working, so I sent it out of the room.

But it too didn’t fit after several minutes.

So I switched over and intubated the patient after I called the equipment back in.

I was calm, kept the patient’s oxygen levels up, and also told the surgeon ‘I am not happy because of the RUSH–I did not have time to properly evaluate my patient’.

This patient had been in a hurry too, and not interested in talking of participating much more than the bare minimum for the pre-op examination I do.  This one had rushed me too.

It felt like a ‘flail’ to me–what we call it when medically things are not smooth and straightforward…but the traveler nurse said, ‘Wow! I am in awe of your skills! you were so calm and cool. Most anesthesiologists would have messed that one up.’

Later, I had a geriatric patient who was very sick with poor i.v. access. I needed to do the whole thing, the full court press, of invasive monitoring.  I did the cardiac output arterial line, and a central line.  Even our technician stayed late to watch because he ‘never sees central lines’ and ‘its only the second time he’s used the Vigil monitor’.

Afterwards, the same nurse again was surprised at my skills…how easily I put in all the lines…

My training for cardiac anesthesia still works, and it shows…

It felt nice in so many ways to be acknowledged for my training, my skills, in the O.R.

For those who call me ‘woo’, too ‘esoteric’ to ‘have my feet on the ground’, I can say, ‘Look, I know my shit and I do it well when I am at work in the O.R.  I do that too.  And make it look easy <3’


There are great advances in the truth!

And actual signs of Peace on Earth!
So take that in your pipe and smoke it! (he says that with a warm, beautiful, loving smile–ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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