Yesterday Once More — Gaia News Brief 6 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

Blanc de Hotot
I think I manifested a bunny rabbit into my home!
Isabel Henn got a beautiful rescue bunny, Akiko, a week or two ago. It was ADORABLE. And this Wednesday, when I took my boy with me to the pet store (usually he sits in the car when I get the snake Mice), he admired the beautiful bunny on the display that said it was ‘sold’.
I didn’t think twice about it.
Yesterday I went to buy more mice because he has been very hungry, and there was a DIFFERENT rabbit on the display. It was all white except for a little black around the eyes. I had never seen anything like it. I asked what it was? I was told, ‘it’s a long ear, and it’s free’.
The people who bought the sold rabbit took it home, and there were ‘problems with dominance’ in the home, and they gave this one to be donated ‘to a good home’. She has been spayed and is eight months old.
I had to do a lot of soul searching.  Just earlier I had seen the pieces of the small animal cage I had bought on Amazon for the rats when I was into them–Mama Rat, you may recall–and the bar spacing was too wide to use. I had never assembled it.  I had looked into perhaps a guinea pig…
So, everything in the universe pulled together, and now, without Anthony–who adores all rabbits–knowing, we have her downstairs very content. How do I know? When I took her home I HEARD her say, ‘Now my nightmare is OVER!’.
Last night I took Harry Bird out. He is cockatoo, and also all white. I introduced them, and explained he is the source of the noise, then I sat with Harry just within view and petted him and watched him clean his feathers.
We have a small enclosed space outdoors. I hope to prepare it for her to enjoy whenever she wishes. She will later once she gets used to us be a companion for Harry too.
I can’t wait to see Anthony’s excitement when he discovers his own pet.
(they are used for meat…this is why I think this one was sent to me…to be our pet.)

Would You Walk Into A Teleporter?

I woke up to this question.  I was in a tall white room, with lots of columns, six on each side, tall tall way over my head, with no ceiling.

I said I would go if I knew it was okay, and where I was going.

Then the vision went away.

I thought of the verse where two farmers were in the field, one was taken, one was left, because of The Rapture–I saw a movie about it once–I wonder if it was through teleportation that they ‘left’?


This is my favorite crystal shop. I went there day before yesterday, and bought some things. Ross showed me this book:  PDF version of first volume

I wasn’t sure to buy it, but it has stuff about our days together in India, so I will skim through it and check it out.

I also bought amazing stones, that once put together have amazing energy–a Lemurian sphere, a large Herkimer diamond, and a large chunk with garnet crystals on it.  Ross suggested the garnet, and together the three? WOW!

I came back yesterday for a tektite, Libyan Desert Glass.

It turns out there were two screw ups to be fixed in the transaction. The worker gave me a ‘ridiculous amount of money’ onto the rewards card–three hundred fifty dollars–that needed to be taken off. She had me on the line with Brandon, the owner.  He wanted to take off the other amount almost that much on it, and he was asking questions like, ‘do you really spend that much money to earn that at five percent?’

I do.

But I’m not sure I want to go back.

Part of me got angry, and irritated. Here he is, with his shop being my favorite. I buy things and ship them to Germany and the states, expensive things. Once who I am is widely known, he has an ‘in’ that EVERYONE will want to go and visit his store.

Yet for him the Veil persists!  And he treats me like a commodity, a customer who is a threat to his business!

I came clean too, with Natasha.  I had tried on a Himalayan ring, of wire, for ten dollars, and totally forgot to take it off at the register. I didn’t want to drop it.  So after I bought two pieces of Libyan gold desert glass (one for me, one for Isabel) Science of Desert Glass–read the comments and a red amethyst (also a gift, and very rare)…I paid the ten dollars.

The whole time a statue of Ross was looking overhead, he had my back.

There is nothing anyone can say about me.

And last night Ross promised to go to Brandon in a dream, explain who I am to him, and to request him to treat me with kindness until I go Home.

Me Time

Although Ross and I had an enjoyable date together, and we grow very close all the time–last night I asked him things like, ‘is it like this up there? is it like that?’–I got to see a very CLEAR flash of his face for a nanosecond.  It was vivid and bright.

I also, this morning, got to experience, with Ross guiding me, being in two places at the same time.  I was in bed, talking with Ross, and yet I was ALSO in OUR bed back home, WITH Ross.

He explained the breathing is the same. Every breath here matches one there.

I made him laugh! I asked ‘do I have enough brain to keep all this straight? Or is it the Consciousness? HOW does a Consciousness REMEMBER things?!’

He said don’t worry, and was very amused at my questioning.

My Higher Self this morning, much later, said she is very proud of me, and most of her is in me now all the time, in this body, here, incarnate.

Anyhow, my ‘me’ time Ross so generously gave me yesterday, was really, killing a large colony of black widows by the window in Harry’s room (the egg sac hatched, unfortunately), tending to the new member of the family the Blanc de Hotot, and spending some really enjoyable time on FaceTime, Skype, and the phone with my Star Family.

I also went out to our local Mexican place too, and had a 1800 Rosarita Margarita. It was REALLY good. I had the rice and the beans and went to bed most content.

Yesterday Today

I woke up looking forward to a nice cup of coffee, French bread, jam, and relaxing.

Then Anthony called and asked me to bring his extra mitt to his dads.

I drank a powdered liquid breakfast drink, and then later, because I was in such a hurry, only at a small chunk of bread and half an apple (I cut the other half to welcome her to our home).

So this morning, I get to enjoy yesterday.


Who knows?


I want my Carla to be happy, just like this. I want her to relax and to enjoy the time she has on Earth.

There are many things down the road for us.

But today, while she is here, I wish for her to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the garden…things she doesn’t get during the time she is in the O.R.

These things are most good for her, delightful!

Try to do something ‘Just For Today’ you hardly ever get and really gives you joy, even if it is just a walk in the part for some fresh air and sunshine.

That is my wish for you.

Thank you for being here with us.

I really enjoy talking with you.

And also with Brandon Camacho! (he pretends to be a big strong thug trying to defend his wife, and I laugh at his joke–my gangsta husband! — ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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