Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – First or second incarnation

The silverplatinum flame

5. First or second incarnation

DM: It is now time to explain the concept of first and second incarnation. Many people don’t cover pic bookknow the differences. It is even for you a bit confusing yet.

Only Creator Gods and Archangels can have first and second incarnations. Angels can have one incarnation on earth or another planet or star. You know that one of your daughters is an Angel and has simultaneous an incarnation on Sirius too. But Angels can’t have a second incarnation.

To have a first incarnation means that per example Archangel (AA –ed.) Raphael created a second body that is a vessel for his soul too, additionally to his own body as Raphael. This is SaLuSa who has the consciousness of Raphael but leads an independent life with his own experiences.

A second incarnation has his or her own soul. A second incarnation is a different being than the…

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