Exodus — Gaia News Brief 11 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

Leaving What Is Old Behind

Spirit and my life is MOVING rapidly forward!

  • There is no way to cancel a newspaper subscription online. When you call, they try to talk you into going to weekends only; they practically beg. So I thought to myself, ‘money talks!’  I got a call on the phone for my balance due. It cost me thirty-one dollars to be free–because the ONLY way to get their attention is to not pay my bill. Now I’m free!
  • I feel spirit is rapidly pushing me ‘forward’ into ‘the void’ of ‘what’s next’.  I am making connections for spirit-based opportunity and projects (no compensation yet! lol) and the ‘old’, my part-time work as an anesthesiologist–is rapidly slipping away. I read the body language two months ago–administration is done with our group. In a way, so am I. Instead of pulling together and solving the problem, people are bickering over units (payable billing units) and cases and who gets how many calls. I’ve watched the front line on one of the two areas of controversy with our last ‘formal’ inspection–the post-anesthesia evaluation note. But the unlabeled syringes, and the open carts are way over my head. There is an emergency meeting at six am tomorrow, because the CEO has given the ultimate last warning to my boss today over the phone–not even in person!  It is what it is…and I trust in Ross and my teams.
  • Ross warned me of this in Victoria–‘life is unpredictable–I want you to have fun as if it was the last time you are there’.  So even if there is no more jet-setting in my future, I am okay with whatever happens, because after all, what else can I do?
  • I am okay with letting people know who I am now. I don’t try to hide it as much as I once did in the past. It feels so much better to be resonant in my true being.  I realize that comes first, and everything else is, well, you do the best you can…
Mainstream Medicine, State Of The Art
Case is scheduled for mid-morning.
Similar case is scheduled near same time.
There is only one tray of instruments. It must be cleaned, and one case must delay.
The clinical coordinator covers for her surgeon, and tells mine there is a delay one hour.
He couldn’t even understand her on the phone, her accent was so thick.
So he was ready, patient was ready, anesthesia was ready, and we had rights to the instruments first.
There was no communication from the surgeon or the clinical coordinator of the one hour delay. Patient, nurse, surgical technician and anesthesia waited for one hour.
Surgeon arrives, instruments are ready, patient goes to room after delays for consent change to include certain thing (non-native English speaking nurse couldn’t understand surgeon, and he had to spell the word for the procedure to add)…
Patient is in room, all is ready for surgery, and surgeon disappears for about thirty minutes.
Uneventful case.
Good recovery.
All is well that ends well…except my delay of two hours to get home due to the unpaid delays before the case.
The Parties
There is a tendency for people to invite a doctor to a wedding, baptism or other thing because of the perception that doctors will bring a ‘nice gift’.
I always thought people liked me, and I was generous.
But with my 5D ‘radar’ up, I could tell the couple did a website to pay for the honeymoon, and there was hope I would help ‘the goal be met’.
It made me sad.
Another couple is having a destination wedding. Their registry item was half off, so I bought it.
We have a retirement coming up too.
I notice my ‘social calendar’ is filling up–usually there is nothing happening.
So I asked spirit, ‘is this what I think it is?’
Yes. I am being prepared for that type of social interaction and schedule…I’m not imagining it.
The Rabbit
Anthony is delighted with his new pet. She seems to be very fond of him too.
Everyone needs something to love.
It is most healing…
Chez Mimi
Ross bought us dinner tonight. He told us where to go, and what to buy. I had a French Onion Soup in a cup, and was delighted! He told me I needed the salt. It is so warm here, I am sweating all the time until my air conditioner gets fixed.
I really loved being in a French place.  Especially the one where Anthony had his baptism party ten years ago.
Walking by the room, I could still see the event, and the people, in my mind’s eye.
I am starting to appreciate more how time IS, and we might skip around, from one event to the next, but the happiness and the energies are like an old vinyl record–always there–once they are experienced…with love.
Carla has a hard day tomorrow. A really hard day. I am with her.
It will be hard in everything–the duration, the unpredictability, and the stamina.
Carla has to leave the house at four a.m. to make it to work on time, for where she is headed. It’s a long story.
I want you to know I am with her.
Please keep my beloved in your heart once the curtain comes down on her work situation.
There is no magic in a miracle, only lots and lots of hard work from everyone involved, on both sides, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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