A Message From Divine Mother Saturday, September 12, 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Beloved Children,

I come to you with Confidence, and Light. For I AM a Mother of Confidence! And I have every confidence in you, and all your gifts.

We in the Higher Realms have been watching for some time, assisting as a gift, in your own Ascension.

I was ‘Assumed’ at one time, and I assure you it wasn’t scary or frightening.

It wasn’t like the art you see, where I am on a cloud surrounded by a host of my angels!

What is correct is that an overwhelming ‘Light Beam’ of love energy filled my soul to the very limits that my soul could relax to hold this Divine Love.

I and my Son became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

I and Joseph became One, for my dear husband who had passed in the night of the Illusion, was alive and well in the Higher Dimensions.  I too was filled with both joy and delight for setting eyes on the man who was both my partner and friend while I was incarnate, and helped me with Jesus.

At first glance, Joseph and I became One.

One Heart, one soul, one Family.

Divine Father and I always have been One, only this time, while I had been incarnate, I didn’t know it, because of the veil which had covered my eyes and my thoughts and my belief about who I am and what is what.

For I ALWAYS have been close in the Heart with Divine Father. I worship Him. I Love Him like a friend and a partner in my Life.

Little did I realize that I am just as One with Him as I am with Jesus my much beloved Son, and Joseph my adored husband and friend…

Once that veil lifts, there is no doubt of anything or anyone in your mind! In your Heart! In the very fabric of your being–for all that is Love is exactly who you are!!

One Heart!

One Being!

One Family!

So even though you are ‘cousins’ in the flesh, while you are both incarnate, there might be another relationship from which you are hidden–perhaps brothers and sisters from where we are, in the Higher Realms, where all is eternal bliss!

Some of you might talk with us, myself and all my ‘compatriots’ (she rubs her son’s back and he smiles truly enjoying her presence–ed), such as Carla is doing right now for all of humanity…

For those of you who do receive our ‘messages of the heart’–I want you to take that feeling of connection, unconditional Love and Acceptance, and magnify it. (She shows a picture of someone turning a volume dial all the way UP–ed)

That is what you shall feel when all of you Ascend…each one at their own time…like a popcorn kernel.  No one knows exactly when an individual popcorn kernel will pop, although there is a very likely probability when there is a heat source and the oil in which the kernel is immersed is sizzling, is there not?

Once you have experienced the feelings of Ascension, you will feel all the gifts of the Spirit: peace, love, joy and fellowship. You will also experience the gifts of the Heart:  intuition that is working and unhindered by the powers that were, the beings who have been once called Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Look at Carla.

Our Little One, for she is my Daughter of the flesh when I was incarnate–in a manner of speaking–for both her and I were close and technically family (she kisses me and smiles–ed), for Carla it is not enough to simply experience the growth Ascension does bring!  For Carla has to Write!

To Write Write Write!  It also opens and relaxes her, it is like a form of meditation which is her ‘calling’ as you say while you are on Earth.  As you will see when you click here this is the twenty-ninth message for the world and all of humanity, that Carla has been the scribe for me. And there are eleven powerful messages I that have been given to Carla personally, for her own growth, which I have given permission to share with this group.

Carla is most happy and delighted to do this –what you call ‘service’–to us, both because of her Love for myself and Divine Father and all of our Family who is ‘in the sky’ (she smiles–ed), and because of the feeling that is in her heart when she writes it. It is the vastness like the ocean, spreading out so far and Carla from where she is, is just at the very edge, the ‘waves’ of it lapping at her feet at the ‘shore’…for this comforts her and gives her a sense of accomplishment like there is no other…

It is angelic, what Carla does, to serve me, in my heart, in order to get our message out to you.

She does this without pay, without money, and without sleep, or the family time that could go together with it.

Carla gives from her heart, from her soul, in order to make life better for (extends her arms to show a big area–ed) all of us! Both of us up here as well as where you are (it is not ‘down’ by any stretch of the imagination, for we are One, although of different vibrational frequencies, she adds).

So you are capable of both giving and receiving of Love with your own gift…your own Purpose.

And when you are doing that which you are sent to do, you shall be overwhelmed–in time–with a sense of well-being, and rest.

It shall be a delight!!!

So, from ‘all of us’ who are your family where I happen to be at the moment, to ‘all of you’ who are exactly where you  are, at the right time, at the right place, for the right purpose…our blessings and our prayers for your success in your Life Purpose are assured!!!

We shall be sending them to you today, through the portal of our Hearts, which is never ending and ALWAYS open…no matter where you are. ❤

That is my gift to you for this Saturday, September 12, 2015

All my love,

The Mother who is of Love and known for it throughout the Galaxy, who also loves YOUR HEART very much, as if it were my own children, which you most definitely are in Spirit, when it comes to me.

Mother Mary of the Heart and of All Time and All There Is.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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