Return to Heart — Gaia News Brief 12 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Blessing In Disguise

There is much activity, and possibility for stress in my life, at the moment. I have at least two hours of studying for my ACLS and PALS renewal tomorrow.  There also is a wedding later to attend.

I have driven to my mom’s house today twice from my own, more than doubling my commute–to do with child care.

At work there is a maelstrom of malcontent on both sides…administration is angry and upset our colleagues do not always lock their carts and keep track of their powerful medicines in syringes.  (I’ve known most anesthesiologists and surgeons are messy–I’ve shared many a call room with them!)

As the energies were working on me so much today, I had a thought-picture that I was in a large grey whirlpool, kind of like one would see in an old-fashioned washing machine, chest deep in grey water with bubbles, and agitating back and forth with the rest of the water. The walls of water were way higher than the top of my head, sticking to the sides of the ‘vessel’ like a whirlpool. From this ridiculous position, I said, ‘I LOVE you!’ to all my guides, angels, and deceased loved ones.

I said, ‘I KNOW this is Illusion, and it can’t hurt me! So from here in this powerful whirlpool, I send up to you my Love.’

Because my air conditioning broke, Anthony is sleeping at my mother’s house, and I am here, to tend to the pets, and study.

Nothing To Prove

She’s at it again. With description of bouquets and channeling on Grace and Purity, or something like that.

(I tap my chest–right in the center, thump thump–with my fingers over my sternum)

Here it is.

If you like it, that’s nice. And if you don’t, I still love you too.

It doesn’t matter to me what anyone interprets of my messages, or theirs.

The energies are wonderful right now on Gaia, and everything is right, I love it.

And with all this love, I don’t even have a desire to say anything like ‘bite me’ any more.

It is what it is.

I am who I am.

I am okay with it.

The rest is up to you ❤

Just For Today

  • I aced a gnarly interscalene block.
  • I survived a computer malfunction mid-case that erased all of my data (I had to call in help who called THEIR backup!)
  • I took care of an extremely complex patient with ease.
  • Another case that was like ‘walking a tightrope’ for me went off exceedingly well.
  • I had a heart to heart with a charge nurse on what is happening to our group.
I see now more than ever, Love is the Solution for Everything…
Now my ‘study break’ is over. Before writing this, I read:
I had to go ‘into my center’ before I could do ANYTHING…now to my many tasks, my taking care of pets, and my studying…
One last thing!
Ross? Do you have anything to say?
(he nods no and shakes his hand/waves it to say not now)
Ross:  in a little bit. Carla has got her duties…and also did not get much rest. Anthony woke up two times last night because of the heat…
I love you.
We love you…so very much.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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