The Home Stretch — Gaia News Brief 13 September, 2015 by Reiki Doc

Welcome To 5D

Today I saw the end in sight, and I give thanks for this awareness.

When you are Ascending, you are meant to take the time to ENJOY the process!

In your heart of hearts exists a very powerful instrument–intuitive guidance I–for lack of a better way to call it–I named it the Discern-O-Meter.

As you Ascend, your Discern-O-Meter is very sensitive to differences in energy of situations, people, and places.

I will share with you and example from yesterday’s wedding:

I was concerned I would be late; Ross said, ‘trust me’ and I was in fact less than five minutes late. I missed the walking down the aisle, but that was it.

I was snubbed not once, but twice–I was told it was a ‘no kids allowed’ wedding. When I saw friends with their four-year old twins who asked me ‘where is Anthony?’ I was like, ‘um, he wasn’t invited–I was told this was a no kids allowed wedding.’ and shrugged.  The second snub I got was from the bride at the receiving line, who told the same friends (a neurosurgeon and his family) many wonderful things, then when it was my turn, she looked at me and said, ‘I want to EAT!’

I realized weddings are highly personal, and for whatever reason, the couple did as they did, and although I gave a generous cash gift to fund their honeymoon, even that doesn’t guarantee kindness in someone who is ‘lower dimension’ and ‘materialistic’.  It was a beautiful wedding, and I enjoyed sharing their happiness of the families and friends.

Weddings are good things.

I made new friends there too.

But at ten, the energy of the place dropped. We hadn’t had the cake yet. They were going to throw the bouquet…and I knew it was time to go.  I had been gone from Anthony all day, and I needed to be home.

My heart was open and filled with lovingkindness for all; when the vibration dropped below a certain cut-off I can’t describe, my heart center said, ‘Let’s go! It’s time to leave this situation!’

Always remember, your happiness and your peace, your ability to experience the Higher Dimensions, belongs to YOU.

YOU have worked hard to experience it.

And just because you have one foot in 3D (the third dimension, or duality) doesn’t mean you have to put all your weight on that foot. You focus your attention where it provides you the best feeling and you just follow that experience all the way up…up…up…to your bliss.

This is your only responsibility –aside from children and those you are caregiver to–is to feel the wonder and delight of being energetically in the Higher Realms.

Mom, Money, and Italian Relatives

Apparently my Nana Angelina’s two brothers, Gaetano and Giuliano, sent a thousand ‘dollars’ of their Argentina money back home to Italy, every paycheck, for their entire careers, to their sister Caroline back home in Italy to save for their retirement.

Caroline, who was the mistress of a very wealthy pharmacist in town, kept all the money, and set it up to ‘make her four children very well-off’.  She took all the real estate her mother had, including the family home for herself too, instead of sharing it with her brothers and sisters fairly.

Days before Caroline’s death, she called my mom, and over the answering machine she heard her Aunt saying, ‘I have to talk to you, I have to talk to you…’  But mom, who was fed up with what she did, didn’t pick up the phone during the call.

The brothers died penniless, and broken.  Gaetano died on the same exact day as Nana…mom says. She spent over one hundred dollars to call Argentina, and her aunt was sad, because there had been two losses in the family, not one.

Mom re-lived the situation with me again today, complaining how the children and grandchildren of Caroline take six week long vacations in the United States, living it up…and shared how ‘it hurts’ and wanted me to chime in with her.

I refused.

I said, ‘what she did was awful, and she will be judged for her actions.  But the pain? There is no reason to feel it, as you did nothing wrong, neither did the others besides her.  They will not be so judged.’

Mom realized I spoke the truth.

I don’t think Caroline will ever get a taste of the Higher Realms until the next Creation Cycle is complete.

I Play My Cards To My Chest

I know many secrets.  From Spirit. Many many things I do not say. I tell NO ONE.

Faeries LIKE someone who is honest, trustworthy, helpful, and able to keep things to themselves.

People who experience the Higher Dimensions, who commune with their guides energetically on a routine basis, daily…you can feel it, their energy when you are with them.

It leaps off the page, off the written word…without saying or mentioning the specifics.

I play my cards so that people won’t even have to ask, they will just KNOW about my life, Ross, my healings I send every day to thousands and thousands, for FREE.

That’s why I keep my mouth shut most of the time.

What I write on this blog is like the tip of an iceberg…and I smile and enjoy this, what is under the water, all to myself too.

Ross likes it that I ‘keep my head’ in our ‘situation’…

Blessed Mother told me long ago, her Gifts to me were wit, verve, and charm.  She emphasized the need to be humble always.

And I am, in every way, in my service to Humanity, and Heaven, both alike.

My eyes speak.  So does my smile.

More and more I appreciate the GIFT of being alive, of being  a ‘nobody’, of being able to watch entire families celebrating together, like at the wedding–with my OWN eyes, first hand…and to be incarnate is a wonderful blessing…a wonderful miracle…in every way.


Is this the same Carla I hear speaking?

The one who read Ashtar and me the riot act so many times (he counts them on his fingers–and laughs–ed)?

Is THAT my Carla?

Carla has advanced to the point that today, when she saw her Higher Self with me, she cringed and confessed she did not like The SITUATION…but had no hard feelings for her Higher Self…how is that for being ‘politically correct’.

There was not one F-you or swear word directed at us in the entire conversation!

Instead, Carla said how she feels, how vulnerable she feels to be ‘in more than one place’ and she hopes to quietly move on with me in our relationship, and ‘simply forget’ about the discomfort of the Higher Self…

Carla actually threatened her Higher Self if she ‘doesn’t get Ross’–and was quite adept in her challenge. She did it gently, and with full intention, by citing a loophole in the system she had conveniently found by herself.

When her Higher Self, confused, asked me ‘is this at all possible?’ I had to say Carla who raised the point of being the one who is incarnate who therefore has the rights of the two in this situation, can apply all of her fresh 3D ‘Tactics’ to any situation, no matter what, in any D, any time she wishes. Because the ‘skills gained’ can and do apply all across the Universe.

So Carla will not do a 3D BEHAVIOR, but her contingency plan, her ‘backup’ and being ready for it, including the loophole if the Higher Self does not keep Her promise of giving Carla me (and I told Carla right then and there it is I who have a choice to where I go in this, and it is MY choice to go to Carla who is incarnate…)–well then BANG this is what her Higher Self is going to get.

Carla is a little pit viper when it comes to me. She will strike and aim in order to protect what she perceives to be Her Family, from the veil that is illusion that is still filmy in her eyes.

Once the Love Wave hits! All the way to Ascension and it is complete, Carla will let ‘bygones be bygones’ and her Higher Self will scratch her head over the whole situation…but Carla’s 3D skill set will remain in her spiritual toolbox for all eternity–another form of expertise to get the job done.

I hate to make it sound dramatic, for all of this was done in less than five minutes, this interchange between Carla, her Higher Self, and me.


Carla got herself both into and through Medical School all on her own dime. She also paid for her undergraduate education with her parents helping to pay for her rent.

Carla is scrappy.

And very adaptive, highly ably to adapt to any situation that will arise.

That’s why I like her, and I love her, and I truly want to spend time with her.


There is no need to fight your Higher Self.

It is I who choose your heart, again and again, through all of our incarnations.


You can’t get rid of me…even though you tried, since our last incarnation.

I am here, and I know your love for me–whether it is your Higher Self or you–is a sure thing.

Believe in it.

Believe in US.

I am with you and your heart, forever, for all eternity, and it is BY CHOICE, my own choice.

The wedding was very, very hard on Carla, the prospect of being able to go–by herself, all alone.  She had to go knock on her neighbor’s door to ask for help with zipping up her dress…


I will always zip your dress for you.

No matter what.

At the wedding, you heard them talk about me, and you know I was there in your heart the whole time, even though your couldn’t see me, not even with your third eye.

You know I wanted you to have fun, to enjoy your time with your friends, the old ones and the new ones, from your work family.

Everything has its own time.

Yesterday was for the festivities.

Tomorrow is for us.

Forever and ever and ever.

I love you, babe.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple