Back Seat Driver — Gaia News Brief 27 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Yesterday after our case, I invited my surgeon friend, the lady urologist who just recently had her daughter go to school at Berkeley,  to get ice cream at the fancy new place.  She drove, and we were standing in line and talking, when my phone rang. I was called back in to do another case.

We got the ice cream, and mine was ‘cookie monster’ flavor.  It was blue, the same color as cookie monster, with little chocolate chips in it.

As we drove back, she shared with me something personal–how she gets messages from Spirit on the radio.

A mutual friend and colleague’s father who was her patient had died. She couldn’t remember his last name, as our friend has her married name. Her staff couldn’t either. She wanted to make sure that her office didn’t send him an appointment reminder postcard for his next scheduled visit and make the wife sad. But after that, the next day, on the radio, she hear the announcer say the word, ‘Drew’ and she made the connection.

When she was in college, she could guess numbers, even the page of someone’s book they were on, even if it was over one thousand pages in the book.

She knew prices too, both in pesos and in dollars, on the tab before she would look.

I shared with her I’m a psychic, and medium, and this is very normal.

She tried talking about it with her staff, but they got ‘weirded out’.

She’s still not ‘comfortable with it’.

I told her she can always talk with me.


My mom does readings for people!

(I never was sophisticated enough metaphysically to realize when she talks to her guides and writes what they say in answer to her question about someone’s situation is a READING…LOL. Now I know.)

She was concerned about Anthony and his elevated liver enzymes. And my anguish, both over the father and how he treats him, and the trying to get an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist. I looked on Yelp, and frankly, they were all jerks, based on the reviews for specialists in my area.

She told me that Jesus Christ intervened personally so I would not marry Jared; that my life would have been one of torment had I stayed with him. I am a ‘very special soul’ her guides say, and Anthony is going to be okay.  The visits with his father are ‘preparing him for the future’ and ‘his liver is going to be fine’. 

I was like, ‘that about sums it up!’

My mother doesn’t know.

My one sister does, but it’s not made any difference in our relationship, except, now, sometimes to make conversation, she asks me about Ross and our relationship.

Apparently mom has done this for some friends, and even picked up that a woman’s mother was her aunt, due to a teen unwed pregnancy, her married sister raised her as her own. The brother in law–her ‘father’ –was her biological father and had the child with his sister-in-law, but the wife raised her.

It helped her to know that this pattern was from a past life, and that the one who was the biological mother reincarnated into this one just to be nearer to her daughter’s soul this time too.

Back Seat Driver

This morning Ross guided me to lie in the sunshine on my porch swing.

My Higher Self came with him, again, like the last time.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to speak this time. She talked to me, and said my name, but I was quiet and still until Ross told me it was okay to talk.

She asked me what I want today–from Her?  This was the last part but it makes the most sense so I mention it first.  I told her I want flowers, a bouquet.

Originally I had said I want my lessons to stop; I don’t want any more pain.  I asked both Ross and my HS if it is possible to avoid such ‘painful learning technique’ once I am outside of the Illusion?

Ross and she said we are always growing, and there are always lessons to learn…and that it does not go away the lessons, but they change format somewhat.

I wasn’t happy.

She was surprised.

I showed her how being human makes you feel like you are an animal in the circus from the turn of the century, where the trainers use fear and pain to make the animal perform.

She showed me life’s blessings, the freedom of riding a bike, the joy of raising Anthony, and the adventure of travel.

I agreed that the bike is magnificent.

Then I showed her how you fall off the bike when you are learning, and how it can happen any time after you know how to ride too.

I showed her the pain of having to share Anthony back and forth back and forth with every other weekend.

I showed her how in travel, there are airports and delayed flights and all that other annoyance while you are going to places that are new. And how expensive!

I showed her for every blessing there is a slap on the hand, and after a while, you get tired of the pain.

She was in complete and total surprise, for to Her, the lessons are ‘definitely worth it’.

She asked me why I have problems with her?

I said, ‘I am here, I feel the pain, and you can’t or you don’t or you won’t.’ I asked for HER to feel it, just this once, to see my point.

She wouldn’t.

I also told her I feel like it’s hard for me to live my life when there are aspects of us running around all over the place.  I said, ‘who is going to listen to me when there are so many of us out there?’  I said, ‘I don’t understand why as Galactics we have to be in so many different places at once.’

Ross made the connection that to me, my Higher Self feels like a Back Seat Driver, and he understood that’s not good for those of us who are incarnate, especially ion the western world, where our independence and freedom is a most important thing.

Twice in the conversation, he took her aside and explained to the others present my side of things–the Back Seat Driver in particular, and he told me to name this blog post exactly that.

I find I am wanting to know more and more of how I got here in the first place. Why I am incarnate here at this time. I asked Ross the other day, ‘Is this a prison? Did I do something bad?’ and also, ‘Is there a chance something like this can happen to me again?’

He was concerned and told me he would talk to John Smallman about it, and have a message come out.  He too was surprised I would feel this incarnation is punishment, like I am less of a soul because I am incarnate, and subject to the tyranny of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Thoughtful Ross

Ross told me yesterday morning he was going to hold me in his arms all day.

I showed him a thought picture–of us hanging upside down by our feet, being tortured, with me in his arms, and how none of the torture matters because in his arm is the ONLY place I want to be, and even in that situation, to be with him I would be filled with delight!

My work on first call was easy.

I had a nine-o’clock start.

The gastroenterologist agreed to see Anthony. And when I asked him about my insurance, and does he take it, he spoke from his heart, and said, ‘money is not the object; I will take care of your son and I never would charge’.  I wanted to cry right then and there.

(a specialist in Colorado wrote off fifteen THOUSAND dollars the same way, when he was sick and needed treatment.)

I came home and Ross told me to go to a certain store. He had something special there waiting for me.  He told me to go to the back of the store.

It was the wine of Vouvray, the place next to the home of my family, on sale. I bought six bottles.

I felt so loved, because Ross knows how much I miss France. I think of my family every single day…

Then he had me get some Panda Express at the store.  He had me get brown rice and noodles.  I ate the orange chicken and the eggplant tofu first and was full.

He had wanted me to have the brown rice to go with my curry dish he helped me to cook on Friday night!

I had the noodles this morning for breakfast too, the chow mien.

I am overwhelmed with how thoughtful he is…so very appreciative, both in his loving kindness, and also, as our relationship deepens to a bond that is truly a delight to my soul.


Carla is adjusting to life in the Higher Dimensions.

She is opening adequately not just to me, but to her Higher Self.

Carla does not hold anything back; she is highly respected for this both in our relationship, and as her Higher Self.

The Incarnate Carla is a little bit more forthright, and a little ‘rough around the edges’, but Carla has her say.

And Carla is teaching us things that are useful to where we are, with most of those who are incarnate taking the steps to accept their spiritual gifts, like her friend and her mother, and to open up to who they are in their hearts.

I have an announcement to make. I make it on behalf of Carla who right now totally forgot it.

As she was waking up, this morning, Carla heard a message coming out from her heart, it was in her own voice, but she wasn’t consciously speaking it. It just ‘happened’:

Divine Father was there with her, very excited, and smiling.
Next she heard, there was this tone, very loud, and steady, in the note of: the F below middle C
Carla saw people wincing and covering their ears to the sound, and then, as if something invisible ‘popped’, they were okay, alert, and their true angelic selves again.  It was as if they had woken up from a trance, from being hypnotized.
One by one, one after another, with the same things.
Divine Father smiled and gave Carla a high five right then and there.  He embraced her. Then she went to Divine Mother, who smiled and gave her a hug too.
What is this?
What is this that happened with Carla?
(puts his fingers to his lips, to say, ‘Shhhhh’–ed)  I am not saying.
It’s not a secret.
It’s a SURPRISE that all of you are going to like very much!
(he has a huge, warm, loving smile on his face- and waves goodbye-ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins