The Beat Goes On — Gaia News Brief 28 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

A Story of Hope

He was a miracle, to me. And a nightmare to his father.  An unplanned pregnancy, in a woman told she couldn’t have children.  A ‘trick’ according to the father.

This much wanted and loved child, on my part, was the subject of a custody battle between the father and me. Or, the father’s side of the family and me.

‘Co-parenting’ has been painful at best, and maddening at worst…but considering the alternative, it has been a gift compared to the hell of being married to the father.

I ‘dodged that bullet’, and in convincing him NOT to marry me, his parents gave me the nicest gift I ever could have had.

This child is the reincarnation of my maternal grandfather, Filippo. He has the same mannerisms, the same charisma, and the same constellation of health problems and spiritual growth too.

As Filippo, he was abandoned by his father, and his mother died of tuberculosis when he was two.  He was raised by his grandparents, who didn’t feed him or his brother hardly ever.  He used to go to the forest and cry, and an old man would show up out of nowhere and bring him food.

But the old man would disappear into thin air as he walked away.

Nannu Filippos always said he knew it was an angel.

This happened many a time, always the same.

Once older, he got diabetes and terrible gum disease; also severe lung problems with a predisposition to pneumonia.

After being a widower, his father moved to the United States and started a new family–and eventually–sponsored Nannu and his brother to immigrate here.  It was a very strained relationship, between the two.

And so it is today, between them, as his father is reincarnated now too, as his biological dad.

In the one home, Anthony is loved, appreciated, and given emotional, financial, and physical support.  There is a time crunch, and a lot of time spent outside the home, unfortunately. But I’m not dead like his mom in the first life. We make do given the situation.

In the other, Anthony has a list of over fifty chores he is expected to do.  He cooks breakfast for the family and has to clean up. He cleans the bathroom–every time he comes to the home. They don’t clean it ever, except for him. They wait, that’s what he says. He takes out the trash and has to always be the one to pick up the dog poop. Most times he is there, his father and his girlfriend are drinking and looking at their cell phones in the same living room, and not talking or interacting with Anthony at all. After nine years, he finally got his own room. He used to sleep on the couch or on an air mattress. Technically, it’s the guest room, but it’s decorated a little for him.

Anthony has a vicious cycle of chakra imbalance issues–the father disempowers him, and he self-consoles with video games, and food. The father doesn’t want to play catch with him any more, and only takes him on walks with the dogs. The child craves attention; the dad is too emotionally involved in his own life circumstances.

It manifests in the physical as obesity (both suffered from childhood obesity, this biological father and his son). However, the son has elevated liver enzymes and a pre-diabetic hemoglobin A1C.

This is compounded by very poor self-esteem, and emotional pain and struggle on the part of the child.  Two years ago, the bullying at the school was severe. He wanted to end his own life. We have both been in counseling ever since…

Earlier this month,  I had a major breakthrough, in getting our son to accept and participate in our family weight loss plan.  Last year I was the ‘food police’, and he was doing everything possible to ‘get away with stuff’.

I didn’t have the energy or the stamina to battle this strong-willed child, who didn’t understand the implications on his health.

It was first things first.

Well now, the father, who totally defied my request to put Anthony on an insulin-resistance diet one year ago, and gave him soda–finally thinks ‘this is getting serious’ and is ‘doing something’…

Anthony was a wreck when I picked him up from the sitter (the drop off exchange was at her house, instead of mine, due to work)…he looked hollow, defeated, and exhausted.

He had been unable to do any homework all weekend, and he has a big project due.

I was all dressed for us to go to the gym. We had to skip it.

Then at home, he held it all in.

This is a very tense moment for us both, the transition from his father’s house to ours…as a mom, an intuitive and a psychic, I KNOW something isn’t right. But he has to be able to express it.

After a while, it came out. He was starving (again). And his father and his father’s girlfriend ‘got a good deal’ on soda. They bought over thirty cans, and put it in the fridge.  (Anthony is addicted to soda).  His father told him, ‘your liver isn’t good enough to have soda’ and both adults drank many cans in front of him, including ones with Jack Daniel’s added to it.

His father told me, in words that sound exactly like his parents and not him, ‘you have to withhold from Anthony, and not give in, no matter how much he screams or cries, because it’s for his health.’

I have it in a text.

So Anthony came home in tears, tears that wouldn’t come out, because he wasn’t allowed seconds, had to eat ‘gross rice’ and the ‘milk tasted funny’ (it was one percent milk fat that was possible old–we drink two percent here).

How is someone being so strict going to help an ailing yellow chakra?

I got Anthony his protein drink–one banana, one cup milk, one cup ice, two tablespoons cocoa powder, two tablespoons coconut sugar…..and showed him the back yard,  How I cleaned it and all the new flowers and baby pumpkins.  I pointed out the strawberry leaf, and the hope it will turn into a big plant.  I got him connected again to Nature.  I also let him spend time with his rabbit, after he talked himself through his experiences…

I looked him in the eye while he was explaining this woes, and rephrased his concerns, ‘At your father’s house it is YOUR diet, and at this house, it is OUR diet, yes?’ I shared the high risk of diabetes on my side of the family, and why I am concerned for my own health too.

It helped him to click.

I made him a dinner of soup with butternut squash from our back yard. It was cream of butternut soup, made with half and half instead of the heavy cream as I used to make it. He got one slice of French bread. He had both pomegranate pips and red pepper slices to go with his meal. He even tried the arugula I had been adding on top to mine, in very fine slices. This too is from the garden. And I promised him a ‘dessert’…he was delighted.  I had him light the candles (we ate on the balcony), set the table, and pick music for us.

He said, ‘Mom, if DIDN’T take five hours like usual to get me back to ME, it took THREE!’ with a smile.

I asked him, ‘Anthony? How much fiber is in this soup that I made with our vegetables from our yard?’

He didn’t know.

I said, ‘A shitload!’

He laughed and gave me a high five over the joke–he said, ‘I couldn’t have even thought of it!’ (all humor in his age has to do with poop, basically…)

What was his dessert?

A glass of milk and one fudgesicle (only forty calories).  We ate it on the balcony, and talked.

How can a child who is under so much stress study?  Things need to be calm, on the inside, to focus and get the work done.

My mother told me her guides said that Anthony is going to be okay, and that this experience is ‘preparing him for the future’.

I see the wisdom in this.

Our home, is very 5D.  It is filled with love and caring. And spirit.

His father’s home is about as authentic 3D as it gets.

Anthony knows both, from a very early age.

He will be able to guide everyone, no matter who they are…when the time is right.

He is not living in some fantasy, some bubble, all the time–I do, I’ll be the first to admit it. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with 3D, I’m done with it. I only do the basics…just enough 3D to get by.

Anthony’s contribution to Ascension and to Gaia’s inhabitants is going to be more than I ever could…he will speak the truth for both sides, and understand it in his soul.

Perhaps one day so will you, if you suffer between two environments, two dimensions, too.

I am just as strict with Anthony, if not more…but I make it pleasant, and always a ‘request’, not an ‘order’…in doing so, I am modeling how to work with others, how to guide them, for him as well.


Carla is exploring Kapha, Vata, and Pitta in her Ayurvedic diet book. Carla is a Vata, and is learning that her lifestyle does just about everything to destroy it. On getting the book, she has switched to include more warm, easy to digest, flavorful items such as soup, and it is helping her stamina and her mood very much.

Anthony is Kapha.

He takes after his father, and THIS is why Jared keeps insisting on ‘no dairy, no wheat’–because for their body type, it is not good. This also explains why Anthony’s ‘heaven’ with his father is when they share a piece of cheesecake together at a restaurant after a big steak meal…

Carla has enlisted the services of a close friend and colleague to care for Anthony’s health.

Wisely, she told Anthony, we must take the advice of the specialist, and understand what is happening with your health.

It tears him up.

It really does.

It is an awful lot for a ten-year old to think about.

Carla shared with her mother the truth, because her mother gives Anthony when she watches him all the wrong things.

Carla asked Nicki to keep everything quiet from Anthony, to give her three months to adjust his diet without his realizing it, and to see the results.

Anthony is strong willed.

The first time he wanted soda about one hour after Carla told her the news, Nicki, who is weak willed and wants everyone to be happy,  gave the reason ‘your liver is sick’ as she told him he couldn’t have his soda.

That’s how he found out.

Then he started talking.

So Carla had to tell the father, who thought she was ‘crying wolf’ over the lab results one year ago. He didn’t listen. He thought she was overreacting.

One year later, the lab results are not improved. NOW he thinks ‘it is serious’.

Is it not any more serious than it was the first time?

Carla is testing herself, and so is Anthony, in spirit–through their relationship with Jared.

And his family.

Carla is stronger and more able to adapt. And also more forgiving and accepting in life. She has learned to love his family like her own, and calls him mom her mom too. For she is kind and true, and very loving to both Carla and Anthony.

And Anthony, despite his displeasure, is learning how to ‘sort things out’.

He said, yesterday, ‘I don’t want to do baseball this spring. It is only for fun. So is flag football, ultimate frisbee…’ He was holding his white belt certificate from Martial Art in his hands.

I explained to him the reason he quits is that his father tells him how to do the sport, and belittles him. Anthony has quit swimming, martial art, baseball, and gymnastics because of this. Almost basketball too. It is a double bind because his father has a consistent schedule, and can take our son to his sports practices on a regular basis.

Anthony appreciates now,  how a parent who is supportive, encourages the child in whatever sport the child enjoys.

He also knows a parent who encourages him to play THEIR sport, us a DIFFERENT kind of ‘supportive’.

I (points to himself) am supportive to all in their thought process, in their soul, in their mind, in their heart, in their existence.



Carla and I had this discussion yesterday. She was astonished that despite where I am in the grand scheme of life, I have my lessons too!

I showed her ‘film footage’ telepathically, of how SHE is in fact my best teacher…vignettes from our life together, growing up.

I push myself to grow further all the time.

Getting Carla to give me the time of day was my hardest lesson.

I made choices that weren’t the best, and drove her off into anguish.

Black is white.

When I was alive I used my telepathic gifts to know just the right words to say to cheat–to get a woman to sleep with me who wasn’t Carla even though I was married to Carla.

This truth came up into Carla’s consciousness this morning, and when I confirmed it was true, metaphysically, in her Light Body, Carla threw up.

(raises a finger–ed) But this time, between us, it was different…Carla turned to me, and my heart.  She knew on a deeper level, I knew I was wrong to exploit my gift.  She knew how deeply disturbed I was in that incarnation, in my heart, with who I am, and what I was sent to do.

And she knows that the rap of her being the harlot–isn’t true. For in that life, Carla never slept with anyone but me.  She knows the cruel twist of fate that made me immaculate, and her the whore, is a lie, Illusion at its best…

And if I, of all people, can have the past ‘come up and bite me in the butt’, just like it did this morning with Carla…and I am very good, and highly spiritual, in all things…

Try to discover MORE of ‘what is hidden’–right where you never would imagine to find it…and that is how the Awakening is going to begin.

Black is white.

White is black.

This is what has been taught by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

It is the ‘spin’.

Try to look for it.

Just in case you are worried, everything is okay between us, me and Carla. She told me she thought it was a rotten thing for me to do, when I was incarnate, and I admitted it and agree. As Twins, we can’t just divorce one another if one does something the other doesn’t like. Twins are forever!  So we communicate, and lovingly support one another to heal. This morning, it was my turn.

So you see, we are not all that different from each of you, in our hearts…

I wish you a good day.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins