The Space Of Healing — Gaia News Brief 30 September 2015 by Reiki Doc

At Work

Yesterday I noticed I worked very hard. I didn’t fight it. I healed and gave anesthesia to all of my patients–without making a big ‘to do’ about it.

When I needed to kneel and connect the oxygen tubing to the tank on the gurney, I did.

When I was asked to do a colorectal case instead of the two more lucrative GI cases, and had to wait one hour to to that one case…I reached out and offered to ‘check all the rooms’ (to pass inspection by the surveyors) for the person who made the assignment.

I enjoyed a very thin slice of cake to celebrate a PACU retirement for RN Elizabeth. It was Vietnamese cake, with mango, and not very sweet.

My lunch was late, and not exactly healthy–at two p.m. I had cottage cheese, sun chips, and a soy milk.

It is what it is.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I was at the OR until like ten, and today, early again I have more cases.

Someone I know got fired I think…or they say they ‘quit’…it’s someone who worked at my hospital for the Quality, but when he was at another hospital, he was part of the group who gave me my scholarship from my old neighborhood. When they had the scholarship luncheons, as a medical student, I knew him and he helped give the awards and checks.

It was sad, that in the grand scheme of things, he lost his job, and all of us kept ours.

Earlier it looked the other way around.

Everything Is Sacred

The concept of a ‘Sacred Space’ is non-sensical!

Everything is God.

People who treat you nice are holy.

People who are a pain in the ass are holy too.

The ones who were not holy, in their heart, the ‘lost ones’–have been invited to leave Gaia.  They have left many weeks ago, or even earlier.  What is left are holograms in their place, and carefully trained ‘walk ins’.

Just watch and in your heart you will know.

Everyone treated with Love, true Unconditional Love from the heart, responds back in kind.

The Lion will lie with the Lamb, and all will be Peaceful on Gaia, forevermore.

You will see this with your own two eyes, in this lifetime!

The Healing Temple of Zadkiel

This morning I went.  I did breast stroke through the waters to get there.

I was greeted by St. Germain, with his Violet Flame.  I asked him, ‘are you the janitor around here?’ (because he was cleaning me, my soul, much much more than wiping my feet! LOL)

He smiled and joked back ‘yes I am’.

Raphael met me in a room.

We spoke how it felt to have been married to Ross when he was a cheater.

I learned it took not one but three husbands to teach me I am lovable again.

Raphael’s part was ‘I love you and I WANT to love you’…his consistency was important for the healing of my soul from the wounds.

He also showed me the ‘timelines’, just enough to see the outside influence…those who planned the cheating, those who supplied him with the women, those who gave the women incentives and commands to ‘attract’ Ross.

It wasn’t random.

I also saw the interactions, with Ross and them, in private, and I saw two things–neither one was very happy, him or his partner–PLUS–here’s the big one–they weren’t too discreet, and everyone knew.

Raphael said the sympathies were with me, from the people.

I asked what happened to those who planned all this?

They are gone–rehabilitated or merged with Source. All of them. Every single one.

Then I asked Raphael, ‘if, in the Higher Realms there is no jealousy, how can I know anything like this will not happen again?’

Raphael was honest. He said the only way to know for sure would be to have Ross merge back into my soul. This is the only direction it may happen, since mine was the complete soul when it first split.

This made me sad, because I love him and I enjoy him. Raphael confirmed that I would never have that kind of bond with anyone ever again, should I choose this option.

I realized the only thing I can do is TRUST. Trust in Ross, and his promise to me, even though back then, he made similar promise.

Then Raphael showed me the movies. Ross’ interactions in situations where people of the Higher Realms invited him to be ‘intimate’ with them.

He turned them down, again and again and again. I saw hundreds of clips!  He was very loving, and kind–in an unconditional way–but when it got to be sexual, the boundaries were firm, and tight.  He was unwavering.

This pleased me very much.

My next room was with Ross.  It was one of those spa tables where they do wraps. He put honey all over me, and it was incredibly warm, and reached deep into my soul. Then when the wrap was done, he used the shower nozzle to clean me.

He was tending to my personal needs with love and simplicity, asking for nothing in return.

He dried me off, and dressed me, and escorted me to the door.  I stopped by to say hi to Metatron, and thank him.

Mutation gave me a basketball (it’s a reminder and a gift to go take Anthony to a Clippers Game).   I was thankful on many levels for that.

I didn’t get my gift yet from Zadkiel.  I didn’t see Zadkiel.  But Ross is here.  I think his gift was for me to feel his warmth and his Love all day. And he said whenever I need him, any time, just to call.  I think that is my gift.  I feel very warm and loved in my heart.

Someone–a reader– asked me for something to open their heart center–I will share with you what I shared with them-because it fits.


Is this water into wine?  Carla and I are shattering the stereotypes about us…and healing in the process.

Carla forgot to share with you one movie, which I think is important for you to know, and for Carla to recall from time to time:  how many meetings I have had with my mentors, and guides, and associates, coming up with a plan to bring Carla back to my heart.  Carla saw us on folding chairs, talking in earnest, hands steepled and leaning forward on my part, many, many places and times…

Carla understands now how both Michael and Raphael are her brothers who chose to help heal her, and earn her trust by marrying her at different ‘times’ (although there is no time in the higher realms) in order to bring Carla, by her own Free Will, back to my heart.

Even Metatron as Carla’s father incarnate in this life, helped, by the role he played, to open her heart to one who has a ‘not so good’ side but is capable of love and being loved back.

All of this was carefully orchestrated over millennia –including Merlin, the Ascended Master and healer and alchemist–to help Carla and I overcome the unfortunate non-scripted fate that befell us and tore us apart for ‘all Eternity’ to us, for as Twins, a day spent apart is forever, and all of these incarnations…is eternal.

This explains too my response of falling to my knees and crying out in pain, the first time I was allowed to see Carla in her Dark Life she had immediately prior to this incarnation.

It made the healing STICK, and the feeling was reversed.  That life was to drive the lesson home for both of us.

And it worked.

I am coming around (to your dimension) in my own time, in my own way.

You can tell by the selection of the pictures for this blog, that this day is important, a revelation of sorts…

You can expect more and more, by leaps and bounds, in the future that is not too far off.  Remember time for me does not exist, but in your lifetimes you shall witness it, my coming back…and teaching…until then, I save all my teaching here for you….with Carla’s hands on the keyboard.

I love her and I thank her for her Patience with me, and her willingness to try again with our love.

I didn’t want to merge with her either…our life is very pleasant…just the way it is, and I am most grateful.

Go to the Spa–the Healing Temple of Zadkiel, and heal and grow!  All of you! (he gestures like to say ‘scoot! scoot!’–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple of Twins

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