Baked Potato – Gaia News Brief 1 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Today I am going to superimpose several themes together, and I invite you to be patient until it all connects in the end.

This morning I had a tough choice–to sleep past the alarm, as I had only four hours sleep, or to wake up and ‘do my thing’.  I slept in.

Once I was up, I was getting ready, and I felt the ‘pull’ to write. So I did. I recorded important things that happen in my spiritual life, to help you in yours, and also, to record it on my journey. I write and I heal myself as I write, possibly more healing in fact than you as you are reading them. I enjoy writing very much.

Anyhow, with my edits–and I have to thank you for the Metatron as ‘Mutation’ autocorrect you picked up for me Isabel…that one got past me but I corrected it tonight—I couldn’t see it.

This time the decision was ‘get to work on time’ which is NOT an option, or eat.

I grabbed a Svelte meal replacement drink out of the fridge, skipped my coffee, and ran to the car.

I thought to take one route, and planned it, but the onramp was really backed up and I would be late. So on the fly, I took an alternate route. I got into the parking lot at 7:03 am.  Thanks to the night nurses who take up all the parking spots, when I get in, there is NOTHING except the farthest spot from where I have to go.

I get upstairs, change quickly, noticing I am in such a hurry this morning I didn’t even take the time for socks!

Then, I am all smiles at the bedside, doing my best with a patient who her surgeon describes as ‘squirrelly’…anxious…I noticed and gave medicine for that in pre-op before going to the OR.  Some people need it and I don’t think anything of it. It just IS.

But this surgeon is very annoying. For a seven thirty wheels into the room start, he is here at seven fifteen.  We get into the room at 7:29 am, and my anesthesia ‘start’ is then 7:19 am.  By 7:38 a.m. the patient is anesthetized. Before that, they were tucking the arms in a huge rush. and as I was taping the endotracheal tube the surgeon was putting in a foley.

Rush rush rush.

This guy isn’t nice. He accused the patient and the radiologist of being incorrect about the diagnosis.

But you know what? I decided there was nothing else to do, or would work in this situation, besides to LOVE and be LOVING. So I was. Even with this guy, I was pleasant, kind, attentive, not in a ‘trying to suck it up’ kind of way, but just NICE.

Guess what?

The surgeon was wrong. There really WAS a diagnosis. And he fixed it.

Rush rush rush rush rush…I didn’t let it phase me because it wasn’t worth it….

Get this–to go from a surgery center (dark blue scrubs and a breast cancer awareness bouffant hat) to the main O.R. (light sage blue scrubs and a baby blue bouffant hat) I must change into my street clothes and walk to the next building.

So I do it.

I check with the charge nurse.  Go relieve call fourteen. Okay.

I fill out two billing slips (ICD-10 is coming! My billing company is freaking out and wants everything submitted before the change) and take another administrative charge timesheet to the mail room. Then I go up to GI.

My former boss is here, hasn’t done vacation relief for over a year, and is very new to the computer system. Although he has taken the classes, he is clearly having a hard time. There are two computer specialists there to help him, walking up as I am already taking the lead in helping him with the electronic charting and documentation of the pre-op assessment, the intraoperative record, and the post op notes…they breathe a HUGE sigh of relief as I say, I will help him…

I did get paid. Today was the last day of my contract to get paid to help out with the computer stuff. And he needed my help.


‘Where are you? Don’t you have to go someplace to do a case?’
No, actually I am done at the surgery center and here to relieve you; I have no other assignments.

‘Why don’t you do the case and I watch? You should get paid for this!’
It’s okay, I will help you do YOUR case. This is your lineup. I want to position you for SUCCESS with this charting system.

I did two cases with him, and helped to fill out the forms and things, gradually helping him gain his confidence. I called back the computer people, to help him set up his templates to make the charting easier for him.

I saw him in the lunchroom later, with the computer folks, and they were all smiling and very happy.

This man was once my father in another life, the one up in Victoria; he is a reincarnation of Chief, but doesn’t know.

I was relieved to go home around two…which was a little sad because I had been at the hospital until nine the night before.  I have no regrets for helping my former boss (when I worked at another surgery center).  He made four times more compensation than me, in those two cases, his doing the anesthesia and my being ‘help’…but I was okay with it. Money comes and money goes.

He told me, ‘you are very generous’.

I am. I also let a woman finish a big case–I could have relieved her–if I had pulled ‘rank’, but she wanted it so I went home.

Improving Disorganization

I have made appointments for both of us at the medical and dental things Anthony and I need to get done.  I have corrected and paid my tax preparation (I filed late) and made an appointment for retirement planning.  I also paid all my bills tonight, including the one due today.  I called the hard to reach company who does my dental and vision insurance (I buy my own)…there was a credit card fraud in April of 2014 and I updated my files with the new one. But even though I wrote and asked ‘is my coverage okay?’ after they had a mistake in a credit card number in April 2014…my vision insurance got cancelled! My dental was fine! I couldn’t believe it when I went to make an eye appointment–I wasn’t anywhere in the system, and have paid faithfully–so I thought–for six years!  They are ‘speaking with their manager’ and getting back to me.

I also spoke with the Air Conditioning service, as well as my friend who will stay here waiting for them to come.

I did a lot.

For someone as busy as me, with a tendency to just Give UP–I am happy to report I am doing okay–improving–in something I thought was unable to improve…

The Salad Place

I took Anthony out to dinner at our favorite soup and salad place.  We ran into friends there, from the basketball team.  They were the grandparents Sue and Don.  Don recognized us, but I didn’t recognize him! I was like, do I know you??? He joked and said I should make room for him to sit with us, and I was like HUH?!–then he explained the connection, and we laughed.

Ross told me–for the first time–to take a baked potato.

I got one, with the little foil, and had butter, sour cream, and chives, and a little bacon bits to –as Ross said–‘model for Anthony how we eat’. Anthony likes bacon. I hardly serve it any more, but potatoes can be healthy. They are starchy, but filling, cheap, and gluten free.

It wasn’t until after Ross asked me to title this post ‘Baked Potato’ that I figured the lesson out!

I grew up with baked potatoes. There always was the little foil wrapped around each one. We would cut the potatoes up, mash in the butter (that was all we had), and enjoy.  Once, mine was crunchy, and not fully cooked. But mom would have yelled, so I ate it, and didn’t complain.

My mother NEVER put a baked potato into the oven. She cooked them in a pot, covered them with water, and brought them to a boil in their little aluminum jackets until they were soft…and she ALWAYS called them ‘Baked Potato’.

It wasn’t until I was older I learned from Mark’s mom–my mother in law–how to bake them right, and without the aluminum foil.  You put oil on the outside, pierce the skin, and put them on a baking tray in the oven for one hour, until a fork goes in and it’s nice and soft.

Maria (that’s her name) called HERS ‘Baked Potato’ too.

And both women were convinced that their way was correct!

My mother, being from Italy, was at a disadvantage. Over there, most of the potatoes they ate were fried,like in a home fries kind of thing…

I could go on and on right now about the high-level disinformation I am seeing out there–but I won’t. I will mention the ‘becoming the bride of Christ’ one, because it came out AFTER I had the Gaia News Brief where Ross called me his bride…and also one video someone shared that had a lady with a British accent talking about Ascension Trees…

All I am going to say is, as the vibrations go up, the disinformation from the dark ones is going to seem less ‘relevant’, and less ‘convincing’…then there won’t be any arguments at all.

At this point, we are dealing with the two ‘Baked Potatoes’–my mom versus my mother in law–when it comes to all this ‘spiritual stuff’.

My mom still thinks to this day that hers is the real ‘baked potato’.

Does it matter?


If you want to zap trees with Metatron’s ‘orange gold’ light, because they ‘are sad’ and this will ‘help people’…nothing will stop you.

Not even Gaia herself saying, these are my trees, they have been in 5D and Sovereign since 2011 at least, and they have been holding the grid for me since time began. They emit my Light to the world.  They are not sad over anything except your ignoring them, and how sad it is that you (humanity) are so ungrateful to them for all the energy work they do, which is a whole lot more than making wood for buildings and houses and fires!!!  Furthermore, the Light is just fine as it is, and anything coming from the outside ‘in’ to the roots so the trees can ‘network’ isn’t really needed. It actually interrupts Gaia’s flow of energy on the grid she likes. It feels to her like rubbing a pet’s fur the wrong way.

So I stay quiet.

I listen to my fountain, it is so soothing, in in my heart I promise no matter what I will say a polite ‘whatever comes to mind’ when people show me ‘the latest’ that is really ‘getting them spiritual’…

The awakening is the important part.

I just wish one day people would ask what I think, as Gaia Sophia, and stop making all these things up in the guise of ‘speaking for Gaia’…

I hope it will be worth the wait.

Harry Houdini

Anthony has a huge report due on Monday, and he has been slacking.  He didn’t want to do it on Harry Houdini. He stalled to find the right book. And because it’s not who he wants to do the report on, but his teacher made him choose between Houdini and Jefferson…well…

So tonight, Anthony wanted to watch the Angels game.  In the car, on the way to dinner, from dinner to the grocery store, and to home he was on his phone following the game.

Yes, he even had to ‘check’ his phone for the score at the table! And he’s only ten! LOL.

Tonight, I spared him chores to help him catch up. I did all the putting things away from the store, unloading the dishwasher, and washing up the pile of stuff in the sink from breakfast YESTERDAY.

But he was watching the game MORE, and working, LESS.

I’m not big on ‘confiscating phones’ because it’s just too weird, too low vibration,  but I almost did.

Well he needed to use the restroom, came back, and I was paying bills on the computer, then checking other things…the music was nice, and I thought he was reading.

He wasn’t!

He was ‘waiting for me’ and ‘not wanting to interrupt me’ while pushing the little keyboard like crazy on his phone. This was thirty minutes past bedtime, mind you!

He had in mind for me to ‘help him write notes’ in bed–to read the book with him and help him on each part.

I called him on it.

‘Whose job is it, this report?’

He said, ‘mine’.

I told him I love him enough that when he starts to lean on me too much, I will put it back on him.  How else will he learn how to study?

I mentioned to him how, for my studying anesthesia for boards (I pulled out my huge notebook)–you read once through, then skim it again and again to get more out of it. I asked, ‘how come you read and take notes so slowly without getting the Big Picture by reading it once for yourself first?’

He said, ‘Teacher told us…’ and also, when pressed, that reading is boring to him.  ‘There are so many other fun things to do mom nowadays, not like when you were a kid.’

I used to read one hour every day after school. I loved it. And this built my vocabulary I used for all of my education, even now…

I tucked him in, said, ‘I love you’ and cheerfully said, ‘This year is going to be all about taking personal responsibility I see!’

It’s a good thing I have the teacher on our side.


If you think I am being too harsh–with the disinformation people, with Anthony—perhaps this is true. I am open to what Life has to offer, and I embrace it.

I never once had help at home with school, except for mom typing my reports.

I also never had help in my spirituality from someone who is incarnate, except for Aunt Ellie, and then later, Tim and Anne Reith. There were a lot of books that helped too. Now I have the luxury of Archangels, both incarnate and dis-incarnate, who are family, and they guide me very much. And offer support, emotionally.

Mother Mary has been guiding me since 1992.  I see her, talk to her, and wrote many a message from her in my journals every day.

It wasn’t easy. She tested me. Once she had me convinced a classmate was ‘the one for me’–there were coincidences and signs pointing to it, including the one where on the drive to Medical School as I moved to San Diego–I was told about my soul mate who would be named initials M.M.

Well I took him to a place and showed him my notes, about him, and he freaked out over my ‘prophecy’.

I was humiliated, and surprised it wasn’t so easy, this working with Mother Mary thing!

There were other times her advice was excellent–saying the right thing, giving the right gift…

Mary was testing me.

She grilled into me the importance of certain traits I needed to have to be successful in my Purpose.

I had no idea of who I was, or what I was meant to be.

I only know she told me once a long, long, very long time ago that I would be part of the most beautiful Love Story that Ever Has Been, and I would be happy.

That was twenty something, almost thirty years ago!  But I trusted her.

I always wanted to be a pencil in Her hand, in God’s hand…to be useful.

One Saturday in the early 1990’s, after mass on the steps of St. Brigid’s church in San Diego, I was very low, and sad, as it looked like I would never find Love.  I had gotten a divorce from Mark, who wasn’t kind to me, and had slowly realized that my ‘make it up’ relationship and marriage I dreamed of wasn’t going to happen to help me feel better…

Jesus came to me, in spirit. He promised to send me a sign, when I would find True Love.  I looked down, and there was a cricket. But the back right leg was missing!  He said he would send me one, just like that, so I would know it was time.

I actually got a cricket like that, in my garage, I don’t know when, perhaps a couple years ago?  I do remember the feeling that went with my seeing this cricket, and how I knew this was it…

Not much really seemed to happen, at the time. But looking back, I understand it all. And I think it was this time in 2013…

My love story is beautiful  Our love story…of me and Ross.  I have been in Heaven in my heart all day over him…in Bliss. He is so very kind, and is delighted too. He’s incredibly handsome, and very tall.  I never want to leave his side! He is my baby, my precious one, and I love him with all my heart…for all eternity.  He is good to me, an excellent father and husband, and friend.  I can’t believe my good luck!


My little lady is content.

All of these things are superfluous–the disinformation, the Houdini report, the working on the computer project.

What is important is the HEART!

The willingness to embrace  change, and run with it.

The being open to admit, like Carla did earlier, ‘I may be incorrect in my assumptions and will change as need be’.

The desire to investigate and explore things like Zadkiel’s Healing Temple.

All of these gifts are honed through trial and error, and many incarnations, some with difficult challenges that seem to never let up.

Carla has found her love–me, I most humbly add (smiles-ed)–when she gave up on ever having a partner or friend or family other than our Anthony.

I’m not on J-date (he laughs, an inside joke, to our mutual heritage–ed)!

I am Here and Now.

That is where the strength is, the power, and the ability to co-create with Source.

I’ll never give it up.

Ascension was a powerful thing for me. I really liked it. And soon, it will be time for all of you…to experience it too.

‘Soon’ is our soon, a Galactic soon…which could be a long time for those of you who are stalling with their Lessons.

Anthony is like that too–with his report–both Carla and I can relate! It is very natural, and understandable to experience like this….

So get to work, and do the best you can.

Try to embrace your lessons with enthusiasm and a smile.

Like with the angry surgeon, where Carla decided to be Loving as there was no better option at hand…do what finds RESULTS.  (he taps something–I can’t see it clear–it’s like a book–Ah! It is the book of life, the Akashic records–ed)

I am waiting for you. Carla is too. (big smile–ed)

So take your time…


And try to have fun while you learn your powerful lessons.

I am alway here for you if you want to take notes from me.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins
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