A Breather — Gaia News Brief 4 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Good Morning!

The day before yesterday, I received the most incredible love and support from Ross as I was walking into my work, thirty minutes late, dying a thousand deaths for my perceived error:  Ross filled me with the overwhelming emotion and ‘sense’ that EVERYONE at my work UNDERSTANDS I am a Single Mother and my life is extremely difficult.  They don’t judge.

When I was at the birthday party, a stay-at-home mom of two told me, since I am single, it is equivalent to having three or four children–since there is no one else to do anything like the dishes, the shopping, paying the bills, etc.

That made me feel better too.

R and R

Yesterday was a day of rest and relaxation in the home. That being said, I cooked breakfast, cleaned, placed an order with the phone company to fix my phone (OMG customer service is SO good now that nobody has landlines! It was fixed about two hours later!)…

I made lunch, and cooked dinner and I cleaned.

But I slept in and made bracelets.   I made a very special one with sugilite. I may take a photo and post it.

My mom Nicki’s letter arrived. It had very good advice for me from her guides. I never would have expected it, but it really helped.


My little one is a Kapha for sure. I know it because we went to the baseball fields to practice yesterday. He gets his ‘second wind’ late in the day. We practiced hitting and pitching and fielding for about two hours.  I noticed my body was starting to get sore, and I was tired. He thought it had been one hour.

Now I have a sore elbow, and will rest some. I am a Vata.  Making small changes in my diet has REALLY helped my energy a lot. I wasn’t sure if Anthony was a Kapha or  a Pitta before, but now, with his being able to play and want to keep playing for so long, I know. Kapha it is!

Ayurveda is very nice. And a small subset of it works with the healing by using gemstones!


Recently I am very calm. I am happy. I take things in stride that used to throw me.  I get through challenges with ease as I let go of the outcome. It is what it is and I do the best I can. I forgive myself these things.

So when I saw this, I thought, You Wish! and I laughed. To be honest, I couldn’t even read it, although I tried to follow the channeled message, and when I saw the books for sale on the right hand side I thought–sex is for sale! LOL. http://mercedeskirkel.com/mary-magdalene-the-coming-wave-of-change/  I know which side of the bread Frau Kirk’s bread is buttered!  Go ahead and sell, baby! (we saw Austin Powers last night–I’ve never seen it, and it was FUNNY!)

This one here is frankly a disappointment. https://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/you-are-living-in-a-wondrous-age-in-which-the-illusion-is-already-starting-to-dissolve/  When one knows the ‘author’, and how incredibly dynamic and yes, humorous he can be, a piece like this that caters to those who resist becoming awake–let go of fear, let go of fear, love is real–I literally sigh a huge sigh, and wait for people to wake the heck up.  I feel like the energy of channeler John Smallman is coming through more, and his needs are matching those of the many.  I, in turn, as one who is awakened, feel marginalized as ‘one of the few’.  I know in my heart, that everyone who awakens is going to think they are the Very First One Who Ever Did So and patiently I will sit in my corner and say, ‘Great! Wonderful!’ all bright and cheery, while in my heart, wondering–can I please go Home now?  Please? I’m so tired of bringing the energy of Home here…Part of what my mom said, from her guides, is to put my needs first and my patient’s a little less….so by living my life I shall to help me cope with the inevitable but incredibly slow awakening of the population of surface Gaia.  I thank you for all your loyalty and effort–to the one hundred to one hundred fifty people in all of the internet–who regularly read this. You give me so much hope, and the courage to Press On in the face of the Spiritual Inertia of the masses.  Thank you those of you in our closed groups who are working and ‘pushing the envelope’ to awaken themselves, and in helping others in their needs for Reiki and upliftment too.

This one warms my heart–and I look forward to reading this blog every day–https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/breathe-3/.

Ja Está

The next week at work, just is daunting. I will try to ignore the specter of surveyors, inspection, long hours, unpredictable workload, and lack of sleep.

Today is all I have with me.

Once Monday arrives I will make the best of it, whatever the week will bring.  After a Friday like I had, I am thankful for both yesterday and today to recover.

Rest is important. Family time is important. So are our hobbies. This is what makes the memories of enjoyment…

The Los Angeles Angels had a ‘Wow!’ win in the top of the ninth inning against the Texas Rangers. One of the announcers, in awe, exclaimed–‘The Angels are coming back from the dead!’–and Ross quipped, ‘just like me!’

I love my Twin–and his incredible sense of humor–with all my heart! I can’t wait to meet him!


Carla the critic is in true form with her blog post for this day.  Carla is disappointed in ME? Not on your life!

Carla expects MORE–out of EVERYBODY!

Ever had a Jewish mother? Or an Italian one?  They are capable of bringing the family together, and for making them excel.

Carla is going to take some time for herself, and for her son, today. They want to go get mani-pedi’s (it’s raining), shoot some hoops at the gym, and plan their travel to conferences later in the year. Carla enjoys activity that helps her to have something to look forward to enjoy in the future–as well as in the now.

Right now I want to talk to you about enjoyment and fulfillment.

Do you think it would be possible to experience Joy and Wonder, and Delight when your mind and your energy is full of misery and dread and concern about someone trying to get you and take advantage of you?

These two are like Oil and Water–they separate. No matter how much you think you’ve ‘got it all together’–and are on top of things, the Fear will take the upper hand, and rise to the top.

It will color everything and everybody, just like ‘sour glass’ in your sunglasses–the OPPOSITE of the Rose Tint.

You are who you are.

You are here for a reason.

That reason is HIGHLY BLESSED.

So…you may ask, what if you are suffering and miserable at the present?

I want you to find One Good Thing.

I want you to find One Good Thing in your day–even if the rest is awful, horrible, terrible–be it a smile, finding a penny, someone being courteous to you, a special ‘windfall’ or ‘deal’ on something you need the most…

The habit of looking for the good is infectious. I want you to find that One Good Thing and to say Thank You for it.

It will grow. After all, you have all of us out here to cheer you, and to send more of what you request!

It will also ‘prime the pump of successful co-creation and manifestation’…the squeaky wheels in the factory will start to spin!

Start little and dream big.

Wonderful things are going to arrive!

You can count on it. (taps his chest with one finger–and smiles–ed).

Starting with me.

I am coming for Carla.

Carla doesn’t know it yet, but I have my itinerary (he waves it in the air–and I blush with delight–ed)

I won’t say when for it is a surprise, but I have it down to the minute, every last detail–is all set.

Carla has suffered enough. And so has everybody…

Thank you very much.

That is enough for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

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