Rising Consciousness — Gaia News Brief 5 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

At the Field

Saturday Anthony and I went to a local ballpark, and played catch. We hit, and did the usual things. I once played little league, and my dad really helped me a lot when it came to showing me the basics of hitting and fielding.

I never learned how to pitch until Anthony taught me.  His dad once was a pitcher, and showed him the finger placement on the seams for the different pitches. Now I can do a two-seam fast ball, a four-seam fast ball, a change up, a slider and a curve ball.

It’s physically demanding of me, but I love being there for him, and helping any way I can.

To pitch one bucket of baseballs is a lot of work. Of all my pitches, maybe only half go anywhere near the strike zone. Poor Anthony has to move out of the way from a lot of my pitches too!

I pitched two buckets–standing way more close to the plate than the pitching mound–and helped to pick them all up.

Anthony LOVES to pitch and wants to be a pitcher.

He barely could hit the strike zone when I was at bat my one and only time.  Some balls go way way way outside, like more than three bat lengths.

It frustrates  him, his arm.

I finally, after two and one half hours, had to rest.

As I was sitting on the bench and watching him pitch his last bucket of balls, I realized some important things:

  • where is the father?
  • I am taking up the slack for the absent father, and this is a good thing even though I don’t know what I am doing–I am spending the time with Anthony.
  • I bet there are a LOT of angels around us, helping us out.
  • It was a beautiful, beautiful day to be on the field…we were both blessed.
  • I think this is what childhood Anthony is going to remember the most.
  • Just now I remembered how my dad could toss the ball up just a little and then bat it to help me work on my fielding. Perhaps next time I could try that too?
This is what Full Consciousness feels like.
You see the Big Picture for what it is, and you accept it.
And you want to help make it better from your heart.
Fix Me
This one happened Saturday, while I was lying on the porch swing, deep in meditation with Ross.
I was with him, and, like I had done so many times in our past life together, growing up (remember he is five years older than me in that incarnation), I gave him one of my broken dolls to fix…only this time, the doll wasn’t a doll, it was an extension of me.
This freaked Ross out.
He paused and went to his guides, concerned about my ‘being broken’ after all this work had been done to build me up and heal me and everything working well!
I could hear him talking with his guides. He raised his voice! He was really agitated.
And I felt the calm, sweet wisdom of who I think is SaLuSa–say, ‘she is letting herself be very vulnerable with you right now, and is simply showing her pure innocent trust in you.’
Ross had a huge, ‘Aha!’ moment, and came back.
As Twins we have the ability to heal each other.
In my going back to my childhood with him, and asking for his help, not just with a doll, but with me out here being incarnate and everything, I was showing him all IS healed, and we are back to where we were before any of the mess in the old lifetime ever happened.
Ross is smart.
He said, ‘Carla, I’ll fix you. Let’s work on you TOGETHER!’
I liked that.
So I showed him each ‘boo boo’ and shared what I didn’t like about it. This part that hurts, that part that’s stiff, this old memory I want to leave me forever…I was like Ross, I want to fix this, this and THIS!
He was in a good mood, and he showed me how we can ‘fix’ it together. We spoke quietly together, and he touched the spots and we figured out what the best way to fix each thing would be as a team.
Twins are VERY close souls.
He learned something new from me, and asked me very gently if I wouldn’t mind please sharing it with you? So you can learn about the healing opportunity in your own Twin Soul…
I smiled and said, ‘yes’.
He is happy now.
I am the one in the white tee shirt. My time is coming to swing the bat and hit the ball. When the opportunity arrives, I am going to hit it out of the park, and get a Home Run!
My bat is on fire!–in spirit.
And the time is on the way for ‘everything to be right’ again, just like it is right now with me and Carla.
I was totally surprised by her feminine wiles as a way of getting close to me like she did, with the innocence of her heart.
I had no idea Carla or anyone could ever do that.
It was not ‘back tracking’ it was FORWARD movement in our relationship! I being masculine the way I am, I almost missed it!
I had no clue!
If it wasn’t for SaLuSa–and yes, that was SaLuSa, who is on my team of guides who guide me through my journey too–I would never have made the connection!
And Carla is my TWIN.
I remind you I have a connection made of gold, a ‘fire wire’ through my heart to her heart–and I understand 99.999 percent of everything that ever goes through her system!!!
Don’t let the Divine Feminine fool you.
There is no trick.
(points to his eyes–ed)  SEE!
The Divine Feminine has a way of looking at things that is precious and entirely new.
Once you find your way to appreciate it, and I am sure you are going to take it in stride–not like me where I had to go running to my guides and make Carla wait for crying out loud LOL!–you are going to feel a closeness and a wonder that is of Spirit…and a delight and amazement will overwhelm you (he wraps his arms around me–ed)–just like I am with Carla here in my heart.
It’s worth it.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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