Instrumentation — Gaia News Brief 10 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

The 10-10 Portal

It started yesterday afternoon. I felt it. This is one Ross told me would arrive, and that it is BIG.  I was instructed to keep it to myself.

This portal was unannounced, just the way I like it.

Without fanfare.

I can feel it is starting to ease down somewhat.

That is why I am guided to share with you the information.

Gaia Sophia is galactic, and has connections ‘upstairs’ through Ross.   😉

There is nothing you need to do, or prepare to make the most of it. Everyone will benefit, whether they know it or now.

My Gwindel

My assignment this morning was to buy a Quartz Gwindel crystal.  Ross told me to get one that was not on eTsy or Ebay.

I looked everywhere! Everywhere, all over the internet.  There are so many places to buy rare minerals. The high end was The Curator’s Eye. There were many mom and pop stores out there too, but not with Gwindels.

My favorite source for my rare stones is InnerVision Crystals. They are pricy but reputable. I like their sales. They had no Gwindels.

I looked at Alpine sites in Switzerland, for gem show schedules.

I was giving up.

Finally I got out my pendulum.  Ross had given me a budget, but he wasn’t helping. I asked! LOL

On another website, I found all the ones on eBay–described with the same pictures.

The one I was meant to have, that was in budget, was the first one that made me smile on Ebay!!  I had gone full circle!

A Gwindel is a very rare, immature form of alpine quartz that has a twist to it.  I have looked everywhere to find the metaphysical properties of it, and no one is really saying more about what it does, except there is a twist.

They must be very high energy, because I can’t really feel them yet. It was like that for me with phenacite. At first, I couldn’t feel it either, but as I did my work and self-growth in spirit, I got to where I can feel them easily. I have actually gone above that vibration now with my own natural energy signature–well, my rediscovery of it.

I Moved Your Cheese

This book is phenomenal and I highly recommend it. It is FAST and EASY reading, but it gets to the point where Who Moved My Cheese?  Left off.  I found it at a copy store, of all places…I’m sure it’s around if you look.

Obligation Gesture

I just sent a baby gift to a charge nurse who delivered yesterday.

I also sent a baby gift to a cousin, because I am on call, and can’t drive to the city where the baby shower is being held. I need to be within a certain distance from the hospital.

This is going to sound very 3D of me, but I can’t just ‘skip’ these happy events without sending something to let these couples know they are in my thoughts.

I wonder sometimes in this aspect of ‘life’–how in 5D such celebrations are going to be ‘polite’? From my understanding, we can use a replicator to create anything we need–so why shop?

Illusion IS As Illusion DOES!
I made that one up last night as I went home from the hospital. It’s a ‘take’ on the old saying, ‘Pretty is as pretty does!’–and I cracked Ross up.
This word was said in my presence over and over yesterday, by different people. It has to do with the OR and the surgical equipment.
Yesterday was my first ‘nuts and bolts’ test where I saw the timeline of a ‘Lesson’ clearly and how it applied to me, although the ‘lesson taught’ was not evident until after it happened:
  • Don’t wear your crystals–no bracelet, no necklace–was guidance by spirit. Surveyors had an optional day to come back–so I complied.
  • stress ‘for breakfast’–Anthony was sick and needed to be taken to his grandfather. We ate breakfast together, heated up breakfast sandwiches that are ‘healthy’ at the crack of dawn. I had to drive out of my way, so that’s why it was early.
  • Ross was very QUIET. He has been for some time, I thought, with the portal or whatever.  But also, I was being prepared for my tests…
  • Before the test, all is smooth, and inviting…everything seemed fine!
  • First test came after an ‘acceptance and non-judgement’ Reiki blast sent out this morning –that was my first ‘hint’–patient one had ‘difficult anatomy’ for a bedside procedure that was expected of me.  Raphael had told me earlier he would guide my hand and the needle.  But when I did, the needle bent. Then my visualization of the structures was much worse. I asked a friend, and she helped. She did it. (I thought I was done)
  • My patients are increasingly difficult in the hospital–technically, medically, sometimes with their emotional concerns or expectations. I’m getting people who had a ‘bad experience’ at another place, and I must dig through the old charts provided like a detective.  Add to this the nature of the surgery and it’s really quite demanding of my expertise.
  • I love them! Each and every patient is totally nice! What I am trying to describe is something like my job has turned into the diamond splitter in the back seat of the fancy car almost every case every day…
  • My big test was an advancement of the ‘pretest’ from the morning–TEAMWORK.  I was placed into a situation where I had a moment of sheer terror.  I called for help, and help arrived! Everything worked out for the best. But I and the family were both badly shaken by the events.
  • What was going on with me, internally, is both a building of trust I have never experienced with my ‘work family’ (something very 5D), as well as a heightening of my emotional body’s sensitivity–it was as if something very important needed to be shaken up to ‘un-block’ whatever was blocking me. I actually cried with the family, with relief, after I asked myself the question, ‘what if?’…
  • My ‘take’–Teamwork is a number one requirement for life in 5D. As a soul, I have had betrayal  upon betrayal for many lifetimes.  I can see how yesterday brought me one step closer from point A to point B.  I see how my ‘work family’ is my ‘bench top’ scale of what is yet to arrive as 5D envelops the populations of Earth–this heightened awareness and consciousness that we are One family, all children of Creator, and our task it to tend to Gaia and her delicate ecosystems in a noninvasive manner…
  • I did cry when I came back to the O.R.  My friend and charge nurse Michele told me and had me look her in the eye as she said, ‘You did WELL’ I shared how I felt and how awful I felt, and she said, ‘You did your job’ and ‘many others would have freaked out and lost the patient’. My anesthesia tech was nodding in support the whole time. He is the one who went above and beyond to help things ‘go right’.  I thanked everyone, especially them, for my help. And one went and got a box of kleenex…just for me.
It was almost as if my syllabus, or my ‘study guide’ for my Life Lesson was open in my Akhashic record, and I could SEE as it was happening…
My Angel Team
Incarnate Archangel Raphael, who is married to incarnate Archangel Michael–I gave the family and the couple bracelets to help them. As gifts. But they wanted to do the energy exchange. So the former offered to knit me a scarf or mantle. I had it all picked, but then, they cancelled, which I knew through my intuition would happen the whole time, and I was okay with it.
At my local crystal shop, there is a stone, white with flecks of gold all in it. Lately I have wanted quartz with gold since I saw it on the in-flight magazine to Victoria.  It’s not for sale. It’s tiny.
When Diane came to town, she brought me a gift, spirit had guided her to buy. It was a hand-knit infinity scarf in off-white with gold flecks in it.
Spirit KNEW!
I felt like they cared and loved and supported me through this gesture.
I also am thankful to Diane, because, frankly, some of my ‘meet and greets’ with readers haven’t gone too well in the past.  Little did she know it, but in meeting her she was ‘breaking me in’ for my future.
I am quiet by nature, and don’t like ‘small talk’. I like to do my own thing, and enjoy life.
Diane was very respectful. She asked if it was okay to touch me, to hug? And she never once asked for a picture. It was me who took them.  She also took the time to get to know me, and let me be myself. Sometimes there is an expectation–and people say I’m shorter than they thought, or ‘look different’ (fatter? LOL).  What they don’t realize is that I am reading the energy signatures and our interaction the whole time, and if it doesn’t ‘go well’ I FEEL it, and I feel bad about it and beat myself up.
So…thank you Diane with my whole heart, and I wish you a wonderful conference!
Archangel Biramel made me not one but TWO high energy bracelets, both before and after my Big Lesson ‘came down’.  Her guides were ‘on it’ and just the photos of the bracelets alone were enough to help me catch my breath and TRUST.
Furthermore, Archangel Zadkiel incarnate, came to my aid. My HS wanted to talk to me about what happened in the temple, and I asked if Zadkiel could explain it instead. She gave me insight (yes, Zadkiel is incarnate as a woman) and I treasure the information that was given to me.  When I was at my lowest earlier this year, she was the first to send me a bracelet, and it made ‘everything okay’. She also sent me many many many high energy crystals. They were like a transfusion of Light! And I use them in my grids today…always.
Ross was very strict. I had to do my Gwindel test. This one was for discernment, patience, and determination–the ability to get the job done. You’d be surprised as how much I get layers and layers of ‘tests’…but now that I ‘experience’ them as what they are, I am better with it. It doesn’t bother me like it used to.
I think the Veil is coming up, and knowing my ‘coursework’ and seeing it for what it is makes all the difference!
My beautiful bride is making me happy. VERY happy. Look at what she extolls! About the lessons being ‘good for her’ and ‘understanding’ why they are important for her to grow.
Zadkiel said Carla’s soul took a ‘natural healing’ progression, instead of a Light Chamber–and this is right.
Some of you, but not most, have followed this course.
That is all for today.
I want to rest. (puts hands behind head, kicks feet up on desk, and leans back in his chair–ed)
After all, I AM Admiral!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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