Contentment — Gaia News Brief 16 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Everything Is Working For the Best

I am extremely content right now.

I have not felt this way in my whole life–a sense of peace and joy, that everything is right, and I have both hope and a sense of ‘patience’ for the future, no matter how long it will take…to reunite with Ross more fully than our long-distance relationship is at the current moment.

This morning was like any morning, except in our time together, Ross found a way for the ‘wild’ part of my soul, the part that kept running and running one incarnation after the next, to submit to him.

It feels wonderful.

Something inside can rest.

I am content.

To make a joke of it, I showed an image of Ashtar and Ross as firemen, with the hook and ladder, going up the tree to rescue me, the stuck kitten all the way up at the end of the branch whining piteously for help, to be saved!

They said it was actually much worse, and I am human, and just as cherished and loved as the wayward feline ❤

I got to go be with them–I look around, on ship, and it’s normal! when I go with my spirit.

I look around the house, our apartment on the New Jerusalem, and it too, is ‘normal’ and ‘right’–when I go UP with my soul.

Both my higher self and this one here are the same vibration–and no matter what this makes me extremely content.

The Challenge

As I got out of the garage this morning, I saw that my beloved plumeria plant had been stolen! It is front and center of my house, in a pot. It was a gift from Patrice, who grew it as a cutting from her other plant. It took her years to get it ready for me. She doesn’t make them any more. It bloomed white with a tinge of yellow. Sometimes I would just go and smell the flowers before I would come to the house from the garage.  It was my transition from work to home–the garden…

Instead there was a pot upside down!  The poor thing was killed!

I was so upset! I called the gardener (I have a private one) and asked what happened?

I spoke later with my new neighbors, who denied the whole thing.

There were leaves from it scattered, and in front of the new neighbor’s house.

My other neighbor says it was the other gardeners for the complex.

Ross told me to accept it and let it go.  I did.  It took a while of wanting to kill someone for hurting my precious plant, and also, to consider putting a curse and karma on them, or saying my husband will get you!!!

But I accepted, and I calmed down.

I’m so very glad I enjoyed the plant every day I had it, for as long as I did.


Jared met me at the doctor’s this morning. Anthony was with him, and he needed to have some blood tests.

Anthony said the last time his father took him, they waited one and one half hours!

We waited about half an hour, for one family was in line ahead of us.

Anthony didn’t flinch. He watched. And they took eight vials of his blood.

I took him to his favorite place for breakfast…we had eaten there Monday morning too.

I brought him home, and we adjusted the packed lunch his father had given to things he liked more. I fed the animals. We had a ton of ants in the kitchen and I cleaned them up. (Our air conditioning still doesn’t work, by the way…nor does the heater! Still waiting!)

Then I dropped him off at school.  I had a hair appointment. I wasn’t sure what to do with my extra time–going back home was in the opposite direction…

I got a ‘feeling’ to go to the place where I found all the crystal, the Irish crystal, before…but which one? Or should I even go?

Then a license plate went by:  ANTEEQ

Ross was steering me!  I drove by the closest one. It was ‘closed for remodeling’–so I went to the other one. Thanks for making it clear Ross!

The other one has a ‘Ross’ store near it too, I felt so loved.

I got a Holly Hobbie vase, tiny, tiny; two I think they might be Waterford water goblets (for me and Anthony to enjoy our water–as we are both dieting),  a Japanese matcha set with six cups, the bowl, and the funny ‘bird’ teapot for only nine dollars (I had wanted one that was forty dollars new, and not as nice, on last Thursday), and three teacups and saucers for our family–one with blue and cranes for Anthony, a gold one for Ross, and a ‘for the bride’ one with a horseshoe and lily of the valley for me. They are all antiques, and everything was very bargain priced…

I got my hair done. Cut, color, everything. I had roots (blush).  I totally needed it.

After, Ross had me walk to Macy’s home store.  He had me look at the Waterford for the mark and design. Yes, the goblets from the thrift shop ARE Lismore pattern! And they are much much cheaper than new.  He had me buy a thirty dollar Welcome Bowl (It’s made in Germany, not Ireland, but is Waterford).

I AM energetically ‘Home’ now. As Lady Gaia Sophia and the whole ball of wax…whatever being Lady Gaia Sophia ‘means’.

Then he had me buy Portmeiron small plates (red poppies), small oval plates (mixed designs), and Dansk flatware place settings–for three people.

The downsized new dinnerware is a diet trick for me and Anthony. It will pay off, in the long run.

The preparing for three in our home is significant on so many deep, spiritual levels. Everything else we have is in sets of two, or old, from when I was married to other people.

The New Age is here, and I AM in it!  And no matter how long it takes, I will be able to welcome Ross into our home when the time is right…

By the way, the teacups–his gold one alone–is worth new–anywhere from forty to seventy dollars–just for the gold paint. Ross is a smart shopper! His cup was four dollars at the thrift shop.

One last thing, for the holidays–I got a Spode heart-shaped dip bowl for nine dollars, and also, as a special memory for Anthony and me of our holidays coming up, a Waterford 2016 New Year Times Square Ball Christmas Tree Ornament.

I’m working Christmas day this year. I have to. The department said I had to pick a big one. But in my heart, I asked Ross for a small favor, and that would be to have the best Holiday Season I ever had this year, one way or another, if that would be possible?

He was pleased, and said he will help.

Challenge Number Two

Amazon is SO much better way of shopping! At the department store, I never use or bring my department store credit card. So they look it up.

It wouldn’t go through. They gave me only one hundred dollars credit!  I’ve always paid every bill in full on time, but I only shop there once a year.

It’s a credit card fraud protection for the company, this trick, to lower the credit limit.

They put me on the phone, and then to some other lady, and they wanted to know my income right then and there in the store, and if I owned my own house?

I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t say it out loud in front of the clerk.  I was embarrassed.  She works so hard, for such little pay, and you can tell…it took forever to ring everything up.  She had to do it twice, with the little stickers on each item in case I wanted to return it.  Then ordering the flatware was a separate transaction. This woman seemed yelled at and abused too much, she had that quality to her, that jumpiness and quick apology…I just didn’t want her to know.

So I hung up.

The whole merchandise thing is really ridiculous.

I accepted it for what it is, and moved on.

Crystal News

I read about mochi balls last Thursday morning. And by that Thursday afternoon, I had manifested a pair of them. They have interesting properties. Mine also are masculine and feminine, and will balance your energies as you hold them. You can tell which one likes to be held in what hand. It just ‘feels’ right. Here is more information, if you are interested  On mochi ball stones.

Another stone I’d like to turn you on about is Muscovite. It has amazing properties and also helps to control the blood sugar. It is VERY good with self-esteem.  My order from last week arrived today too. It’s hard to get, kind of a pink marble looking stone, and it’s neither cheap nor expensive.

My Gwindel arrived today! I could feel its energy out of the box as I held it in my hands taking it home from the mailbox. It is very soothing, and couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.  It told me ‘everything is going to be okay’. While I held it, crystal in my hands, I was instantly transported to a place, where a circle of my star family was standing and waiting for me. I had tears in my eyes, and asked Ross, do I get to STAY?  Ross said ‘yes’.  The Gwindel is not a stone for everyone. It is very rare, and one of the highest energy stones I have ever encountered. It makes phenacite seem weak by comparison, and phenacite is the ‘angel stone’.  Mine is a smokey quartz from Lyon.  Here is more about Gwindels–technically, not metaphysically–if you are interested on Gwindel quartz.

Ashtar and Ross

They aren’t used to me being this content.  They were a little concerned about it, and inquired as to if I was okay?

I smiled and said I am ‘taking it all in’ and very ‘introspective’ with these new energies, and the New Age–just like I am when I am intoxicated! (I am a very quiet drunk, not a tearful one or a loud funny one. Those who are close to me always tease me about my being that way when we go out.)

They laughed and laughed because it was true.  They asked, just to be sure, that I’m not unhappy?

I shot back, ‘Of course I would say it and you would be the first to know!’–they smiled even more happily, because this too, is how I am, the real me, both there and here, no matter where I go.

They had missed me, and my sassiness…as well as my warmth and sense of humor…they both let me know.

Next Ashtar did the funniest meditation with me to welcome me home! He pressed and leaned his forehead against mine–third eye to third eye. I almost got the giggles, and Ross had to say it’s okay, it’s for real, it’s something good! I guess Ashtar downloaded something about the future into my consciousness, it didn’t take very long, about two minutes, but it still seemed like a very silly thing for a Galactic to do.


Carla is home. Carla is most happy. Carla has found her energy ‘just balanced’…and in her heart of hearts, Carla recognizes that we are One and everything is Now–so she accepts I am her guide and guardian, and lets me ‘steer’ her life experiences all the way to her (like with the antique shop) until she gets the hang of this co-creation and manifestation ‘thing’.

Carla is extremely content to have found a pace that is comfortable for her to work with, both as a planet and as Lady Gaia Sophia.

I reassured her that we can swiftly clean things up when it comes right down to it, and for her to relax and enjoy the experience of the New Age, of being in 5D, body and soul!

In a way, everything is a hologram, nothing more and nothing less, as long as you are in the Illusion. This is because of your perception of who you are in relationship to ‘everything that is going on around you’.  For Carla–everything in the ‘not so great’ category–the politics, the wars, the strife, and also the pollution–is mentally now in a ‘category’ of ‘will be tidied up’.  It is like the laundry in the piles on the floor–yes, everybody, Carla does this! Shhh! And I still love her although her housekeeping has ‘much to be desired’–it is like the laundry that when the time is right you can easily pick things up and fold and put away and wash and all that good stuff. Especially if you have a lot of people working on it together at the same time.

So–Carla as Lady Gaia Sophia is no longer worried about her fate.  It is in my hands, she trusts, and everything is set.

When it comes to all of the inhabitants, that is another story. Although people have their own ideas about this Ascension thing, and what to expect, none of us here have every really experienced it as you are while Ascending as a group.  It has never been done.

People who help to ‘tip the scales’ in the general direction of Ascending–are taking the time to get to know themselves, to be alone with ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Source’, and to reawaken to their Life Plan and Soul Purpose. Just ten minutes a day in quiet solitude or doing something you deeply enjoy is enough to tip the scales in Gaia’s favor towards Ascension happening ‘sooner’ instead of ‘later’!

People who aren’t–who are off in two different directions at once, most of them goal oriented and looking out for number one–are going to increasingly find themselves somewhat ‘off balance’!

This is for the simple fact that Carla, and her overwhelming experience of contentment–will span the globe in time, growing more and more with each passing day–and some of you are bound–sooner or later–to experience it.

So ‘whatever’ and ‘whenever’, Carla, as the rest of us up here where I am, are finally ‘on track’.

It is only a matter of time before everyone gets wind of it.

NESARA if and when it comes–is going to help.  And to set the stage for NESARA to happen–it is time (points to his temples with his two index fingers–ed) for everyone to be hygienic in their thoughts–thinking and maintaining the thoughts which uplift and are generally positive…and downplaying those which flitter across our minds as ‘a little less’ and not ‘feeding them’ any more emotion than possible.

(he claps twice–ed) This is enough for today.  You have had a mouthful! And an earful too! (he smiles and laughs–in reference to my prolific writing–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple
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