Benevolence — Gaia News Brief 18 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Today was a very special day for us.  Today was the first day we had breakfast as a family on our new plates with our tea cups.  A place was set for Ross. He was on the other side of Anthony.

We had a simple breakfast of plain greek yogurt with granola, and tea.

Ross asked for Anthony to pick a card for him, when it came time to do our daily ‘readings’, which Anthony adores to do.

Anthony asked how many cards for Ross, mom?

Ross said one. (This is for those who are dis-incarnate. The lessons exist but they are slower.)

Anthony picked the Deceased Loved Ones card randomly from the deck!

I said, ‘Wow!’

It read, ‘your loved ones are thinking of you and the angels are bringing you close so you can feel their love.’

Anthony took his two cards, and I read the meanings.

Mine were Nature (third time now–forget everything and go in Nature and all will be clear) and Inner Voice.

At this Anthony said, ‘Ross wants you to write’.

After breakfast, I took a journal and wrote everything Ross had to say.

It was one of the most healing things we have ever done as a couple.

Ross shares how he can do anything, be anywhere, but his choice is to be with me.

He apologized again for what happened between us.  This was the first time he shared how it was like for him, how he felt to leave me, and his tough decision he made…

He had two choices at the end.  The first was to leave town and never come back, and start a new life. He would leave me, the children, and everything he knew, but he would live.   There would be a fake death, a body, but it would not be recognizable and it would not be him. He took the second choice, which was to die a horrible death.

He said he knew after what happened to Gamaliel, where I couldn’t tend to the body, it would destroy me.

We both knew in our hearts that he made the right choice.

As difficult as it was, his gift to me was to be the one with the painful and somber duty of cleaning the body and preparing it for burial.  Brutal as it was, I agree, it was the best choice for us while we were on that timeline.

There is another timeline where we both escape and live to a ripe old age somewhere in Europe.

In my heart I like that timeline for us best.

I have peace, very much peace in my heart, because of the things we shared in today’s time we spent together. Now I understand his gift of Love, no matter how painful.

I also was guided to a meditation, where it was our final hours together.

I begged him not to leave the house. I sensed trouble, I had heard rumors in the streets, I did everything I could to get him to stay at home…he had a strange look on his face, and he left with a group of men he always hung around with, and traveled with, his companions.

His looking over his shoulder at me was the last eye contact we had.  From where he was at the end, he was not able to look and see, but he knew and appreciated everything  I did, and that I was there.

I saw each step of the torture.  I did not eat or drink until he died.  My only thought was him.

I’m so glad I know what is not written, except for the memory that is in our hearts.

Italian Kindness

There was a knock on the door. It was Patrice. She recently lost her mother, and the funeral is next week. I am invited to attend.

She said she needed kisses and hugs, and decided to stop by.

It was poignant, and a turning point in our relationship.

I am a daughter to her now, although her son and I never married.

My house is a mess, the worst it has been in years, and I’ve felt like I have been in molasses when it comes to cleaning it; Anthony is busy, he comes and goes, and even today he apologized to me for how messy he is.  

I wasn’t embarrassed and I knew in my heart Patrice understands. I have seen her house at its worst too.

We are family.

I gave her arugula from my garden, picked some lemon balm for tea (she has a terrible cough), and some made a bouquet of citronella to make the house smell nice.

She got to meet the rabbit too. (Anthony had spent a lot of time enjoying his pet today. She even once hopped into his lap!)


The purpose of this message is Water Under The Bridge…to let bygones be bygones.

There was a time when Patrice hated Carla more than anyone she ever met.  Carla was victimized and vindictive about her fate–of single motherhood.

Now they are more than friends! They are FAMILY.

This is what the heart can accomplish in Anthony’s ten years in both of their lives!

Can you imagine how much the lawyers are going to STARVE when people finally get on with their lives, and live with their true essence–one of LOVE and not one of FEAR? (he laughs–ed)

Look at what happened to me and Carla when we were both incarnate together.  What happened to Carla was strategically constructed to ruin her–by the Illuminati (they were there back in old times as well).

Carla said to me, today, and I quote, ‘They must have done us a favor for look where I am today with you, and where we are as a couple. We are so close, closer now than ever!’

That meant so much. It really did. It warmed my heart.

So–for the record–do not let bygones be bygones…why not CELEBRATE their passing as they go along with the water under the bridge?

Both for yourself, and for others who have caused the pain and heartache in your life.

The only ones who are going to get upset, as it was in my time, and also in yours, are those who have ‘a little to gain’ from duplicity, conflict, negativity and strife.

They have HAD their time!

Now it is up to you.  The path is wide open and made clear for all of you.  Just pass right by as the ‘troubled ones’ wail and cry, and go into quiet reflection of who they are, and what have they done with their lives while they were incarnate? For everyone has their day…and right now, the time is right for YOU.

(he mentions the falling gasoline prices–ed)  They are crying over this part too.  (he smiles–ed)

Your future is limitless.

Count on your angels.

Listen to your pendulum and to your inner guidance.

You will find your way out of whatever situation you are immersed…have faith.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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