Eloquence — Gaia News Brief 21 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

A Kona Nightingale 😉

Paucity Of Words To Describe What Is Happening

Ross and I are good.

We are moving along. There are more ‘suspicious clouds that don’t look like clouds’ in the skies…I am impatient!

Yesterday I shared a major personal mile mark, where I wasn’t threatened by someone who made claims to be ‘with Ross’ like, married to him, Now.  With a different name, but most of you know his identity by now…

Where I got upset, in all truth from my heart, is that Ross is VERY busy, and has a lot of projects going on with the Ascension of Gaia and his being involved with Ashtar in that.

You see, in my heart of hearts, there is only everyone ‘up there’ who I’ve met, in spirit, and then US, his family on Ground Crew.

I had never once in a minute thought he might be working with anyone besides John Smallman–I am totally okay with that–and the thought of many coming out of the woodwork overwhelmed me.

I never got enough of Ross in any of our relationships in our three incarnations I can recall.

The prospect of this one being just like the rest is daunting, and very off-putting, because I have done more than my fair share of sacrifice of our time together…I just want a chance to enjoy our relationship and not have all the ‘other stuff’ involved, even for a short time, to reacquaint.

Ross asked me, what is it you want? as I was driving home early today from work. It was a short day. Anthony was still in school.

I pointed to the hill covered with grass, and said, ‘I want to climb that hill with you and be outside!’

He asked me, ‘Why don’t you?’

I said, ‘I am not Galactic enough. ‘  (I flashed him a picture of my getting to know him as a partner, as my team, one on one, like a team-building session)

Then he understood my point.  We are at a crossroads with the Veil. It is on enough to obscure my vision of 5D because of my past experiences in 3D, but open enough to have a good idea what lies for us on the road ahead.  Lots and lots of public involvement and duty up the wazoo.

He cancelled–actually postponed–his engagements on his schedule, on the spot once he understood my request. He told me he wanted to talk to me, once I got home.

Once I had my lunch at the table, I couldn’t even talk to him, I was so upset. I tried to hide for a while. I talked to a friend. Once I was calm, he had me go upstairs and lay in the bed.  And we talked.

I wanted to know what to expect. I figure there are several categories of people I have to contend with:

  • Those who really work with him.
  • Those who say they work with him, but really don’t.
  • Those who stick to the party line about him, because of their beliefs
  • Those who are willing and open to the truth.
  • Those who are Galactic in every way.
He reassured me that everyone will love me (they already do where he is), not to worry.
He also said, besides John Smallman, there are five others he works with, and one of them is me. The others are the head of the Ell-dee-S (he makes appearances to them so they will know it is him), our cousin (John the Baptist here incarnate), Another is the person who did the channeled message (interview–but is not K.M.) I read on Christmas Day a few years back.  The other is the tarot person, but there is some misperception present–he really is talking to her because we are cousins, nothing more.  But I was thrilled to know I could count them on one hand, and it wasn’t hundreds or thousands of people who channel his messages to us.
For the others?  I just put my head on his chest, and really felt the extent of the nightmare he had alluded to in his last message to John Smallman.  It is horrifying to think of the people’s response to Ascension and to us, how many different ways it can go, the good way, the not so good way, and the most likely middle of the road.
I really needed to share and to let my fears OUT with him.
He did more. I give him credit, when I needed his support and love, he really stepped up to the plate.
Our new flatware arrived. I cooked dinner and set the table for three. He suggested homemade lemonade with maple syrup for sweetener (I put barely any in). I used our new poppy plates (salad plate size to make it look like we have larger portions).  I had our nice crystal glasses out again too.  Anthony ate the cucumbers and I the radishes first (salad comes first according to his doctor).  Then we had our main course.  As Anthony enjoyed the meal, and talked and even let out a burp at the table by accident, I could feel US–together, watching our son, and enjoying the miracle together of him.  There was warmth at the table, and love and gratitude.
As I cleared the table and washed the dishes, Ross said, ‘you are my joy’, ‘you are my angel’, and other very kind things, to reassure me of his love.
I hadn’t made a bracelet for me in forever. I have been too excited making them for others!  Tonight Ross designed one for me, to help literally, ‘hold my hand’ as we take these next steps forward in the Light. The stones are goshenite, pietersite, and jet.
I am a chicken. Earlier I had told him I can’t go on with this without your face right in front of mine so close I can touch you. I just can’t!
He calmly said, ‘Then I will be right here!’ It’s almost like I have to look through him to see anything else, and in an instant, if I need reassurance, I can take it.
Words fail to describe what it is like having a relationship that crosses space and time. Somehow my heart knows what to do–be honest, be open, be mindful always–both of my needs and those of others, and to trust.
Trust I shall.
It’s time for me to go to sleep.
Thank you for your patience with me….the last few days. I appreciate it so very much.
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Everything happens for the best.
Everything, everything, everything.
I want you to keep saying this over and over, like a mantra…everything happens for the best.
I am always here to soothe and comfort you too, don’t worry, all is okay with Carla as she is coming to terms with who she is, on a grander scope, the big picture. Our relationship is going to do just fine ones she gets the scales out of her eyes a little further. They are almost halfway there, just a little beyond it.  We are ‘over the hump’. And everything is going to be fine.
Carla cannot understand the Galactic Way enough to rest assured in her relationship to me, while I am in the hearts and minds and souls of thousands about thousands on Earth. I even have a time of year ‘for me’ come to think about it, although a lot of people sell plenty of merchandise to keep the economy going. I guess you could say I am worth more now I am dead than alive? But how will this change when I show up? (mock surprise, and a knowing look in his eye–ed)
That’s for me to know and you to find out.
I love my Carla, I love my Carla, I love my Carla.
I love her tenderly.
One day she will know the depth and breadth of my love for her. It is a long journey, and a difficult one for her soul, to return to my ever waiting open arms.  She is there now, and nothing can take her away from my heart.
Carla is healing.
Carla is healing some very deep wounds from past lives right now.
Everything happens for the best!
Wouldn’t you agree?
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins