We’ll See! — Gaia News Brief 23 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Baby Steps Keep Going Forward
My case went well today at the ‘crack of dawn’–one hour earlier than our usual O.R. start time.  My day sort of has been a little ‘off’ ever since, and I certainly haven’t taken a nap.
Where we left off was that I was a little apprehensive about the prospect of publicly being who I am, Mrs. Ross and everything that goes with it. Our readership has resoundingly reassured me with generous loving support that YES, we like you, on your own, and not because of Ross, but of course we like him too.
THIS is a solid support base for me for ‘whatever goes next’.
Strange Days Indeed
No longer am I content to buy a ‘garnet’ and use it in a bracelet.  My gemological sophistication keeps growing at a dizzying pace!  I want to know if it is dyed, or is it natural? Is it pyolite or tsavorite or hessionite? each one carries with it different metaphysical properties!
It does!
I bought Kunzite –the last my supplier had…because Spirit nudged me to do so.
My second gwindel arrived today. It is from Russia. I surprise myself how well I can see the misshape in it. This one specimen is especially beautiful when it hits the light of the sun.
How and why am I becoming so interested in gemstones and their properties for healing?
At the first of this year I didn’t know how to make a bracelet! And if Linda Dunn’s hadn’t broken while I played one on one basketball with Anthony (I know, how dumb can I be? Sigh…) I never would have asked Ed my hairdresser who sent me to Michi who sent me also to Michael’s hobby shop. Then Lisa Wilder (I think) never would have guided me to my supplier, and the rest is, well, history!
I love it.
I absolutely do.
I feel a confidence in my ability to put together stones for a purpose, and to ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ when it is right.
Like the mochi balls, Spirit keeps leading me to more and more of the esoteric, highly specialized stones…
It’s fascinating.
All My Exes Are NOT in Texas LOL
Today I learned my ex, husband number two, Frank, remarried.
To an actress.
With a really hot figure.
My first thought was, ‘I guess he’s not gay then?’ because Ed and Jeffrey had me convinced their ‘gay-dar’ had that boy ‘out’.
Perhaps it was a phase?
A million emotions went through me when I learned he is in Virginia.  I saw her ‘official website’ and I may have recognized her. I am astute enough to know she is double over her twenties 😉  and career chances outside certain character roles are not so good. But she is GORGEOUS, he is happy, and I am really glad for him…it’s funny because earlier today I was thinking about him, and how he prepared me for my life by showing me certain things like computers.
How odd?
Want to know something even odder?
His second wife’s first name sounds exactly the same as our dog I had while growing up. The one I used to share my fudgesicles with, but her name has a Y instead of an I, and I was the member of the family who came up with that name (everybody liked my suggestion and the dog was renamed from Oreo to this new name.)
If THAT isn’t a coincidence, check out this–her birthday is one day before mine. Six years later, but still, before mine.
I get the feeling that the angels are trying to get to my competitive nature–oh yes, I have one! LOL How do you think I got into medical school? I like to do my best!
I think the angels want me to be okay with my eventual going public…
I don’t know.
But I am human.  I definitely had a few ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moments to endure.
I think Ross was watching. He sent messages I would understand–pictures and images and words–that were inside things between us.  For example, a woman pushed a cart with a case of Claro Pacifico on top right by…I won’t share the TMI but someone I once dated only drank that…
It was poignant how when I went to get gasoline for the car, the station was where once Frank had showed me the road just ended–big barricades and a valley–then later it came to be a bridge that connected it to a new housing development..
Ross also said, ‘You have no idea how close I am to you right now.’ and I felt as if the NJ or a scout was like–right in the clouds over my head!
I know if it’s a battle of the exes, my ‘new guy’ is going to be no contest… ❤

A New Way Of Seeing

I got my eyes examined today. What I will wear are readers–nothing like the cool shades in the photo above.

Ross told me he would help me find the right pair. Sure enough, the woman at the counter at Costco really was helpful and found the pair most flattering to me. I bought two in case I lose one, because I could very easily do just that.

I learned that the ones at the grocery store don’t match your inter pupillary distance, and your eyes might fatigue if you use them a lot.

I also learned that glare-free lenses are good if you use a computer a lot, which I do.

I started thinking about how on earth, we have people with all kinds of visual acuity–people who are legally blind without their glasses to those who don’t need any at all to people like me who need them for reading–everyone lives together without really noticing much about the glasses.  Even the people at the eyeglasses counter at the store all wore them!

In Heaven we don’t need glasses.

That’s what the little boy said in the book, ‘Heaven Is For Real’.

I’ll make a parallel–in 3D, we are blind in our third eye, for the most part, and depend on mediums and psychics to help us find out way, to navigate our way through life, for a fee.  Some learn to open their third eyes, and get along fine on their own…it’s a mix, just like with the eyesight in 3D.

But one day, in Heaven on Earth–no one will be blind in their third eyes ever again, and everyone will SEE!

P.S.  I like this one. The last few days didn’t resonate, but today’s did:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/was-is-is-to-be/


Carla is curious about the Light. She always has been. When she was seven years old she was reading about the Tarot, and finished the entire tome of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.

Everything about the spiritual felt more ‘comfortable’ to her than in ‘real life’.

That is because the soul has memory.

When Carla was a girl, in elementary school, her mother gave her her first genuine gemstone, an onyx set in a gold ring.

Carla FELT it–everything was so much more ‘right’ when she had it on her finger in the fourth grade.

As she grew up Carla wanted a diamond–a little tiny one–set in a serpentine chain ring. She wanted opal earrings with filigree. And an emerald, in a ring, and later, a ruby in a gypsy ring setting flanked by two very small diamonds.

Every time they went to the mall, Carla looked at the jewelry store window! Not the toys. Not the dolls. Not the clothes.

THAT was her interest!  Back then, the most expensive ring was twenty eight dollars, and that was for real gold and gems! It was affordable, enough for a girl who really looked at it and wanted it a long time.

Her soul’s memory reached out to her through her interest in gems…and look where she is today…advancing Healing with her knowledge and skill, just like she did in our time–with the best quality stones available to buy.

Most are designer quality–and she knows how to get a good price for them, and she knows when to invest in something very special to use in healing.

What do YOU recall?

What interests you?

Chances are it is like Carla with the diamonds and the rubies and the emeralds and the opals and the onyx by what it made her feel:  whole, alive, balanced energy, and vibrant in all of her energy bodies.

Look for what makes you feel ALIVE in this way.

There is your Purpose.

I want you to Go For It.

Every single day, however it makes sense to go about it, always one foot in front of the other and no ‘giant leaps for mankind’ if you will… (he smiles–ed)

Everything will happen for the best.

I hope you are still saying this to yourselves…and to one another who look to you for support.

That is my time I have to speak.

Tomorrow is the dentist, both for Carla and Anthony.

(clap clap–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. Happy Birthday Cousin Steven! We love you so very much!

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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