Ode to God — Gaia News Brief 24 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Luxury of Time For Health

Today was one of the random days I have off in the schedule because I work ‘part time’.

It’s a good thing, as I had forgotten to turn on the alarm. I woke up at six, which is ‘terribly late’–I wake up at four, usually…and lay in bed until six thirty.  I got up, dressed, and woke up Anthony. After this, we had a breakfast together at Starbucks before school, and my first appointment.

I had ordered a mocha and the frazzled worker in the rush got me a latte–I felt compassion for all of the workers, and didn’t say a thing.  I distinctly remembered saying ‘mocha’, because I wanted Anthony to taste it. (Coffee is good for fatty liver)  I’m a regular, and always get a latte. So, in a way, she did sort of get it ‘right’.  Keeping the peace and staying on schedule today for me was more important than ‘being right’.  My mom had sent in the gift card, and we were very thankful to be treated ‘long distance’ by her.

I saw my dentist! It was only seven months since the last visit! He is a wonderful man, I’ve known since 2001. The last time I was there I was upset a little because he talked to me about Frank, who still goes to him too. I recall now he had said Frank had gotten married and I had said something off-handed like, ‘good for him!’ and changed the subject.

I noticed when I talked to my dentist about the retirement planning meeting yesterday, he RELAXED. Both he, and the financial guy, are very comfortable with their investing, and enjoy giving advice…I see this is another layer of the Illusion, the preparation for old age, and making sure one is ‘makes the right choices’ and ‘has enough’.

The ‘check low beam headlight’ warning had gone off in the car last night. So I stopped by and bought a part from Service. I never have done this. When giving my address, the man said, ‘my sister lives on your street’.  Sure enough, I knew who she was, and when I showed him a picture of Anthony, he knew my son and where we live too! It’s a small world…

I also got the story for my sitter, who used to live in that house, of why the people moved.  They got a new home, they bought one, in the next city over.

I decided to make for our busy schedule, ‘dinner’ in the crock pot.  I got out my old French cookbook, and made a modified cassoulet. I also warmed up a lunch for me, and barely got out the door in time to pick Anthony up for HIS dental appointment.

He has no cavities.  And all the teeth are in, including the twelve year old molars. I recall the gums, then the first teeth, then losing the baby teeth. Now it’s done, he has his smile, and it’s really nice.

We got a haircut for Anthony to look nice for the funeral. Then I let him get two teeny Mrs Field’s cookies and a big milk when he asked. I skipped. We put a dollar into the massaging chairs and each had two minutes. Then we went home.

I had time to make appointments. This takes a while, especially when you are put on hold, something I could never manage while in the O.R.  I booked an abdominal ultrasound for Anthony, and also, a complete eye exam with my friend the glaucoma and cataract specialist.

The system REALLY is antiquated to make an appointment and get insurance authorization.   There has to be a better way.

By the time I realized we had to go, I scooped dinner for Anthony in a paper bowl, gave him a fork, and he ate in the car. I waited until I got home. He loved it!

I watched a drum lesson. It was neat to see what I’ve been paying for all this time.

Then I stopped by a store and bought sympathy cards and gifts. I have a funeral after a business meeting tomorrow first thing in the morning.

It’s funny because this is Jared’s grandmother who had dementia really bad–the ceremony and get-together are before Anthony’s basketball game. Both the coach and I felt whatever Anthony chooses is good, and whatever his Dad chooses–play or not play–is fine.

Jared sent me a text with a chilling energy signature. I quote:  we’re not going to the game tomorrow. Grandmothers only die once.

He has a complete and total misunderstanding of Anthony’s health–and why I would even suggest it.

Basketball is life-saving for him; the game is nearby, and he could be back to the party.  He would be gone for one hour. He would be present for the funeral and one hour of the party before the game.

Long story short–the Consciousness IS what it IS and it’s not going to budge one millimeter until the soul says ‘it’s time’!

This is why no matter how much you try to ‘connect’ with some people, it’s like speaking Greek and annoying to them…when you talk ‘spiritual growth’.  A good rule of thumb is to always wait for them to bring it up first, then you know it’s safe.

The Glass Elevator

Lately I feel like Grandpa and Charlie at the end of the movie, going in an elevator with Willie Wonka and blasting up and out the roof because the dang thing FLIES for crying out loud!

Who would have thought an elevator could fly???

I went to a local Christian store for the sympathy cards. The last time I was there, about one year ago, I was very uncomfortable with the ‘story’ that had been perpetuated by ‘man’.   Today, I realized that being separated from God is completely terrifying. Organized religion is a way for some to feel ‘safe’ and ‘connected to Source’–so they cling to what their parents taught them (note–this is a huge way that the control over people is done–the parents teach the behavior and it is passed on from one generation to the next. Remember the story of the lady who cut the end off the ham, because her mom did, and then grandma and great grandma did? It was because at the beginning the ham wouldn’t fit into the baking pan–but became ‘tradition’ instead?)

Long story short, I saw people seeing to self-soothe that huge VOID of being separated from God, in a socially acceptable way, according to their beliefs and their culture.

In a way, it is the ‘blind’ (third eye completely non-functional, except perhaps for some charismatics who have the Holy Spirit’s gifts) leading the ‘blind’ and who is there to blame for this?

This was a MAJOR huge obstacle lifted for my next steps, to see it as such, and to rejoice in what part both Ross and I are going to play in anything that is next to happen.

I sense a ‘feel’ for Ross that is very ‘close’–not just his energy and communication when he pops in, but also, all the time. I see funny shaped clouds that stay put and are over where I am heading for an errand, and I smile and wave and feel very much loved.

Today, in meditation, Ross had a funny look on his face. He said, ‘I have a surprise for you, a gift’.

It was a funny floating ball of water that was the size of a small cantaloup, but colored dark like pyrite, with a sheen to it. It was moving a little and hovering with ripples on its surface.

Ross told me to swallow it. He asked.

I quick checked with Divine Father, as it didn’t look right. I wanted to be sure! He gave a thumbs up.

So in one big GULP with my mouth stretching bigger than it ever has incarnate–my spirit mouth–I took it in.

I was told it was the remaining powers of the controllers. I had to ‘merge’ it with me.

Divine Father told me to take in lots of sun through my skin, and Universal Light–to dissolve it.  I saw it melt.

I jokingly and really, half-hoping and serious, asked if I would poop it out later as glitter rainbows? (meaning it was clean, transmuted to the Light).

What I was shown is that is evaporated in me. Inside. And I was calm.

Since it happened, I realize there is no us or them, we are One –and the only one who can judge is Creator him or her self.

Case In Point

Discern-o-meter alert! https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/boundaries/

  • the photo–a doctor setting up boundaries (it’s actually a nurse, by the quality of the stethoscope) and also, the hair would be in a bonnet because of the scrubs–is kind of ‘too close for comfort’ for me. It felt like, ‘stop whining Carla about your ex-husbands and shut up!’ LOL
  • boundaries–energetically there can BE no boundaries. You are you, I am I, and yet, our auras mix. We are a collective–of Lightworkers, or other things–and part of the larger Collective Consciousness as well.
  • I have forever to grow in spirit, and my only navigational tool is my feelings–my heart and mind working together to interpret them with my guides and inner knowing and angels.
  • No parent would ever tell their child to stop falling and learn to walk–they rejoice in the growth and direction
  • True spiritual growth takes two patterns–the ‘hint’ at the lesson that is ignored comes back, only LOUDER (perhaps an illness more serious than the ‘warning’ ?)–OR–it’s like ‘I thought I was done with that? Why is it coming back to get me in the A$%?’  True spiritual growth is in cycles–either one spiraling ‘down’ so one ‘gets’ the lesson, or one making ‘one last check in the hotel room to make sure everything is packed’ before checking out and going on to the next lesson on the way UP.  Each lesson is going to advance only as far as the spirit is able.  You can’t force it. The incredibly rising vibration on Surface Gaia are helping as much as anything can, while keeping the Free Will intact.
  • I was told about this before the blob with Ross, but didn’t read it until after. I went Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  Long story short–the energy signature was bizarre, it sounded like the pope not SaLuSa (if you know what I’ve studied you’ll understand and also the next point), and it’s saying, basically, to be open to the fact that ‘black is white’.
  • The mention of a name is also something very new, particularly the one mentioned.
  • The mention of ‘new technologies’ just didn’t sound like SaLuSa at all.
  • who is it? is it ego talking on Mike Quinsey’s part? Is it someone sending a message that was intercepted? I don’t know, but I’m not going to post it. Yikes!
  • There was prediction that towards the VERY end before Ascension, it would be hard to know what’s true from any of the channelers. To this I say simply, you know your earthly mother and father–you know their step, their voice, their habits, their energy–and could recognize them even through a medium if it was ‘truly them’ or not; imagine how even more you know your Heavenly Father and Divine Mother?  It is in your heart! So always follow it and trust it, no matter who you meet in any way, shape or form–and know that things change–so given a trusted source like Mike, give it the benefit of the doubt–and only pick and choose the parts that ‘resonate’ with you.  The Dark Ones WANT people to spit the whole thing out sometimes, to turn away. Everything out there is a mix–so plug in your Discern-o-meter to Source, ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones for help, and take it from there ❤  Journaling is also a great way to gauge your spiritual growth and progress too. 
I want my lady to have fun with me tonight. So she writes!  First she feeds the snake. Then she eats. She tries watching her old favorites Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune on TV (she can barely turn the system on, Anthony usually does it) and got bored. Did she make her bracelets?
She writes!
That is what soothes Carla at the end of a long day–the writing. Even more than her Twin.
For Carla, it is what she writes that is not as important to her as her connection to Source that she feels while she is in the act of writing. Her whole body tingles. Downloads, key codes and activation sequences are being given so you may read them and pick them up.
This is the reason why you search for Carla’s messages–they are ‘good for you’ in a spiritual way, mere pablum of sorts–to help you awaken to your roles as Ground Crew.
They are important!
But there is no rush.
Keep doing what ‘feels right’, and if reading this helps you, that is excellent!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple
P. S.  I had Carla light a candle for us. It is myrrh, a dipytique, and its fragrance is a delight! There is a lot to be said for aromatherapy and incense in your spiritual journey ❤  (Ross says this–ed)

P.P.S.  this is Carla–I wanted to spend the rest of the evening thinking about how much on my part is ‘Owed to God’–I am so lucky, so fortunate, and so blessed! I have Ross, Anthony, my work, all of you, and both medicine and Reiki. And the crystals! ❤

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