The Gift of 5D — A Memorial to 3D — Gaia News Brief 25 October 2015 by Reiki Doc


Today I am under considerable time restraint. With appointments on Friday, and both a business meeting and a memorial service taking up Saturday, Sunday is for catching up on housekeeping in time to be ready for Anthony’s arrival back home. He has a project that will take most of my day, including setting up a new printer.

Add to this that the 5D I see is hard to describe in words–but I am definitely going to describe it!–and I am left with a feeling of not being able to go in depth where I would rather explore new things as much as I can.

So think of this blogpost as a ‘three day tour of Paris’–not the whole week–and know as certain topics come up, I’ll go into them more.

My Colleagues

Eight o’clock yesterday morning I had to be there at the South Conference Room at the hospital. At eight thirty the guests from the billing company arrived.

I take notes. And sometime today I have to transcribe them for the group. It’s a lot of work. It used to be easier when I had long stretches of boredom on O.B. call. Today, I will have to simply type fast!

There was PEACE at that meeting. The billers were called in because cases were not being billed properly.  Some people weren’t getting paid for their work. It could have been a screaming match, if you know my fellow anesthesiologists and their money.

But it wasn’t!

The billers showed their part, what they do. In the past they got a billing ticket, and looked to the anesthesia record (one page) and the chart for supporting evidence to create the official bill that was sent out.

Now they get a nine page printout, and no ticket from the computer! And for split cases, it’s not clear.

I was able to mediate by describing the billing note section, in the new computer system, which approximates our old billing ticket–where I document the pertinent facts besides the time–so the billers know where to look. The surgeon, the procedure, anything I did like an invasive monitor–and both sides saw the wisdom of it and settled down right away.

It was clear there was a knowledge gap between the two, on what the computer can do.

And I learned I have to check and double check that all my cases billed on their report match the ones I send in myself–I have to take another form of responsibility.

The Memorial At The Big Local Church

I wore a black dress and pearls to the funeral for Patrice’s mom, Rachel.  I drove straight from the meeting to the mega-church. It is a huge campus. I got lost and ended up near the school, which was on another level of the hill.

I hoped the red memorial cards on the signposts meant where I was supposed to go, and I followed them, winding and turning all throughout the facility as I drove, following the signs.

Then I saw Patrice’s car, and was near enough. Then it was a matter of finding the right building and room!

Fortunately there were signs directing us to that, too!

Anthony came right up to me, and looked adorable in his suit, all grown up. His father had one on too, and Jessica his almost-fiancee wore a dress.

I was welcomed by Patrice and Pat, and immediately introduced to the family.  Robin whom I had last seen when Anthony was two (Patrice’s sister), looked the same, but had gone grey. Alan I had seen only once when Anthony was a baby. I didn’t recognize him. He has multiple myeloma, and had lost at least one foot in height…Alan is Robin’s husband.

Both of Anthony’s cousins, Blake and Briele, were all grown up, and taller than me. They were both gorgeous!!Last time they were small children.  I had tears of joy in my eyes to see them.

I met other relatives too, Rachel’s sister, and the cousins, who had come a long way just to honor her.

Anthony showed me the photo boards of Rachel’s life. I marveled at the photos of Rachel and her parents and grandparents, people I will never know,  whose lives helped to bring Anthony to me and make him who he is through their genes…

I was going to sit behind Anthony, because of the rows that said, ‘reserved’–and I’m not ‘family’ by blood or marriage…intentionally…yes, Anthony was an ‘oops!’…

But Anthony, bless his heart, asked and Patrice looked at me like, ‘how could you not, Carla? Don’t be silly!’

He was so glad I was there, Anthony…so glad…and he didn’t cry.

I did. To see everyone so sad, and to realize how each had their own lessons–the daughter who arranged for all the caregiving (Patrice), the daughter who didn’t but has a huge heart  and is overwhelmed with her husbands’ condition (Rachel), the son who couldn’t come because he is in a place where he is not permitted to leave, and sent a letter, and the ‘oops’ sister who is fourteen years younger than the deceased–finding herself all alone….

The Sales Pitch

Ross was with me the whole time. He has been with me all morning, and I felt him near me throughout.  He was pleased, very pleased, of our infiltrating this ‘cell’ of negativity ten years ago, and turning it–the angels did more work than me, I’m sure–into a wonderful, welcoming family I could enjoy.

Anthony also was very pleased to have me be acknowledged at last, and welcomed. It is good for his heart to see me talk with his other family–so it becomes HIS family, one family that includes me and not two families–one with me and one without.

Well the pastor talked about Rachel’s faith, and how she was born again.

I had all kinds of red flags go up when he said that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to get into Heaven–you have to ask Him into your heart.

My heart said, ‘what about the Jews and the Muslims and the Taoists and the Buddhists and the Bahai and those Spiritual?’ And I suppose the Catholics too, because they don’t say that prayer?’

I said the prayer.

I say it every time.  Just in case.

But this time I gave honor to my Twin, honor that is more than due, and I delight in honoring him and his work for all time.

What no one in the room knew, and only a handful of readers may appreciate, is a vortex of change has been building over the last week. It is gaining momentum and growing bigger and faster like a whirlwind of energy.  It is bringing the Full Consciousness to the world, all the surface population of Gaia. I won’t tell you HOW it does it, but the handful of readers will know. (These are my students in the Study Hall–these few)…

It ANCHORED during the memorial service to the location of this mega church.  I felt it and saw the energies–and to my spiritual ‘eyes’–it was greater than a Category Five ‘storm’ in energy, whirling and growing, and firing up the grid of 5D to everyone who ever once had anything to do with this Church.

The book, the Purpose Driven Life–has touched lives all over the world! It is translated into many different languages!

So there you go…

At the same moment in time, the same location, you have the pastor with the well-meaning and well-intentioned perpetuation of 3D, in a room, like always (he had us keep our eyes closed and raise hands to see who said the prayer)–and the massive, sudden shift of the ages going on through the same ‘connections’ in 5D–without anyone knowing it at all. The two dimensions ‘overlap’–and I can see them both ❤

The ‘Pastor’

Connie is a close friend to Robin, and came. She is of another faith. She told the pastor, ‘I’m not Christian and you did a good job!’ because she wanted to acknowledge his sincere wish to make a nice service for Rachel and the family.

She spoke later with me and another guest, who is a realtor too.

Connie’s spirituality reminded me, as a physician, of people who look things up on the internet but haven’t actually gone to medical school…

She was interpreting things, and I can’t recall them, but your can see how her beliefs are a part of her, and she was applying them to the situation to ‘correct’ the pastor’s views–but the energy of it wasn’t any different than the pastor thinking his was was the only way.

Does this make sense?

And both were light years behind Ross and me.

At our level, there are Spiritual Truths, and everyone clearly recognizes them.

So for example, there is the ‘born again’ view that everyone has original sin, there is the catholic (realtor) who ‘picks and chooses’ and would never pin sin on anyone without seeing their choices, and then Connie, who says, ‘we are born perfect’…but to Ross and I, we understand the Veil, the power of Co-creation, and the hierarchy of Heaven and how Heaven does the work (with a lot of councils! I may add–LOL).

Already, both Connie and Jeannie the Realtor have a sufficient level of Consciousness that brings the pastor’s claims into question.  They are open and working their paths and lessons well.

Always be mindful that in the grand scheme of things, there is always someone with a little ‘lower’ development in the Consciousness department than you, and also, someone with a little ‘higher’–as we make our way to Full Consciousness together…respect and honor each one for where they are, and give thanks for them and for where you are in your Consciousness growth too.

Advice from One Inside Organized Medicine

My first boyfriend Tom, a PhD meteorologist,  posted a photo of Patricia, the storm, with the bulls eye appearance–privately to some friends, and said, in his career, this is not good and very rare.

It was a warning.

An insider tip.

I’m inside of Healthcare.

Yesterday I talked with someone in Durable Medical Goods. And another who is the wife of a Physical Therapist.

I also know the wife of the owner of a local ambulance company.

These people are barely able to keep up with business as usual–it’s changed so much due to Obamacare and regulation–that it’s only a matter of time before they close their businesses. They work all the time to make ends meet, and see twice as many patients for less.

But the business expenses don’t go down, they go up, in running their businesses.

There never has been a better time for Reiki, and for Healers, on the planet.

Let Spirit guide you gently to where you need to go.

I ‘sense’ my ever growing passion for crystals and beads–is preparing me to be in the right place at the right time when Healthcare as we know it changes unpredictably even more, perhaps suddenly!

You are going to be in the right time and the right place for this too.


It’s time for breakfast. Since Anthony isn’t here, Carla gets a treat–one organic ‘pop tart’ toaster pastry.  Shhhhh!

There is a lot in here, and a lot of movement.

There are people who are looking to her (points to his temples-ed) ‘spiritual assessment’ of things–Jennifer Farley is one of them, she is of the Creator Writings. Carla’s silence vexes her, on the last two. She writes earlier and earlier in the morning after Carla’s ‘critique’ of her work.

To both postings, as a couple, we answer ‘yes’ to the first ( and ‘we agree’ to the second (

Carla made a vow to me last night.  She said it five times, in the words exactly as I asked her to repeat:  ‘Ross you are a part of my life now’.

We are One.

Together for all eternity.

There is only a short distance between us across dimensions, but as Twins our relationship can span anything–even from one end of the cosmos to the other, it would be for us just like picking up the phone.

Carla is ready for her mission, her next assignment.

Are you?

Carla has been working very hard on her Ascension. Carla spends a lot of money, and always has, when it comes to her spiritual growth. Imagine how she is with Anthony–if there is a book he would like, Carla will buy it for him without question, because it is good for (he points to the right side of his head–ed) Anthony’s education and learning…it will help him in his development, and later in life.

Even if it’s a stupid book with pictures and eyeballs that move like the toddler book ‘Max the Fish’…for a two year old, this kept him engaged and enjoying reading.

A long time ago, Carla as a young married–to Mark, of course, in Berkeley–started to be ‘drawn’ to not one but two metaphysical stores in her area. One was the Moon and Star in the Rockridge section of Oakland, the other was a Gaia type of store but Carla just checked–she forgets the name, but it was by Shattuck and Vine and doesn’t seem to be in business. It was right next to Lo Coco’s, for those of you who are in the area and want to know.

So Carla was Catholic, and went to mass every Saturday or Sunday–and learned from an overnight sleep over with a group of spiritual women about ‘Primal Catholics’–ones who merge the old ways with the church.  And along with that whole movement, Carla’s spirit brought her to Runes, and Medicine Cards–which she still has today.

Everywhere she would go–Medical School, Residency, Travel–Carla’s first look at the area was to get the phone book and look under the Metaphysical section. She had to KNOW where it was, and perhaps, if she had the time, to stop by.

It was her hobby without knowing it was her hobby, and like with Anthony, for her ‘baby self’ who was just starting to grow, within her budget, if she needed a tool or a deck she would simply buy it.

If it was outside her budget, Carla would simply wait until she had the funds, and later go and buy it.

Her choice was to stagnate or grow, when Spirit offered her some new path to take, for example, runes–and Carla always make the choice to pursue that which would help her to grow.

It wasn’t an option to her NOT to make the sacrifice of her money, to grow. And as a newly wed, and later, as a medical student and resident, Carla had very little money. Less then than most of you.  Carla cut her own hair to save money. Carla wore ‘gently used’ clothing, to save money. Carla politely declined on every other opportuinity to go out and to socialize with her fellow students–to save money.  Carla took Jazz dance/HipHop dance classes on campus instead of the ballet she loved–because that was all she could afford during medical school. But for spirit? Carla spent gladly.  She also donated a portion of her limited funds to her place of worship, too, every week, because as a Catholic she wanted to support those who were more in need than her.

That was her priority.

This was over twenty-five years ago!!!

And only NOW we see the fruit.  (for YOU it will be much quicker–this is why Carla is blazing a trail for everyone to follow).

Yesterday Carla wrote and questioned about the quality of a channeled message, from a Channeler she trusts. I won’t go into the inner workings, but, change has happened without Carla doing a thing:

Mike had been thinking of this all along, and her actions, through following her heart, lead indirectly to him reaching a ‘tipping point’ in a decision he has been wanting to make for a long time, to retire.

Everything is connected. There are no accidents. Your feelings are valid and to guide you to your growth.

Carla is with me, in my heart, and I love her most dearly.

It is just starting to dawn on her just how much all of us where I am, and all of you, love Carla for her heart, and her courage, and her willingness to continue on her Journey.

Carla has reached full consciousness.  Just the other day.

When you feel the Love–you are ‘on the other side’ of the Ascension process. It is complete.

And this FEELING is never going to leave you, or disappear, or go away.

You will still have your life’s work, and your lessons and your life choices–but it won’t be a burden or a battle to you. It will be more like a fun game. And the rewards will be higher, will be felt, each and every time you accomplish another lesson! It will be quick!

And the LOVE will be surrounding you, from all of us, and from Gaia, Lady Gaia Sophia, for all eternity.

This is our ‘signpost’ for you.

(he waves and smiles goodbye–ed)

Now, Carla, go and have that toaster pastry, and get to work on your printer!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple