With Teams — Gaia News Brief 26 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Network Through The Veil

Last week I set the intention to tear apart the Veil of Illusion which separates us from the Higher Realms of our Consciousness, one thread at a time…slow, but steady, and FORWARD movement instead of staying in the same place.

I liken it to prisoners who dig a tunnel at all hours of the day and night in order to escape.

Today, and yesterday offered the example of how teamwork is important–through the Veil, above and below, from one Ground Crew to another–to benefit the whole.

Mama Isabel

I tell her everything. Even when I have a funny feeling but I am not sure. She is an excellent sounding board and I trust her for her advice.

As the Twin Soul of SaLuSa, I came straight to her when I had a funny feeling about the message from her Twin through Mike Quinsey.  The energy signature was different. The message was too. Should I believe? Or was it a fluke? Or disinformation?

She checked. With Divine Father and with SaLuSa.

I had good reason to feel that way. It was true.

I admire her for having the courage to send an email to Mike, to question him about what he channeled, was he sure it was SaLuSa? Is everything okay?

It turned out that Mike himself had his doubts about the quality of his channeling for some time, especially after his stroke.  He had been thinking about retirement. 

Her letter was the tipping point, and helped him to finalize his decision to retire from channeling altogether.

Can you see how the network of Ground Crew  cross referenced, checked above and beyond the Veil for verification, and then chose to act upon this information?

In this, I truly believe, was Isabel’s first assignment on earth as Divine Mother incarnate.

Thank you Isabel for your strong work!

The Project

Anthony set himself up to fail. He is a complex ten year old. He has to go to many homes, this was his father’s weekend.

All last week with a delay for the project due to a family emergency on the teacher’s part–Anthony played and played once he was home! My homework is DONE mom! I read at school!

It turned out he was supposed to ‘research’ for forty five minutes a day, but he didn’t have any materials, so he did his work from home, the reading, and let the project wait.

Last weekend he couldn’t find articles online. He got frustrated. So I did a search and printed articles. Mid week, I let him into my photo site to select images for his poster to download.  He also did a little writing, and practiced his speech a few times–three minutes the minimum on the dot.

He perked up last Sunday when I took him to Michael’s Hobby Store for the materials….I realized he is visual, and can’t imagine in his mind’s eye what he wants without some THINGS to get him thinking.

It was doom and gloom before and I wrote about it.

Well this weekend, was the tears.

I had already spent three hours getting the new printer installed, and the driver on each computer.  It’s not easy with our system sometimes–we like Macs–for simple stuff like that, because they are designed for other operating systems. I downloaded the app but then I had to upgrade the phone to iOS whatever…the app didn’t work so I did the computer, yada yada yada. I finished just in time for the drop off when he came home from his dad.

While Anthony played with the bunny, I printed all the images and put the handout images to be passed around into protective plastic sleeves (the brand? VIKING! LOL).

All he had to do was type some captions. I would cut and paste–literally-onto the poster board for him.

And it was a meltdown like I see every single time:  he gets to feeling that he needs someone to call the shots so he can do his work–and if he gets a notion he is going to fail well he just quits.

I had to say ‘what do you need to do?’

He said, ‘Everything!’

I asked, ‘What are the PARTS of ‘everything’?’

‘I don’t know!’ he said through his tears.

I had to break it up into the PARTS–you have your bibliography you need. You have it, right? And the images, you have them too. And the poster board. What else do you need? The speech? It’s done.

The only thing he needed was the captions–and he had forgotten the project over the weekend and he didn’t know what to write.  His first draft was: This picture is of a viking ship (no capital for Viking, no period at the end of the sentence–things he was reminded to do LAST year.)

Ross told me to give him some of his candy, the vanilla jelly bellies. Anthony said no. He didn’t like the jelly bellies. But I said, ‘It’s Ross honey, please?’

He liked them.

I saw his blood sugar go up. He perked up. The poor child was starving. I knew what to do.

I also knew Ross said for me to take him to In and Out for dinner.  He said which one.  We left after we talked and he wrote a little…Ross also had me fill up the tank with gasoline, at a gas station a short drive away.

Ross said to me early on not to worry, he would take care of it.

I trust Ross.

After dinner, I had Anthony lay out the images the way he wanted. I said I would ‘cut and paste’. He did ‘the design’.

Then he worked. He even re-wrote the captions, and found a beautiful script font for them.

I was upstairs working the printer while he sent the files from his computer–the last one said, ‘I love you Mom’ in that beautiful script.

While I cut and pasted, I saw Ross at the end of the table, watching. He said he was proud of me, that I am a good partner and helpmate, and I do a good job, even when I cut and paste and glue…

I told Anthony Ross was there. Anthony didn’t see him.

But I had proof Ross really was there…

As Anthony quietly finished the project, he was singing out loud to himself, something I’ve never seen him do. He was singing that song about ‘pumped up kicks’ from last year.

Thank you Ross!


My air conditioner is still broken. It’s actually the ‘central part of the heating and cooling that is not working. It’s been out since September 7, and three crews have thrown up their hands in defeat–while the insurance company sends letters that say this job is going to take over thirty days and that’s that so don’t complain.

I called my cousin Ken who works in the Air Conditioning Business. He’s had to get on the phone before to straighten things out for his fiancee, Karen, who also has the same insurance company for appliances and things around the house.

I had tried to send him an email before, but I had the email address wrong.

He said he’s been waiting for my email.

He’s got my back.

I am so glad for him.

I have cousins too, who are my soul cousins–they are incarnated angels and archangels–and we help each other too, in much the same way.  We cross link through the veil, much in the way our earthly cousins and family helps us too.


Carla has her tools, and her resources, and patience by the boatload–she had to have it when she lived with me! (he laughs–ed).

Carla is working toward her freedom from the Veil.

If is takes all day, all week, years–Carla is like, ‘Whatever!’ and she could hardly care–as long as she knows she is moving in the right direction (makes hand like a Karate chop and extends it to the front of him forward–ed).

That’s what I like about her, her resilience.

And also her honesty.

You know what she told Anthony today?

She said ‘I used to judge you by MY benchmark, in your academics, but that wasn’t fair, because you are not me.’

Further, she added, ‘The only expectation I have for you is for you to do your best, every single time.’

She shared how for her, school was her job and she liked to excel. She wanted to do her best, to BE the best at everything, and it was fun for her, a challenge. Put the pressure on and she could think clearer and more precise!  It also helped she grew up very poor in a rough neighborhood that was not safe–she knew through hard work and study she would find a way OUT…

She acknowledged how Anthony has a hard life in a different way. And if he likes the perks of their very unorthodox schedule (a constantly changing call schedule for her work assignment, that is superimposed with visitation with the father of Anthony)–perhaps he might want to seek ways to make it work for him?  To take the planner and look for ways to make time for the tasks he is required to do?

What she didn’t say in her share with you, is how Jared and Jessica continue to break her heart through their unkindness to her son.

He has neglect.

And it is affecting him, in his self-worth.

Anthony’s father did not take him to his basketball game because ‘he did not want to miss the party after the funeral’–not ‘he did not want Anthony to miss the party’–he Jared did not want to miss the party. He knew–Carla had told him–that Anthony had wanted to go play with his team indent let them down.

He didn’t care.

Anthony wakes up at six, right on schedule, and his father sleeps in.  The alarm clock goes off at nine, and the father doesn’t hear it. He wakes up at ten and stays in bed with the door closed until noon.

Anthony found some turkey and fruit at nine, and fed himself.  When his dad got up they each had ‘a quick bowl of cereal’ together–when it was time for lunch!

Jessica’s behavior is even more perplexing to Carla, and painful:  she wakes up at eight and has to go to work at nine, and only makes herself coffee and leaves the house, saying ‘good morning’ to Anthony but not once lifting a finger for the child who is hungry and isolated under her own roof!

She walks right past him–every single weekend, because as Anthony says it, ‘she likes to sleep in and doesn’t get up until eight twenty and has to be at work at nine.’

Carla sees clearly that to this woman, who is in no way a wife and mother candidate, ‘it’s not my child!’ and therefore there is nothing she is going to do because it ‘isn’t her job’. It’s HIS kid. And she ignores it.  Just walks right by…and she wants to be a nurse! Of all things, right? Where is the ‘caring’?

Anthony feels like it is no use to fight it–his father’s ways.  He took the dog out by himself twice for it to relieve itself. And as Anthony says, ‘I ALWAYS pick up the poop.’

According to Anthony, the only good thing about being at his father’s house, is the NFL ‘ticket’–where they can watch games. But unless it is one his father is interested in, especially for his fantasy football, he won’t let Anthony watch. Even if it’s the Seahawks, Anthony’s team.

In THIS Carla trusts me her heart.

Carla doesn’t understand with her mother’s heart how any of this can be GOOD for Anthony–not one bit.

Not even the ‘karma burning factor’–it just doesn’t cut it in her heart, in her soul…and Carla is getting very frustrated and sick and tired–just like from the diaper rash in the past–of spending the week healing Anthony of his wounds, only to submit him to have his father exacerbate Anthony’s condition week after week after week.

Jared lives in a world of darkness.  Jessica is just as ‘well-off’ as he is, his–what do you call it when you are living together and not yet engaged? It will be one year of living together in one month–at Thanksgiving.

I can cut through that.

I can walk Anthony through the terror, and the isolation, and the pain.  Carla knows this.

But ONLY if Anthony chooses to hear me when he is in that terrible, rough situation!

He hears me FINE when he is with Carla, or when he is at school, or when he is in trouble on a scary rope climbing thing…

But at his Father’s home–where he should be WELCOME, and in fact he IS, in as much as Jared can open his heart–he has ME–he has Carla to text, or even FaceTime–and he just shuts down.

Do you?

Do you ‘just shut down’ in the face of ongoing misery and defeat?

Or are you like Carla, where you fight back?

All of us are here to help you (waves hand to show the row after row of Ascended Masters–ed).

How can I get through to you in your heart?

Are you living in a world of darkness like Jared, and can’t wake up? Even when you hear the alarm?

Are you living in a world of duty, so much so that you ignore the child in front of you who is hungry and making do with a father who is neglecting him–and contributing to the abuse because your heart is so empty inside and closed that it will take ME standing right in front of you in all my glory to open it?

(he spits–ed)

What good is this?!

Why did you come to Earth to study if you are going to close your heart?  What can you learn if you don’t open a book and study?

Your Heart IS your lesson book!!!


You do not have to be like me, or even like Carla!

I want you to be like Anthony, our beloved child–and always do your best, every single time, no matter what.

No matter if you are hungry. No matter if you are neglected. No matter if you are in a rush and very late for work. No matter if you are facing death–and some of you are, with your end-stage diseases!

If you are facing death I want you to try your best to live your life, while you still have it left–with an open heart…one that acknowledges and has gratitude for what is right, the good things, the blessings–even if they are few and far between, each time you spot one I want you to say, ‘Here! There it is!’…

Even if you are not dying too. Well, technically, all of you are, for every single day is a gift from Source.

I have been on my soap box waving my arms long enough.

I will let Carla go.

She has an awfully long day tomorrow, and is not looking forward to it. The only thing she has to look forward to is to practice opening her heart–first with me and also with Anthony, then with her colleagues and patients, and then her readers, and later, with anyone else who finds themselves in her day.

It is a long life,and an extremely joyous one, for us. I love her, and she loves me, and in all in all this we are most blessed!

(clap clap–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

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