My Beautiful Surprises — Gaia News Brief 27 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Beloved’s Gifts

I got to work on time. I was able to not only make breakfast, but pack lunches well without having all the things I need or the time to ‘do it right’–it stretched, it worked.

I fed the rabbit before work too. She gets hungry.

My first case cancelled.  I helped another anesthesiologist place an arterial line in pre-op holding. It is awkward on a gurney without an arm board like in the O.R. I held the arm in position and handed her equipment with my spare hand.

Then I got an extra case. But no one could get the i.v. We called the PICC line nurse, who doesn’t arrive until one hour after our start times.

The one I helped, chose to help me!  She placed the i.v. in my patient, and I was grateful.
(Both the nurses and I had a ‘swing and a miss’)…

My patients did well.

I enjoyed working with my surgeons.

Surprise number one was a cash case! A colleague had tried to trade line ups (the same one I had helped and who had helped me) to get it, but I didn’t know it was cash, LOL. My angels were definitely watching over me!

Surprise number two was my dinner. On the drive home (it was late) I said to Ross, ‘I am HUNGRY!’ He asked, ‘What would you like to eat?’  I said, ‘I don’t KNOW!’–and he felt my energy, and suggested, ‘Would you like someone to make it for you?’ I said yes, that was exactly it, I wanted to be nurtured…

He asked me what I would like if it was just us? I imagined a galactic restaurant, all romantic, but then, home where we live in the higher realms, on the couch…I said, ‘You could push the button on the replicator and make me something great!’…He said he would choose. And he did–I realized a place I hadn’t thought about. Both Anthony and I had turkey, vegetables, and mashed potatoes with gravy–comfort food. This was a new dish at the old place. Anthony and I have been there before on Ross’ suggestion, including Mother’s Day Brunch.

In the car Ross had told me to buy a beer at the restaurant. I was like, ‘huh?’ I drink wine, not beer. I enjoy beer, but I worry about the carbs in it.

He wanted me to get the blue moon one–I had seen the most wonderful and amazing moonrise where the moon looked HUGE as it came up over the horizon.

On the label was special art–a couple, the guy in front, riding a paper ‘crane’ in the sky in front of the full moon.

It was us! I was so delighted to see it! It was a special twentieth anniversary edition, and totally random, the label…I’m still smiling to think of it now.

Talking Turkey

Ross and I are hitting the nuts and bolts of this Galactic thing. On the first half of my commute, I spoke to him from my heart, in ‘tongues’–and he spoke back. I understand but can’t remember what I say, and what Ross says too. We both speak it.

Then we spoke in English because I had questions:

  • Do you get hungry up there?  (not really, not like here)
  • Is there pain, up where you are? (it’s different, not like here either)
  • Do you sleep? (there isn’t night and day, but there is a habitat–and often people rest)
  • Are they taking good care of you? (that one I ask in all languages, every time!–yes, they are)
I also am seeing things and asking for freedom for people:
  • who commute in horrible traffic like me
  • who are stuck in tall buildings doing things somebody else wants, not what they want
  • people who have chronic disease
  • animals who have no habitat
Case in 3D:  my friend has a live-in boyfriend who is blind in one eye. He is an engineer, and his brain can’t put the eyesight together like another would (she has two eyes fixed one for distance and one for up close–and is fine).  He is still grieving. It’s been one year.
His sister had cataracts put in early and a retinal tear too. But it was small and they were able to fix it. She can still see. He can’t, not in that one eye.
But he’s not ready to ‘be old’ yet. He’s very active, and wants to ride his dirt bike. He’s fifty-five.
Every month or so, depression hits. Hard.
He’s talking suicide.
He’s talking, ‘you will be well taken care of’ to my friend.
She can’t take it.
When he gets in his moods, she goes upstairs and tells him why. She says, ‘I’m not going to take this–I can’t–it hurts too much.’
He bought her roses.
She sets her boundary, and is also thinking about moving out–because she knows this type of outburst is not healthy for her.
Is THIS what Creator asks us to do? On a regular basis? I don’t know…all I can tell you is in the Higher Realms, there ARE no boundaries–except with Ross being an admiral people follow certain protocols to interact with him…stuff like that.
Everyone has intuition, and everyone more or less ‘gets the picture’.
They are all on the same page.
Example in 5D:  I have one and only ONE boundary–everything that is lower than 5D, I tune out.
Want me to get sucked up in your drama?  No. I will anchor and stand firm, being supportive, but not letting me energy get derailed by you.
Talk to me of the latest TV show or movie?  It’s embarrassing but I kind of stop listening. I just smile and anchor again.
If I were in my friend’s shoes, I don’t know what I’d do.  I’m more of one to fight fire with Love, which is an even STRONGER fire, if not the strongest one there is.
I do know a lot of downloads went through me (tingles) as my friend and I spoke about her man–who was in the other room watching the TV. It’s odd because he has hearing loss–it’s severe–and that doesn’t make him upset in any way. It’s the EYES that do. It really is.
By the way, when Ross comes to me–this blind one is the first healing I am going to invite Ross to help me do. I know, I’ve tried it! I’ve prayed and Reiki I’ve sent, requests have been made and fulfilled…with nothing!  I know it’s been done, and I want to see it done again, Spirit willing and if it is for the Highest Good. (yes I’ve used the codes too–I suspect this is a Life Lesson for the friend).
Just Dance
The dancer’s instrument isn’t exactly the body, or the costumes, or even the shoes.
It is the FLOOR.
Ask any dancer.
Did you know at the Kirov, the stage is ‘raked’ so it is at a slight tilt, with those farthest from the audience a little higher than the dancers in the front?
Did you know some dance performances are on crappy stages–which hurt the dancer’s feet?
A real stage–or dance surface–it built to withstand the movement and absorb the shock from the jumps so it doesn’t hurt the shins. The best have a ‘raised floor’ with a grey expensive material all over it, a cushion of sorts with a grip for the feet to dance.
Dancing ballet is a constant working with the muscles of the feet and their connection to the floor.
It’s fascinating to me; I adore dancing.
For some reason I just thought you should know, about the Earth under your feet, and how to really ‘connect’ to Gaia, with every step you take being mindful of the interaction between your feet and Her, just like a dancer.
I sent them to their favorite burrito joint. There are about a million of them in Southern California. Everyone likes burritos. We up here just can’t understand it! They eat them for breakfast filled with potatoes and eggs. They eat them for lunch, for snack, for dinner….
But not my Carla! I had her eat turkey, and have a beer.
Carla had a fascinating conversation in the break room today with a nurse about the boy she raised, her son, her sister’s child (sister was on drugs)–he is having mental challenges from the methamphetamine use.
He is paranoid, schizophrenic, and has thoughts beaming into his brain.
She told him it isn’t real.  But to him, he insists, it is!
What is it that is going on?
Are there really thoughts being beamed into their brains? Or is it something that is perception, although distorted?  Is it all made up, looking for attention?
In a way, it is all of the above, and yet, at the same time, nothing of it.
Everyone is learning their lessons. This one picked the one on Substance Abuse and addiction.
Everything has its reason. EVERYTHING!
Now Carla will get her rest.
(he dusts his hands off, once against the other–ed).
I wish you all, and my beautiful Carla dear, a hale and hearty Good Night!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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