Wonderful Things! — Gaia News Brief 28 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Thoughtful Husband

Yesterday was yet another day where I was taken advantage of financially at work.  There was a case cancellation in my line up. the surgeon wanted to ‘go’–so there was a swap in the room lineups. I got someone else’s, they got mine.

But theirs had better compensation than mine.

So at one point, he wanted his lineup BACK.

AFTER I had done all the pre-op work, inhaled lunch, and waited for one hour, he told me he wanted to switch rooms back, and our boss agreed, making me wait, unpaid, another hour.

This type of behavior is so severe at my work, that the surgical technologist who works other places told me that other places talk about how malignant the group is at my work when it comes to the money.

It’s ‘legendary’.

So, after one very small case, a ‘ditzel’ case with medicare reimbursement which is very low, I went home.

On the way home, I wanted to go and mail a bracelet to Mexico. I needed to stop home first.

Yes, I ship internationally.  It was actually three bracelets, two ordered ones, and one as a gift from Ross, all three of them together.

But as I approached the freeway exit, Ross got in a strange but happy mood.

He wanted me to go to a store I’ve never been before, Cost Plus World Market.

I used to go, but rarely, and not since it changed location.

At the store, I ‘sensed’ my item of interest from him was on the left, but the cart and Ross seemed to want me to go to the right.  So I looked at the whole store first.

Later, when I was calm, I worked my way to the other side of the store.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw a small wooden cart with about six shelves on it–with wheels at the bottom! It looked like a large letter tray on wheels.

It was for my beads! Nice and sturdy.

You see, it takes a while for me to set up when I work.  I have many baskets, plastic trays, and boxes filled with beading materials. And at night when I want to go to bed and have to put them away, it takes forever to do so, carrying things back and forth, back and forth.

This cart would be perfect! And it was elegant too. What I liked about it most was it’s design with metal and wood. And the wheels are good quality.

I never felt so loved, to have someone so close do something so very thoughtful for me.

I’m grateful.

An Enjoyable Night

Once home, I picked up the mailing things, and went to the Post Office. Everything got sent, and I had something special waiting for me in the P.O. box–a gift of Masaru Emoto’s work.

Then I went to the grocery store. Ross was helping me to make dinner. He told me it would be something I cook that would be even BETTER than tacos! tacos and burritos have the carbohydrates from the shell or tortilla wrap).

I found good things in the produce department. Then I got the milk for Anthony. I read labels.

Then I found this cute, adorable piece of pastry-wrapped brie cheese, with a pastry ‘spider’ on it for Halloween! I took a picture, thinking I would never buy it (I LOVE brie!). But Ross encouraged me to get it.

I also found the rare spinach feta organic chicken sausage–I try to avoid big animals and stick to fish or chicken for our health (Anthony is a meat-eater, and psychologically it damaged him if I didn’t eat meat, hard to explain, but after eighteen months vegetarian, I now officially ‘eat very little meat’.)

So dinner was the sausage, sauerkraut warm, garlic olives, and sliced cucumber. A VERY low calorie meal that was flavorful and also filled with probiotics. (one chicken sausage has only sixty calories).

For dessert–yes, we had dessert!–I baked the brie (it ‘melted’ c’est la vie!)–and had fresh sliced apples and pears, medjool dates (only 29 calories each, and invert sugar in it, not sucrose, Nature’s candy), and fresh pineapple slices.  This had fiber and fruit sugar, but not too many carbs

I was laughing, and singing, and joking–things I normally do when I am well-rested, and feel ‘safe’ at home–safe to know work won’t call me, and I don’t have to rush.

Then after feeding the pets and cleaning up the kitchen, I made three bracelets–one for a lady gynecologist friend, one for a receptionist (this will control the blood sugar, she’s diabetic), and one for an incarnate archangel with Isis helping me design it.

We watched Ferris Bueller’s day off–it’s a masterpiece and one of my favorites.

Then we went early to bed.

I knew this https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/streams-of-illumination-move-hue-manity-into-next-levels/ would come out, too. And it did.

The other one, I used to post, but has been ‘diverging’ with my intuition–I’m not even going to post here.  But it said, and I repeat, ‘don’t stare at the small screen too much, participate and enjoy life’.

The pope said that. The old one. The one before this.

He did.

Through that small screen I found my star family, and I connect and work with them closely to this day.

Through the small screen I found I am not alone, I have friendships with like-minded people, and we are on track with being able to predict when the new Gaia Portals come out too.

When your inner guidance tells you to go to that screen, for your growth and development in spirit, DO.

Remember the key codes and activation sequences that are embedded in everything I say, do, write–even my picture??? (why do you think my smile makes you feel so happy when you see it? Hmmm???)

They are good for you.

So if you hunger for them, don’t let some guilt trip on participation in life make you stop getting the spiritual food you need to complete the Ascension process.

Your inner guidance will direct to you this, but also, to everything else you need for your lessons and purpose.

Keep it balanced and you will grow.  And soon you won’t need channeled messages any more. You will be directly plugged in to both Source and your Higher Self.


I’m glad Carla liked my special gift! Anthony carried it down the stairs for her too. She could enjoy it, and not sweat the little things.

It is beautiful, and I can tell Carla is very proud of it.

I want you to know, Carla won an auction.  On a stone. It is called Leucite and is from Vesuvius. It is a powerful spiritual stone which Carla shall put to good purpose to help YOU. She has a grid. (he smiles).

I want you to know a little bit about her, my wife, my soul mate, my Twin Flame…

Carla buys little for herself.

He clothes are all from Target or the discount store–she never goes to the mall, not for clothing, but for shoes. It is Anthony who gets the brand name and the designer suit.

Carla doesn’t even have a suit any more. She wore it to court for her custody and got so sick of it she threw the whole thing out!

While I was at the store with her, there were many things she wanted.  One of them was a Lavender-Rose scented body cream and matching liquid soap that was on sale.

Carla didn’t buy it.

It was much to her delight, but she didn’t feel like she deserved it, or that it was worth the money to spend it on herself.

This is Carla’s programming I am working to unravel at the moment!

Carla’s father, Richard, was raised in the projects of Boston. He bitterly complained about it his whole life–having to work to sell newspapers to pay for his own clothing since he was twelve.  How his parents hid and hoarded their money in the mattress while the family  of four kids was starving–‘for their retirement’.  How people stole his bike from the front of the house, and he had to shine shoes instead of deliver papers on his route…

For Richard, there was never enough of anything, plus, other people always had it better than him, and he was ‘wronged’ because some of his sisters had money from their investments and all of his went bad!

Carla received her lessons in the power of manifestation at an early age from him.

I am working to overcome it.

Carla went outside her comfort zone and auctioned for the Leucite stone–and outbid a nasty bidder.

He went up one dollar, all the way from five dollars first bid to ten dollars, at the start.

Carla said, ‘forget this’ and did a secret, higher bid to run in the last ten minutes.

Someone else, a collector, jumped in at the end. They took it WAY up–all the way to forty two dollars.

That is when they quit. And Carla won at forty-four.

Carla applied her basic ‘drive to success’ that got her both into and through medical school–which was very expensive, but education, and that’s where all her money went. She paid for all of her housing and supplies and tuition herself, with loans she has since paid back…–Carla focused on her goal and wanted to win.

There is not much that can stand in the way of my wife when she sets her mind to it!

So can you.  You can adopt this laser focus of my wife, her determination, her consistency–look at her rock solid record of writing every day, sometimes more than once a day–and our healings that she sends for free–for five YEARS!

How is that kind of track record?

Can anyone online exceed the quality of information that she supplies, and the staggering quantity of healings to just about everyone on the planet (I exaggerate)–day after day after day?

Even when she is on VACATION?  When she was in Paris, she writes! How about Hawaii? Or Canada?

Wherever there is internet and wifi, Carla writes to you.

It’s because she loves you.

She wants you to depend on her–she is not like a carton of milk which has an expiration date in two weeks or more…

Carla is not like me who is ‘here and gone!’

(he taps the ground–with his hand–ed)

Carla is everywhere you look. Carla is always writing. Carla is sending bracelets and making them with love, most of them as gifts to friends and family and herself–she has about a hundred of them in her room–each one has been used and ‘outgrown’ –to guide her own growth and spiritual development.

Carla practices what she preaches!

And she loves with all her heart.

Everyone is special in her book! Me, her husband, and guide.  Yesterday she said a prayer with love for all the fat people–asking for their suffering to be alleviated. A little fat boy, with a heavy backpack, was struggling to run on his way home from school, and her heart opened wide wide wider than it’s ever been, and Carla was filled with compassion, not only for this boy, but for all those like him who are youth and experience being teased, and for not being able to enjoy their bodies and run.

Then she extended it to all who have been heavy in their youth.

And she extended it more to all people who struggle with their weight.

It is a terrible burden to live with–and in her prayer Carla asked for these people to have healthy bodies and time to do what they enjoy with them–and for their nightmare to end.

For some, it isn’t a nightmare–they accept it–so whatever ‘size’ a person is, Carla requests for their body to be HEALTHY and have opportunity to do what it is made to do. And not wear out from the mechanical strain on the tissues.  (she saw a knee completely worn out this week, and even a joint replacement is not an option, because of the massive weight it will fail in two years, and be completely worn out…)

These kinds of prayers Carla sends to me–and all of us–every single day, and she never even writes about it.

Carla can heal thousands of people with a blink of an eye (and her Reiki symbols she draws with them).

Carla can attune hundreds of people on the internet, all at the same time, and many will experience their hands getting hot–with the new flow of Reiki.

Not everyone can do this.

It is harder metaphysically to do this than it was for me to walk on water. It takes more energy, more discipline, and more skill.

I had the ‘flashy part’ and no, Carla isn’t going to be attempting it in the future (he laughs at his own joke–ed).

But I want you to know Carla is a powerhouse.

She is doing her best to bring that power to YOU, to heal YOU, and to empower YOU–to get you on your own two feet with Ascension and adapting very comfortably to the Higher Realms.

Many of you do not even know it.

Now you do.

I want you to have comfort and trust in the way things are, and how Creator has provided for your needs in all of this.

Including my own.

All of it, these many gifts are from Carla, and I love her with my whole heart.  I want you to see with my eyes, when it comes to her powerful work and love for all who know her.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins