Grey — Gaia News Brief 29 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

I have no clue what this thing is LOL Anthony picked it to illustrate his big project

Long Day

I’m on call. I’m at home. I’ll keep it brief.  Good day, good cases, nice people all the way around–doctors, nurses, teams.

We Are Medicine

It wasn’t easy to get where I am today. It isn’t for the nurses, either. Because I chose to stay on at the hospital where I had trained, and I stayed for eight years…a funny thing started to happen:  the nurses in ICU started to get wrinkles and dye their hair–the ones who had worked with me as a resident in general surgery.

I was like, ‘hmmm…they are starting to show their age?’

Little did I know a career in medicine, although special, and rewarding, in so many ways–isn’t forever. And once you get ‘mid-career’ where I am now, things change. Really a LOT. So you brush up your skills and make do the best you can.

(One of my surgeons introduced me to every one of his patients as ‘the best in the planet!’ today!)

Lately, a I have noticed another trend at my work:  the surgeons who were new when I was new, are starting to go grey and not cover it.  There is like, a LOT.

I read the ‘thank you for my retirement party’ cards today on the bulletin board in the dining/kitchen area of PACU (the recovery room). It’s my favorite place to hide and eat in the whole O.R. I went there between cases and had one piece of pumpkin bread because I didn’t have dinner.

Have you ever been so hungry you can’t get the food to your mouth fast enough?  That was me tonight at ten thirty after the ‘one hour case’ that stretched to three hours.  I had a little lunch left over–I ate fruits, jerky, nuts–as fast as I could. I ate with my fingers standing up.

Anyhow, dramatic as my life is, it’s not going to be forever in this capacity.

While I am still ‘One’ with conventional medicine, to earn my bread and butter, I may as well savor the passing of time, with all it’s ‘color’ and the memories that go with it.

I’ve forgotten all of my training in the part with the discomfort of going without sleep and always working.  I’ve forgotten the faces and the names. But I still remember overall, and some patients too.

My Prayer

The husband of my patient had a mal-formed left hand. It looked like tiny useless fingers on a stump.

He used the stump anyhow to put something away, his wife’s glasses, into the case. It was functional, that stump.

I was deeply moved with compassion for all those who are not ‘whole’.  I said a prayer in my heart for all those who suffer not only from congenital anomalies but acquired problems with their bodies too.

They have to compensate, and I’m sure the lessons are very ‘rich’ for the soul…but enough is enough. Isn’t it time, we, as a collective, get to a place in this moment Now where everyone may enjoy their bodies as in the original plan?

I saw this powerful story too–  I am thankful for this beautiful soul who is an awakener, and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I wonder…do vegetarians and vegans choose abortion?

The reason I bring it up isn’t to split hairs or pick sides.

The reason I bring it up is that so many people fight for their causes–in this case, the animals, and walk right by those impoverished…or support war…or turn a blind eye to the vast suffering of those abused…the children?

When our Collective Consciousness opens up, to the point where ANY suffering to any sentient being is intolerable–then we will have Peace in the world.

My Request

Today there was a suggestion for a healer’s group to do healing projects and assignments for Gaia.

Lady Gaia Sophia gently encouraged the members of this group to redirect this well-intentioned effort back to their own Ascensions…and to focus their healing to look within.

It always makes her shake her head at the prospect of so many people imposing their concept of ‘healing’ on her without ever once inquiring what she might prefer to invite them to do for her?

She had a very long discussion today with Divine Mother about why people do not typically follow her example of soul healing and growth, as shown in this blog, day after day, always feeling and releasing whatever is holding her spirit back…

Their conversations are always monitored, Gaia and Divine Mother. By the Galactics.

This is their eloquent and timely response:

She couldn’t have said it better herself ❤

So–we are One–and our energy connects to everything on the planet.

If we–you and I–clean up OUR side of the street–won’t our neighborhood–energetically–be so much more pleasant and beautiful and serene?

Thank you.


That is a plane.  I have lots of patience because my hobby, and once my profession a long time ago, is working with my hands.

I have built Carla a wooden ship that I packed and hid and gave to her on our honeymoon, a long time back, in our different lifetime.

I have also built her a magnificent cedar chest, the kind she had hoped for her dowry but her parents couldn’t afford in this life.

It’s in spirit, but I made it both with my heart and my hands for her, much to her delight!

It always relaxes me to work with my hands.

Did you know while we work on something we enjoy, with our hobby (as long as it isn’t drinking or games of chance)–we relax, and when we relax (with the TV and movies and music OFF) we meditate?

That’s right!

We get to know our inner selves, our interests, and our gifts of focus and skill, and patience too–with our hearts?

It’s almost effortless.

So–go take a walk in the neighborhood with your earphones OFF.

Why not work in the garden?

Of possibly crochet or knit?

All of these things, even cooking, which is what relaxes Carla very much, much to my delight! (rubs his belly–ed)–put us in the same meditative state as sitting in lotus position and saying ‘OM”!

Just saying…  (he clicks his tongue, and shoots a finger ‘gun’, and smiles to make his point–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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