Threadbare — Gaia News Brief 30 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Nightgown

I have on my favorite one. My Nana Angelina gave me it as a Christmas present in 1996.  She actually gave me a check, but I went to a really nice store to buy it for myself from her as she told me to do on the phone. She wanted me to have a new nightgown.

It is a white flannel Victorian style, with embroidery in white.

I love it.

It can’t make it through the washing machine any more, it’s too delicate for the Delicate cycle.

It has a giant hole at my shoulder and new holes are sprouting up faster than I can sew them.

I don’t see a thing, because in my heart, this is my nana hugging me when I wear it.

No nightgown like this will ever be the same.

It’s MY nightgown.  And it doesn’t matter to me how it looks.

I have other pajamas to wear that are in good condition. I wear them too. But only when I don’t need a hug from my Nana, who passed two years ago…after a long illness where she wasn’t really herself for a long time.

I love Nana.

Advanced Byron Katie

‘Turn it around!’  ❤

If you haven’t read the work of Byron Katie, you might wish to. She is a beautiful shining star in my spiritual growth and development.

Now, when I am at work, and things are not going well, it’s the last case of the day, I am sleepy, I want to go home, and it is taking forever…I say to myself, ‘Well, THIS is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn patience, isn’t it?’.

I am peaceful and calm. No longer does the situation vex me.

There was a time where such things that were out of my control used to put me into a panic!

Turn it around.  Turn it around. Turn it around.

The Plumber

Yesterday the plumber came to the house to do repairs. Two showers were broken, one faucet more broken than the other.

I came home during the visit (someone had been in the house to let them in).  I worked on the computer.

I heard large quantities of water squirting everywhere downstairs, and him running up and down the stairs in a hurry, trying to fix it. And his going outside to turn the water to the house off.

I didn’t budge.

I used my powers of thought.

I had only one thought in my mind–Fix It Today.

He came to me, and confided there was a problem.  I was calm. He could only fix one and had to plug up the other and come back next week ‘on the schedule’.

I smiled and told him my concern, calmly, and just once.

He spoke to his boss–I didn’t know it–and he was given permission to delay the next appointment to fix the whole thing.

He is supposed to repair parts, but to save time, he put in both new. And he said the difference was twelve dollars.

I think the company saved that much more for time for him working, you know?

He was puzzled at how calm I was the whole time. He asked, ‘Didn’t you know?’

I said I knew. And I asked, ‘is there a flood?’  He said no, it was all contained in the shower, so it was okay.

He still wasn’t sure why I didn’t panic over the water leaking everywhere while he worked?

I explained about my work in the O.R.–and I only panic when it’s the red stuff ‘leaking everywhere’–compared to it, water itself is pretty tame, so I don’t get all excited over it.  He understood, and laughed, because it makes sense.  I was happy, like him, that everything was fixed in one day–and that a part that usually isn’t ready was in their supply storage place, and he was able to get it.

Manifestation works!


It is a speck–a ‘thumbnail’ specimen, from Bolivia. I bought it online. It arrived yesterday in the mail.  In my Crystal Bible book, by Melody, it’s a stone for the heart chakra, and helps one to become ‘un-stuck’ in one’s journey.

I am giving all these healing properties, and more, through this stone to you.

Don’t ask me how I accomplish this, I can, and I do, and I know.

Just trust that I am always sending healing to you, one way or another, and I enjoy looking for new ways to share all this healing with you.

One of the reasons I never say anything more than the name of the stones when I make a bracelet for you, is I ask Spirit to help you discover the meaning that Spirit has in mind for you.

I know the meanings.

I put them together like a remedy for you.

My intuition and Spirit guide me.

Always look things up when I tell you the names of the gemstones I put in it.

In this case, I looked online, and the meanings were pretty lacking, so I explained just the basics.

I recall when I first learned how to make a bracelet, while I was on a video chat with Isabel–I could ‘see’ Ross and Ashtar and a whole room of Ascended Masters, sitting and watching with interest.

I thought it was odd, very strange.

I blurted out to Isabel, ‘What could possibly interest them about two women making bracelets together as a hobby to pass the time so we can go Home? Don’t they have something better to do?’

Now I understand.

They watch sometimes.

Once I saw them watching in the physical. When I went to lunch with Andy last year, there was a group of about twelve men seated at a long table with a view so everyone could see us. They talked but I could tell they were watching.

I went to use the restroom, and one tall one with an energy signature kind of familiar to me, walked by and looked me in the eye–picking up my energy signature. I think it was Ross–but not looking himself–just to check things out. Perhaps they were avatars? I don’t know.

But it was shortly after I saw that man who could have been Ross, that I remembered who my dear cousin in a past life was, and how he died. I started crying openly, and saying over and over, ‘you didn’t deserve that, you didn’t deserve that, you didn’t deserve that! You deserved better!’ (Andy was our cousin John, who died a horrible death, with his head cut off on the whim of a horrible woman, in our past life together, him, and Ross and me.)

I suppose this is fascinating what is happening, with Ascension.  And ‘angels unawares’ may be more often than we think.


I popped up to where Divine Father usually is, and asked him to play backgammon with me.  I asked if he gets tired of his office where he sits, and he said, no, he has access to all the experiences of his children, so he is never bored or lacking.

We did go to a different room, where we could both sit.

As we played, I said, ‘Aha! God really DOES roll dice!’

He smiled and said he does ‘only when it has a purpose.’

I have many of such experiences when I meditate, but there is a reason for me to share this one with you today. During the game, I suddenly burst out in tears, and asked in horror, with my whole heart, ‘How could I ever leave You? and Home?’.   He was immediately concerned, and soothed me with a hug.  I cried on His shoulder, asking, ‘How did I get where I am? What happened?’

He explained that there is a reason, a very good one, and I am doing a good job at what I am sent to do.

He said all of us are here for a reason, it is no accident, and even if we can’t remember we must know in our hearts everything is happening for the best, and it is Good.

I stopped and looked him straight in the eye, and asked, because I needed to know, ‘Will this ever happen to me again?’

He said no, never, and it won’t happen to anybody else ever again too.

It helped.


Many many many things are happening. And not with the crystals and with Carla and her remembering her true gifts.

They are happening all over the world.

What happens when they occur for some before the others?

Wait and see.

Now for Carla with the plumber, he is going to remember her. For her calm, for her Peace, for her trust in his abilities to fix a Valley faucet which is very old and he has never done before in his life.  But he DID do it, with a few phone calls to his boss. He was happy for the new experience, he said.

Now for Carla with others,  it’s not so clear cut. Carla is turning it around–looking through the wrong end of the telescope, so to speak–to extrapolate the daunting task she has ahead. She gives thanks for these two most recent individuals in her heart as her ‘data points’ from which to extrapolate the reactions to the awakening process of others who are more asleep.

She trusts.

Carla is noticing a difference between those who are more comfortable working with the ways of Spirit, and those who although in their lips they agree, it is through their words, their hearts and their actions, that there is evidence that there is a little bit of growth spurt in spirit that is yet to take place.

This gives Carla the self-awareness she needs at this time.

There is no making the assumption, ‘they are like her’–(waves his finger side to side–ed) not again.

There is one, two, three who are incarnate, to whom Carla  can share her heart, openly, with no questions asked. They are of comparable ‘bandwidth’ to her. For this she gives great thanks, and joy, and sees her blessing for what it is.

For the ‘stragglers’–they shall get there. All of them! In ‘their’  time and place.

Fortunately most are ‘in between’ and all are generally moving in the right direction at a pretty good pace.

For those who are also close to her, Carla is watching with interest, with the trained eye of a physician, for the course of the process–mental, physical, spiritual, of the awakening to Full Consciousness like her.

No one is quite where she is, but the three are very close, and the others, a few steps behind.

‘Ascension symptoms’ notwithstanding, no one, not even I, knows exactly what to expect. All of our teams are on it.

So Carla gives thanks for the opportunity to see clearly, with both eyes (points to them–ed) her physical and spirit ones–the awakening process up close, first hand–as it is taking place.

And it IS!

So…our recommendation for you, is to BE the Velveteen Rabbit. Let LIFE, the process itself, be your ‘boy’–who takes you in the garden, and leaves you out in the dew overnight, who holds you when he has illness, who talks to you and plays…

Allow your LIFE experience to take you exactly where you need to be, to go, and to do.

It is only through interacting with others who are on your path, and daily checking in with Source through–I call it loosely here, ‘meditation’–that you will move forward (gestures with hand like one walking–hand fingers together, pointing down, and arm moving forward–ed) and discover All There Is for you to know.

(he smiles very peacefully, calm, and with love–ed)  Even for those who believe I am whatever is most convenient and plausible for you to believe…something ‘logical’ and ‘acceptable’ to your heart and mind and life experience.

I will wait.

With Carla at my side.

And I will comfort her as no other.

I will soothe, watch, and guide my Twin–heart of my heart, same soul as my own (only different in the cooking and beard departments! he laughs at his joke–ed)…

One day you will understand ALL.

Until then, enjoy! I want you to have fun with the new discovery and experiences.

Something like this doesn’t happen every day. Not where I’m from, anyhow.

(big smile–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Friends
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