Time Warp — Gaia News Brief 31 October 2015 by Reiki Doc

Zero Point

I picked up my laptop. I haven’t used it for a while. My last time was September 19. The energy in all my open tabs–this, DWR–was SO different!

I think this one is right:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/nothing-is-moving/

I Love Anthony

He has worn the same costume for three years in a row–even to the school parade.

I am so blessed he doesn’t complain about it. I know Halloween means a lot to him. We just never have time to shop.

I have to make you laugh for a minute.

His one and only new Halloween anything this year, was a gift, a really scary gnome for the garden.

His idea to ‘decorate’ was to put it on a corner on the front porch, and mark it ‘unsafe’ with the police CAUTION yellow tape.

Our new neighbor thought the PORCH was unsafe!

I had to point out to her the bloody gnome with fangs in the corner, and my son’s creativity.

Work-ee Work-ee

It was a short day today. I had just enough time to run errands and eat. i didn’t eat lunch again today. Somehow the misery is a little less miserable now.  It’s hard to explain.

Contrast:  The Goddess and The Schoolkids

My tax man and financial adviser I have known for  twenty years.  I had to go in and sign some papers today.

What is unusual is that his assistants have been very deeply spiritual people.

The last one left to go into massage therapy. She didn’t really ‘like’ her boss, for his ‘loving money’ ways, and couldn’t wait to quit.

Terri is different.

Terri would never ‘talk spiritual’ to you for one minute. But she loves animals! With her whole heart and soul, and is very knowledgable about them.  She has soul.

Today we talked about killer whales, an orphan baby sea otter from Monterey who was shipped to Chicago, named Luna, the San Diego Zoo (cats, rhinos), and crows.

She FEEDS the crows outside the office three times a day.  No WONDER why there was so much bird poop in the parking lot! I had noticed it the last time I had come in.

I actually saw one looking for her over her shoulder through the window as I signed my papers (I’m putting all my retirement accounts from my many many jobs into one place).

When she showed me how she feeds them, she was triumphant–her energy was so pure and angelic!

She has never been married, and is very simple in her appearance.  The only giveaway before the crows, was her interest in my bracelets. She has Hawaiian gold too. And I promised to make her a bracelet.

She offered to pay for it.  I said, no, it’s okay, it’s my gift.  As we were talking about hers, it was the first time I had a past life of a client flash before my eyes–I SAW Egypt and her!  It was cool. I’m going to enjoy making it for her.

By contrast, when I went to Starbucks for my four-o’clock lunch, Ross guided me to sit outside and eat my salad.

OMGosh! The filthy mouths on the kids around the corner, out of eyeshot. These were LITTLE kids–like grade school/middle school.  They were talking about kissing girls and a girl said, ‘I kissed a girl!’…the F bombs were flying…it was about as low a vibration as it gets. I could sense them jockeying for social position. It was an excellent wake up call to where our kids are today.

I’ve seen a pattern in children’s programming to make the adults seem stupid or incompetent or absent.  I think it’s starting to bear fruit.

The Diabetic Bracelet

Our OR receptionist/scheduler has type one diabetes and wears a pump. I saw she wears crystals around her neck. So I offered to make a bracelet for her.

She loved it, when I gave it to her today. She loves that I made it.

It has muscovite, citrine, and tourmaline in it.

It will help with her condition.

I may make more and make them available to my readers. Keep watching!


Carla is worried about when she meets me what she is going to say! (he laughs, and is flattered–ed).

I talked to her about it.

I have a plan:  I’LL talk, first, and I”LL be the one to ask her questions.

Sometimes women are a funny lot–even when they are your immortal Twin!

(dusts off his hands-ed)

Everything is happening at the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

I and my teams are in control–we’ve really got a handle on it.

So you might as well just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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