The Disruptive Technology in the Healthcare Industry by Reiki Doc November 5, 2015

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads. Everyone agrees. At conference this week, an expert who is an MD MBA anesthesiologist foretold of a future with bundled payments, and the Perioperative Surgical Home model to bring cost down and quality up. This expands the scope of the anesthesiologist to include patient care outside of the operative suite.

The prospect of physicians and hospitals competing for their compensation ‘piece of the pie’ is depressing…

And when he brought up a new concept to me of the Disruptive Technology, something inside clicked.

His example was a graph of the camera industry, with growth and technological advanced going up steady as predicted over time.

In the middle was a black line that curved straight up, far surpassing the rest of the old technology, the ‘status quo’.

It was the camera on the cell phone technology.

As the quality kept increasing in the cell phone, sales and interest in conventional cameras is down.

Who even buys a conventional camera any more?

Energy Healing is a disruptive technology.

Even in another speaker’s talk, about Enhanced Recovery from Surgery (ERAS), where they shave inpatient days off the hospital stay by managing all aspects of patient care, including early bowel recovery of motility to help patients eat…amongst other things–the anesthesiologist speaker brought up ACUPUNCTURE as a way to ‘enhance healing’ overall.  He showed the acupuncture point for nausea, and spoke about the Chi…

Reiki, Acupuncture, and other methods of working with the life force energy ARE the Disruptive Technology because they can’t even be measured by current methods.

Here is a start:

The work of Masaru Emoto is another, in measuring very high energy changes in the shape of water crystals, depending on the music or words to which it is exposed.

With his Hado Water, Dr. Emoto, who is not a physician and insisted that his clients continue standard medical care while he treated them–Dr. Emoto found twenty four energy parameters he could measure on the individual at a certain point in time. He would create healing HADO water with the exact opposite spectrum of energy to ‘cancel out’ the disease and bring a new steady state balance to the energy. As the energy would shift over three weeks or so, he would re-assess the measurement, and give new HADO water. (Treatment would be a cap full of the treated water in a glass of water once or twice a day).

In this manner he healed many, most remarkably a congenital heart disease–cardiomyopathy–in  a one year old girl who was given a poor prognosis to live. She completely recovered and has grown up, and is leading a normal life.

All the way around, Reiki and similar techniques will enhance healing and recovery, using the body’s own self-healing methods. It will lower cost. It will shorten hospital stay.

And in some instances, it is possible, that like Hawayo Takata herself, who leaped off the operating table and at the very last second cancelled her gallbladder surgery, only to find Chijuro Hayashi, and Reiki, with after several weeks of treatments, experienced total cure.

In the hands of conventional healers, Reiki, and other forms of working with energy like it–enhance care.

In the hands of healers from all areas of Energy Medicine, patients experience comfort, caring, and balance which is fundamental to healing itself.  Patients are empowered to experience their energy, to heal imbalance (Dis-ease, as some call it), and to work through their blockage.

Ultimately, healing will take place on the energy imbalance long before it manifests itself in the physical plane–the tissues and cells of the human body.

As more and more people discover connection, relief, and healing from their illness through enhanced healthcare–conventional healers who are double-trained such as myself–and through energy healers such as aromatherapy, Qi Gong, hypnosis, biofeedback, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Reiki, light therapy, healing with sound, crystals, Quantum healing, Thetha Healing, and the like…we all win.

It doesn’t have to be the dire limited resources doom and gloom that one speaker predicts; with the emergence of advanced healing technology, through energy healing techniques such as Reiki which cannot be seen or measured, but can be felt and experienced by the patient…it is only a short time before it will be like the cameras on the cell phones everybody depends on every day–and we will wonder, how did we ever live without it?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc
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