Joy And Then Some — Gaia News Brief 9 November 2015 by Reiki Doc

It isn’t black and white, the personal experience of joy.  For some it is triumph over anguish and despair, like our Beloved Dr. Bret Bachelor, who writes this for us today:

It isn’t what we think it will look like, as well. It wasn’t for Bret.  It isn’t for me.

Last week in Kaua’i was a difficult assignment for me. The energies there are not the same as some other places I visit. I went in cold, and had to get used to the energies of the land, the hotels, the people (those who live there) and the tourists.

As a psychic and medium, let me tell you there are many ghosts.

MY ghosts from my past took precedence, first and foremost in my mind.  It was my first time back since my honeymoon in 1988, and also, two years after.  Seeing where it all happened really hit me hard, very very hard. The beautiful Sheraton hotel was in ruins, and then rebuilt as a Courtyard Marriott.  The ultra fancy Westin, came back as two properties, and I actually was staying on one of them–both are owned by Marriott.  There was a noodle shop that was where I had my first saimin bowl–although it had changed location, the owner and the recipes much to my delight were exactly the same.

I grieved.

I grieved the loss of my first marriage, my being a young and beautiful, bride…

I also grieved because of my lost career as an Associate Professor. I came face to face with the man who chose not to renew my contract (although there was no reason to cancel it, my work was good).  I came face to face with one of my old teachers and colleagues–the pain had been so great at the abrupt loss I had actually pretended not to see her. But she came up to me. And then there was my resident I mentored, who was left behind, and she graduated under HIM.

I saw he was a sad man, and his career isn’t in the best at my old work either.  I was able to cut the cords.

The others, who were closer? The colleague she hated that man, and boycotted all his lectures.  The resident? It was just awkward, but we were friendly.

I grieved Ross, who went uncannily SILENT.  I couldn’t understand where he went, because usually he talks to me throughout the day, and not only when I share his messages here with you.

Somewhere in my heart, I had the feeling he would just show up, and make everything right, and I would be off to a new start…

It wasn’t.

Today, Ross is back. I had panicked almost, and hit the button so many times I thought it would break, the one I wear around my neck to summon him when I need him.  He would arrive but for very short sessions, and go.

I couldn’t understand what could take him away, or why, and how there wasn’t even an explanation of when to expect him or what was going on…it hurt.

Today, I left work early. He told me to stop off at the crystal store. I found a beautiful silver colored pendulum with an OM on it. Ross is one of my Karuna Reiki Guides. I am so glad to find it.

Then he showed me a Lord of the Rings tarot card set, and had me do a reading. It was five cards.  In it, he explained how I acted at the right time–(something in Council–long story), but there were so many options they had to figure out which was the right path to go, and now it’s settled. The outlook is good.

I found an important glitch in the plans for Gaia and her people, a treaty of sorts.  It’s fixed now.

But he also said, about Kaua’i, I had to go there and heal my past. That’s why he couldn’t be there. The trip was for me, to sort things out.

And I did.

That’s why today, I feel joy, not because of what I thought would be what my Joy looked like.

It is because I am here, all is well, and I have a little rest between my lessons.

F You!

I have to talk to you about the rage.  It’s the one that comes AFTER Full Consciousness.  I felt it.

I felt it long and hard and strong.

You know why?

Because I figured out all the tricks and the rigamarole and the assault on humanity by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I saw it all.

Mind you, I have been EXPECTING to ‘know’ and to ‘accept’ it hands down, the Full Truth, easily because after all, I had studied it, and followed ‘their ways’ as one aware of ‘their tricks’ for a LONG time.

Nothing could have prepared me for how angry and upset I got to know just how much worse it had been than I imagined.

So–even if you never once in your life had a problem with anger management–once you reach Full Consciousness, don’t be surprised for that little ‘bump in the road’…it passes.

And remember, anger is like their gasoline that makes their engines ‘go’–so don’t hang onto it.

Just process the emotions, feel what you have to feel, and move on to the next thing.

Everyone Is On Their Own–Discern-O-Meter 101

There is a lot going on out there in the world of channeled messages right now.

Remember, the Dark Ones have a way to mix a palatable ‘blend’ of truth and lies.  They want you to get into ‘the insiders scoop’ on ‘what’s going to happen’.

The fact of the matter is, it’s you, and your own heart, that are going to help you find your way.

Even with a few trusted channels, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart can not only affect the message given, but they also can affect how you perceive it–what message comes through to your understanding after reading it.

What is important is to enhance your OWN direct connection to Source.  To get to know and trust your own Discern-O-Meter, that feeling of ‘right’ that resonates in your chest when something is ‘right for you’.

That being said, also note that one man’s ‘right for them’ might not be ‘right for another’.

Tempting as it is, don’t share. Just do your own thing. Keep a journal of what your guides tell you.  (Mine is here on this blog! 😉   )…

Know that Spirit is helping, the Light is stronger than what resists it, and everything will be much better than it is now at the end.

I was just speaking with Brandon the owner of our local crystal shop. I said, ‘It’s getting pretty busy and crowded here, you know?’ — he agreed. It’s like all these little signs are out there that people are waking up, he confessed.

Case in point, a woman came into the store and asked if they sell the water fountain in the front, or ones like it? She said, ‘it just called her in’–she looked at the large crystals, and touched them, and asked about the lighting (from behind, not under, the crystal Brandon showed her).

And SHE might not have known it, but her Higher Self did, and when she walked into the store, she also got a ‘whiff’ of the energy of Ross and me. ❤

If she can follow her guidance without even knowing she is, imagine how much more you who have been reading this blog, are going to be able to do?

Ross wants you to know you have a place in the stars, and each of you are as important as each star, for you too shine the Light of Truth, the Light of the Ages, for thousands, every single one of you, in your heart.
Good morning! (he stretches and covers a yawn to make a point–ed).
Carla is awakening!
(he cups his hand to his right ear, smiles, and moves his head as if scanning for sounds–ed)
I can’t hear you!
Pretty soon the Alarm Clock is going to go off.  The BIG ONE.
Those of you who are kind of cozy in your warm beds are going to have a lot of work to do.
I’ll make the breakfast for you (I see a griddle with hotcakes and things on it–ed)–you are going to do your best work, in your own way, and that’s how you were sent here to Gaia Surface at this time, at this place, to begin with.
You got the job!  With your credentials as awakeners in the cosmos, you earned it!
It wasn’t easy.
And what Brandon and Carla were talking about today is only the eye of the hurricane (or should I say, the Him-i-cane?–he laughs)…
(He holds his arms wide and smiles–ed) and everyone will have a great big hug and kiss from me! On the cheek, for the kiss, because Carla won’t let me kiss anyone else but her  (he laughs good natured-ly– ed).
(He waves goodbye…he has to go.– ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Twins