On Love — Gaia News Brief 10 November 2015 by Reiki Doc

In My Space
Yesterday I was able to get time to go home before picking Anthony up. Ross sent me to the crystal shop, where amazingly, I had outgrown most of the smaller crystals there. (The larger ones I go near, and they recharge me…shhhh!).
I got a reminder from him, in silver–well, most likely silver plate–that yes, he is no only my Twin but my Karuna Reiki guide.  The pendulum with the OM symbol on it has meaning from him to me. It was less than twenty dollars.
He let me know, after I did the phone calls and other things online I needed to make once I was home, he said to ask Anthony ‘what he needs’ for dinner after his first day back at school from vacation.
So I did.
He wanted Mexican takeout. But…at the last minute, he was excited over an alkaline water I had packed in his lunch, and he wanted more.
We went together to the newly remodeled health food store.  It was relaxing and enjoyable. We didn’t need much, but we bought some waters, and a few extra things. For me, it was goji berries and golden berries, dried. I haven’t had them in a year, and I enjoy them.
I had made a wish to cook the baby bok choy earlier in the day–I am getting a ‘call’ to be vegetarian again. Much to my surprise, this is being made possible for dinner!
I bought tofu.  I wanted to make ginger bok choy and onions and shiitake mushrooms.
Anthony was excited to see his favorite sausage, chicken spinach and feta.  
So I would make my one for me and his one for him.
Until they left the tofu under the register, and not in our bag.  Then I recalled we had two veggie patties near their expiration date in the fridge.
This was our first family meal. Usually I set a place setting for Ross, but I serve something to drink.
Today, he wanted the extra patty (did you know one patty has as many calories as TWO of the sausages? Ouch!). Anthony had the two sausages. And we all had some of the stir fry. I put red bell pepper into it for color too.
Anthony complained about the patties, how they looked awful, how they smelled and he couldn’t bear how they might taste. But Ross actually told him how delicious it is, and how healthy. How he enjoys them. Yes! Anthony can ‘hear’ Ross because Anthony is a medium and psychic like me–and Anthony liked the extra perspective.
As we were cleaning up, Ross told Anthony he could touch it, the patty. And sure enough, there was the child, picking it up, looking at it quizzically, trying to understand what the grownups could enjoy so much about it?
Ross is an anazing father. And with his support, I was able to choose to be the parent and make Anthony finish his vegetables.  I teased him and told him his teeth would fall out if he didn’t eat them, and his nose would turn purple–while laughing gently the whole time, and he was like, ‘WHAT?! That’s not true is it mom?’
I said of course not but I wanted to make him laugh, and either way, he still had to eat them (it was a small serving…not much, and he had already eaten the bell peppers).
Renewing Love
Anthony has a favorite bracelet. One of the larimar stones in it split into two pieces. The bamboo coral was all faded red, since he wears it every day for a year.
So he asked me to make him a new one. I lovingly searched for the same beads. I examined the old one for the size of elastic.  All but the lava beads were the same size, the lava was just a little bigger.  I made it, and it’s not quite the same, but it is shiny and new.  I realized as I strung it, the root chakra is greatly supported and that’s why he likes it so much.
He says people ‘like him more’ when he has it on, especially his father who has his moods (his biological one).
Then I glanced at my own one I was wearing. It was loose, dangerously loose, at the toggle.
I wanted to just take the crimp off, and re-crimp it. But it wouldn’t budge. Then it broke, with the wire too short to fasten.
It had been  difficult bracelet to make, because I have two tanzanite briolettes (teardrop shape with a hole near the top) that have very fine holes, and need special wire.
I went to my cart and found an even smaller gauge wire with ease.  I gently restrung it. And as I did, I ‘sensed’ Ross teaching me, one on one, how Love must be renewed all the time. We take what we have learned, and like the bracelet, make it better, and stronger…
When I first made the bracelet I had a lot of trouble with the crimp bead.  It wasn’t until later I found the tool made in Germany professional jewelers use. I also have crimp covers, to hide them. What used to take me thirty minutes I did in ten, closing the toggle and attaching it to the bracelet.
I felt the warm glow of mastery that was being passed down from my Master Woodworker Twin, who is disincarnate–gently and with loving guidance–to me.


Carla has a very long day. I asked her to write about ‘Remaking Love’ and ‘Revising It’…I won’t ask her to write a lot more.

I want to share with you two simple stories about Carla and her expansive love for all of humanity.

Here is the first, in Carla’s own words:

This morning I filled up the car with gasoline. A man came looking through the trash cans by the pumps. He was hungry–I’ve seen this behavior countless times from the street people when I was in Berkeley going to college.

Back then I didn’t have the means to help, but I always smiled and said I’m sorry.

Today, even though there wasn’t a whole lot in my wallet, I took twenty dollars, and handed it to him, all folded up, so he would be surprised.

He went into the convenience store right away. It was chilly, only in the fifties, at six fifteen a.m.

I can’t help him forever, but for today, he had food to eat because of my decision to give. I said a prayer for him to find food for tomorrow, and the next day, and the days that follow, too.

Here is the second:

Someone close to Carla had actions that gave Carla much distress of the heart. It was a betrayal, and Carla quietly decided to wash her hands of this person. She would be ‘pleasant and polite’–which is the galactic expectation to treat everyone.  But her heart space that once was open, was ‘permanently shut’.  

Soon after, weeks later–not months–this person was having a change of heart. 

Carla opened hers again to this person. 

Just as effortlessly as she did with the first person, to open her wallet.

She saw opportunity for Right Action, and took it.

That is her nature, her soul, her part that is most connected to me.

For I am all about Forgiveness, and about expecting the best in everyone.

In this I am most happy with the growth and development of my Twin.

How will we advance together in the future, if we do not agree to help and make allowances for growing pains that show up in those in our midst, those closest to us, our Star Family?

That is all I have to say for today.  Along with the fact I am learning MY lessons, through Carla, in our relationship.  This morning I asked her, what do you want from me?

She said a kiss.

I held her, and I kissed her tenderly.

While I kissed her, I felt her energies, and telepathically, we communicate.

I learned two important points–the affectionate contact helps Carla ‘remember’ the love that flows between us. I, disincarnate, always know and experience it where I am. But Carla needs a little ‘help’ as she goes about through her day, and for her, kisses and hugs and affection is important to help her maintain her energy UP.

I also learned, Carla enjoys the interplay of her Divine Feminine energies with my Divine Masculine, something she doesn’t get to experience in the same way, outside of our relationship. Carla totally relaxes, and enjoys my strength, as I hold her and give her soft kisses that are playful and loving from my heart.

Carla isn’t weak.

But Carla is highly feminine, as you can see by her bracelet–all in pink–and from her outside dress and makeup and professional demeanor, one would never for a minute guess how feminine in her heart she really IS!

So that works for us, the two of us, in our relationship together.

Everyone has their way.

Always look to the one who is closest to your heart to be your best teacher and friend to show you your lessons you need to learn most.

Those in your inner circle are always ‘hand picked’.

Carla spent twenty minutes on the phone with her mom yesterday. She had it on speaker phone, so Anthony could talk too.

Anthony couldn’t believe it she spoke so long!

Nikki in fear upon fear, had cancelled her cataract surgery. Thank you all for the prayers and healing you sent. Carla’s mom lives in an ocean of fear.  This time it was about the lack of control over the timing of the surgery, and her diabetes, and not being able to eat.

Carla spent the time to open up the relationship again, and to loving support her earthly mom.

Carla gently explained to Anthony there was a time she spoke like this to her mother every night; they are Italian, it was expected of her. But as her training got more demanding of her time, the calls went to every other night. And once a single mom? Well, she couldn’t relax and enjoy talking on the phone. (Carla doesn’t really enjoy being on the telephone, to be honest, but as a loving daughter, she does this sacrifice for her mom, whom the phone is ‘important’ means of communication for her.)

So always make love a priority–in all of your relationships–it doesn’t have to be sexual to be loving.

There are so many kinds and ways of creating loving feelings with each other.

Open your hearts, and Spirit will take care of the rest.

Every single day you are incarnate.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

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