Yule — Gaia News Brief 20 November 2015 by Reiki Doc

Sheer Delight!

My path has taken me to a state of development which helps me to withstand the daily challenges more than I ever have.

I call it ‘Christmas Everyday’ but for the title I was guided to make it ‘Yule’ which is a Gaia-connected form of the holiday without any religious connotations whatsoever.

What makes it ‘The Energy of Yule’ for me?

I’m doing what I was sent to do.

I’m infiltrating the medical system with Healing of advanced capability, using Spirit and anything else that works! I am working hand-in-hand with Source to ‘shake things up for the better’. It is my delight to be a ‘pencil in the hand of Source…’

My hours are LONG. Crazy, crazy long. We are short staffed, and I am working post-call, and long days.

There is little or no time to rest.

For example, I went to take a nap yesterday afternoon. I had arranged a short day and a visit to the therapist who is taking care of Anthony. There was miscommunication. So I thought she cancelled.  There was a ‘nudge’ to ‘go check’ and I did and she expected me to come. So I got in the car and went.

I paid for less than an hour’s time but paid the full hour. She noted that my plate is full (mom is getting sick again, this time as a side effect from the antibiotics.)..it really IS full.

I can’t write every day. Yesterday when I would have written I was stringing beads for three people at my work who needed them. One has cancer, the other two have bad backs.  It was another RUSH to get to work, but I was happy because what little time I had left in the dark hours of morning, I used to share my healing gifts with those I work with who are suffering.

Suffering was never greater than the beautiful Jewish senior who handed me a letter when I asked why she is so sad?  She said, in the grand gesture, ‘this is my death sentence!’ and started crying uncontrollably.  I took care to read the radiology report slowly and with concern showing on my face–in this it is healing too–for a patient to feel like they are heard, even when the disease is advanced.

I validated her. And I asked gently if she has a primary doctor, does she like them, and is there a plan?

She relaxed at once, because it was yes to everything. I also gave her my recommendations for anesthesiologists at the hospital near her, and one is the chief of staff.  She really liked that I wrote all three names down, mine and theirs, for her.

She also had said that the drug Versed is ‘her best friend in the whole world’–so I gave her plenty.  For her surgery she was pleasantly amnestic the whole time, from pre-op holding, and I did what many an anesthesiologist in my department would not have been able to do–emotional support, and silent but spiritual healing along with the rest.

Did I give Reiki? You bet. Once she was asleep I gave her the Transition Symbol, because when there is nothing else that can be done, it works.

So how on earth is this feeling like Christmas?

It’s the crystals.

I am working with them for the Highest Good. Every one I get I share the energy with all of humanity.

I have a grid.

I have Euclase, Morgenite (yes with an E), Vauxite from Bolivia,  and a small piece of every type of Grand Formation there is. I have one on my person at all times. The latter came with not one but TWO crystal guides, who are very high-ranking, and I can see them with my third eye and talk with them. One is white and the other is a little darker in color. They look futuristic, very sleek, and I must be very diplomatic and polite when I interact with them because they are such honored guests to me and my service.

As I work with Spirit, and I order, and it arrives, I have a sense of moving forward with sheer delight, working in my full capacity as a soul, and I rejoice to be a part of the awakening process that is taking place in our midst.


Carla is all warm and fuzzy. To her it is like having a cup of warm apple cider on a cold winter’s night–all sweet and flavorful, and making the chill go away.

There are many things happening in the world, and Carla and I are both aware of them, I am a little more than her, because I have broader ‘scope’ of ‘the big picture’ and Carla trusts in our partnership that between the two of us we will ‘get everything right’ in our assignments.

We are working together, side by side, with Carla doing her own thing and I doing mine.

Yesterday after the brief time with the counselor, Carla wanted to go and pick something up in the mail at the post-office.

I sent her the other direction.

Carla REALLY wanted to go to the post office!

She thought about it.

But she trusts, and calmly went to the crystal store I sent her. She recalled a special order, and went to see if it had arrived.

While she was there, I guided her to the crystals–a phantom quartz with a rose quartz speck inside, for eighteen dollars, a heart made of kyanite and fluorite she has wanted for weeks, for eighty-eight dollars (I told her it won’t be back if she goes this time without buying it), two stichtite pieces, and then there is the magical one I sent her for, the one Carla lovingly asked the clerk ‘is this dinosaur poop?’ (he laughs–ed).

It was neither named nor priced. The clerk texted the owner. It was large and very heavy.

It was a river tumbled carnelian that weighed nine pounds!

The price was very reasonable for carnelian, although it didn’t look like anything and Carla liked the wear patterns on it and the energy–but it was one hundred eighty eight dollars.

Carla paid for all of them with her ‘frequently flyer miles’ on her store card.

Yes, Carla got all of it for free, and has money left over.

Carla did not pay a cent.

Not for any of it.

The Universe is working with her to co-create and manifest!

With delight, Carla finds the stones that really are working, not just for her own spiritual development which she has in the past–but also–for all of you, who read her work, for all of her colleagues and her patients, for her family, for us up here in spirit who are ‘pulling the weight’ to make it a little less arduous for us (up here nothing is arduous but for Carla as her husband I and all of my colleagues are the target of her concern for our well-being…and her love–ed)…

It has developed into a life on its own!

And Carla is delighted, very happy, to serve and to grow, to learn all of her lessons, and to SEE with her own two eyes at last how all of the lessons for everybody is taking place!

Earth is like a huge study hall in which there are no barriers between students! Everyone is elbow to elbow, as they are learning and growing in spirit, and the COLLECTIVE is learning and growing as ‘extra credit’ too!

Things that would have depressed Carla in the past just aren’t doing it!

Carla accepts both the hours, and the circumstances of her life in ways she hadn’t. And she knows although her son has had two back to back weekends with his father to make up for the missed one on vacation, and due to everything out of the week she has only spent precious little time with him in the mornings and in evenings, she trusts and knows it is not forever.

Nothing is forever.

Not on the earth plane.

The only thing that is ‘for keeps’ is the love we share with one another while we are on earth. That one, like the love that flows between me and Carla and back, has no ‘expiration date’.

Everything else is under the label ‘to change and grow’…

I want you to think about it.

I want you to think about the things that matter to you in your heart.

I want you to honor them.

For Carla–of all things! and it is something she NEVER expected!–it is the crystals, and in this she is moving her healing steps forward, above and beyond the ‘status quo’.

Carla is advancing medicine, and healing, in her own way, at her own time, in her circle of influence.

Carla is not on TV, nor does she desire it.

Carla is content to work with Source, honoring Creator in all that she does, to the best of her understanding at any given time.

If that isn’t the Holiday Spirit I don’t know what could describe it best?

I don’t want you out there buying Grand Formations and being like Carla….or anything.

I want YOU to be the best YOU that you could possibly be.

I want you to discover YOUR gift that is to you like healing with crystals is to Carla.

I want you to keep following the path that Spirit lays out for you with much planning and care–to find your OWN version of the Grand Formations in YOUR line of healing and helping humanity awaken.

Then you shall discover the joy that Carla so fondly describes as ‘Christmas Everyday’.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

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