Anniversary — Gaia News Brief 24 November 2015 by Reiki Doc

I couldn’t believe it!  Anthony was getting a sandwich made, and I was going through the grocery store picking up items like garbage bags for the kitchen trash can…and a card caught my eye.

It read ‘My Amazing Wife’ and had sparkling gold hearts all over it.

I was like, ‘Why would I notice THAT?’ and started to go on with my tasks.

Ross was so very gently present, and said, ‘read it’.

I was still perplexed.

He wants me to share it with you here, now:

My Amazing Wife

You do know I respect and admire you more than words can say, right? Because I do. I don’t know how one person could be so incredible. I just know you are. You’re loving and supportive. Strong and courageous. Smart and caring. I could go on and on, but it all comes down to this — you’re an amazing woman.

And I’m the luckiest guy around to be married to you.

Happy Anniversary.

I felt the warmth of his love, his sentiment, and I gave thanks!  You see, I ‘met’ him when my Nana Angelina transitioned. So that’s not a really ‘good’ day to be an anniversary. I mentioned it in passing, like, ‘wow! It’s been two years!’ but I didn’t know how to celebrate it.

He bought me a lucky bamboo, too. He said, ‘buy it!’. I used to always have one in my kitchen. I don’t know what happened to the last one…

When something catches your eye, and it ‘resonates’ with your heart center, people like me, who are psychic, know that Spirit is helping them and guiding. For me, things LOOK different. It would be as if in a microsecond, the object looks like you were wearing three D glasses, and it stands out, just long enough to get you to notice it.

I first learned of this when I was a volunteer on Saturday nights at the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital Oakland. Certain items of equipment, for example, would ‘stand out’ to me at the beginning of my shift. Sure enough, there would be later a need for that exact same thing. I would know where it was and run and get it, to help the patient.

In that same job, I had my first ‘taste’ of Reiki before I knew what Reiki even was! A very sick infant boy needed an i.v., and the meanest nurse was going to insert it. My job was to hold his arm still.

In my heart, I said a quick prayer with all my compassion for this child–‘Lord, he has suffered enough already. Please help the i.v. to go in.’  This RN had a history of multiple, multiple sticks, and the kid had terrible veins.

I felt an electricity go through my hands, and all was calm. The i.v. went in! The nurse was so surprised she whooped and hollered right there in the procedure room. 

She later called me her ‘good luck charm’ and always asked for me to be present ever since.

This was in 1990 or 1991.

Anthony’s Boo Boo

He whacked his leg hard on the bottom rail of the shopping cart.  He wasn’t able to help unload it into the car. So he sort of looked for my reaction, and sort of just jumped around a little from the pain.

There was no blood.

In the car, after I had loaded everything and we were heading home, he mentioned it again.

I said, ‘you have Reiki. Use it!’

He smiled, that smile of a mom who is right and he knows it, and he started rubbing his hands together. As he went to put his hand on his sore leg, he said in a loud voice, like in the hospital during a code blue, ‘CLEAR!’ and touched his leg.

I giggled.

He did it three or four times, saying, ‘CLEAR!’ to invoke the Reiki (I think he forgot CKR)…

It worked!


Manifestation in 5D is really scary. It takes some getting used to. Why?

It’s almost instant.

Mine has a lag of perhaps a few hours from my request, but I’m blown away every single time.

I wanted persimmons–the next day I came home with a sack, a large grocery bag, full…

Ross showed me the two crystals from Sirius which I mentioned in my last blog post. I’m not even sure how I got there, I looked for one stone, then a site came up, then I saw them–Hedenbergite.  Wands like he had.  And they were fifty percent off. –that wasn’t even a day!

In the bath today, (with that fuzzy blur feature on me, just to make sure because I checked), Adama from Telos came to speak with me. We had a nice chat.  He seemed in good spirits, and I appreciated that very much. (he is from Agartha).

I was inspired to create a Lemuiran grid.

A special order came in at the metaphysical shop. When I got there, the clerk at the register said, ‘I was thinking about you!’ Their suppliers had stopped by. There were more earrings. They come twice a year. She recalled my purchasing them to send to Germany.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  There were Lemurian Crystal wands! And ONE was a record keeper!

I learned something. There are guides that come with crystals. They are in spirit. They communicate with me because I am telepathic, its a gift…we all will have it eventually, as it is our birthright. I just happen to be wide open and able to use the gift now.

I asked the guides from my Grand Formation, how do I know if I should get one, and if it’s right for me? I was really so taken aback by how quick and how valuable a gift these are! Should I buy it?

They asked me if I ever regretted a major crystal sphere purchase?  I hadn’t . I need the energies and they help me do my healing work.

Then they reminded me of my desire just one hour earlier, to create a grid to honor Lemuria. I was like, ‘oh yes! wow!’ because I NEEDED them to make the connection for me.

And about which one–the right one–to get it because it is my destiny and NOT because I recognized the importance and thought it was really amazing?

They said to ask the crystals themselves, and they will tell me.

So I went back the shelf, and gingerly picked each one up, and listened.

The record keeper was for me.

I bought it.

And the clerk said they were amazing finds, and showed me hers–she had bought one too. Hers was not a record keeper though.

Crystals are our teachers, when we work with spirit, have an open heart, and have a pure intention.

Faeries are like this too. They won’t talk with just anybody. They like people who are kind, helpful, generous, and can keep a secret.

These amazing opportunities, and crystals, keep coming my way!

The Comments

The Divine Healing Codes have a comments section. I rarely get a chance to respond to them. I must scroll all the way to the bottom of the document, and then reply.  The blog resets after I enter my comment, and I have to do the whole thing over again.

There are over three hundred comments to scroll through.

It’s not as easy as ‘reply reply reply’.

That being said,  I appreciate all of the comments, especially the ones of people’s experience with them.

Please forgive me if you have written a comment, and it takes me a while to get back to you.

My heart is in the right place, and eventually, when I have a chunk of time to focus on it, I will do just that.

She Heals?

Mom sounds chipper and walked  to the back yard today.

I have no clue how she’s really doing, and without seeing her color–she could be hiding things from me about her health, but I choose to take her for her word as well as her voice energy.

I am seeing more and more both the good and the difficult sides of my mother.

Control is key.

So is courage.

Mom likes to avoid certain situations most people wouldn’t. For example, the spirometry test for her to get her kidney transplant really freaked her out. She avoided it for two years. She couldn’t get a kidney without it.  After she took it, and was on the transplant list–it was only two months for her kidney to arrive!

I like how in my ‘lesson’ I am able to distance myself from the painful emotions, after having forgiven both myself and her for whatever our relationship has failed to be mutually satisfying.

I’m glad she sounded good.

And I’m glad I have a chance to work through this lesson as best as I can, while she is still incarnate.

The Gifts

People at work are interested in my bracelets, but have no idea of my qualifications, or the price.

They think they are beautiful, and I can see their aura healing from their wearing it. Their vibration, particularly of those with root chakra issues, is healing before the pain and then the pain is gradually less, almost imperceptibly so (to them) but not to me.

I noticed the elastic on one was loose during out call. So I took it home to give it some new elastic.

She had healed so fast she needed an upgrade. I got thicker elastic, and also, added two new sparkle pave beads.

She is like me, and takes about one week to ‘adjust’ her energies…lol. That’s why I make so many. It is because I need them–they are medicine to me, too. I am the ‘guinea pig’…for all I do.

I made one for her daughter, who thought her mom’s was pretty.

Then I made one for a woman who’s birthday was the same day I gave one to the first nurse.

She likes sparkles, this birthday one. I made it with extra love, to reflect her beauty. She not only works full time, she has a family and takes care of her mother too.  Her mother has dementia. The care is very demanding on this nurse. It shows. So I put as much love and support in, and made it dazzling, to reflect her soul’s progress through her dedication to her family.

The last was FASCINATING.  It’s for someone who I suspect is transgender, a wonderful worker whose technical skills help me often when a patient is very sick. I like her, she is deeply spiritual, and always keeps her vibration cheerful and upbeat. I enjoyed working with her energy very much.

It’s like Christmas at work, when I give the bracelets.  People are surprised I don’t ask for money.

I gently explain that I do charge, but as a personal gift I do this with love for them.  Nothing is owed.

For people with root chakra imbalance, this alone is highly therapeutic.  I see it happen before my eyes, the vibration soar!

Why do I make them?

With each one, I learn something, either about the person and their energy, or the stones. I feel better when I am helping.  I know the energy will come back to me, at the right time and place, because I experience it again and again.

You go not need to ‘get’ in order to ‘give.

Actually, like when one primes the pump, sometimes, joyful giving creates prosperity and abundance for all.


This one is long enough already1 Time to get some sleep!

And I wish you Carla, the happiest of anniversaries…sweetheart.

She couldn’t believe it, that we in our own time, could have an anniversary and celebrate our love and gratitude for one another.

We do.

We have.

And we are happy.

Carla is a little fatigued from post-call. She couldn’t rest today. There were a lot of phone interruptions, and also, much banging and pounding and sawing from the construction work that is going on in the house next door.

Good night.

Good night to you from our family.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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