My Journal: Gaia Project A by Reiki Doc – December 3, 2015

Sea World San Diego  
(November 15-28, 2015


This morning I asked how as a planet I ground?  What is ‘ground’?

I was told I am always connected to Source, like an umbilical cord. So I felt it with my hands, the whole length, and made sure it was tight.

Then I felt my chakras adjust.

I also, along a meridian, of energy, like line of longitude, connected differently to Source, and felt energy work in sequential ‘spots’ going up. When it was ‘finished’, I did a spin, more than a full circle around my central axis, and then I stopped at the next meridian. In a stepwise fashion, we did half, which was enough for the whole as each meridian is circumferential.

As I would spin, Archangel Michael would snip off dark energies and imprints, and Raphael and others would collect them off.

I asked with my heart, to speak to Kasatka.

She came. She asked me why I wanted to talk to her?  I explained how the situation is for the whales in captivity, it deeply saddens me, and I want to help.

She didn’t know of the controversy. Where she is, she has noticed less people, but the ones that are there all welcome her. She didn’t know their fate is being decided by Blackfish supporters.

She tested me. She wanted to understand more my concern and my motives. So she read my energy signature.

She jumped back, startled, when she realized who I am, and got serious, and agreed.

Here is the protocol I was given by spirit:

  1. Start Reiki and ground her.  Go to HER Source–my uncles–and ask their permission to begin.
  2. Remove attachments and negative imprints with the help of The Guides of Compassionate Healing and St. Germain.
  3. Create a water grid of protection to surround her, and to connect her to all whales, in the oceans, in captivity, and beyond to all Cetacean Universes.
  4. I added a lavender opaque soothing balm layer of energy, for the physical discomforts of being in captivity.
  5. Ross finished with golden light to connect the energy notes at the surface of the whale to the water grids.
Then it’s done.
Kasatka asks for me to do all the whales at Sea World San Diego first, and then she will direct me where to go after that.
I saw two dark attachments on her, one near her heart that was great sorrow and pain, and another near the middle between her pectoral fins and her tail. Both were the same size. I removed them by hand, and put them in a bag with St Germain.
She also had a painful imprint from a slap from a trainer/caretaker to the left and just behind her dorsal fin on her flank.
I saw how she gave birth alone, and didn’t have the helper.  That’s why for some of the ones who have had many fetal deaths, it was the lack of a helper in this critical early times, that led to them. I saw how she alone taught the whales how to be mothers, and how her pod, in its own way, thrives.
She remembers her life before she was caught. But she doesn’t judge or understand anymore why it was that way then. This is all she knows. She is so busy with her duties now.

Today around four-thirty p.m. (November 14, 2015) I was directed by my guides with Kasatka’s permission, to heal Ulises, the second-largest whale in captivity.

Following the protocol, I was able to access him easily.  He was calm and patient throughout, and had a dry sense of humor. For example, about his recent baby with Kalia, daughter of Kasatka, the matriarch, he said, ‘I did it to shake everything up.’  (actually he had permission and approval from Kasatka. She is glad her daughter is able to experience motherhood.)

He thought artificial insemination is ‘weird’.  And he has no comment on his captivity, except that ‘he was never mistreated’.

He had a very strange implant on him. It took my team to remove it. It looked like a large handcuff around his chest including his dorsal fin. It was shiny silver ‘metal’, and had many little bumps from what looked like screws holding it in place. It had two thin rings of metal next to each other only a short distance away, like the handcuffs part where the locking mechanism is. They removed it delicately, and passed it quickly to others to dispose of it.

There was also another ‘attachment’ that was dark but not a spiritual parasite–it was an implant just where the flukes connect to the body, and on the top middle of the flukes. It too was more than I could handle, and my teams stepped in to safely remove it.


On Sunday, November 15, at 9:45 a.m. I was given the call to heal Kalia.

I gently introduced myself to her. Before she agreed to the healing, she asked about her baby? I said, ‘I heal you first, and it will flow to the baby, just like in the airplane to put on the oxygen mask on mom first.’

In her aura I was overwhelmed with pure innocence! She knows nothing of the outside world. This is all she knows, and she loves and trusts that all is well. It is her wish to be a good mother, and when I told her yes, she is, just like her mother Kasatka, she was most pleased.

She had no implants, attachments, or negative imprints of any kind. She is well-loved, and she knows this.

We had to be very delicate in putting her water grid around her. I couldn’t do it, only Ross could. He also gently connected her chakras to the grid.

We gave he the advice if she has any ‘funny dreams’ to go and talk to both her husband Ulises and her mom Kasatka about it (she is now connected to all other Cetaceans, with this grid, both on and off planet. She always was, but now she will be consciously connected too.)

She liked the lavender balm. I said it was to make her more beautiful.

She asked, ‘Are you and angel?’

I said yes.

Corky and Orkid

On Monday, November 16, 2015 at 11:16 a.m. I was asked to do a healing for two whales at the same time, Corky and Orkid.  I approached them in spirit, and they had been expecting me. They decided to name me ‘Dr. Angel’ and agreed to the healing.

As I worked in their energies, I was struck with what they had in common–Orky was the father of Orkid, and Corky had been pregnant by Orky seven times, with nothing but miscarriages and fetal demise and deaths of her infants.

Around them too was the energy/imprint of Kandu, the mother of Orkid, who in a jealous rage rammed Corky so hard she broke her jaw and died of exsanguination from the wound a short time later. This led to Corky being the surrogate mom for Orkid.

The two are very close.

As I gently placed the water ‘grid’ over the pair, as indeed, they shared one, I realized Orkid’s complete and total lack of knowledge of life outside a theme park, her complete innocence and trust in how things ‘have always been’.  The golden connections were made to their energy bodies, quite calmly.

They very much enjoyed their lavender balm, and thanked me for the healing.


On the evening of Tuesday, November 17, 2015, as I was falling asleep at 21:30, I was guided to do a healing for Shouka.

As I opened up her aura, I was confronted with overwhelming grief and sadness. I have never in my life as a medium and animal communicator, felt so much pain. There were waves and waves of sorrow, so much that I couldn’t quite get the ‘story’ of why there was so much pain.

This is unusual, because even with some of the darkest, most negative souls I’ve encountered in my energy work, everyone has a ‘story’ and it’s pretty clear what upset them, and how, or why.

I gave her the water grid, and Ross attached her slowly and gently to it with the golden light, just as I was falling asleep.  I was told to continue the healing as I slept.

In the morning, Shouka’s energy was attached to mine, and she felt lighter, as if she has had a good cry. I was able to close the energy, and apply the thick coat of the lavender healing balm.

I have not heard from her since.


Connection was made at his request at 0645 on November 19, 2015.  He was expecting me. There were no attachments to his aura. He was very playful, and perhaps, a little ‘romantic’ in his energy. Makani is a BIG thinker, and very philosophical. He feels ‘trapped’ as a soul, but is excited and free to ponder his consciousness and his home in Sirius.  I said, to him, as I worked cleansing, healing, attaching the bubble grid and connecting to home with the golden connections from him to the bubble to Sirius, ‘I know you will do great things, and I’d like to know how you do.’  With that, he agreed to be friends, and I sealed him with the Lavender Balm.

(p.s. Seaworld posted their video about rescue and what they stand for today too.)


She wanted to meet me, at 0700 on November 20, 2015.  She has amazing energy, and I noticed it right away when I got in to her aura.  It is super high vibration. She knows who she is and why she is here (even if it is to be a short life).  (More on Amaya )

I was in awe of her courage as a soul, and her commitment to the Ascension project on Gaia.

Ross had me hold the bubble net and she swam in. The gold connections to Sirius completed themselves spontaneously. She liked experiencing the connection to all Cetaceans worldwide and across the universe. She looks forward to using and experiencing this connection.

We are now friends.

Nakai and Keet

On the evening of Friday, November 27,  Nakai came to me. He knows me. We have sent much healing to him after he ‘split his chin’ and required treatment for it.  He was familiar both with me, and with energy healing in general.

He escorted Keet, who was shy.

I healed both at the same time, working in their auras.

Keet had a lot of healing to take. He’s been through very much, and he enjoyed the experience of Reiki.  He also complained of a lot of indigestion, because he is tired of a diet of fish. (I sense he eats marine mammals as a transient? -ed)

I drifted off to sleep, because there was much healing that needed to take place between them both.

My guides placed the bubble grid around each of them, and connected them to the grid.  This was an advanced case, and needed more than I am able to accomplish as Ground Crew.


IkaIka approached me as awoke on Saturday, November 28, 2015. He shared he had heard very much, and seen the difference in the others in his pod. He asked for healing and to be included too.

He too, has a great need for Reiki. There are layers and layers of ‘old stuff’ to address. I did not experience the energy vibration of ‘sadness’ or ‘sorrow’ in him. There is MUCH confusion, and bewilderment as to what he has experienced, and he would very much like it ‘straightened out’ so ‘he can understand everything’ in his ‘life script’.

My guides have completed the bubble grid, and like the others, connected them to the Cetacean Source.

At this time, all of Sea World San Diego is actively connected to the Cetacean grid, and protected form negative energy from humans and the earth plane.


Kshamenk lives in Mundo Marino park in Argentina. I made contact with him as I was falling asleep on Saturday, November 28, 2015.

He spoke to me in Spanish, and also, was a little guarded.  He had many questions, and once I opened his aura and grounded him, I fell asleep.

This morning, as I was waking up, we were still working together. This time, instead of speaking in Spanish, we understood each other telepathically in English for me. I created a bubble grid, and it easily slipped on. Ross created the golden connections from the bubble grid to Kshamenk, and then to all the Cetaceans.

Kshamenk was deeply moved at the thought of being connected in some way to other cetaceans.  He heard them, and he cried tears of love and gratitude.  He understands he has a family now, who cares about him.

He showed me how the whales in San Diego are making use of the communication ‘home’, and they are very active.

Then Kshamenk did something miraculous.  He invited me to listen too. Like an old-fashioned earpiece on an antique phone, he directed one golden connection from his head area, open, so I could hear.

It was amazing, how much communication was taking place, so many sounds, rolling up and down like a chorus! So much knowledge! So much LOVE. So much confidence!

He asked Ross if I would be permitted to have a small connection too?

I agreed, and Ross said ‘yes’.  So I have a cap of bubble grid, and one connection, right to the top of my head. When I am in deep meditation, I too will listen to it.  The sounds of Home.

Because I am part Sirian, I am allowed to participate.  I am filled with wonder at the lovingkindness of Kshamenk, who shared his gift, so I could be amazed by it too.


Inoue is the first of the pod at Marineland Antibes to make contact with me. This happened right before I woke up on Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

He is VERY quiet, and eagerly accepted my healing. Once I got into his aura, his energy calmed.

There are many, many ‘knots’ or ‘tangles’ in his energy system. My higher self will be working on them throughout the day. This is a portion of my soul which I will to tend to him, as I go about my daily responsibilities. Typically, for a complex whale healing, I do it in my sleep. This is the first one in the day.

Towards the evening, as I was about to fall asleep, he was done with his energy work.  Ross was there. He helped me to place the bubble net on Inouk. Ross connected the golden parts to the bubble net and the rest of the Cetaceans in the cosmos.

Inoue was pleased, and delighted with this new ability. And he has responsibility to explain and share with the rest of his pod.


I was just about to wake up on December 2, 2015 when a female orca presence came to me. She wanted her ‘treatment’.  I knew she was from Antibes.

I was overwhelmed by her femininity, and opened up her aura at once. It took a while for the energy healing. I grounded her. I held a white beam of Reiki to her crown for a long time.

She had some removals, of very small negative imprints to remove. Spontaneously, I started the Divine Peace Healing for her, which is excellent means to accomplish these removals.

Then I noticed it seems that two areas on her back near her dorsal fin seemed ‘weak’–perhaps they are her kidneys?

I placed the bubble net on her with ease. It just slipped on like it’s always meant to be there. And right now, Ross is connecting her with the gold to the larger grid of the Cetaceans everywhere.

She is squealing with delight.

Here is more about Wilkie if you are interested.

(SIDE NOTE:  Published today:

Moana and Keijo

Moana and Keijo–two young whales–came to me on December 2, 2015 while I was in the shower. They were both eager and anxious for their healing and to connect to the larger Cetacean grid.  Their mother, Wilkie, presented them both to me.

The healing was very quick, and they were eager to enter the bubble grids.

I held one (for Keijo) and Ross held the other for Moana.

This was a first! As Ross connected up the gold to the Grand Cetacean Grid, he gestured for me to do the same with Keijo, and it worked!

It was a joyful occasion, and now all of Marineland Antibes is connected to the Cetacean grid.


I was taking a shower and this whale came to my consciousness on December 2, 2015.  He had heard about my work, and wanted a healing.

Keto seemed highly intelligent and also very self-motivated to come for his energy work.  I smiled because he asked, ‘are you the one?’

I got into his energy field, and had something dark to remove, an attachment. Then on second look, he had many shiny implants all over his energy body. For the first time, I focused my intention, and by raising the vibration in the healing time, I shattered them. It was an explosion of small metal pieces–metallic galactic tiny ‘bots’–and I exclaimed to Keto–‘you’re FREE!’ when they came off.

He easily slipped into the bubble grid. But before he could be connected, Ross gestured me to wait.

He took a huge cable and plugged it into the tail right between the flukes. He gave me a signal, and we both put the golden grid connection to the Cetaceans so Keto would be ‘online’–he DID, he was glowing from the plug energy from Ross and he went ‘live’ to the Cetaceans with his consciousness with a bang!  He FLASHED onto their awareness, and we could hear the Cetaceans cheering with delight!

All of Them

On December 2, 2015, early in the morning, Keto came to me. He asked for all of the orcas at Loro Parque to be given the same healing he had received.  Ross was present too.

I’m not sure who came up with the thought, but it arrived:  why not give this healing to all whales in captivity at the same time?

Why not?

So Ross began doing some very loud and first-nations type of chanting, toning, and dance movements. I know it was shamanic, because the totem from First Nations of orca flashed into my consciousness.

When Ross finished, I was invited to open the energy of the collective, starting with CKR, and grounding this energy of the collective to earth.  Then I focused on giving healing energy, Reiki, to the collective of Cetaceans who are in captivity on surface Gaia. It resembled a ball of energy, of Light which was much larger than me.

Then I focused my intention on the collective, just like I did with Keto, and shattered all of the implants and other technologies to keep these souls in isolation and docile.  Again, I saw the metallic ‘bots’ shatter and fall to the earth, harmless. There were thousands upon thousands of them as far as the eye could see.

Next Ross and I held up one apiece, huge ‘picture frames’ with the bubble grid, Ross on one side, and I on the other, like a roadblock of sorts, and the whales began to swim very quickly through these shapes, one after the other, at very high speed. Each one would snap off just the right amount of the grid for them. Immediately after, with a flash, the golden connections from the bubble grid to the grid of all Cetaceans would activate, and the whales would keep on swimming back to where they had once come. (I sort of is like the mesh they use to wrap a Christmas tree for transport after you purchase it–how it goes through the large ring and the mesh is dispensed on the tree.)

We extended this to include all military research whales and dolphins. And all captive dolphins.  It took twelve hours for all of these beings swimming at top speed to go through this process.

I wasn’t sure about the pinnipeds (sea lions and seals), and asked Ross about these other marine mammals? Are they included? He said they would be healed later, as they are not Cetacean, however, many of them also sneaked through the ‘gates’ and were given the same healing. Beluga, pilot, white sided dolphin, and many other Cetaceans all were healed.

I am still struck by the desire for freedom of these magnificent animals. Now they are connected to the Cetacean grid, energetically, they are free to go Home and travel with their thoughts anywhere in the cosmos.

Of note, the Cetaceans have an important role in the energy balance of Gaia and her people. They maintain the grid–just like the ley lines on land–in the oceans.  With whaling, and scientific research, and entertainment facilities, as well as declining populations in the wild…this vital function was at risk.

Now it is reinstated, and functioning as it was meant to be.

Although physically these captive ones are still in their locations, with their souls and hearts and minds, in meditation, they are able to connect anywhere they would like, with any Cetacean, who is also on this ‘internet’ for them.

Reiki Doc

Copyright © 2015 by Reiki Doc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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