Grace and Ease — Gaia News Brief 6 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

What you have seen the last week is a test of my soul.

Does it hold water? Does it float? Is it STRONG enough?

I really don’t like ‘tests’–and although I have a lull, more and more cracks keep showing up, and I have to do something about it. I have a plan.

What was the best blessing was that I didn’t know yesterday was the first night of Chanukah.

I thought TODAY is. But at Trader Joe’s, I had a tiny sample last night, of latke, sour cream, and salmon…and celebrated it!

But my soul remembers!

Yesterday for breakfast I made fried matzos (broken, soaked in water, and dipped in scrambled egg). I like them with lots of salt and pepper and ketchup once they are fried a golden brown. I made some for Ross too, even though I was not too happy with him at  the time. I had coffee, he had tea.

I also lit more candles than I ever do, and the first, was for MY dream. I’ve never lit a candle ‘for’ me, ever…LOL.

I did aromatherapy to help heal my vibration.

My herderite arrived. It REALLY helped too. I am sharing this healing crystal energy with you.

I have much in front of me, for a really busy day.  I’m still recovering from my test. So I ask my favorite prayer, for ‘Grace and Ease’.

Try it.

It works.

Ross is ‘closer’ now, and will be near me all day. For this I am thankful. I like to have him around. It helps.

I will go start my day.

If and when you get your tests, always recall you have the opportunity to ask for Grace and Ease to help you get through them.

My Observation

Real estate is messed up.

Houses are on top of each other, on a hill, and falling apart. The view is directly into the windows of the house next door and behind. People are asking for one million dollars for these homes (Not mine! LOL).

I’ve looked at listings.

There are SO many foreclosures out there!

So many people who have to live in some not very nice places.

What does this do for the environment and the energy of the collective?

How does the real estate agent who is looking for the ‘big sale’ energy affect the collective energy too?

Everyone needs a home.

Gaia needs to stop being torn apart to make room for people.

Back yards–places where people could be self sufficient if they were industrious at growing food–have all but disappeared.

The ‘gated’ community doesn’t protect one hundred percent. If you go to an open house, you get in, and no one knows where you are going to go…I did that. Yes they have my ID and license plate. But I got to see all three homes…I went and looked at the OUTSIDE first for the cracks. And I saw them! Big ones. Some even worse than mine! And they were in all of the homes.

I saw a cracked foundation and a rat trap too, but I knew where to look.

I had a heart to heart with my mom Nicki last night. She said that there are homes built on recovered swamps near her, and people have their carpet get wet from the moisture that seeps up. And the lawsuits that are by Loynes street, where we used to drive the hills on the road that were fun–everything there is falling apart and people can’t live there.

Mom says, ‘it’s an illusion that there is a safe neighborhood and a safe home. One disaster and everything will fall. One thing or another it will be with your house, or your neighbors. Even in the expensive homes, a neighbor may have barking dogs or parties that keep you up at night. There’s no guarantee.’

I felt better.


I love her with all that I am, and everything I do.

Even when I am doing this (points to his ‘official’ work, required of him, by his position).

Carla can’t understand this.

Many are incapable of understanding how I can pay attention to THIS (points to the council room) and to HER at the same time, without looking at her or her being able to ‘see’ I am near.

I am multidimensional.

I am ALWAYS looking out for our family.

I am also always looking out for you, our disciples–for lack of a better word–for you know us, and Carla and I care about you, and so–I LOOK OUT FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR SAFETY and for your INTERESTS.

It’s my heart.

And if Carla could, with her Higher Self (it’s in her, but her skills aren’t quiet up to speed), she would be looking out of you too.

We love you.

We love each other very much, as always, and Carla’s love and patience was sorely tested but it had to be.

Carla told another, who cares about her very much, ‘Even if Ross himself tells me to do something, if it doesn’t RESONATE in my heart center, I’m just not going to do it, because I KNOW in my heart it’s not right for me.’

That’s how it should be with you.

Always living from your heart, with your mind too, as a team, but with your Inner Intuitive Guidance really keeping you on task with your Life Plan.

That’s why Carla had such a hard time of it.

She didn’t know a move was ahead, and had no reason.  She understood with her logic the reasons why. She had sleepless nights, which is a sign for her that something ‘isn’t right’ and ‘is against her heart and soul’.

She went and did her homework. She contacted Andy. She toured everything and every place I sent her to go–night and day, and early morning for the commute.  Carla now has the facts, from first hand experience, that ‘something isn’t right’ in the world of housing!

Like Carla’s mom said, ‘there isn’t anyone who is happy in their home. There is always something they found out about it that needs to be fixed and is expensive.’

So do what you do best, learning your lessons the whole time, and LISTEN always to your heart!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple