Commuting — Gaia News Brief 9 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

This is my life, this time of year. I go to work in the dark, work all day, and drive home at night.

I think that’s why I love summer! LOL.

This is normal for me, this being on the freeway, going in traffic, and getting where I am needed.

For Southern Californians, this is a way of life.

We are born into it.

And everyone believes they are ‘better than average’ drivers ❤

I want to talk for a short time, about what ELSE is ‘normal’ for me–Living with Spiritual Guidance.  I have had communication with Mother Mary since 1992, both with intuitive guidance and formal messages I have been asked to write.  On paper. I have books and journals of my spiritual growth in the early phases.

A lot at the beginning built on trust, on her being able to work with me, and I being able to work with Her. Humility is an important thing for me, she told me. I also have learned that obedience is important for me too. Not ‘blind’ obedience, but being obedient to my life plan, to Heaven, and to my personal growth.

I never even dreamed of anything more! Not in those days. I just wanted to find a good man, raise a family, and be a good doc ❤

I did a lot, a lot, a LOT of crying in those days! Of feeling ‘lost’.  I used to even call in my deceased grandfather. He would always wear his yellow sweater, and would hold me for a short time, in spirit, because I didn’t know where to go or what to do I had such complete overwhelm.

I also actively, actively, actively sought things of Spirit. I went to mass as often as I could, because it helped. I read books, I went to crystal shops, and did tarot cards with my own journal to record what I ‘picked up’ for myself, my ‘next steps’.

I still never thought anything of it.

I still for this day can’t tell you for sure how I ended up here online like this. I think it was from my Reiki Classes, after I reached Reiki Master (I am a Karuna Reiki Master, now)–I wanted to make a blog for healers like myself.

It took a total bottoming out, metaphysically, and a visit to Tim Braun to point me in the right direction, to get me to Anne Reith, PhD and Reiki.

The human mind doesn’t process the Spiritual.

The heart FEELS it.

The reason why I bring it up is because many of us right now are like, ‘what is going on?’ and ‘why is it taking so long?’ and ‘are we there yet?’…

We are.

We always HAVE been, as we are incarnate, but also, Spirit too. After we die, we go back to our Spirit form.

From what I have read in some latest channeled messages, the afterlife/spirit in the Higher Realms seems like some Netflix thing, where you pick a reality and dimension like you would a movie, and you just ‘go experience it’.  I think like one of those TV’s with a split screen, we have the ability to ‘watch’ many such ‘realities’ at once–effortlessly.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to ‘be like Ross’, to be honest. For a couple days I had to mull it over, in my heart.

My intuition helped me.  I saw what was holding me back. I also shared with a friend, and the same thing was holding her back too. It was like a huge pressure was taken off us.

For example, since I am able to talk with spirit telepathically, when I make a bracelet for someone, I first ‘tune in’ to their energy signature. As a Karuna Reiki Master I have worked with souls for years now. I see them, I experience them, I feel their ‘energy body’–and I see attachments and imbalances when I look for them too. I get a ‘feel’ for the stones that will resonate with them.  Spirit does this part. We are working together, as a team, just like how my close friend Alexandra Meadors does with her remedies. Ascended Masters ‘come through’ and help. With Spirit at my side, I can design a bracelet in less than five minutes. It takes longer to string it. But I know in my heart what is ‘right’, and when it’s on the arm, I know how to ‘check’ for an energetic ‘fit’ or ‘match’…

THIS is my thing! I have done this for millennia! My Higher Self–who is in me now and I know it–as just ‘me’ (it’s a whole lot less confusing lol!)–recalls everything and knows what to do. I just have learned how to go along with it.

This is the result of twenty-three years of ‘waking up’, to regain my mastery at this healing method.

The other day I realized, I am a craftsman, an artisan, and in working with spirit, I go when the energies are right.

I had someone wanting two handmade bracelets in Mexico. Their mail is VERY slow. But as it turned out, the package arrived safely on the person’s birthday, and the end result was sheer delight.

That’s why you don’t see anything but word of mouth.  I put time and energy into them.  If you ever want to order, please go through PayPal, to ‘friends and family’–and you state the size, type of clasp (elastic has no clasp, it stretches, and is most popular)–toggle or lobster claw–and where you want it sent. It’s easier if you communicate with me, through messaging on DWR, or my email, which is also my PayPal,

So where are we from here?

The only way out is UP–through the vibrations. It might look different where we are going, as a collective, as humanity, to the energies of the Higher Realms.  But if you think about it, we are going to the same place we go when we meditate, or where we were before we were born. Our souls will remember.

Do our bodies come with us? I believe so, yes, as our ‘classification’ in the grand scheme of things is ‘human angel’. How it works, I don’t know. I’m not going to worry about it.

I trust Ross.

He would never intentionally trick me, or hurt me. It isn’t easy being his Twin, incarnate, here on Earth. I keep wanting to go TO him! BACK to wherever I was, where the energies feel right.

Increasingly, the ‘energies’ are feeling more ‘right’ Here and Now. For example, when Anthony and I played the board game and baked cookies. Or yesterday talking about Japan with the surgeon, who leaves for a trip there in two weeks.  There was a ‘resonance’ of happiness and contentment to the energies.

Heaven is a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

Heaven is coming to Earth.  The VIBRATION of Heaven.

If you are having financial trials, loneliness, or health setbacks, what better opportunity to learn to manifest? And what better place to begin being able to manifest with the higher energies, abundance and prosperity, than by truly forgiving yourself for getting yourself in this situation–and by asking for All Divine Assistance, (I ask Archangel Nathaniel for he helps with the impossible–no job for him is too large)?

Energetically, as souls we are learning to walk. It’s not going to be perfect the first time around. You must forgive yourself for this too. For all the mistakes that may happen.

Let me put this out there–manifesting a large bank account isn’t how the Universe and the energies work.  Currency is a human invention. Try imagining trips, new job situations, some healing tool like a crystal you find is beautiful and could use to heal yourself and others, instead.

Spirit provides the money, and typically, the timing is very close, either right before or right after.

Have a state of positive anticipation with no attachment to the outcome.

Spirit will do the rest. Your vibration must be as high as it can possibly be for manifestation to take place.

But try.

Give it a go!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Let’s begin!


You are here.

The light is at the end of the road, on the horizon.

Will you walk to it?

Will you take the words that Carla shared, with love in her heart, and take the advice to your heart?

Only you can make the walk energetically from here to there.

I can’t carry you.

No one of us in Spirit can.

There is an abundance of abundance and prosperity, of love, of nurturing, warmth, and compassion…right down the road.

Look at it clearly.

As you get closer, you will start to see colors, shapes, and forms. They will come into focus.  For some of you, it may be loved ones like Carla’s Nannu Filippo or Tami Driver who have made the transition (or me! doh! how could I forget?)…for others it may be unicorns, or dragons…

No matter what, when you go to your ‘quiet space’ and ‘connect’ to the Heavenly Realms, the ‘Higher Realms’ Carla mentions, you will BE ‘there’. Even for a short time, although your body is on the couch perhaps ‘taking a nap’ it is your Consciousness which goes back with the knowledge is that everything is from God, God is Eternal, and you are outside the Illusion, past the Veil, for just as long enough as it takes to encourage you to keep raising your vibration–to seek MORE.

Bit by bit, day after day, it will grow.

You won’t have to wait twenty three years like Carla did to find her husband, ‘Ross’ (I love how she says it–ed).

You have a faster route (shows image of the freeway)…so ‘step on the gas’ and let’s get on with this!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team
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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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