The Gift Of Grace — Gaia News Brief 15 December 2015 by Reiki Doc

Our world is changing. My life is constantly changing. For this, I give thanks with all my heart for the gift of support from Spirit–or, as it is commonly known, ‘grace’.

My life awaits major upheaval. I enjoy this time away at conference as a mental break from the emotional stress I am having over my house and where I live. In fact, we have made dinner reservations as a small celebration of a conference being completed with success.  Even in upheaval, change, in challenge of the worst kind, there are always steps and choices to give thanks and appreciate the good that we have been able to enjoy. And how many worse things did not come our way!

This conference is our holiday. We have no tree, we won’t have any gifts, but these memories will always be treasured by our small family.

I must admit, I lie awake at night, with worry, about all I need to do with the move, with the repairs, with the money. Each day more and more I work closely with Ross. For example, just for today, I gave him my worries–one by one, explaining what and why–and felt the easing of the pressure on me as chief cook and bottle washer for this family of myself, my son, and our pets.

What needs to be done is clear, and I accept. I give thanks for the chance to go to a safe place with Anthony. And I also ask for guidance to be simple, direct, clear, and unmistakeable–to get me to where I need to be.

It is a gradual building of trust, and my willingness to step out into the unknown.

I have to admit, what really helped was one night, late on call, Ross invited me to go house hunting with him online.  He showed me some very nice places that were in my price range, and one! Oh my gosh, the most perfect place I have ever seen in my whole life, that was of historical interest, right on the water!

Ross knows me. I trust him. Much as the physical and emotional work of moving is daunting, I see how sometimes the only way to fix a situation is to leave it, and that’s what I am going to do.

Out in the street, in Times Square, there are gunmen with rifles, military ones, wearing the NYPD.  I dared not to talk to them.

But a few blocks down the road, I asked an officer in uniform, ‘Is there anything I should know about our safety? Those officers back there have some really huge guns!’

Apparently I was told, ‘This is for your safety ma’am’ and there will be more and more of these ‘highly trained’ officers in the city everywhere.  He recited the reasons, which I won’t state here–but it relates to terrorism.

I don’t think for one minute he thought perhaps the guns could be used in ‘friendly fire’ on our own people? I did.

And I was sad.

I was also sad when I heard about LA City Schools, dad’s old employer, and what happened today.

What I can assure you is that in the etheric and astral planes, more progress is being made by the teams that DO have our best interest at heart…and the magnitude of these advances dwarfs the ‘not so good’ in the physical by comparison.

Let’s just say I have the ‘inside scoop’ ❤

Changes In The Practice Of Medicine

At this conference I have observed much ‘predictions’ and ‘sharing’  from local NY academic anesthesiologists.

One of the most striking ones to me was the much acclaimed pain management professor, who, upon realizing his orthopedic surgeons don’t want to give a ‘piece of the pie’ to acute pain docs, are reverting back to the old intraarticular morphine injections so they can bill for that service in the ‘bundled payment for the procedure’ from insurance.  Now he has spent the last three years studying a method used in France to stimulate ‘pressure points’ on the ear, to relieve surgical pain.

Everything is hanging together by threads. The randomized-double blind study can only do so much. And the public is wanting MORE. The topics about pediatrics and geriatrics point to giving less medicine with long-acting side effects. The same for bariatrics (obesity surgery) too.

The public WANTS healing, and they want better than what we have. Insurance doesn’t want to pay, and in some areas, care is going ‘backwards’ in technology, due to the payor mix and bundling of payments for services which require inpatient care. And those physicians who are willing to adapt will seek energy healing and other ‘newer’ forms with less side effects.

Him  (written 12/17/2015)

Yesterday we followed Ross’ request to visit Ellis Island. I could tell there was much to be done–Anthony and I were getting on each other’s nerves. We almost didn’t make it–only two tickets were open in less than one hour and you had to buy them online. But the tour we wanted, the hard hat tour, was booked!

We bought, took a taxi from the hotel, who drove like crazy to get us there on time. We went through security, got on the ferry, and landed at Liberty Island.

Anthony is convinced the statue is a man!

He could be right.

For those who have studied Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and read all the links I have suggested, you would know WHY we did not go up in the pedestal, and WHY I felt dizzy walking between the statue and One World tower, and WHY Ross asked us to go.


It’s on a Ley line, which connects to the former twin towers, and a total monument to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart.

But that was just the warm up.

As the boat just almost arrived, Ross had Anthony and I create an energy pathway for ‘those who are stuck to go Home’ .  Anthony and I saw blazing light of souls moving from Ellis Island UP.  It was even brighter than the one I made alone just before arriving to Manhattan Island from the Lincoln Tunnel on Friday.

Mom went to Ellis Island. I’ve looked her up on the passenger lists. The man in the Bob Hope museum asked to be clear if she was one who went through, and what age was she, and does she remember?

Someone wants to interview her for the living history exhibit.

He gave us the forms.

We called her, and she was very excited. She told us her story. Her mom cried. There were four rooms, and the sick ones went in one room, the not so sick in another, and the healthy ones where she and her mom went.

They had to be naked. And they poked on mom’s stomach really hard for a long time. It hurt her. But she was told by her father, don’t say you are sick–because they will send you back.  They checked for lice. They looked in the mouth. Mom said they did the things they would do if you were buying a horse! Nana’s tears were the humiliation for her daughter, to be lined up and naked and poked.

After hours, they got the all clear pass, and boarded the train for Chicago.  They thought the skyline looked strange–they were used to mediterranean homes. Then from Chicago to California, they only had food for one day, that someone packed. The rest on the train was weber’s bread and beer. They were starving.

One porter, an African American man, understood their plight. He gave them things so they could make the trip–the bare minimum to help them nourish and drink. She will never forget him.

She had been on deck on the boat as it arrived New Year’s Day 1954, with about seven other kids while the parents were sleeping below. She was the first to see Lady Liberty, from a long way off, a great distance. It was one of the most incredible moments of her life…she shared…

I am sure many people feel that way about her…or as Anthony calls it, ‘him’.

This link describes our work. And they had no idea what we were doing–but Spirit does.

Also, in the hall about Immigration, I fought back tears, at the Ellis Island Museum.  The photo of the boat people from Vietnam in such a tiny boat made me experience visceral pain. Many of my colleagues have survived this.  That people would suffer so much at the hands of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart –who lead all governments–that they would risk their lives to flee!  It’s a crying shame, and Gaia does not want this for her people.

Did you know in 1910 it was not necessary to have a passport to travel?

Now we can’t leave without it.

By the way, Leslie Hope’s father (Bob Hope’s birth name was Leslie) was a stonemason. And he had seven brothers. No girls. The photo there of the entertainer with Queen Elizabeth speaks volumes for their ‘kind’…he trained her in the ways of things unseen that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have focused on since the times of Atlantis. I could see it, master and pupil, an eager one at that, and how much that was unsaid and yet known between their gaze.

You don’t need to recognize it and work with Spirit to do what I have been doing for humanity out of my own pocket and my own free time for five years now.

It is done.

But when the truth comes out, I want you not to be as surprised as the layman.

Enough said.


Carla is here, and I am holding her.

She has done her job well.

Carla has done everything I have asked of her.

My pleasure is not the point of my sharing this.

My point is that she does it without reward.

Talk about delay of gratification, like she did through university and college of medicine for her training!  This one takes the cake!

Carla has done this for the good of everyone else, and too her own detriment. Both to her finances (a meal here, with two appetizers and one beverage each is sixty dollars, breakfast is worse!), and to her sense of control over her own life, her ability to make plans and expect something reasonable for her future.  With the little time and energy Carla had free, and could have placed into the upkeep of her house, she has been writing and staying up and being the hub for many who are new to the Higher Realms…

And I thank her.

I thank her for her patience with me, and all my promises…for all the chances to meet or for her to go up that didn’t go through…


There is one last thing…

I want you to have fun in the time you have left. I want you to have fun and to enjoy Anthony, as if it were the last time you two were ever in New York.

I want you not to think about your hours of work, your sale of your house, the last leak that started right before you left.

Leave those to me.

I want you to enjoy yourself as you have never done…one last time…okay my pet?

I want you to show the post that was made while you were flying…on the 11th of December click here.

And I want everyone to know, I am what I see, I am watching, and I care about you very much.

Carla and I were BOTH sent to earth for a reason.  It is because you are loved, by us, and by all of Heaven.

Never forget this.

Thank you for your interest in our healing work.

Thank you for your readership of this blog.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple